DIY Wedding Guide: Everything You Should Know to Plan Your Own

July 5, 2023 | riley
diy wedding

Image by Skyler & Vhan Photography. See more of this real DIY wedding here

We know how much work goes into planning a wedding. Figuring out guest lists, seating charts, catering, the venue, etc. can be extremely overwhelming. On top of wedding planning, more couples are choosing to opt for DIY touches. Whether you’re looking to get crafty to save money or you just want to make your special day a little more personalized to you and your future spouse, there’s a lot to know about hosting the DIY wedding of your dreams. 

Planner Vs. No Planner

Here at Junebug, we can’t recommend wedding planners enough. While they may seem like an extra expense upfront, they can save you money in the long run. They keep you on track, execute your vision, manage the budget meticulously—including finding discounts when possible–and execute day-of coordination so you can be present with your partner. They also make things a whole lot less stressful.

If hiring a wedding planner is not practical or possible for you and your spouse, consider hiring a day-of coordinator. Rather than help you plan throughout the entire process, they will help coordinate everything you have put together yourself. This allows you to sit back and relax and enjoy your wedding day as much as possible.

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Image by Tori Osteraa. See more of this real wedding here

Tips + Tricks For Planning a DIY Wedding

Create A Mood Board

If there’s one thing we believe makes planning a wedding easier, it’s creating a wedding mood board. They help guide decisions and keep your holistic vision in mind while also visually describing your desires to your wedding vendors. 

They’re especially handy when DIYing items at your wedding because they serve as inspiration. Have you found a centerpiece that you want to recreate? What about a backdrop that you absolutely have to have? Tackling these items will be much easier when you have images to refer to.

Put Together a Budget

No matter what kind of wedding you’re trying to plan, putting together a budget can save you quite a few headaches. Sit down with your partner and discuss how much you’re willing to spend, how much financial help (if any) you are expecting from family and friends, and what your top priorities are. For example, if a photographer is a top priority, budget accordingly, and you’ll be able to identify the areas that you want to cut costs, which in turn, will help you figure out what DIY projects you can tackle.

Recruit Help From Your Wedding Party and Family Members

For the sake of your sanity, ask for help. Your wedding party and family members are there to make your special day come to life. Get together and make DIY projects fun with movies, snacks, and wine. This way you’re crossing things off of your list quicker and making them more enjoyable for yourself. 

Consider Thrift Stores

Weddings, while of the most memorable days of your life, are also incredibly wasteful. Unwanted décor gets tossed time and time again. Not only is this a waste of money, but it’s also harmful to our planet. For a more sustainable and budget-friendly option, consider sourcing items from thrift stores, your home, or apps like Facebook Marketplace and Offer Up. You’ll be surprised by the stunning vases, table settings, furniture, and artwork you can find secondhand.

Play To Your Strengths 

While it may be tempting to DIY everything you need, it will quickly become a big waste of your time and money if something goes wrong. Of course, you can pay a world-class vendor to correct mistakes at the last minute, but then you’ll be met with stress and another bill you didn’t plan for.

Focus on your strengths—whether they’re sewing, baking, drawing, calligraphy, floral design, etc. The same goes for the family and friends that you include in your projects as well.

Don’t Save Projects Until the Last Minute

There’s no denying that DIY projects are time-consuming. Whether you’re DIYing a good portion of your wedding decor or just an aspect or two, it’s important not to procrastinate. As soon as you’ve settled on a project list, it’s wise to get started. This ensures everything gets done before the big day, and allows everything to look well put together rather than rushed. There’s no such thing as starting too early.

Image by Morgan McCanne Photo. See more of this real wedding here

DIY Wedding Inspiration 

DIY Wedding Invitations

While wedding invitations are a small part of your special day, they can be expensive. Who knew that paper and printing costs could add up so fast? Luckily, there are many different options when it comes to invites and stationery. Often, the most cost-efficient option is to do your own designing and printing using Photoshop or Canva (which has premade templates you can edit in a pinch). However, this can be time-consuming.

If you don’t consider yourself a graphic design pro, online options such as Minted or Shutterfly offer gorgeous templates at reasonable prices. They both frequently offer discounts as well.


One thing that can really take a wedding up a notch is custom lighting–which doesn’t come cheap. Everything from the bulbs you use to where your candles are placed can make or break your wedding. Sound dramatic? It’s not.

Wedding lighting will help people see where they’re going and light the wedding photos you’ll cherish forever. With proper lighting, you can keep the party going even after the sun sets. 

There are many options when it comes to lighting that you can easily create yourself. It’s important to keep the lingo in mind so you don’t end up with bright beams when you were really dreaming of a soft natural ambiance. Here are a few of the most popular options for that perfect glow:

  • Uplights – Uplighting is created when lights are placed on the floor and turned upwards towards the ceiling to create a soft glow. Many venues will offer this as a premium, but at $1,000-$3,000, it’s not the cheapest upgrade. That’s where DIY Uplighting comes in. For only $17 a light, you can save hundreds of dollars by renting these multi-colored LED lights. Once your wedding is over, repack all of the lights and drop them back off to USPS with the prepaid shipping label. It doesn’t get much easier than that
  • Ceiling of lights aka Twinkle Lights – If your wedding is taking place outdoors, a “ceiling” of lights is an incredibly easy way to add a romantic touch while keeping things lit. They create the look of a starry night even when the sun is setting. Hang these stringed lights from trees, tent corners, etc. You can find solar-powered options like these on Amazon for as low as $15
  • Lanterns – Lanterns look beautiful in open-air tropical settings. You can find a pack of 5 paper lanterns for under $15 on Amazon
  • Candles – Candles are one of the easiest ways to make a space feel warm, welcoming, and picturesque. They’re also extremely budget-friendly. If you’re afraid of having open flames, combine flameless tealights and tapered candles throughout your space
  • Hanging lights. Hanging large pendants–such as Edison bulbs–from greenery, arches, and tree branches instantly upgrades an outdoor seating area and provides an intimate glow.

Image by Savanna Sturkie. See more of this real wedding here


Having various wedding signs posted around your wedding is helpful for your guests. Wedding signs can communicate your ceremony schedule, direct parking, welcome guests, or showcase a specialty cocktail. You can create your own DIY signs using wood, acrylic, glass, old window panes, or chalkboard–just to name a few. 

There are a few things to remember when creating the signage for your nuptials:

  • Consider the lettering – Are you a pro calligrapher? Try your hand out! If you’re not comfortable, try using stencils. You can also use decals using a Cricut machine. This takes away the guesswork of hand-painting
  • Your Color PaletteSignage is one of the easiest ways to incorporate your wedding colors. If you’re looking for ways to add a pop, this is it
  • Be Unique – While it may be tempting to recreate a sign that you found on Pinterest, be sure that it matches your wedding’s style, theme, and colors. Don’t copy it just because you think it’s cute. This will ensure you won’t regret it once your big day is over

Image by Dawn Photo. See more of this real wedding here

Wedding Flowers

Florists train for years and know flowers inside and out. That’s what makes them so good at their jobs. While it may seem simple to throw a few flowers together and call it a bouquet, it requires a lot more work than that. 

However, if you’re creative (and very patient), you can create your own floral arrangements. To succeed, we have a few pieces of advice.

  • Keep it simple – Arranging florals is a science. You might be a pro at arranging flowers for your home but creating dozens of centerpieces, bouquets, and other arrangements is tricky. Think lots of greenery, small jars or vases, and one or two types of flowers
  • Consider the season – You may have your heart set on a particular bloom for months but consider the season your wedding takes place in. If that flower is not in season but you consider it a must-have, DIYing your florals is not a wise decision–as this may require importing flowers
  • Think about your clothing – Colorful flowers with deep hues, berries, or pollen can stain your clothing. The last thing you want is a large red stain on your dress before the ceremony even begins
  • Take a workshop – This is the most crucial piece of advice that we can give you. Before you start arranging, take a workshop or two. Make a day of it with your wedding party and learn different techniques that you can use for your special day. They’re informative but—most importantly—fun! It may also be smart to watch a Youtube video or TikTok or two (or ten)

Junebug Tip: Use BloomsyBox, a flower subscription company, for your DIY wedding florals. You choose what flowers you want and get them hand-delivered to your door. They even offer dozens of pre-made bouquets. Junebug readers get 10% off with the code JUNEBUG

DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Centerpieces are one of the most visual parts of your wedding reception. They are also one of the most challenging because there are so many of them. If making dozens of floral arrangements overwhelms you, there are many different options for centerpieces. There’s no rule that says centerpieces have to be flowers, after all. Include items that are special to you and your spouse, such as books, mismatched glassware, lamps, lanterns, or geometric table décor.

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Ceremony Backdrops

Your backdrop serves as a focal point and frames the most important part of the day—the ceremony. It also happens to be a great canvas to flex those creative muscles. Some of our favorites wedding backdrops include:

  • Drapery
  • Floral installation
  • PVC pipe arch
  • A free-standing wooden wall 
  • Strips of multi-colored fabric

Image by Tida Svy. See more of this real wedding here

Seating Chart 

Your seating chart is one sign that your guests are guaranteed to look at, so it’s important that it matches your color palette and theme flawlessly. Whether you’re looking for elegant, bohemian, or rustic, there’s a DIY option. One of the easiest options is to print the table numbers and names and place them on the display of your choice. However, if you’re up for the challenge, there are plenty of more complex options to recreate out there. Need some inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board that features some incredible seating charts from our real couples. 

Reception Bar

Having an open bar is a surefire way to keep the party going all night long. But alcohol can be pricey. If you’re having a smaller affair, consider having a self-serve bar with bottles on ice. You can display it in multiple fun ways too–such as filling a kayak full of ice or setting up a table with ice basins. Still want a bar with bartenders? If your venue allows it, bring in the alcohol from a wholesale store like Costco or Sam’s Club. It’s just important to be mindful that you get enough so you don’t run out halfway through the reception.


Photobooths are one of the easiest additions to create for your wedding and they make for great entertainment for your guests (while also being a great favor). And the best part? You don’t need fancy equipment or an expensive team to make the perfect photobooth. 

If you want your guests to strike a pose, follow these six tips to create a photo booth that will fit your design aesthetic and won’t bust your budget:

  • Get creative with the backdrop – Your backdrop should not be complicated. It can be anything from a faux flower wall put together on plywood boards to a chalkboard to a neon sign to macrame 
  • Light it up as much as possible – Unless you’re a pro photographer, you’re better off not fiddling with your camera’s flash and exposure settings. Instead, make sure that your photo booth area is very well-lit. If using lights or lamps of some sort, use bulbs that are marked for “daylight.” You’ll find that these have a color temperature of about 5000k 
  • Set it up in a highly visible place – The whole point of a photo booth is to capture fun moments with your guests. They can’t do that if the booth is hard to find. Try to avoid tucking it in a corner or putting it in a separate room. Instead, think of it as another focal point in your reception design
  • Use props – The more props, the better. Etsy is great for finding signs, cutouts, and masks. You can also find other goodies such as hats, wigs, jewelry, and other accessories at thrift stores or costume shops
  • Create a hashtag – We’re sure you’ve heard of wedding hashtags by now. It’s one of the easiest ways to be able to collect all of the photos taken by your guests. There’s a likely chance that they will share their photo booth pictures on social media so having a hashtag that they can use will make finding them a piece of cake
  • Use a Polaroid camera – If you’re looking for a low-tech way to have physical copies of your guests’ photos, encourage the use of Polaroid cameras. Once printed, have them tape them into a guestbook or place it in a box. You can also use a Polaroid printer to print photos off of your guests’ smartphones. Whichever route you decide on, be sure to have plenty of extra batteries and film on hand

Image by The Mclachlans. See more of this real wedding here

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are the simplest item to include in your DIY wedding. Rather than spend money on a favor that your guests are going to be too tired (or drunk) to remember, thank your friends and family for attending with one of these DIY options:

  • Homemade candles
  • Bath soak
  • Soap
  • Jam or honey
  • Hangover kits
  • Succulents
  • Baked dessert (cookies, candy, brownies, etc.)
  • Wildflower seeds
  • Mini bottles of alcohol (champagne, your favorite liquor, canned wine, etc.)
  • Hot chocolate kits

Whatever it is you decide to give, make it true to who you are as a couple—whether it ties in with your heritage, favorite snack, etc.—and matches your theme. That way you’ll avoid giving something random that you think guests may or may not potentially enjoy. 

Whether you’re working with a tight wedding budget or you simply enjoy the endless possibilities that DIYing brings, there are many ideas you can incorporate to create the DIY wedding of your dreams. We hope this guide inspired you and that you’re ready to tackle any project you’ve been thinking about.  Want to see these do-it-yourself details in action? Check out some of our real DIY weddings in this roundup!

Image by Iron + Honey Photography. See more of this real wedding here

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This Madeline Island Wedding Was Full Of DIY Touches From The Bride’s Family

May 20, 2023 | justine

Captivated by its stunning views and natural surroundings, McKenzie and Dominic couldn’t pass up tying the knot on Madeline Island. Though they had initially planned for a larger event, they soon realized that a more intimate celebration would allow them to truly showcase their personalities. With the help of their loved ones, they created a beautiful and meaningful Madeline Island wedding that perfectly captured their unique style with DIY touches.

Surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors, it was the perfect enchanting setting for their ceremony. The couple exchanged their vows in nature under a unique triangular arch made by the bride’s father adorned by overgrown blooms and foliage. The same magical forest vibe was carried through to the reception tablescape–featuring a moss runner, candles, gold accents, and vintage-inspired glassware.

This lakeside celebration was a true labor of love, with every detail handcrafted by the couple and their family. From the charming florals and decor to the exquisite rings and cake, every element spoke to their unique style and personality. Skyler & Vhan Photography captured the beauty of the day in stunning detail, making this dreamy affair a must-see!

The Couple:

Mckenzie and Dominic

The Wedding:

Madeline Island Airbnb, Wisconsin, United States

Why They Decided On A Madeline Island Wedding

We’ve taken multiple trips to Lake Superior as a couple and with family, collecting sea glass and enjoying the views. When we looked for options for a small and private venue, we found this rental on an island in the middle of the great lake. It was just as I had always imagined our ceremony space. It also had the perfect spot for an outdoor family dinner and private access to the lake for vows and jumping off the dock. As lovers of nature, particularly Lake Superior, it was only natural that we chose the breathtaking Madeline Island as the location for our special day, surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors.

Their Brother-In-Law Created A Ceremony Inspired By Their Love Story

Our brother-in-law Vhan officiated our ceremony. He wrote each piece to reflect our journey and individually mentioned the family members there and their impact on our lives. I made our wedding rings and decided to have a ring-warming ceremony where each family member passed them around to share a blessing or good vibes.

Family Involvement Made Their Day Even More Special

We were lucky to have my sister as our photographer, which added an extra layer of intimacy and love to the day. We had a hand in creating almost everything on our wedding day. Each detail was chosen with care, reflecting our unique personalities and style. For example, I crafted our wedding rings as a jeweler, while my dad handmade the arch and lanterns for our outdoor ceremony. My mom’s artistic talents shone in her styling, cake, and floral arrangements bringing natural beauty to the island setting. Ultimately, every aspect of our wedding day was crafted with love and care, reflecting our deep connection to each other and the natural world around us.

Why They Decided That A Smaller Intimate Celebration Was The Right One For Them

We initially planned for a larger celebration that could include all our extended family and friends. However, we soon realized this didn’t allow us to create a day reflecting our personalities and style. We took a step back and checked in with each other throughout the planning process to ensure we were on the right track. One thing that helped us was questioning traditions or expectations that weren’t bringing us joy. By doing so, we brainstormed ways to infuse our personalities and talents into the day. This helped us to create a celebration that was truly unique and reflective of our relationship.

Wedding Advice: Be Authentic And Genuine To Who You Are

We advise staying true to yourselves and your values when planning your wedding. Remember that this day is about celebrating your love and commitment to each other, and it should feel authentic and reflective of your relationship. By prioritizing your personalities and talents, you can create a celebration that is truly memorable and reflects your unique love story. The most important thing for us was dropping expectations of our wedding day and embracing what would make us the happiest.

Giving Handwritten Letters And Moss Agate Jewelry As Meaningful Wedding Favors

TEXTOur wedding was made up of just a handful of family members. Before the day started, we handed out handwritten letters to each person, sharing what having them there meant to us. McKenzie also included pieces of matching moss agate jewelry, so everyone had a token of our appreciation for helping create the most incredible day.

A Private Vow Exchange and Star-gazing Moment

After dinner, we went down to the private dock to share our vows. Even with a handful of guests, we wanted this part of the day to be between us. We got to experience the last sliver of the sun while we recited them. Another favorite moment was at the very end of the day. We went back out to the deck where we’d had dinner and laid on the ground to watch the stars taking in the last bit of our wedding day together.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Skyler & Vhan Photography
Event Planning – Michelle Lellman
Ceremony Venue – Madeline Island Airbnb
Catering – Grampa Tony’s
Videography – Hoffland Films
Invitation Design + Bridal Accessories + Rings – Eclectic Sol
Wedding Dress – Willowby by Watters
Rentals – Lace & Brass Events

Congratulations to McKenzie and Dominic on their Madeline Island Wedding packed with unique DIY touches. And big thanks to Skyler & Vhan Photography for capturing the magic that comes from being surrounded by the natural beauty of the outdoors and enveloped by the love of friends and family.

Your venue may set the tone, but your special day should truly reflect your unique style. With endless possibilities for personalization, our guide is here to inspire you with ideas ranging from modern twists on tradition to hands-on DIY projects. Get ready to make your celebration truly unforgettable!

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Flower-Filled DIY Fremont Foundry Wedding

May 16, 2023 | justine

Jessica and Gracie’s Fremont Foundry wedding is a beautiful display of their creativity and dedication. Their modern industrial venue, vibrant color palette, and abundance of blooms all speak to their unique style. The couple’s impressive commitment to their perfect wedding aesthetic is also evident—they spent nearly two years thrift store shopping and creating DIY decor! It was a true labor of love, executed flawlessly with the help of their dream team of creative professionals.

Against the breathtaking panoramic views of the city, the couple exchanged their vows in a romantic rooftop terrace ceremony, surrounded by a lush floral arch that perfectly framed their special moment. The reception that followed–held at the atrium–was equally breathtaking thanks to long tables adorned with colorful vases filled with long-stemmed florals and elegant table settings under a canopy of fairy lights.

Captured by the talented Tori Osteraa, these gorgeous images showcase how the couple weaved personal and meaningful touches into every aspect of the celebration.. From the hand-painted place cards to the custom neon sign, you’ll see how even the smallest element can make a big impact when infused with a couple’s unique love story.

The Couple:

Jessica and Gracie

The Wedding:

Fremont Foundry, Washington, United States

The Design Inspiration Behind Their Fremont Foundry Wedding

As a couple, we have always been drawn to bright colors, warm tones, and a cozy feel. When thinking about what we wanted our wedding to look like, this is precisely what we had in mind. We wanted an explosion of colorful flowers, sentimental details, and personality in every area of the venue. In our search for vendors, we assembled a dream team of passionate and creative artists who shared our vision. Having all our ideas in pieces on Pinterest, we were nervous about how everything would come together. We gathered decor from thrift stores and worked on DIY projects for nearly two years before our big day. Magically, everything came together seamlessly. We loved seeing every tiny detail we spent so long creating, and we feel so blessed to have worked with amazing vendors we could trust.

Wedding Advice on How To Successfully Pull Off A DIY Wedding

Do a little bit every week. Planning a wedding can be stressful if you look at everything you have to do (especially if you love to DIY like us) at once. The trick was getting a few things done weekly, even if it felt too early to start.

Honoring The Memory Of Jessica’s Mother Through Thoughtful Wedding Details

Our wedding planning included Jessica’s reflection on perfectly honoring her late mother, Tammey. As such an extraordinary figure in Jessica’s life, confirming the details representing their relationship and acknowledging the weight of Tammey’s absence was no small feat. Jessica had her mom’s two-tiered veil altered to her style and wore it during the ceremony. Before exchanging vows, our officiant read a piece written by Jessica about her mom and led a moment of silence. Following this, we lit two candles displayed at the altar to symbolize this missing piece in our lives. Jessica has always felt her mom’s presence through music and inexplicable timing. It was no surprise that a band rehearsing at a nearby establishment interrupted our vows with a drum solo. This moment brought laughter and tears and made us all believe that Tammey was there with us.

The Thought And Care Behind Their Reception Aesthetic

Throughout the planning process, we knew that the dining setup would be something we spent a large portion of our time designing. We wanted long tables to fill the space, a private sweetheart table, and an explosion of vibrant colors. Every detail was thought out, from each hand-selected candle holder to the hand-painted name cards we DIY’d for each guest. We opted to have our cake set up in the same space to add to the sense of grandeur. We built a 9-foot-tall backdrop where we hung a custom neon sign. Seeing this space come together on our wedding day was so satisfying, and it turned out better than we could have imagined.

Guests Enjoyed a Fun Vintage Volkswagen Van Photo Booth Experience

We wanted each guest to leave our wedding with something memorable and something they would like to keep. We booked a photo booth in a vintage Volkswagen van where guests could take pictures and go home with photo strips from our special day. This was a fun activity for everyone to partake in, and the setup added a unique and show-stopping decor element.

Putting Their Heart And Soul Into Their First Dance

We intentionally planned time together throughout our wedding day, including our first dance. We spent the previous months agonizing over the perfect song that illustrated our love. After pulling off our dream ceremony and having time to feel at ease and take it all in, our first dance as wife and wife was the day’s most memorable moment. We held each other close, sang along, and tried to memorize every detail to carry with us through a lifetime.

Surprise Gifts On Their Wedding Day: A Live Painter and a Sentimental Ring

On our wedding day, we decided to exchange gifts during our first look to see the raw reaction to the surprises we had kept for so long. Jessica surprised Gracie by booking a live painter, who would create a real-time portrait of our first dance that we could take home at the end of the night. Gracie surprised Jessica with a diamond ring pressed from her late mother’s ashes. You can see raw emotions captured by our photographer as we exchange these special gifts with one another.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Tori Osteraa
Ceremony + Reception Venue + Catering – Fremont Foundry
Floral Design – Goldenrod Floral
Lighting – Lightsmiths
Cake – Lady Grey Bakery
Officiant – Angie Fadel
Live Painter – VGM Live Painting Events
Photo Bus – Shutterbus
DJ – DJ Chardonnay
Videography – Laurel Cohen
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Salon Maison
Wedding Dresses – Bride To Be Bridal + The Wedding Bell
Rings – Melanie Casey
Rentals – Cort Party Rentals


Congratulations to Jessica and Gracie on their breathtaking Fremont Foundry wedding, a true testament to their creativity and dedication. And a special thank you to Tori Osteraa for capturing every beautiful moment and detail of their special day.

Take inspiration from Jessica and Gracie’s big day and their incredible commitment to infusing their unique style and personality into every aspect of their special day—from the bright and bold color palette to the explosion of blooms and DIY decor. Remember, this day is all about you and your partner, so don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with it.

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Florals Star In This DIY White Aspen Creative Micro Wedding

September 25, 2022 | justine

Despite their small guest list, Paige and Joey’s White Aspen Creative micro wedding was big on style and unique details. With a creative display of florals, a muted monochromatic color palette, and fashion-forward attire, their stunning celebration was the perfect blend of romantic boho with luxe textures and western charm. And thanks to their planner Curated Mess Co. and talented vendor team, they took the couple’s unconventional ideas and brought their dream day to life!

Complete with vaulted ceilings, an all-white interior, and expansive windows—the cathedral-style space allowed the details to stand out. The scene was set for a heartfelt vow exchange with Louis ghost chairs, a braided jute aisle runner, and a statement backdrop of dried foliage and fresh blooms. After their ceremony, the celebration continued on the outdoor patio. Their reception featured sweetheart peacock chairs and gorgeously styled tables with earthy decor and textured arrangements. Mixed candles and overhead string lights set the cozy mood. 

On top of the stunning setting, the pair’s wedding attire was the standout feature of the day. The groom perfectly matched the vibe with his beige suit with flower embellishments on the shoulders, while Paige was decked in head-to-toe florals. She looked ethereal in her floral print off-the-shoulder gown and accessorized it with a flower crown. Dawn Photo captured every must-see detail that made this celebration unforgettable. So keep scrolling for inspiration that you can quickly pin to your vision board.

The Couple:

Paige and Joey

The Wedding:

White Aspen Creative, Bend, Oregon, United States

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Creating A Cohesive Theme And Setting The Tone Through Their DIY Stationery And Signage

Joseph is an illustrator, so he made our vow books, officiant book, save the dates, invitations, and menus. We got to express our story and who we are through illustration and continue the themes of our special day through our branding. An example is Joseph’s nickname for me is “Buggy.” So that was the inspiration behind his beetle design that was in our stationery and signage.

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How Their White Aspen Creative Micro Wedding Came To Be

It was a no-brainer for us to book at White Aspen Creative. It’s the perfect size for a micro wedding. The space is bright and airy, and being in Bend, Oregon, the outdoor areas are also beautiful. We wanted to go off-site to take some of our photos. And we only had to go five minutes up the road to find the most gorgeous, scenic spot.

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Advice From The Newlyweds: Make Your Wedding Your Own

We didn’t feel like we needed to follow any rules, and we stuck to that. We kept a few traditions we liked and scrapped anything that didn’t excite us. The whole day felt like a dream. Seeing everything come together had us so stoked. Then, of course, the actual getting married part was pretty rad. At the end of the day, that was all either of us cared about. Our advice is to have fun with it and stay true to what you and your partner want. Don’t think that you need to follow any rules. And finally, enjoy this special time in your life, even if things get stressful, and don’t lose sight of what the day is all about.

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The Wedding Team:

Photography – Dawn Photo
Event Planning – Curated Mess Co.
Venue – White Aspen Creative
Floral Design – Noble Floral Co.
Catering – Dakota Eats
Officiant – Sam Esbin
Live Music – Ian Crawford
Invitation Design – Joseph Thunder Brubeck
Makeup Artist – Kate Hannah Artistry
Wedding Dress – Rue de Seine
Bridal Accessories – Opal Milk
Groom’s Apparel – ASOS
Groomsmen’s Apparel – Gigi Pip + PS Kaufman
Rings – Lauren Wolf Jewelry + Honey and Goldies
Rentals – Great Jones + The Party Place + Heirlooms and Co.


Congratulations to Paige and Joey on their White Aspen Creative micro wedding. And a big thank you to Dawn Photo for capturing all the beautiful details and moments and for sharing them with us. 

Couples like Paige and Joey are becoming much more intentional about what they choose to incorporate into their celebration, opting for unique ideas and designs that will truly reflect how they envision their big day. And with the right team of vendors, there’s truly no limit to creativity in achieving a stunning wedding aesthetic!

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Earthy And Natural DIY Tulum Micro Wedding

August 29, 2022 | justine

A luxe boutique resort in the heart of the jungle, DIY decor in a neutral color palette, and chic wedding attire—Imani and Karen’s Tulum micro wedding was a stunning affair in paradise. While planning a destination wedding in the middle of the pandemic might have been challenging, the pair pulled it off in style. By keeping their guest list small, they lucked out and found the perfect location for their spectacular multi-day celebration

With the distinct and intricate Moorish architecture and lush tropical gardens of the Ambre et Epices as their backdrop, the couple exchanged heartfelt vows in a private courtyard ceremony with only their photographers as a witness. For the intimate reception that followed, feathery centerpieces, gauzy linen, rattan chargers, and candles in gold and amber holders complemented the villa’s luxurious charm. 

In addition to the gorgeous aesthetic, the brides’ stylish attire stole the show. Imani’s gorgeous gown with a plunging lace bodice and dramatic train was the right touch of glam, while Karen’s stylish pantsuit brought a sophisticated flair to the occasion. Scroll through these beautiful photos by Junebug members Raw Shoots and get ready to be blown away. This Tulum micro wedding is proof that less is more.

The Couple:

Imani and Karen

The Wedding:

Ambre et Epices, Tulum, Mexico

Junebug Members Raw Shoots Captured The Emotions Of Their Big Day In The Most Natural Way

Raw Shoots is so aptly named because no matter what emotion my wife and I were experiencing at the moment, you see it unfiltered in the photos. They looked so effortless. So many photos made Karen and I say, “How did they get that angle? I didn’t even know they were there.” We weren’t posing or trying too hard. And because of that, I can look back on the photos and feel all those feelings again.

How Their Tulum Micro Wedding Came To Be

Our options for a destination wedding were limited as we got married during the pandemic, so we were lucky to find our venue. We were looking for somewhere to have our ceremony and reception, but we could also stay with our guests for a few days of extended celebration. We also searched high and low to find somewhere that photographed well. We’re fans of Moroccan architecture and were floored when we discovered Ambre et Epices on Airbnb.

The Emotional First Look Was Their Favorite Part Of The Day

We have so many favorite moments, but one of them has to be our first look. This was a moment that Raw Shoots helped us to plan that we didn’t even know we’d find so special. I remember standing in my wedding gown in the courtyard of our venue, turning around to see Karen, and thinking, wow, I’ve never seen anyone or anything more lovely in my life. As soon as she and I made eye contact, we couldn’t look away. We were giddy, giggly, and a bit teary-eyed, too, because it finally hit us that we were about to take this beautiful leap together.

A Private Vow Exchange Between Just The Two Of Them

Our guests arrived at the villa on the day of our vow exchange, but we decided we wanted a private ceremony before guests arrived. Our photographers were the only people who witnessed our vows, and this privacy let us be fully in the moment with each other. When Karen and I heard each other’s vows, it was for the first time–we didn’t rehearse–so the emotions that came up were beautifully authentic. We both shed quite a few happy tears–props to Prep Tulum for our flawless makeup, which did not budge. Hilariously, Karen and I planned our vows but didn’t plan any words for exchanging our rings. So when it came to that point, we both just laughed and slid those babies on each other’s fingers.

DIY Decor And A Muted Color Palette To Match The Moroccan-Inspired Venue 

My wife and I opted for a DIY micro wedding, and we had fun planning the entire thing together down to the last detail. We wanted something effortless yet refined. We chose to decorate minimally, leaning into the venue’s stunning Moroccan-inspired architecture and the surrounding natural beauty of Tulum. We gave our guests a suggested dress code of dusty pastels and neutrals and embellished the rustic outdoor dining table with the same muted botanical color palette. We had a very intimate guest list, so we wanted the vibe to reflect that intimacy. Every person had been hand chosen to spend this day with us, so we wanted it to feel luxurious.  At the same time, it was important that everyone felt at home, so we kept things simple and not over-produced.

Their Small Guest List Allowed Them To Spend More Quality Time With Everyone

We kept our guest list under ten people to minimize the risk of COVID and keep us from feeling like we constantly had to be “on” for our guests. So, once it came time for the big day, we felt a great deal of peace. Our family members and friends came from different states and countries, and many met each other for the first time. Our guests bonded miraculously quickly, underscoring what a strong union Karen and I have created with one another.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Raw Shoots
Ceremony + Reception Venue – Ambre et Epices
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Prep Hair Tulum


Congratulations to Imani and Karen on their earthy and natural DIY Tulum micro wedding. The beauty of micro weddings is that it allows a couple to slow down, take it all in, and remember what the day is about—marrying the love of your life! 

Because of the intimate nature of micro weddings, choosing a photographer who can authentically capture these special moments as they unfold is even more critical. So big thanks to Junebug members Raw Shoots for capturing all the beautiful memories of the happiest day of their lives. To see more of their talent, check out their profile in our directory of photographers from around the world.

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Lakeside Summer Camp Wedding with DIY Details

July 2, 2022 | riley

Katie and Scott considered eloping, but when it came down to it, they knew their loved ones had to be there when they said their “I dos.” And what better way to celebrate after having been together for ten years than a lakeside summer camp wedding weekend with the people that helped get them there. Tucked away in picturesque countryside with vintage cabins overlooking the wetlands, Camp Wandawega proved to be the perfect place for a multi-day celebration with fun activities, great food, and relaxed vibes. 

With a self-proclaimed DIY queen for a bride, they created a whimsical and nostalgic celebration like a perfectly curated Wes Anderson movie. The bride did it all—from the stationery and signage to the florals and decor. For the ceremony, the couple exchanged vows under a beautiful canopy of trees. It was followed by a tented reception that featured wispy floral arrangements, rustic boho decor, and the romantic glow of candles and string lights. The couple and their guests then danced the night away after the party switched to a silent disco.

The pair definitely pulled out all the stops, and no detail was overlooked when it came to their weekend celebration. From the thoughtful welcome bags and farewell waffle brunch to all the meaningful and personalized elements in between, scroll through these dreamy photos captured by Junebug member Iron + Honey Photography. This lakeside summer camp wedding is filled with clever and creative steal-worthy ideas.

The Couple:

Katie & Scott

The Wedding:

Camp Wandawega, Elkhorn, Wisconsin

How Their Lakeside Summer Camp Wedding Came To Be

I stumbled upon Camp Wandawega on Instagram and instantly became obsessed. I reached out to them before we were engaged and shared my wild idea with Scott when we got engaged. While we were touring it and up in the tree house, he looked at me and said, “Wow. I get it. This is amazing, and I don’t want to get married anywhere else”. We wanted the weekend to celebrate our ten years together with the people who helped get us there. We wanted it to be memorable and different from a traditional wedding where everyone is just going through the motions. The setting allowed everyone to loosen up, and I have a distinct memory of looking around and seeing all of our family and friends mingling and bonding, which was so special.

They Began Their Big Day By Spending Quality Time With One Another And With Their Loved Ones

I think one of the best parts of the day was waking up super early before everyone else on the wedding day and going up in the tree house together and writing the notes we would read to each other at our first looks. This was such a special time that we got to spend together on such a fun but chaotic day. Scott loved jumping in the lake in the morning and playing volleyball and basketball with his friends.  

Personalizing The Ceremony Through DIY Decor And Having A Cousin Officiate

Everything at our ceremony was so unique and personalized. I made all the floral arrangements, and we had a special table at the front of the entrance with handmade vellum envelopes with the ceremony details and dried flowers inside for people to throw as we left the altar. On the table, we had our box for cards and photos of all of our parents, grandparents, and loved ones’ weddings to hopefully follow in their footsteps. We had Scott’s cousin as our officiant, and he shared some amazing stories about our relationship, which made it special.

Advice For DIY Couples: Hire A Day-Of Coordinator 

Our day-of coordinator was some of the best money that we spent. Madda of Cherry Blossom Events helped make my vision come to life, and without her and her team, I think the day would have been a huge flop. She was amazing, and I recommend every DIY bride to splurge on a coordinator. Don’t let your wedding to-do list overwhelm you. Do one thing every day, and soon that list will disappear. It is such an overwhelming process, but make sure to enjoy it too. Nothing like this will ever happen again in your lifetime.

Why You Should Create A Wedding Email & Consider Getting A Wedding Credit Card 

I tell all of our newly engaged friends to make a wedding email. This helps keep everything in one place and helps you share responsibility in the wedding process. Second, I tell everyone to get a shared credit card. This helped us learn to share money, keep all our expenses for the wedding in one place, and got us tons of points we could use after the wedding. We were virtually able to get our honeymoon for “free” with the number of points we accumulated. 

Saving Thousands By DIYing The Decor

Everything at the wedding was a DIY project for us—the invitations, decor, signage, and floral arrangements. I made special door hangers with everyone’s name as a hotel would do and a note on the back that said, “do not disturb, partied too hard with the newlyweds.” I am so proud of how unique and memorable our wedding was. I truly surprised myself with how much I was able to do and the thousands of dollars we saved because of it. 

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Iron and Honey Photography
Day of Coordinator – Cherry Blossom Events
Venue – Camp Wandawega
Catering – Hidden Kitchen MKE, Banzo Food Truck, El Grito Taqueria
Dessert – Sweet Tooth Ice Cream
DJ – Toast and Jam
Videography – Eternally Yours Collective
Makeup Artist + Hair Stylist – Patty Mcguire
Wedding Dress – Diana’s Bridal
Groom’s Apparel – State & Liberty
Rings – Kristin Coffin
Rentals – Event Essentials, A La Crate Rentals, Crown Restrooms
Transportation – Jones Transportation
Bartending – Pour Bartending Services


Congratulations to Katie and Scott on their lakeside summer camp wedding with DIY details. And big thanks to Junebug member Iron + Honey Photography for capturing the magic that comes from being surrounded by the natural beauty of the outdoors. To see more gorgeous celebrations like this one, check out her profile in our directory of talented photographers from around the world.

Like Katie and Scott, finding a venue that is realistic to your wedding vision is important to achieve your celebration’s overall feel and theme. To help you navigate this crucial wedding planning decision, check out our guide to finding the perfect venue to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

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Dazzling DIY Disco Themed Orchid Farm Wedding

June 1, 2022 | riley

Emulating California’s golden hour through a color palette of caramel, coral, and peach, Patrick and Connor’s Orchid Farm wedding was filled with unique DIY details all done within three months! Due to the pandemic, the pair had to push their wedding date a year. But, with the help of their planner Anthology Studios, they pulled off a whimsical disco party with their closest loved ones.

Using eye-catching arrangements by Desert Rose Florals to frame the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Barbara coastline, the dashing grooms exchanged heartfelt vows in a breathtaking clifftop ceremony. After tying the knot, their dazzling greenhouse reception featured a floating installation of mixed dried foliage, fresh blooms, and glittery disco balls. 

From the handcrafted earthy and retro accents down to the epic fashion, the love, effort, and creativity the couple poured into their big day will blow you away. Scroll through these captivating images by Morgan McCanne and be prepared to see some serious oceanside meets greenhouse wedding inspiration.

The Couple:

Connor and Patrick

The Wedding:

Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm, Santa Barbara, CA

Why They Chose To Have An Orchid Farm Wedding

We saw our venue on a few wedding blogs in late 2018. After some digging, we found the name and contact on Yelp and set up a walkthrough. We visited and instantly fell in love. The California coastline ceremony site and greenhouses for cocktails and reception were everything we were looking for. We knew we wanted to get married in the Santa Barbara area, so we researched other venues but always came back to Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm.

Personalizing Their Ceremony By Writing Their Own Vows And Including Their Loved Ones

At the beginning of the ceremony, we had our wedding bands passed throughout our guests for them to impart good vibes and best wishes before our vows and placement of the rings. Our dog was our flower girl, too! She loved greeting the guests and being the center of attention. I also loved our vows. We wrote them separately, but the similarities showed just how aligned our brains are. We laughed and cried and it was such a loving moment.

How The Couple Added All Of The DIY Touches To Their Orchid Farm Wedding

We didn’t go into wedding planning thinking we would DIY as much as we did, but we had such a specific vision that it was easier for us to create these goods rather than compromise the look we were going for. When we didn’t see premade elements online, we took it into our own hands and made them ourselves. Thanks to Photoshop and a Cricut, we made all the paper goods and signs. We also designed and made our escort card installation, hand-sewed table overlays, made bracelets for our wedding party, and constructed custom signage stands.

Shop similar bridesmaid dresses:

Recommended Reading: 5 Tips For Pulling Off Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

A DIY Wedding Was A Lot Of Hard Work But A Rewarding Experience

We’re proud of everything we handcrafted to make our pretty specific vision come to life. It was a lot of work and time, but we love how everything came together. I know everyone says to let go of everything at the start of your day so you can fully enjoy it, but to be honest, since we were so heavily involved with the gritty details, it didn’t happen so easily for us. I remember heading down to the ceremony site and seeing all of our friends and family having a good time, waiting for us, and remembering feeling all of the stress melt away. It was like a button clicked off, and we could finally let go. 

Working With Photographer Morgan McCanne Felt Natural And Easy

Morgan is the photographer of our dreams. We worked with her on our engagement shoot and immediately felt so comfortable with her. Since our wedding was pushed a year, it was a little longer until we could see her again, but it felt like we had one of our good friends with us the entire day. She was up for any locations and poses and made us feel completely comfortable. Not to mention that the final edited photos are just beyond anything we could have imagined. They are the perfect representation and reminder of our special day. We honestly still get overwhelmed—in the best possible way—every time we look at the photos.

Charitable Donations Honoring Their Grandmothers

We personalized wooden fans for the guests during the ceremony but didn’t give out traditional wedding favors. Instead, we donated to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s foundations. We each had grandmothers who suffered from these diseases, so we wanted to give back to them in this way.

They Treated Their Guests To An Unexpected And Fun Wedding Menu

Before the ceremony, we had alcoholic and non-alcoholic popsicle pour-overs provided by Mom and Pop Shop Popsicles. We had a full open bar and three signature drinks named after us and our dog, Cali, during the cocktail hour, complete with custom drink stirrers. We also had Mexican-inspired appetizers and a delicious full-service taco bar for dinner by Nana’s Catering. For dessert, we had churros and McConnell’s Ice Cream—a Santa Barbara staple. Patrick’s best friend from high school also made a small tres leches cutting cake for us. These elements helped make our day special, and our guests loved a more unique wedding reception dinner.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Morgan McCanne Photo
Event Planning – Anthology Studios
Venue – Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm
Floral Design – Desert Rose Florals
Catering – Nana’s Catering
Dessert – The Churro Cart CA
DJ – Vox DJs
Hair Styling – Ciao Bella
Groom’s Apparel – Moss Bros
Bridal Party’s Apparel – The Black Tux & Lulu’s
Rings – Tiffany & Co.
Rentals – Party Pleasers
Photobooth – Selfie Booth Co.
Lighting & Disco Balls – Ambient Event Design
Transportation – Jump on the Schoolbus
Popsicle/Pourover Welcome Station – Mom & Pop Shop
Bartenders & Staffing – National Bar Staffing


Congratulations to Patrick and Connor on their dazzling DIY disco-themed Orchid Farm wedding. We’re so glad that Morgan McCanne was there to capture every stunning detail and swoon-worthy moment of the day. 

Thinking of going full-scale DIY for your wedding like this couple? Do-it-yourself projects are a great way to personalize your ceremony and reception, but they can be overwhelming if you’re not careful. Check out our DIY planning guide for helpful tips to stay on track and on budget.

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Curated DIY Wedding Florals With Flower Moxie

May 30, 2022 | riley

If hiring a florist isn’t in your wedding budget, our friends at Flower Moxie have a solution with their approachable take on wedding day florals. From simple elopements to lavish weddings, every couple deserves florals that bring pops of color, elegance, and incredible fragrance to their day! 

When their founder—a veteran event florist and planner—discovered that she couldn’t afford floral services for her own wedding, she realized that DIY couples were getting left behind. Their mission is to change that. Because the truth is that when you DIY wedding florals you are becoming your own florist, and Flower Moxie is ready to help you succeed.

Curated DIY Wedding Florals

Flower Moxie was built by floral design professionals and they’ve curated over 30 different wedding collections for DIYers to take advantage of. Sort the options on their website and you’ll be able to see professionally curated collections starting at $350. You can even sort by color scheme!

Each curated package includes an itemized list of every stem and bunch. You’ll know exactly what you can make and the cost breakdown so you can compare quotes. 

Junebug Tip: build your own collection

Not sure about the collections they’ve built? No problem! You can build your own with their a la carte menu. They have recommended add-ons on every page that call out the flowers that work well with the color palette so you won’t have to go searching for them.

Custom Designs With A Pro

Work with one of Flower Moxie’s florists for some professional guidance without any pressure, upselling, or extra stress. Their freelance floral designers are real florists who have worked on hundreds of real weddings and respect budget ranges. They’re quick to give ideas on how to make the most of your wedding floral budget.

As part of the process, your floral designer will provide a customized mood and design board, floral recipes, and build your cart for easy checkout. This top-tiered custom design package includes the design call, two revisions, and a second strategy call a few weeks before your wedding to ensure you’re ready to tackle your arrangements.

Pick Your Arrangements, Then What?

Flower Moxie’s amazing service doesn’t stop after you’ve added your arrangements to your shopping cart. Buying your DIY florals with Flower Moxie also gives you access to printable instructions, a corresponding Pinterest board, design explanation videos, and a checklist of the other supplies you’ll need. Every detail is covered in their DIY Masterclass, which is available for free to their customers!

They’ve even created a library of exclusive floral tutorial videos for couples to feel confident in their capabilities. If the videos don’t cover exactly what you’re looking for, you can also ask them for specific tutorials. They’re serious about customer service and empowering their customers.

When your blooms arrive and it’s time to build your arrangements, have your wedding party get in on the fun! Flower Moxie couples say that arranging florals before their wedding remains a treasured memory with their loved ones. 

Flower Moxie Has Your Back

Don’t forget to check out the supplies options—it’s full of inexpensive vase wear, floral snips, ribbon, floral foam, and much more. Get started and order your DIY florals with Flower Moxie today. The first 25 customers to use the code JUNEBUG will get $25 off their order, so don’t wait!

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Totally Glam DIY Wedding

May 25, 2022 | justine

Not even the pandemic could get in the way of a love like Mitsuko and Antony’s. After changing their wedding plans again and again, they decided to take a nontraditional approach to their big day. With the help of family, the couple pulled off two flawless fêtes that were effortless and intentional. It was a totally glam DIY wedding with a classic black and white palette, artful florals, timeless fashion, and a modern aesthetic—details that will never go out of style. 

The couple exchanged their vows surrounded by their closest loved ones in a beautiful traditional ceremony at the Paroisse Saint-Jean-Baptiste. It was followed by a reception at the Tucker House Renewal Centre that felt grand with the clear top tent. Crystal chandeliers added sparkle overhead, while the metallic candle votives paired on guest tables were the right touch of luxe. Lush centerpieces and a unique backdrop installation with floral clouds by Sonja Créations gave the dreamiest of vibes.

From the floral decor and the homey menu to all the other creative and personalized elements in between, scroll through these swoon-worthy photos captured by Junebug members Joel & Justyna. This glam DIY wedding is packed with ideas for you to steal.

The Couple:

Mitsuko and Antony

The Wedding:

Ottawa, Canada

Photographer And Junebug Members Joel & Justyna’s Thoughts On This Glam DIY Wedding

We loved photographing Mitsuko and Antony twice—the first time for their civil wedding and again for their sequel celebration. Their wedding was really special. Mitsuko’s family did the bulk of the work. Her mother not only planned and designed the day, but she also did all the florals and catered the reception with home-cooked food.

Staying Flexible—A Must For Planning A Wedding During A Pandemic

We changed our wedding plans so many times because of the pandemic, so being flexible and patient was important. Thankfully, our vendors were helpful and accommodating. The pandemic made us realize what mattered—to have both our families come together to support our union.

Photographer And Junebug Members Joel & Justyna Captured Both Their Weddings

This wasn’t our first time working with our photographers. The first time was when we had our civil wedding in 2020. Joel & Justyna were a dream to work with. They’re passionate, creative, professional, and truly amazing. Each picture is unique and tells a story, making it special to us.

Serving Food And Drinks That Reflect Their Personalities And Haitian Heritage

For the cocktail hour, Whalesbone provided a variety of delicious fresh oysters, accompanied by custom cocktail drinks provided by Bartendo. Both being Haïtian, we wanted to include traditional meals on the menu. We worked closely with our caterer Sonja Creations, and she truly listened to our needs and delivered. We still receive compliments from our guests for the food. Ketny Théogene curated a dessert bar and wedding cake matching our aesthetic to complete the menu. It was truly a success with our guests.

Heartfelt Speeches From Loved Ones Made Their Big Day More Special

The speeches were the most memorable part of our wedding day. They brought us lots of joy, laughter, and happy tears. Hearing the speeches brought back so many beautiful memories and made us feel grateful to know how loved we are.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Joel & Justyna
Ceremony Venue – Paroisse Saint
Reception Venue – Tucker House Renewal Centre
Floral Design + Catering – Sonja Créations
Bridal Bouquet – Pollen Nation
Hair Styling – AMC Hair Studio
Rings – Goldform
Rentals – ABP


Congratulations to Mitsuko and Antony on their totally glam DIY wedding. And big thanks to Joel & Justyna for capturing all the unique details that made this chic wedding one for the books. 

If you’re feeling inspired to bring to life a DIY wedding of your own, start by checking out more of Joel & Justyna’s work  in our directory of talented photographers from around the world. Then read through our DIY guide for couples on a budget or those wanting to get hands-on during their planning process.

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Vibrant New Orleans Wedding With DIY Galore

February 5, 2022 | riley

Chalise and Madeline admittedly love to DIY pretty much everything in their lives, so naturally, their wedding was no exception. Planning a wedding can be equally stressful and exciting, but the couple had a lot of fun bringing their wedding vision to life. With the help of their family and friends, they did an impressive job at crafting a vibrant New Orleans wedding with personalized DIY details galore.

With its quirky charm, the historic French Quarter Wedding Chapel was the perfect venue for their ceremony. And in true New Orleans fashion, the couple and their loved ones took to the streets to celebrate right after. They incorporated the same fun vibe into the details of their reception by transforming their family backyard with their eclectic styling of bright colored flowers, blush-toned velvet table covers, pink and teal tableware, cute koozies, and tongue-in-cheek note cards. 

All of their hard work definitely paid off—their big day was not only bursting with color and personality, but it looked like it was a total blast too. Check out the creative ways Chalise and Madeline made their wedding uniquely their own, all amazingly captured by Savanna Sturkie!

The Couple:

Chalise and Madeline

The Wedding:

French Quarter Wedding Chapel, New Orleans, Louisiana

The Most Memorable Part Of Their Vibrant New Orleans Wedding

It’s hard to pinpoint a specific moment because the whole day was so magical, but our time at the chapel really stands out. It was just us, our sisters, Madeline’s Mom, and Chalise’s Dad. It was such a beautiful little ceremony. The weather forecast was predicting some heavy rain, and the skies looked very ominous as we approached the chapel, but by the time we finished, the skies were crystal clear.

Wedding Day Surprise

With all the excitement and tension of getting ready and meeting at the chapel, we realized we had left our marriage license at home. Chalise’s dad had to drive back to our house to get it. Luckily we only lived about 10 minutes away. Our service was scheduled for no longer than 30 minutes, but because we had a little hiccup, it was shortened quite a bit. But it all worked out in the end.

Working With Photographer Savanna Sturkie

We knew going into it that finding the right photographer for us was one of our top priorities. We wanted a specific look and someone who was not only open with photographing a queer couple but promoted it as well. Savanna Sturkie was truly everything we could have hoped for and so much more. We saw her portfolio and fell in love with her work, then had our first meeting and fell in love with her. She made us feel so comfortable the entire day. It felt more like a friend than a hired photographer. She was able to capture the most intimate and beautiful moments while also sneaking those candid moments that are priceless.

A DIY Wedding They Can Be Proud Of

We are really proud that we were able to plan this day ourselves. We didn’t have a planner, so everything from the invitations to the menu was created by us. We spent months planning and organizing everything. We are both creative people and had a lot of fun seeing our vision come to life. It really wasn’t until the tables were set up that we saw all our hard work had paid off. Madeline’s mother was kind enough to allow us to use her backyard as our venue. And with help from our family and friends—it all came together perfectly.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Savanna Sturkie
Venue – French Quarter Wedding Chapel
Floral Design – Florstead Company
Cake – Michelle Van Boogie
Videography – Lauren Terry
Hair Styling – Jessica Jackson
Wedding Dress – Pinup Girl Clothing
Suit – Top Man


Congratulations to Chalise and Madeline on their vibrant New Orleans wedding. And big thanks to Savanna Sturkie for capturing the fun vibe and all the other unforgettable moments of the happiest day of their lives! Whether it’s keeping wedding traditions that are important to you or finding creative ways to show your pride, your big day should be as unique as you and your partner are—so celebrate your day your way!

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