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Common Wedding Fights and How To Resolve Them

February 5, 2023 | justine

Wedding planning is exciting but can also be stressful and emotional for couples. It’s not unusual for conflict to arise during the planning process—from disagreements over the guest list to debates about the wedding budget. Whatever the case, take comfort in knowing that you probably aren’t the first to argue it out with your partner or loved ones before the big day.  The question is, how do you navigate them? You can resolve conflict during […]

Everything You Need To Know About Planning A Bridal Shower

January 19, 2023 | riley

There are countless events that take place before a wedding. From the engagement party to the bachelorette party to the rehearsal dinner, a wedding is far more than just one day. While a bachelorette party is a great way to celebrate your bride-to-be, a bridal shower is a more lowkey party involving the bridal party and the bride’s family members, which acts as an opportunity to show her how much you love and appreciate her.  […]

Financial Questions To Ask Before Marriage

January 15, 2023 | justine

One of the most common issues that result in arguments, resentment, and couples separating is disagreements over money. You’d be shocked at how many problems are glossed over or entirely disregarded, despite the common belief that everyone has those big relationship discussions before they get married. And these problems won’t go away. Once you get married, anything you don’t resolve will come roaring back.  While there are things that are beyond your control, you can […]

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Wedding Venue

January 6, 2023 | justine

Choosing your wedding venue is one of the first major decisions you’ll make in the wedding planning process. Nothing sets the tone or affects more aspects of your celebration—from the decor to the attire—than finding the right venue. That’s why it’s important to be prepared, do your research, and ask all the right questions. But finding the perfect venue isn’t easy, and there are many options to choose from. Where do you even begin, and […]

The Best 12-Month Wedding Planning Timeline

December 26, 2022 | justine

You’re now officially engaged. Congratulations! After you’ve shared the good news with your loved ones and given yourselves time to bask in newly-engaged glory, it’s time to start the wedding planning. This year-long journey involves many details—from finding your vendors to writing your vows—and it is no easy feat. But with the right systems in place, the time leading up to your wedding can be exciting, not stressful. And luckily for you, we broke down […]

The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Lighting

October 11, 2022 | kailey

At Junebug Weddings, our job is to light up your wedding planning process making it easy and stress-free. That includes everything from behind-the-scenes logistics down to your overall wedding design. And when it comes to decor, we believe lighting is one of the most underrated design elements.  Your wedding lighting is both functional and stylish. It sets the overall mood and helps show off all the details you’ve spent months putting together with your dream […]

Everything You Need To Know About Prenups

August 26, 2022 | riley

If you landed on this post, there’s a good chance that you’re about to tie the knot and considering getting a prenup. What was once viewed as detrimental to a relationship has now become the norm for many couples. But even so, it can feel like a scary topic to approach with your significant other. You’re essentially planning for the worst-case scenario, which no one wants to do when they’re in the midst of wedding […]

What To Expect At A Wedding Expo

July 31, 2022 | kailey

Wedding planning is exciting, stressful, and overwhelming all at the same time. But lucky for newly engaged couples, there are tools and events that can help limit the stress. And less stress means more time spent enjoying your engagement season—what a win!  Before securing your wedding vendors, touring venues, or creating your mood board, there’s one thing you should prioritize. It’s a wedding tool that’ll help you get inspired, meet vendors, and score freebies. We’re […]

Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Websites

July 18, 2022 | kailey

The wedding world is constantly evolving. And wedding websites are a new-to-the-scene tool that can make your planning process a breeze. Imagine having an online platform that stores all your event information in one place that your guests can revisit, even if they’ve lost the physical invitations (we’ve all been there!). Creating a wedding website makes that possible.  You can use it as a space to share your wedding day itinerary, link to your registry, […]

Use This Wedding Decor Checklist to Help You Nail Every Detail

June 2, 2022 | riley

Designing your wedding can feel a little overwhelming, especially when your venue is a blank slate. There are so many different decor elements that go into your special day and we know it can be hard to remember them all. That’s why we decided a checklist was in order to help you nail every detail. No matter what you choose to include or omit, this wedding decor checklist will help you stay on top of […]