Dance Party Meets “Pura Vida” At This Cala Luna Boutique Hotel Wedding

Will and Ruben always held a special place in their hearts for Costa Rica. So, when the time came for them to exchange vows, they knew they wanted their celebration to embody the unique blend of a fun dance party and the serene “Pura Vida” lifestyle that Costa Rica is known for. Their vision of a boho-style affair with a natural and earthy color palette, adorned with tropical greenery and blooms, was beautifully brought to life at their Cala Luna Boutique Hotel wedding.

Nestled amidst the lush jungle and secluded beach, the pair found their own paradise. Their seaside ceremony was breathtaking, with the stunning sand and surf as a picturesque backdrop. Under a tropical arch, they said their sweet “I dos,” surrounded by the gentle caress of the ocean breeze. As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden glow, the magical poolside reception began. Illuminated by twinkling string lights and rattan pendant lamps, the atmosphere was nothing short of enchanting. And as the night wore on, the celebration transformed into an all-out dance party, where joy, love, and pride filled the air.

From getting ready with their wedding party to including rainbow fans as a meaningful nod, they infused every aspect of their special day with personal touches. And all the incredible moments were masterfully captured by Junebug member Adri Mendez. If you’re looking for unconventional inspiration for your own wedding getaway, this is an experience you won’t want to miss.

The Couple:

Will and Ruben

The Wedding:

Cala Luna Boutique Hotel, Costa Rica

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Exchanging Vows During Their Private First Look

The most memorable part of our day was the first look. We ended up getting ready with both of our mixed-gender parties together, and the whole morning and afternoon became a celebration in and of itself. However, after getting ready, we had a moment to ourselves with our photographer to exchange our vows in the jungle. It was a genuinely centering and sentimental moment, allowing us to share ourselves with each other before the ceremony.

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How Their Cala Luna Boutique Hotel Wedding Came To Be

Our style is more boho, modern, farmhouse-esque, but we wanted our wedding to showcase that, combined with the natural colors and earthy tones of the fauna of our destination. Will had picked out his suit at the very beginning and wanted to ensure it all tied in together at the end. We wanted the vibe of our wedding to be a fun dance party juxtaposed with the “Pura Vida” relaxed, calm nature of Costa Rica. It definitely came together with the help of our amazing planner, who got to know us and made the day perfect for us. She took our Pinterest inspo board, got to know us, and created the perfect combination.

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A Sentimental Touch: Will’s Dad Officiating And Infusing Tradition Into Their Ceremony

We were fortunate to have Will’s dad officiate our ceremony, as he deeply understands who we are as a couple. It was truly special to have him share our journey together during the ceremony. Furthermore, he added a meaningful touch by incorporating an Apache blessing, symbolizing the Southwest US, where we both grew up. His presence and words made the ceremony even more meaningful and heartfelt.

Why They Chose Cala Luna Boutique Hotel

We selected our venue for its cozy atmosphere as a boutique hotel, its stunning natural surroundings, and the attentive staff. Cala Luna offered the perfect ambiance, showcasing the jungle vibes of Costa Rica while being just a stone’s throw away from the breathtaking coastline. It allowed us to share with our guests the diverse elements of Costa Rica. Moreover, the staff delivered exceptional and personalized service. From when we arrived for our pre-wedding visit until the days following our ceremony. We truly felt the essence of “Pura Vida” there. And it was our desire for our guests to experience the same.

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A Rainbow Surprised Help Celebrate Love And LGBTQ Pride 

One of our dearest friends, Nick, pleasantly surprised us. He brought over 100 rainbow fans that our guests adored using while dancing. These fans quickly became a popular prop for the joyful photos captured throughout the celebration. They added a touch of fun and cuteness to the atmosphere and served as a meaningful nod to the LGBTQ community on our special day as we celebrated our gay wedding.

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The Wedding Team:

Photography – Adri Mendez
Event Planning – Heidy Quesada
Venue + Catering – Cala Luna Boutique Hotel
Floral Design + Rentals – Los Primos Designs
Videography – Lucas Photo and Film
Invitation Design – Zola
Grooms’ Apparel – Indochino + Express
Bridesmaids’ Apparel – Birdy Grey
Rings – Tiffany
Transportation – Eco Trans Costa Rica


Congratulations to Will and Ruben on their Cala Luna Boutique Hotel wedding. And a special thank you to Junebug member Adri Mendez for expertly preserving every little detail and capturing the special moments that made their celebration truly unforgettable. To see more of their exceptional talent, take a look at their profile in our directory of the world’s best wedding photographers.

Let Will and Ruben’s extraordinary celebration inspire you to think outside the box, infuse your wedding with personal touches that make it one-of-a-kind, and trust in the guidance of reliable vendors to help bring your unique vision to life. Your wedding day can be a great reflection of your journey together. A celebration that captivates the eyes and touches the hearts of all who attend.

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Colorfully Modern Blanco Urban Venue Wedding Inspired By Runway Fashion

June 3, 2023 | justine

Elizabeth and Varun embarked on a mission to create a Blanco Urban Venue wedding that truly embodied their unique vision. Inspired by the glamor of fashion shows and magazines, they aimed to craft a playful and modern aesthetic. To achieve this, vibrant hot pink became the focal point of their color palette, accompanied by textured blooms that added a touch of whimsy to their celebration. By carefully curating each and every detail, they transformed their wedding into a vibrant and enchanting affair that perfectly represented their style and captured the essence of their love story.

Their special day at Blanco Urban Venue was a display of beauty and individuality. The ceremony featured a stunning mandap adorned with lush flowers, seamlessly blending tradition with a modern twist. As the evening progressed, Elizabeth and Varun elevated their fashion choices, donning vibrant ensembles that showcased their distinct styles. The reception carried on the lively and elegant atmosphere, featuring towering arrangements that added to the enchanting and immersive experience.

Junebug member Teri B beautifully documented their celebration to ensure that every unforgettable moment was captured. These gorgeous photos showcase how they blended traditions with their personal style, serving as inspiration for couples who want to create a wedding that is uniquely theirs.

The Couple:

Elizabeth and Varun

The Wedding:

Blanco Urban Venue, California, United States

How Their Blanco Urban Venue Wedding Came To Be

When planning our wedding, describing the style we wanted was challenging. Many wedding decorators classify styles into whimsical, tropical, or glam categories, but none really fit. We wanted to create a playful yet modern look. Since I love fashion, we took inspiration from fashion shows and magazine photos. We combined the elegant florals from Dior’s Raf Simons era with the fun and playful dresses by Molly Goddard. My favorite color is pink, so we centered the color palette around vibrant shades of hot pink. We chose textured flowers instead of simple ones to add to the fun. I’m really happy with how the colors came together in the flowers and overall reception decor.

Honoring Tradition And Immersing In The Beauty Of An Indian Ceremony

It isn’t easy to choose just one moment since there are so many memorable ones. However, I particularly enjoyed the ceremony as it was my first experience attending an Indian wedding. Participating in all the traditional rituals was exciting and filled with anticipation, not knowing what would happen next.

Fashionably Unique: A Vibrant Bridal Style And Colorful Wedding Party

I’m really happy I could wear a gown by Alexander McQueen, my all-time favorite fashion designer, for our wedding! I wore holographic pink Louboutin heels with the dress to match the theme. I wanted my bridal party to have a colorful look instead of everyone wearing the same color. So, I made a mood board and gave each of my friends a different color palette to work with.

From Design Pro To DIY: Crafting Personalized Wedding Materials

I took on the task of designing all the digital and print materials myself. Since I work as a digital product designer during the day, this project served as a refreshing and enjoyable break from my regular work routine.

A Fusion Of Indian Food And Dim Sum Delights

To celebrate both cultures, we blended Indian food and dim sum for our reception. It was a delightful combination that represented our diverse backgrounds. During the cocktail hour, we also arranged for our favorite tea shop to provide catering, adding a personal touch to the event.

Finding Balance During Wedding Planning By Taking Breaks And Pacing Yourself

Remember to take breaks. You don’t have to dedicate every second of the 9-12 months before your wedding to planning. There is ample time to ensure all the details are perfect. It’s essential to find moments to relax and recharge during the process.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Teri B
Event Planning – Bobby Bhogal
Ceremony Venue – Blanco Urban Venue
Floral Design – Saba Decor Rentals
Catering – Jalsa
Makeup Artist + Hair Stylist – Julie Dy
Wedding Dress – Alexander Mcqueen
Bridal Accessories – Christian Louboutin
Wedding Planning Template – Templates by Liz


Congratulations to Elizabeth and Varun on their colorfully modern Blanco Urban Venue wedding. A big thank you goes to Junebug member Teri B for expertly capturing the heartfelt moments and stunning details that bring their love story to life. To see more of her talent, check out her profile in our directory of the world’s best wedding photographers.

When creating a wedding that truly reflects your individuality, it’s crucial to understand the importance of infusing your unique style and vision into the celebration. But accomplishing this task requires more than just personal inspiration. Having an experienced team of professionals by your side is essential, who can bring all the elements together seamlessly. With their expertise and guidance, anything is possible!

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Dreamy Romantic Wedding Hairstyles Perfect For Your Big Day

June 2, 2023 | justine

Image by Sophie Alexandria Photography. Keep scrolling to explore our top picks for the most romantic wedding hairstyles.

Your big day is brimming with romantic moments, from exchanging vows to that unforgettable first dance. You can also kick things up a notch by infusing romance into every aspect of your wedding, including the décor, attire, and, of course, your stunning hairstyle.

When it comes to wedding hairstyles, the possibilities are endless. You can choose loose waves, a classic updo, or add subtle floral touches to achieve your dream bridal look. There’s a style that suits every personal preference and wedding theme. Looking for some inspiration? Continue reading to explore our top picks for the most romantic wedding hairstyles that will make you feel confident and beautiful on your special day.

Romantic Wedding Hairstyles

Elegant Updos

Updos are a sophisticated and classic choice for the big day. You can go for a soft, loose bun or a chic chignon with delicate tendrils framing your face. Add a touch of romance by incorporating braids or twisting sections of hair for a textured and ethereal look. Updos are elegant and practical, as they keep your hair out of your face, allowing you to dance the night away with your loved ones without any worries.


Image by Adri Mendez

Image by Aurelia Baca

Image by Beatrice Howell

Image By Grace Torres

Image by Tori Osteraa

Timeless Half-Up, Half-Down Style

If you want a hairstyle that combines the best of both worlds, go for the half-up, half-down style. It’s a fantastic choice that beautifully blends an updo with flowing locks. In this style, your hair will flow down in gentle waves or curls while the upper section is skillfully pinned back. To make it even more romantic, you can decorate your hair with pretty flowers or hairpins, giving your look a touch of enchantment and playfulness.

Image by ProudRad

Image by Sean Bell

Image by Tori Osteraa

Soft Curls And Waves

Rocking gorgeous curls or textured waves are perfect for no-fuss brides. Part down the middle for a modern style, or sweep them all to one side for a sweetly chic look. For a Hollywood bombshell moment, have your stylist give you a classic blowout followed by some voluminous curls. Dial it up with a gorgeous bridal hair accessory. If you have natural curls, enhance your hair’s natural texture with a bit of shine and volume and let it down for a soft, dreamy look. This style is absolutely perfect for bohemian, vintage, or garden weddings, where you can effortlessly tap into your inner goddess and radiate ethereal beauty.

Image by Carlos Elizondo

Image by MemoryBox

Whimsical Braids

Braided hairstyles have a unique charm and whimsical appeal, making them a fantastic choice for romantic weddings. Whether you prefer a simple side braid, a bohemian fishtail braid, or an intricate braided updo, braids add a touch of elegance and individuality to your overall look. Take your style to the next level by adding flowers, ribbons, or pearls.

Image by Martin Wilk

Image by Nikk Nguyen

Image by Shutterfreek

Image by Sunny Golden

Enchanting Hair Accessories

It’s often the small things that make a big impact. Don’t underestimate the power of hair accessories in taking your wedding hairstyle to a whole new level. Consider adding special touches like a delicate flower crown, a vintage-style hair comb, or a sparkling headband. These accessories not only add an extra dose of romance but also let you showcase your personal style and create a one-of-a-kind bridal look that’s uniquely yours. 

Image by Light As Gold

Image by Pawel Bebenca

Whether you choose an elegant updo, soft curls, or intricate braids, these romantic wedding hairstyles will make you feel like the star of the show on your big day. Remember, the secret to achieving this is consulting with a skilled hairstylist who can bring your ideas to reality. Consider your dress, venue, and personal style when deciding on the perfect hairstyle that will make you shine as the radiant bride you are. And don’t forget to check out some stunning makeup inspiration to complete your look!

Image by We Are The James’s. See more of this real wedding here.

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