What to Ask your Potential Wedding Photographer (And What Not to Ask)

April 19, 2018 | colleen

photo by Lauren Scotti

There are so many exciting things to do and keep track of when planning your wedding, that it can be hard to know what to discuss in each of your vendor meetings. To make wedding planning even more of a breeze, we came up with a list of what to ask your potential wedding photographer. And just in case you’re worried about asking the wrong thing, we mentioned a couple of questions to stay clear of during your consultation. So grab a pen and jot down a few things that you’d like to discuss with your dream photographer!

photo by Miks Sels Photography

What To Ask

Can we see a sample of a full wedding gallery?

When first inquiring with a wedding photographer, don’t be afraid to ask to see a sample of a previous wedding that they have photographed. Seeing a full gallery will give you an idea of a photographer’s shooting style, a ballpark of how many images you could receive (although this may differ based on the length of photography coverage), and what the photographer’s images look like in all lighting conditions.

Does your business have insurance?

Generally, insurance is there to help protect you and others in an emergency situation. Wedding photographers tend to have a insurance that is geared for their business in regards to liability, equipment, injury, and loss of coverage. Knowing your photographer has business insurance assures you that things will be handled properly and professionally in any sort of wild circumstance. For example: what would happen if your photographer’s equipment is broken by one of your guests? With the proper coverage, that incident would be handled by their insurance provider and wouldn’t become a burden to you or your guest.

photo by J Olson Weddings

What happens if you can’t make it to the wedding?

You’ve heard the term “prepare for the worst but hope for the best,” and the same applies with wedding vendors. Although it is 99.99% likely that your photographer will show up on your wedding day, sometimes the unexpected happens and there’s nothing you or your photographer can do about it. So in the rare occasion that your photographer is unable to make it to your wedding, ask them what their plan is. Typically they will normally work with assistants or have a group of photographers they could reach out to and have photograph your day, but don’t be afraid to open up that dialogue and know what their procedure is for the one off instance.

How much is an extra hour of coverage?

Whether the party is still bumpin’ and going longer than intended or your wedding is a little behind schedule, there are times when a wedding photographer will work longer than planned. When this happens, there can be an additional fee that your wedding photographer will bill you after the fact. But before getting stuck with a surprise bill, ask your photographer what they charge for additional hours of photo coverage. It’s best to know ahead of time so there are no surprises to you and your bride or groom.

photo by Surveyor Creative

Does the package I’m purchasing include coverage from getting ready to our wedding exit?

Photographers will offer different collections that typically differ based on the number of hours they will cover at your wedding. Before assuming that your photographer will be there from when you’re getting your hair and nails done to the sparkler exit at the end of the night, discuss your tentative timeline of wedding events with your photographer to ensure you choose a selection that will work best with what events you want to be photographed. This will help you avoid a surprise post-wedding invoice from extra hours of coverage from the end of the night.

Do you offer album/print sales?

So you’ve invested money into an awesome photographer and then what? Print those photos! Talk to your wedding photographer about if they offer print, canvas, and album sales. I know you might be tempted to waltz over to a store with same day photo printing, but the print quality won’t be too great. Keep in mind, once your wedding is all said and done, you aren’t left with the food or music, you’re left with photos! If your photographer provides the service, order prints through them. If they don’t provide it, ask what companies they would recommend you using. After all, you invested into these amazing images, so it would be a shame if the print quality didn’t do the photo justice.

How long is the turnaround time to receive our images?

Every photographer’s turnaround time is different – some only take a month and others can take up to three! Before signing on the dotted line, ask your photographer how long they typically take to edit and deliver a wedding gallery. Besides, things may even differ slightly depending on the season. So before assuming you’ll receive your photos in time for Christmas cards, talk to your photographer and make sure expectations are brought up front and everyone is on the same page.

photo by Photography by Ben and Kadin

What Not To Ask

Do you want a shot list?

Shot lists can be done in a great and not so great way. When you hire a wedding photographer,  you are showing that you trust their vision and experience to get all of the necessary shots! So even though you might be tempted to go over to Pinterest and make note of specific poses and shots, try to refrain. After all, those are someone else’s photos and every wedding is unique and special in it’s own way – trust your photographer to capture your wedding in the most perfect way for your big day.

On the flip side, a shot list for family formal photos can be helpful if there are any sensitive situations that your photographer should be aware of ahead of time. Are one of your parents divorced? Blended families? What about your brother or sister’s significant other – do you want them in some group photos and not all of them? Making a list of various groups for family photos can lead to a quick and smooth process!

My uncle has a nice camera and wants to take pictures too. Is that okay?

This is probably one of the most dreaded questions for a wedding photographer. Although your Uncle Bob is probably a wonderful person, your wedding is not the time or place for him (or anyone else really) to practice their photography skills. Your photographer doesn’t need to worry about sharing the aisle with anyone during your first kiss or reaching around someone when you cut the cake. Anyways, most photographers will have a non-compete clause in their contract that prohibits anyone else photographing the wedding. So let your guests be guests and be fully present during your big day!

photo by Payton Marie Photography

Why are you so expensive?

As you inquire with different photographers, you will quickly learn that there are many different price points based on location, experience, and hours of photo coverage. If you inquire with your dream photographer who has been in the biz for a number of years, don’t be sticker-shocked when they are more expensive than your high school friend who is just starting out. So instead of asking a wedding photographer to price match, only photograph your wedding for travel expenses, or give you a discount, think about what is important to you and your fiancé. Is budget driving your decision? Then think about going with someone else. Or is photography your number one priority? See if you can move the budget around some to afford your dream photographer. Whatever it may be, it’s best to respect the quote that a photographer gives to you.

Can you give us the unedited photos?

Photographers will take a countless number of photos on your wedding day, but they will carefully curate an edited gallery that best showcases the day’s events. It might be tempting to ask your wedding photographer for more photos, even if they’re unedited, but try and shy away from that. The images that your photographer has delivered to you highlight each moment and everything in between…just not the photos with people blinking, lighting test shots, or people with a mouthful of wedding cake. Remember to trust your photographer in every sense, even when it comes to choosing which images you and your almost husband or wife will receive.

photo by Matt Lien

When it comes down to inquiring with your dream photographer, you’ll be prepared to ask all the right questions at your consultation!

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Elegant Rustic Maine Wedding at Migis Lodge on Sebago Lake

Spring has officially sprung! So, to celebrate, we’ve got Riana and Adam’s lovely lakefront Main wedding at Migis Lodge to gush over today! Set in the woodsy, fairytale-like venue with a perfect view of the Sebago Lake, this couple nailed the rustic elegant look in both their ceremony and reception. Riana even managed to incorporate her love of antiques by bringing along vintage candle holders, boxes, and dozens of antique glass bottles from her grandmother to use throughout the decor. For a touch of spring, they chose soft blue Jenny Yoo bridesmaids dresses and a mix of vibrant purple, pink, and white floral bouquets created by Field Floral Studio — all of which was visually captivating against the woodsy landscape. Riana took the elegance factor up to 10 with a gorgeous Matthew Christopher gown and glam accessories, and Adam was equally dapper in a tailored Michael Kors suit. We’re deeply in love with the emotion that Emily Delamater Photography was able to capture, and can’t think of a better way to usher in Spring wedding season!

The Couple:

Riana and Adam

The Wedding:

Migis Lodge, South Casco, Maine

My mom and I did a lot of the shopping and designing together, which was really fun! We even brought up an old and very heavy wooden door that belonged to my Nana that we used as a tabletop — that’s how crazy we are! Not to mention I put together all of the toiletry baskets for each restroom, chock full of every necessity a guest may need. And we may or may not have rented a moving truck or two to get everything up to Maine for the wedding weekend. Bringing in a lot of our personal touches meant the world to me, and was totally worth all the months of planning out every detail!

After months of searching for the perfect “rustic yet elegant” venue that could accommodate our guests and all of our wants and needs, I stumbled upon Migis Lodge on Sebago Lake on the internet. It was all inclusive in the sense that it could host our ceremony, reception, and our guests’ lodging all in one place! Not to mention, they did our food and our wedding cake. Robyn and Maddy and the whole team at Migis Lodge were incredible! I remember when I first convinced Adam to drive up to Maine to take a peek at it…we were driving along 302 and I was thinking to myself…okay…and then we took a left down a winding dirt road blanketed with trees and all of a sudden it was just pure magic, like something out of a woodland fairytale! It was still in their off season and we jumped out of the car, took one look at the lake then looked at each other and said, “This is so awesome! This is so us!” When you know, you know! I remember us racing home to tell my parents about it like we were two ecstatic little kids! Maine holds a very special place in both of our hearts and, now, Migis Lodge does, too.

From the very beginning, we wanted our wedding to represent us. I had my dad, who is a wonderful artist, hand paint our wedding invitations, a beautiful picture of two Adirondack chairs looking out onto Sebago Lake. Between him and I, we hand painted all of our signage on reclaimed wood, burlap, and card stock.

Because we got married in May over Memorial Day weekend, I wanted the color palette to evoke the magic of Spring. Aside from our whimsical flowers that incorporated whites, greens, and various shades of purple — all done by the very talented Megan from Field Floral Studio — I purchased ribbons from Silk & Willow and tono & co. to use for the bouquets and on the tablescapes. Megan did a wonderful job pulling it all together!

I did just about everything myself, with the help of the Migis Lodge coordinators, our vendors, and my family, of course. No wedding planner! It was months of endless lists, emails, shopping, and planning. I am, by nature, a very anxious person. All I can say is: ask for help, let the small things go (you can’t be everywhere at once), and try your best to just be in the moment on the day of your wedding. Take a moment to relax and remind yourself what the day is really all about: you, your significant other, and the love between you two that has brought you here to this moment. That is what you want to share with your closest friends and family on your wedding day. Oh! And be on top of emails and communication throughout the planning process!

For our table runners, my mom and I hand selected the fabric and had them custom made, which was a very special touch! I’m a lover of antiques so I brought a lot of my own pieces up to Maine with us for the décor: tarnished candle holders, vintage boxes, and old silver plated vessels for the flowers. The most special thing to me was that I was able to bring up dozens of antique glass bottles that I’ve collected over the years to have Megan use for the flowers. Most of them came from my Nana who used to go to old dump sites and dig them up with my late grandfather back in her heyday. This meant so much to me to have that part of her there as she couldn’t physically be there on our wedding day due to her health.

Processional – “Stand By Me” by Florence and The Machine
Recessional – “Automobile” by Kaleo
First Dance – “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Emily Delamater Photography
Venue – Migis Lodge
Floral Design – Field Floral Studio
Live Music – Retrospecticus
Stationery – Crosby Design, Richard Blinn, and Minted
Makeup Artist and Hair Styling – Ollo Hair Salon
Wedding Dress – Matthew Christopher
Bridesmaids’ Apparel – Jenny Yoo
Groom and Groomsmen’s Apparel – Michael Kors
Rings – Skylight Jewelers
Ribbons – Silk & Willow and tono & co.


Our biggest congratulations to Riana and Adam on the beginning of your forever, and a huge thanks to Junebug member Emily Delamater Photography for sharing this gorgeous lakefront wedding with us! Looking for more unique, waterfront wedding inspiration? Take a peek at Alison and Steve’s colorful waterfront San Diego elopement!

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Give Your Wedding a Modern Twist With This Acrylic Wedding Signage

April 18, 2018 | nicole

The addition of a single detail can have a major impact on your overall wedding style. Whether you’re saying “I do” at a barn, in the forest, or in a downtown loft, you can add a modern twist to your day with acrylic wedding signage! The beauty of acrylic is that it can be as elegant, whimsical, rustic, or romantic as you’d like just with a few styling choices. Get inspired by this acrylic wedding signage including everything from seating charts to table numbers and give this industrial material a try in your wedding!

Welcome Signs

photo by Inner Images Photography



photo by AGPcollective


Seating Charts

photo by Terralogical


Table Numbers

photo by Nicole Leever


Cake Toppers

photo by Kaoverii Silva


Assorted Informational Signs

photo by Kenzie Dawn Photography


Quote Signs

photo by Jonnie & Garrett


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