This Colorful Factory51 Wedding Was Complete With the Couple’s Furry Friend

July 16, 2024 | justine

For many couples who have dreamed of their big day forever, wedding planning can be a breeze. But for Ellen and Luke, it wasn’t so simple. Their first theme just didn’t feel right. After much soul-searching and countless hours on Pinterest, they finally found their style. They were drawn to fun elements that truly reflected their personalities. With a naturally beautiful venue, a bold color palette, and unique flowers and decor, their vision came to life perfectly at their Factory51 wedding.

The couple’s park ceremony was intentionally intimate, with only 16 guests and their beloved dog, Snickers. In a shady spot under the trees–with earthy arrangements as their backdrop–the couple exchanged heartfelt vows, creating a truly special moment crafted by Junebug vendor Brisbane Celebrants. For the reception, the rustic warehouse venue was transformed into a magical setting. A backdrop curtain of cascading fairy lights contrasted beautifully with the red brick walls, creating an enchanting atmosphere for their celebration.

If you want ideas to add fun and personal touches to your celebration, this is the perfect example! You’ll be amazed by every detail, all wonderfully captured by Paper Bark Stories.

The Couple:

Ellen and Luke

The Wedding:

Factory51, Brisbane, Australia

The Story Behind the Evolution of Their Factory51 Wedding Design

Our original design plan was completely different from how our wedding turned out. Initially, we had settled on sage green, which was lovely, but it didn’t feel like us. Neither of us had envisioned our wedding day. It took a few weeks until I grew frustrated and asked myself, “What do I truly like?” After some soul-searching on Pinterest, I began to find my style. We eventually settled on colors that felt lively—pink and orange were vibrant and fun! Suddenly, the joy of planning returned, and I felt excited and motivated to continue. From then on, whenever we encountered a roadblock, we chose the most enjoyable option. Looking at our photos, you can see how much fun we were having. It may sound like a cliché, but authenticity is timeless. If you stay true to yourself, who cares if something falls out of fashion?

Balancing Personalities and Customizing Every Detail of Their Ceremony with the Help of Their Officiant

Luke is an introvert, and I am an extrovert (as you can probably tell by my dress choice!). Coming from a large family, I knew our wedding needed to balance our personalities. For Luke, the idea of standing in front of 120 people and reading vows was daunting. So, we opted for an intimate ceremony with just 16 guests—our immediate family, grandparents, and two close friends. It was perfect for anyone who prefers to avoid the spotlight. To keep our vows private and intimate, we exchanged personalized letters beforehand and used standard wording during the ceremony. Only we know the contents of those heartfelt letters. Our celebrant, Cara of Brisbane Celebrants, was wonderful to work with and managed the ceremony decor, making everything so convenient. Her decor business allowed us to customize every detail, from drinks tubs to dried florals and confetti. My top advice: choose reliable vendors who truly understand your vision and make your day unforgettable.

How Their Dog Snickers Played an Important Role During the Ceremony

Having our dog, Snickers, at our ceremony was so special. His presence helped us get over our nerves, and he’s so cute! From a young age, girls are always told their wedding day will be the best day of their lives. Your wedding will be incredible, and you’ll remember it forever, but there is so much pressure to put on a single day. Having Snickers with us made it feel less formal. He grounded us and reminded us why we were walking up that altar.

Navigating Wedding Planning Challenges: Insights from a Bride’s Experience

Initially, the planning process was challenging because I was overly concerned with others’ opinions. Once I let go of the need to please everyone, I found much more enjoyment in the planning. We did things our way, disregarded others’ opinions, and had a fantastic day. My advice is: don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself! Those on a budget, like we were, should consider working with small businesses. Most of the time, they are more cost-effective, reliable, and kind. Many “big brands” ignored my emails, took forever to provide quotes, and seemed disinterested. I still keep in touch with my photographer, cake lady, and celebrant. They’re wonderful people who remember my name, and that’s such a special feeling.

Creating a Budget-Friendly Factory51 Wedding Plan by Prioritizing What Matters Most

We’re young and preparing to buy our first home, so spending a potential house deposit on a single day just wasn’t realistic for us. We sat down together and listed what was most important to us, which helped us create our wedding budget. Our non-negotiables were things we absolutely wanted and wouldn’t compromise on, no matter what. The nice-to-haves were extras that would be nice, but we knew we wouldn’t regret skipping them. It’s crucial to talk to each other and prioritize. Getting caught up in trends from TikTok and the wedding world is easy, so referring back to our list helped us stay focused. Is that trend, a non-negotiable, or just a nice-to-have? That approach kept us from adding unnecessary items to our plans.

Choosing a Naturally Beautiful and Convenient Venue

Our venue was naturally stunning. I knew I didn’t want to rent a space and then have to decorate it extensively. It was also conveniently located, close to home with easy Uber access, and elderly-friendly with no stairs. We wanted to make it simple for everyone to attend without needing pet sitters or accommodation. Plus, who doesn’t love Italian food? The cuisine was delicious, and guests still rave about how fantastic it was.

Enhancing their Factory51 Wedding Experience Through DIY Touches

Luke’s DIY floral pocket square was crafted with cardboard, dried florals, and ribbon, ensuring it stayed perfectly in place throughout the day, unlike traditional boutonnieres. Our wedding newspapers, created using Canva, added a delightful touch to our photos and included a word search for guests’ entertainment. After numerous design tweaks, the DIY invitations turned out beautifully and are still proudly displayed on friends’ fridges. I repurposed dried bouquets into charming arrangements for our table numbers while our seating chart, printed on foam board via Canva, hung elegantly from a Kmart clothing rack adorned with fake flowers. These creative DIY projects saved us money and added a personalized touch that made our wedding day even more memorable.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Paper Bark Stories
Ceremony Venue – Roma Street Parklands
Reception Venue – Factory51
Cake – Little Sprinkle Co.
Officiant – Brisbane Officiants
DJ – Aaron Magnus
Makeup Artist – Demi Beauty
Hair Styling – Hair By Talen


Congratulations to Ellen and Luke on their colorful Factory51 wedding, complete with their furry friend. A big thanks to Paper Bark Stories for capturing the special moments and thoughtful details that made this celebration unforgettable. Of course, we must also thank Junebug member Brisbane Officiants for helping the couple tie the knot. If you’re in Brisbane and need an officiant, be sure to check out their profile in our directory of officiants from around the world!

Make sure your wedding reflects both you and your partner’s personalities and vision. Aim for a one-of-a-kind experience—don’t settle for less! The secret to making it happen is having a great team of vendors. Look at our handpicked list of top experts from around the world to help create your perfect day.

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This Wool Mill Wedding Was the Definition of a Party

July 15, 2024 | justine

From the start, Jaimi and Mizz wanted their fun-loving spirits to shine in every detail of their big day, and they certainly succeeded! With a blank canvas venue, a bold color palette, and unique decor, their Wool Mill wedding was the perfect definition of a party. Complete with personal touches, witty humor, and laughter echoing in every corner. The day that radiated joy and creativity, reflecting their love and shared sense of fun.

They aimed to create distinct atmospheres within a single venue. For the ceremony, a soft, romantic feel prevailed with whites and pastel tones, drawing attention to a lilac backdrop adorned with flowers and floor candles. Despite the romantic theme, white streamers above and mirrored balls along the aisle added a touch of disco flair. The reception, in contrast, embraced boldness with vibrant pops of orange. These colors extended to the tables, where alternating orange and lilac personalized menus and napkins complemented tall, tapered candles and vivid floral arrangements, all set against crisp white tablecloths. The highlight was the striking orange, lilac, and silver streamer installation, serving as a captivating focal point.

If you’re up for getting inspired to make your celebration extra fun and personal, you’re in luck! Check out all the amazing details expertly captured by Junebug vendor The Lavender Haze.

The Couple:

Jaimi and Mizz

The Wedding:

Wool Mill, Melbourne, Victoria, Austrailia

Crafting Two Distinct Wedding Scenes in One Venue

We wanted to create two separate atmospheres within one location—soft romance for our ceremony and a bold, bright party reception. The ceremony was to be romantic, with love as the focus, using whites and pastel tones of our color scheme. The attention was drawn to the front with a lilac backdrop, surrounded by flowers and candles on the floor. While romance was the aim, we still wanted this to tie in with the reception and give guests a taste of what would come. We included white Bangin Hangins, disco balls on alternating aisles, and silver confetti cannons, which signified the end of formalities and led us right into the party. The ceremony highlighted our formal commitment to each other through our love story and personalized vows while still keeping our loved ones laughing and capturing our fun, easy-going personalities.

How They Created a Ceremony That Perfectly Captured Who They Are as a Couple

Aside from throwing one hell of an epic party and dancing all night with all our favorite people in one room, the other highlight must be our ceremony. Looking back, we agree that this perfectly captured who we are as a couple. We introduced our bridal party, explaining why they were important to us and including light-hearted jokes at their expense. We wrote our vows individually; however, by a strange twist of fate, we both expressed our dreams of having children who grow up to be either AFL or Matilda players and that no matter what, the ultimate goal was to grow old and happy together. We agreed to include four promises to each other, two serious and two funny. They had the room laughing and crying precisely as we had hoped—romance with a side of fun.

A Bold Wool Mill Wedding Reception Full of Meaning and Nods to Their Relationship

We always knew we wanted to use the color orange, as this represented our football team where we first met. We found inspirational looks online and loved how lilac perfectly complemented this. The reception space’s key feature and focal point was our bold Bangin Hangins in orange, lilac, and silver. These colors flowed to our tables using alternating orange and lilac personalized menus and napkins, tall, tapered candles, and bright floral arrangements, which all popped on our white tablecloths. The romance was still brought into this space using a sky of fairy lights. Our signage and stationary included puns and jokes to keep it light-hearted and personal, adding to the party atmosphere. The Baker Boys band started early and played all night to ensure guests left with sore feet to go with their even sorer heads (courtesy of our one non-negotiable open bar and cocktails).

Simplifying their Wool Mill Wedding Planning Process by Choosing a Venue with a Wedding Planner

We chose a venue that included a wedding planner, which was invaluable for those who lacked artistic flare and time. We knew we didn’t have the time to commit to hours of research and lacked creativity and vision. We recommend using Pinterest boards to capture the overall vibe and then creating mood boards to tie it together. We also highly recommend asking an artistic friend who loves weddings to bounce ideas off and review all the nitty-gritty, aka floor plans, stationary, etc. We are proud that we pulled off a wedding that was authentically us. We loved the attention to detail, the use of puns, the personalization of menus, and how everyone had a great time. Hearing that people loved our wedding as much as we did means the world to us.

Prioritizing Food and Drinks to Keep Spirits High from Start to Finish at Their Wool Mill Wedding

We ultimately wanted everyone to have a fantastic time, with two of our biggest “must haves” being plenty of food and various drinks. We added extra canapes and late-night snacks to ensure no one left hungry. We also opted for shared plates, as we had experienced at other weddings. This was the best way to ensure people had enough large portions to suit them. We also felt that spirits and cocktails were essential for our loved ones. We opted to extend the hours for our drinks package so that drinks flowed from when our guests arrived to when they left. Luckily, we both ended up being late (stupid Melbourne traffic), but our guests were sufficiently hydrated when we arrived. For the dancefloor, our ‘must have’ was The Baker Boys. We requested fan-favorite songs, and they delivered the ultimate party playlist that even included a roaming saxophone soloist.

Choosing a Blank Canvas Venue to Bring Their Vision to Life

We chose The Wool Mill as it was the perfect blank canvas for us to create something bold and fun. We loved the idea of having our ceremony and reception at one location, but we still wanted to have two distinct spaces. The Wool Mill was perfect for this, with the ceremony and cocktail hour held upstairs before the big reveal at the party, where guests headed downstairs. We also loved that the venue included the wedding planning team from The Goodsmiths, who were able to coordinate all aspects of the day, including catering, styling, and even throwing confetti to ensure we had the perfect photos. We absolutely could not have pulled it off without them.

Personalized Wedding Favors that Double as Decor

We didn’t do wedding favors as such. However, we gave each guest a pair of purple love heart sunglasses, which we used as part of our table decorations. We encouraged our guests to wear these throughout the night, and they have become a feature in many of our photos. We also used GuestPix, which allows guests to upload their pictures to our gallery. We paused momentarily during the night and asked our guests to take selfies in their sunnies and upload them. The coffee table book we have made with those photos is truly amazing.

Choreographing Their Wedding Dance Through TikTok and a Meaningful Song Choice

We looked at having dance lessons due to Jaimi’s two left feet. Upon review of the prices, we hit TikTok and choreographed our own dance. While unsure if it was good, our guests were shocked at our moves, and we laughed silly while practicing in the kitchen. We also absolutely love the photos. We chose our song “I Can’t Help” by our favorite artist, G Flip. The original song was also Jaimi’s parents’ first dance song. We kept this a secret, and they loved it.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Lavender Haze
Event Planning + Invitation Design – The Goodsmiths
Venue – Wool Mill
Floral Design – Anatomy of Flowers
Catering – Refresh Hospitality
Cake – Torte By Mirjana
Officiant – Precious Celebrations
Live Music – The Baker Boys Band
Videography – Dusc Studio
Makeup Artist – Makeup by Lorie
Hair Styling – Renee Presti
Wedding Dresses – Kyha
Accessories – Amelie George + Finnerings
Wedding Party Apparel – Aje. + Pilgrim Clothing + Kookaï + Bec+Bridge
Rings – Charles Rose


Congratulations to Jaimi and Mizz on their Wool Mill wedding, which was the definition of a party! A big thank you to Junebug vendor the Lavender Haze for capturing all the unforgettable details and inspiring couples about to tie the knot. Head over to their profile to see more unique celebrations in our directory of the world’s best wedding photographers.

Planning your wedding is your chance to highlight your one-of-a-kind personalities. Whether you’re drawn to a non-traditional venue or looking to modernize classic wedding customs, embrace the opportunity to create a celebration that reflects the uniqueness of your love story. The secret to bringing it all together flawlessly? Surround yourself with visionary pros. Discover your dream team with our curated selection of the world’s top wedding vendors.

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This Nave Lewis Wedding Was an Art Installation Come to Life

July 13, 2024 | justine

Valeria and Erik wanted their wedding to defy tradition. They desired a celebration that was anything but ordinary, and with the help of their vendors, they pulled it off. With a passion for art and architecture, they wanted their big day to reflect that passion. They always imagined their wedding space to look like an art gallery: simple, clean, and elegant. With a historic steel mill turned wedding venue adorned with sculptural arrangements and pared-back decor, their Nave Lewis wedding was an art installation that came to life exactly as they envisioned.

The modernist church provided a stunning backdrop for their ceremony. They adorned the aisle and altar with lush greenery and lavender florals, creating a serene atmosphere. The reception was equally breathtaking, with tables adorned with abundant blooms, greenery, and candles. The highlight of the evening was the backdrop wall adorned with suspended flowers and a glass tube ceiling installation that played with the light, creating a magical dance of illumination throughout the celebration.

If your dream aesthetic leans towards understated sophistication and elevated style, find inspiration in these stunning photos captured by Junebug vendor EFEGE.

The Couple:

Valeria and Erik

The Wedding:

Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Fatima, Nuevo León, Mexico

Celebrating Their Love Through Art and Architecture

Our wedding was inspired by our desire to break away from tradition, blending our love for art, architecture, and intricate details. I envisioned the venue as an art gallery—minimalistic yet elegant—and our choice of a historic steel mill warehouse in our hometown perfectly complemented Erik’s work in the steel industry. We aimed to maintain an industrial vibe by keeping the floor and ceiling visible. For the tables, we couldn’t settle on one design, so we opted for three: an arrangement with anemone flowers, candles, and apples adorned with pearls; an art installation featuring 100 custom ceramic bases and anthurium flowers with pearls for dynamic movement; and a standout light box table engraved with the lyrics of “Arrullo de Estrellas” by Zoe, a cherished song that holds special meaning for us. The venue was adorned with artistic displays of these lyrics, and above us hung a breathtaking installation of 32,000 glass tubes with flowers, casting a mesmerizing glow that completed our vision for an unforgettable celebration.

Heartwarming Moments at Their Nave Lewis Wedding

The most memorable part of the day was sharing every moment with our loved ones. We are both very family-oriented, so the party was an ode to that. After our first dance, we shared a dance with both of our families, but the highlight was sharing it with our nieces and nephews. It was just something that I wanted to experience with them, especially since they are our goddaughters and my favorite people ever.

Achieving Stress-Free Wedding Planning by Staying Organized and Trusting Wedding Planner

My advice would be to get organized and make checklists. Lists were my best friends, as I am very organized and didn’t want to procrastinate and go crazy three weeks before. Also, trust your wedding planner. They are your guide, and with great communication, all you ever dreamed of will be exactly the same. I can’t imagine my wedding without the entire team.

Personal Touches That Elevated the Wedding Experience

I am proud of every detail that tells a story and reflects our personal styles and love for one another. We made thank you cards for every guest to be delivered to their table during dinner. We carefully curated the music with two playlists for the cocktail and dinner to showcase our love for oldies music. Also, not being afraid of breaking the stereotype and doing things differently without caring what people think was very comforting.

Making Every Guest Feel Special with Personalized Tokens

During dinner, we gave thank you cards to everyone. During the party, we gave out neon cowboy hats and glasses, which lit up in different colors. The food never stopped coming, both during the party and after hours. For our guests who were celebrating their birthdays, we put a candle and little wooden balloons on their plates; for our engaged guests, we did the same, but with a wooden ring. For our expecting couples, we put a wooden stork delivering a baby.

The Wedding Team:

Photography + Videography – EFEGE
Event Planning – Gonzalez Helfon
Ceremony Venue – Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Fatima
Reception Venue – Nave Lewis
Catering – Kohlmann
DJ – DJ Gino Rodriguez
Hair Styling – BETO SOLIS
Wedding Dress – Danielle Frankel Bride
Groom’s Apparel – Gallo Azul
Bathroom Products – The Amenities


Congratulations to Valeria and Erik on their Nave Lewis wedding, which was an art installation that came to life. A heartfelt thank you goes out to Junebug vendor EFEGE for beautifully capturing every detail that made their special day unique and unforgettable. For more stunning celebrations, explore their profile in our directory of the world’s best wedding photographers.

A minimalist wedding like this proves that simplicity can be stunning. Its sleek, clean appearance minimizes distractions, allowing the focus to remain on what truly matters—the beautiful union of two people. For more helpful advice on curating a celebration that reflects your style and values, explore our planning and budget guides.

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