This Couple Didn’t Let Rain Stop Them From Enjoying Their Cozy Marshwood Manor Wedding

April 30, 2024 | justine

Kat and Sam had a clear vision for their wedding: they wanted warmth, relaxation, and a vibe that everyone could connect with. Steering away from tradition, they opted for a cozy and informal affair. Choosing a venue tucked away in the countryside, enveloped by ancient woodland, they set the stage for their Marshwood Manor wedding. Overflowing with dreamy flowers, charming decor, and a romantic color palette, their day was nothing short of enchanting. Despite the rain catching them off guard–with the help of wedding planner Katie Avis–their plans fell into place effortlessly.

Underneath a canopy of woodland boughs, the couple exchanged vows surrounded by their nearest and dearest. As raindrops fell gently around them, it felt like a scene from a romantic movie. Following their rainy “I dos,” they moved on to a reception filled with rustic charm. The venue was adorned with lush greenery and elegant pampas installations gracing the charming tablescapes. String lights overhead tied everything together, creating a truly magical atmosphere.

Even with a bit of rain, they didn’t let it dampen their spirits. Thanks to Laura Dean’s expertly captured photos, you can witness how the rain added an extra layer of sweetness to their wedding memories.

The Couple:

Kat and Sam

The Wedding:

Marshwood Manor, Bettiscombe, Bridport, United Kingdom

Exchanging Vows Amidst Woodland Rain

Our ceremony was set in a woodland bower with a stream and logs for seating, so it was very unique and picturesque. We had a violinist who created a lovely atmosphere as guests arrived and throughout the ceremony. However, being a British wedding, even in July, you cannot guarantee a sunny day. Ten minutes before the ceremony started, the rain began to fall, and the whole ceremony was conducted in the rain. This made the moment memorable and even more special, with our first kiss being in the rain, something like out of a movie.

The Importance of Booking Suppliers Early

Start planning as early as possible! Book vendors as early as you can. If they are good, they will likely get booked up very quickly. Create a wedding timeline with key deadlines and to-do lists for when payments are due, etc. Get creative and make it your own day. Do it however you want, and don’t feel obliged to follow a stereotypical wedding.

How They Added Personality to Their Marshwood Manor Wedding With Small Playful Details

We spent so much time planning the wedding and added many little details that we loved. We had temporary tattoos for guests to show their support for us on our big day. All the guests, young and old, got involved, and it was a great conversation starter. My second outfit included personalized gloves embroidered with “Till Death Do Us Part – The Freemans.” We also added elements that were only noticeable for us but made it extra special, such as the band learning a lesser-known song that was special to us and Sam’s speech subtly including quotes from my favorite movie. Even the inflatable props for the dance floor just added to the experience and got everyone involved.

How DIY Touches Made Their Marshwood Manor Wedding Day Extra Special

We created our own wedding newspaper, “The Daily Veil,” and handed it out to all our guests on arrival. It included a timeline of the day, menu, and some fun facts about the bridal party. This was a really unique keepsake for all of our guests. One of the bridesmaids kindly arranged the bridal flowers on the day. We also created our table plan and place cards and provided our own centerpiece vases, which we thrifted and painted.

Making the Most Out of Their Wedding Budget

Our budget was £25,000 – £30,000. We were strict about the number of guests and DIYed some items to save on supplier costs. Guests staying on-site paid a small amount for accommodation. We opted for a dessert buffet rather than a cake, as a wedding cake is costly and wasn’t a big deal for us. We didn’t provide wedding favors to all guests, only the bridal party. Sam wanted to be able to wear his suit again, so he opted for a high-street brand.

Investing in Their Dream Wedding Venue

Our most significant spend was on the venue itself, which was the most important. The bridesmaid dresses were also a signficiant spend, as I wanted a range of colors to be in keeping with the style of the day. It was an exclusive-use venue, which you could utilize from Friday to Sunday, and accommodated half of our wedding party in the cottages on site. We always wanted the wedding to be stretched over an entire weekend. The venue was also perfect for having multiple areas where we could have different parts of the day, so guests had new experiences throughout the day in different parts of the grounds. My previous role in the wedding industry meant I had experienced many weddings in our local area. This venue was a little further away and new to me, but it was close enough that it wasn’t too far for our local family.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Laura Dean
Event Planning + Floral Design – Katie Avis
Venue – Marshwood Manor
Catering – Asado Fire Kitchen
Officiant – Dorset Council
Live Music – The Small Things
Videography – Hedgehog Videos
Invitation Design – SC Design Studios
Makeup Artist – Emma Tatchell
Wedding Dress – Chameleon Bride
Bridal Accessories – The Glove Girl
Bridesmaids’ Apparel – Six Stories + Coast
Groom’s Apparel + Groomsmen’s Apparel – ASOS


Congratulations to Kat and Sam on their unforgettable Marshwood Manor wedding, rain and all! A massive thank you goes out to the incredibly talented Laura Dean for beautifully capturing every magical moment of their special day. 

Even the most meticulously planned weddings may encounter a hiccup or two. Sometimes, Mother Nature decides to join in on the festivities. However, with a positive mindset, a willingness to adapt, a team of reliable experts, and perhaps even a sprinkle of rain on the big day, the experience can transform into something truly enchanting and unforgettable.

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This Couple Brought Las Vegas to Spain in Their El Monasterio del Espino Wedding

April 18, 2024 | justine

Izaskun and Robert had always thought an intimate Las Vegas wedding was the route they would take. However, when Robert proposed, their dreams took a different turn as they began envisioning a grand celebration. They shared their initial plan with their wedding planners, who embraced the idea of bringing a touch of Las Vegas to Spain. True to their word, their El Monasterio del Espino wedding became a vibrant affair, featuring bold colors, glittering decor, neon signs, disco balls, and even tattoos! It was a celebration that perfectly blended their original edgy idea with the grandeur of a big wedding.

This couple definitely knew how to leave a lasting impression, beginning with their outdoor ceremony. They transformed a white vintage convertible into an iconic altar, beautifully adorned with cascading red blooms. The elegance continued into the tented reception, where a unique light strip centerpiece added a touch of sophistication. And the fun didn’t end there! At the barn after-party, they danced the night away, embracing the lively disco atmosphere and keeping the party vibes alive until dawn.

If you dream of blending fun Vegas vibes with whimsical wedding charm, this celebration could be the perfect inspiration you’ve been searching for! If your wedding style leans towards the unconventional and out-of-the-box, you won’t want to miss out on scrolling through to see all the delightful details captured by Junebug vendor People Truelove Tellers.

The Couple:

Izaskun and Robert

The Wedding:

El Monasterio del Espino, Spain 

How Two Friends Crafted a Personal and Meaningful Ceremony 

For our ceremony, we were blessed to have not one but two officiants: Irati and Joy, two of our dearest friends who dedicated themselves to crafting the perfect ceremony. Their efforts paid off as they seamlessly blended funny and heartfelt anecdotes about us, making the ceremony incredibly personal and meaningful. Evidently, their words came straight from the heart, reflecting the depth of our friendship and connection. 

Personalizing the Wedding Experience Through Music, Food, and Fashion

Our wedding day was super special, full of love and happiness at every turn. But what made it stand out was the live music during dinner and the after-party. It was amazing when Third Floor Rock played “Oh Darling” by The Beatles. Everyone was so into it, and it’s a memory our guests still talk about. What we’re proudest of is that we stayed true to ourselves. We did things our way, like wearing clothes from ASOS and having a vegan menu. It was a bit risky since most weddings have different food, but our guests loved it. Our wedding really showed who we are, and we’ll always remember it as a special day.

Finding Their Dream El Monasterio del Espino Wedding Venue Through Instagram

We saw El Granero de San Francisco on an Instagram post and loved it. The thing is that we had the picture, but no references about the name or location. When we started looking for venues, our wedding planners asked about what type of venues we liked. We showed them the picture of El Granero de San Francisco, and they told us they knew the place and shared all the information. A few weeks later, we visited it and fell in love with it.

Navigating Challenges Through Building Trust and Collaborating with Their Vendor Team

Trusting our suppliers and working closely with them as a team was paramount for us. We had two main goals: ensuring our suppliers could also enjoy the wedding and creating a sense of closeness among everyone involved. This approach not only led to a better end result but also made us feel supported throughout the planning process. Despite already living together, being from different parts of Spain meant we needed help finding a suitable location for our wedding. Hiring a wedding planner was a clear choice, as they could assist in organizing everything within our budget. With their guidance, we efficiently allocated our resources, allowing us to indulge in extras like tattoos while still staying within our maximum budget.

Bringing Vegas to Life Through Non-Traditional Choices

We aimed to capture the spirit of Las Vegas in our wedding, not just in the decor but also in our fashion choices. Seeking elegance with a fun touch, we opted for a non-traditional style. Despite the March cold presenting a challenge, everything fell into place perfectly. Three non-negotiables for our special day were live music, a DJ who matched our vibe, and tattoos. Third Floor Rock was an easy pick for the band after hearing them at an event during our engagement. With the help of our wedding planners, we found a DJ and tattoo artist who aligned with our vision, ensuring every aspect of our celebration reflected our personalities and love for a good time.

Keeping Everyone Cozy with Blankets

Given the chilly March weather during our wedding, we wanted to ensure our guests’ comfort. We provided blankets for everyone to combat the cold, ensuring they stayed cozy and warm throughout the celebration. It was a simple yet thoughtful gesture to ensure everyone felt comfortable and could fully enjoy the day despite the temperature.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – People Truelove Tellers
Event Planning – Casamentera’s Event Design
Ceremony + Reception Venue + Catering + Cake – El Monasterio del Espino
Floral Design – LORA Floral Art
DJ – Sonort Audiovisual
Live Music – Third Floor Rock
Videography – Pai Pai Produccions
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Bohemian Brides
Tattoo – No Limits Tattoo
Rings – Aina Barcelona
Rentals – AH Rental


Congratulations to Izaskun and Robert on their Vegas-themed El Monasterio del Espino wedding. And a big thank you to Junebug photographer People Truelove Tellers for beautifully capturing all the unforgettable moments. To see more unconventional celebrations, be sure to check out their profile in our directory of the world’s best photographers.

This couple’s ability to focus on what really mattered instead of following the usual rules made their day genuine and heartfelt. The secret? Choosing a theme they loved right from the start, setting a fun tone for the day. If you’re ready to start planning your own special celebration, take a look at our planning checklist and budget guide for helpful tips and tools.

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27 Best California Wedding Photographers

April 17, 2024 | kailey
California wedding photographers

Image by Vivian Chen. See more of this real wedding here.

Planning a wedding involves many moving parts. You’ll be juggling a million different things, but don’t fret. You’re not expected to do it alone. That’s where your vendors come into play. Ultimately, the vendors you hire will be key to bringing your dream wedding to life–and because it’s such a special day, you want to make sure you’re choosing the right ones. 

This is especially true when finding a photographer. Your wedding photos will serve as an ultra-special keepsake that’ll live long beyond your wedding day. So, when it comes to starting the search, it’s not just about where they’re based or what they charge. Before you sign any contracts, ensure their aesthetic and communication style align with your vision. 

For those tying the knot on the West Coast, we’ve got you covered with our top California wedding photographers in our vendor directory. Whether you’re dreaming of an intimate Northern California elopement or a laid-back desert celebration in Palm Springs, here are our top picks to consider for your big day. 

California Wedding Photographers

1. Apollo Fotografie

Photography style: A mixture of crafted imagery with journalistic embellishments to give the imagery a fine art feeling. 

Good for: Couples who want their wedding photos to be authentic and natural. 

Review: “Apollo Fotografie really captured the essence of our love. Andra and the team from day one made my husband and I feel at ease with the whole process. We had no doubt we made the right choice, as Andra, Liv, and the team were there every step of the way from start to finish. Andra made us feel so comfortable during our getting-ready shoot, and for that, we are so thankful because you can imagine all the nerves!! Not only did they capture the moments throughout our big day, they made the whole process so much fun. Can’t thank Apollo Fotografie enough for capturing our love in photographs that we’ll always cherish. They are one of the best wedding photographers in San Francisco hands down.”



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2. Cassie Lee Photography

Photography style: Photojournalism with keen attention to detail.

Good for: Couples dreaming of a photographer who prioritizes authentic moments and focuses less on getting the perfect curated shot. 

Review: “Cassie is so passionate about her work and made our day extremely special! We felt very comfortable working with her, and she had us all laughing, smiling, and relaxed the day of our wedding. Her close attention to detail leading up to the wedding day made us feel very well taken care of and significant. She communicated with us quickly and regularly and walked us through every step of what our day would look like. We, our families, and friends are overjoyed with the quality of photos she took and edited. Cassie is a true professional, and we cannot recommend her enough to everyone considering her for your wedding day, engagement photos, and all other special occasions!”

3. Sarah Rittenour Photography

Photography style: Fusion of photojournalism and fashion(-ish) photography with a good dose of humor and quirkiness.

Good for: Unconventional couples that don’t want boring wedding images that everyone else has. Those wanting a photographer who spends time getting to know what’s most important to you while capturing real, honest, and unforced wedding images

Review: Sarah was great to work with. We initially met over video call to meet with her, and she got a feel for our wedding style and what we were looking for in terms of which photo ops had the highest priority. On the day of, she and another photographer met at our respective getting ready locations and then continued to document our day with great professionalism and timeliness. We got all the important shots (portraits), and the candids were great as well. Lots of pictures of happy faces. We included our dogs for our ceremony, and we can’t thank Sarah enough for her patience in getting them to look in the direction of the camera. Overall, great work and lovely pics. Thanks, Sarah!”


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A post shared by Sarah Rittenour (@sarah.rittenour)

4. Vivian Chen Photography

Photography style: Clean and classic.

Good for: Couples with a passion for travel and nature.

Review: “Where do I begin? Vivian photographed our September wedding in Sonoma, and every picture is STUNNING! We love the portraits, but her candids are what really took things over the top. All of our guests look like they’re glowing in her photos! She truly captured the joy of the day. I could not stop smiling while scrolling through our gallery. She went above and beyond to include a photo of all of our guests. Vivian is super cool. She made sure everyone was comfortable, and she kept things on time on the wedding day. We were tight one time, but she got my “getting ready” pictures done in minutes. You would never know by looking at them what a short timeframe she had. Vivian already had a strong working relationship with our wedding videographer. That partnership made things run smoothly from a logistical perspective, but more importantly, it showed how respected Vivian is in the industry. We’re so happy we booked her for our big day!! You won’t be disappointed working with Vivian.”

5. Julia Goldberg Photography

Photography style: Crisp, clean, and adventurous. 

Good for: Couples that don’t want typical posed wedding photos.

Review: “We could not be more grateful for Julia! First, she is extremely communicative and punctual. You never realize how important this is until you deal with vendors who aren’t! Second, she has a true knack for lighting, posing, and capturing the scenery around you. She knows what angles best compliment you, and her creative mind allows her to capture the most stunning photos- the ones you see in magazines! She’s adventurous and has no fears, which means she’s ready to go anywhere: the edge of that cliff, in that freezing cold water, over that chasm, into that cave- you name it, she’s up for it! Finally, Julia is genuinely kind. This is very important, as it makes you feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Whether it’s your first experience or you are a pro, she dampers the anxiety and makes it an unforgettable and fun experience. It was a pleasure working with such a talented and friendly soul.”

6. California Wedding Photographers Remi + Tori

Photography style: Vivid, sincere, and timeless storytelling.

Good for: Couples who envision soft, romantic wedding photos. 

Review: “Tori and Remi were a Godsend as soon as we began searching for a wedding photographer. They were able to meet us ahead of time and allowed us to customize a package that was perfect for us. They are down to earth, personable, professional, courteous, skilled, and ultimately happy to perform their magic: photography. They checked in with us to make sure we got everything we needed and even more. On the day of the weddin, they were prompt, efficient, and exceptional in their work. Every angle we wanted, we got. We are eternally grateful for the abilities Tori and Remi have and are glad they captured our special day. I would highly recommend anyone to use Tori and Remi for their services.



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7. Danya Izararraz Photographer

Photography style: Timeless and true-to-color love stories.

Good for: Couples that want their wedding albums to tell the true story of their wedding day

Review: “Danya has the vision for everything. She comes well-prepared and has the timeline down to the minute. She had already photographed our wedding venue prior, so she knew all the spots that would really have us shine. We had an outfit change near the end of the session and she was so encouraging of it; she really got to capture the moment and the fun we had. Within three days, we had already gotten a sneak peek of some of the photos, and they looked amazing. Thank you so much Danya!”

8. AshGabes Photography

Photography style: Laidback editorial with a sprinkle of film.

Good for: Couples that don’t take themselves too seriously.

Review: “If you’re looking for a sign to hire AshGabes… DO IT! Ashley is incredible! Right from the start, we could tell she was the perfect fit for us. She’s warm, hilarious, and fun, going out of her way to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. She initially took our engagement photos, so we got to know her from the early wedding planning stages. She does her homework and really learns about the couple, their friends, and their family so that she can both work efficiently and make everyone feel like they’re working with a friend. Our wedding photos were beautiful, we loved the wedding teaser shots (which we received incredibly quickly), and the full set of wedding photos was magical. There are so many, and they are all perfect!! We could not recommend her more!”

9. Michael Dadula Photography

Photography style: Photojournalistic digital and film.

Good for: Couples who dream of a gallery full of film photos.

Review: “Michael’s photography stands on its own – it’s beautiful, and he clearly has talent and skill. What we most appreciated about having Michael as our elopement photographer was the immediate warmth of his personality on our first call, his true passion and love for the art itself, and his lightheartedness and kindness on our special day. He genuinely wanted to get to know us as a couple, brought ideas on location (and was willing to try a couple of our ideas), and helped us stay true to our personalities. Michael is truly a lovely person, and we couldn’t imagine having anyone else join us on our special day.”

10. Jed Horca

Photography style: Creative and candid storytelling.

Good for: Couples who love moody photos.

Review: “We’re SO glad we picked Jed to do our wedding photography in Big Sur. As a bride who was anxious about things turning out the way I had envisioned, I think I asked him about a million questions leading up to the day of the wedding, but he was always so kind and willing to answer. Not only did Jed nail what I had envisioned, but he EXCEEDED what I hoped for. Our photos came out absolutely stunning!“

11. Will Khoury Photography

Photography style: Timeless photojournalism. 

Good for: Couples planning an adventurous elopement.

Review: “Will was the best choice we could have made for our Yosemite elopement photographer. We knew right from the initial consultation that he was the right choice for us. He is an amazing photographer, professional, and accommodating, and he worked with us to create our dream day at Yosemite. His knowledge of the park helped to pick the perfect spot for our sunrise first look and for our ceremony. Working with him was a dream, and we still can’t stop looking at our pictures. Will is an amazing person and went above and beyond to make our day special. Hands down one of the best decisions we made for our wedding was hiring Will. Would recommend him to everyone.”

12. Teri B Photography

Photography style: Fine art photojournalism.

Good for: Couples that aren’t afraid to be unconventional.

Review: “We reviewed many photographers, and I am so grateful we found and chose Teri! From the first call, she was calm, encouraging, and as excited as we were (even though she works in the wedding industry full-time!). We have all of the lovely posed photos and so much more- photos capturing spontaneous and fleeting moments like the father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, and so many exchanges with our loved ones throughout the day. During my wedding day, I also had a special moment with Teri when I joked about her capturing more of my “good side,” and she immediately squashed the negative self-talk and helped me feel beautiful. It was worth every penny to have such a kind, artistic, and talented person responsible for capturing these once-in-a-lifetime memories.” 


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13. Shannon Rock

Photography style: Romantic editorial, with a side of classic or retro flair.

Good for: Couples that want their photos to be magazine-ready. 

Review: “Shannon and her photo/video team are outstanding. From 4-wheel driving up a mountain to getting the perfect engagement photos to boudoir and intricate details on our wedding day. This woman and her team can do it all! She ran with every one of my ideas, even when they were out there. She is an absolute blessing and an amazing person. I was honored to have her be a part of the day that I dreamed of since I was a child. I will be using her and her team for every milestone in my life. I now consider them friends, and they will have a special place in my heart forever!”



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14. AJPhotography760

Photography style: Photojournalist, cinematic, and editorial 

Good for: Couples that don’t want “perfect pictures” but perfectly imperfect ones that showcase their authentic selves

Review: “We’ve done multiple photoshoots with AJ Photography 760 and can not say enough great things about how amazing she is! Her locations are beautiful, and she makes the entire session feel so comfortable, as if you’re hanging out with a friend! The end result of our photos is always so beautiful and makes the best keepsakes of the different stages of our life! The entire process, from booking, deciding on locations, taking the photos, and receiving them, was a breeze! Can’t wait for her to take my wedding photos next year!”


15. Sydney Angel Photography

Photography style: Warm and vibrant storytelling.

Good for: Couples who aren’t afraid to be a little edgy.

Review: ”Sydney is so fun, down-to-earth, insanely easy to work with and be around, and I have never felt less stress in a photoshoot! We didn’t have to do any thinking at all. She directed us confidently but was also willing to play and totally encouraged us to be our weird selves. We couldn’t stop looking at the photos and had no idea we could love them so much. I would shoot with Sydney a hundred more times and can’t recommend her more highly!”



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16. CYoung Photography

Photography style: Fine art documentary.

Good for: Couples who want the smallest moments captured.

Review: “I think Cassandra’s work speaks for itself- she captures all the gorgeous natural settings of northern California coastline and surrounding areas, and also seems to find a wide range of raw human emotions which present themselves on one’s wedding day- both were things I would like to remember from my wedding day. She is extremely warm yet professional. For my elopement, she really went above and beyond for her sense of adventure. She was with us the entire action-packed day, starting with a walk in the redwoods, a picnic at a winery, and even going out on a kayak with us as we free-dove the kelp and explored some other features of the coast. What a great sport! I doubt many photographers would do that, on top of having great skills. I can’t thank her enough for helping us with our special day and for capturing it all so well. I look back on our photos nearly daily to remember it.” 

17. Fitz Carlile Photography

Photography style: Cinematic and photojournalistic/].

Good for: Couples who embrace the quirky, surprising, and different sides of life.

Review: “Photography is such an important piece of the wedding, being that it’s one of the only physical memories after your special day. Working with Fitz was absolutely wonderful. Fitz was communicative, helpful, and his creative vision was just what we wanted. Fitz suggested ideas out of the wedding norm, and they all gave great photos. From our engagement session to day of wedding, Fitz was awesome to work with. He always made us feel comfortable and provided great feedback on poses/being natural. We could not wait to get our wedding photos, and it was so worth it. The photos are beyond amazing and better than we could have even imagined. We would recommend Fitz to anyone looking for a wedding photographer.”



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18. Carmen Lopez Photography

Photography style: Vibrant editorial.

Good for: Couples who are tired of boring wedding photos.

Review:  “IF ONLY we could have Carmen by our side all day, every day, to hype us up, spread her positive, fun vibes & make us look & feel as good as she did on our wedding day! I’ll put it simply – it really can’t get better than Carmen – and her human touch is what makes her stand out. We left our wedding feeling like we had a new family member in her. AND THE ALBUM! Absolutely blown away. Every adjective I’d use to describe our day – joyous, FUN, emotional, silly, colorful, upbeat, heartfelt – was fully captured in the pictures she took, leaving us with the best artifact we could ever ask for. The gift of pictures from your wedding day is worth every penny, so do yourself a favor and hire our gal, Carmen!”


19. Julie Pepin Photography

Photography style: Creative fine art.

Good for: Couples wanting images that capture all the emotions.

Review: “We absolutely loved Julie. She was such a joy to work with both leading up to and including the wedding. We initially hired her after looking at her portfolio and seeing her unique eye – we were in awe of the photographs she took. On the day of the wedding, she was a lot of fun. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and Julie’s mellow nature suits that. She also was great at finding little improvised spots where the lighting was interesting. Some of our favorite photos were from times when she had us stop to grab a few more pictures. My wife was literally gasping at many of the photos when we got them back. Everyone has said they were some of the most stunning photos they’d seen.”



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20. Chris Ashton Photography

Photography style: Timeless and artistic editorial.

Good for: Those looking for a photographer that brings an elevated luxury to your outdoor wedding.

Review: “I could not have imagined a better photographer for our wedding. Chris truly exceeded our expectations, and her photographs captured the essence of our special day. Her passion and professionalism were unmatched, and she made us and everyone feel so comfortable in front of the camera and it truly showed through our pictures. There is not one photo from our wedding or engagement shoot that I don’t love. I swear, everyone I know who’s getting married, I recommend Chris because I truly don’t think there’s anyone better to capture those big life moments!”


21. Joshua Rose Photography

Photography style: Photojournalism.

Good for: Couples who appreciate beautiful landscape shots as much as portraits.

Review: “Josh was absolutely fabulous to work with for our Big Sur wedding. He was calm, kind, professional, and fun to be around. Our family and friends all enjoyed his presence on the day off and raved about the experience of working with him. On top of being awesome to work with, we received our sample gallery almost immediately, and the pictures are far beyond what we could have imagined. As someone who doesn’t like being photographed, I was blown away at how beautiful our pictures are and can’t stop looking at them. Josh listened to our vision for candid photos and lighting and absolutely nailed it. He made it look easy to photograph our logistically complex wedding and is a true professional. We are so happy we worked with Josh and highly recommend him to anyone wanting a great experience and beautiful wedding photos.”



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22. Kape Photography

Photography style: Timeless editorial.

Good for: Couples that can’t decide between editorial and photojournalist. 

Review: “Karla and her team are truly amazing! She has an eye for photography that is truly unmatched. We are obsessed with our wedding photos! We just received a hard copy of our wedding album in the mail, and it exceeded our expectations. The photo and print quality are just amazing. I’m very happy with Karla’s work and would recommend her and the rest of the awesome Kape team! Thank you for everything!”



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23. Lauren Cate

Photography style: Classic storytelling.

Good for: Couples who love colorful wedding photos.

Review: “I can’t say it enough…if you have the chance to book Lauren for your wedding, DO IT!!! She is worth every penny, and you will NOT regret it. She is a true artist and MAGICIAN. Her photos are pure joy and magic. They are more than just photos; they evoke emotion and capture priceless moments. I knew from the first time that I saw her work that I HAD to have her shoot my wedding. It brings me to tears, again, going through all of my wedding photos.”


24. Gina Clyne Photography

Photography style: Photojournalistic mix of digital and analog.

Good for: Couples who embrace all things creative and outside-the-box.

Review: Gina is, first and foremost, an incredible person. Then, she’s a stellar photographer. It was Gina or bust for us. We knew she was our photographer when we chatted with her to talk through her work and our vision. It was a match made in the sky. Gina listened to us and added her experience and the result was pure magic. When we got our photos, we were blown away by just how many were perfect. We love everything about them. From top to bottom, Gina captured every moment (from the USPS driver shooting congrats to my little nieces to our home and neighborhood, to our goofy faces, our love, our community, etc). The photos are somehow both vibrant and timeless.”



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A post shared by Gina Clyne (@ginaclyne)

25. Matthew David Studio

Photography style: Natural cinematic.

Good for: Couples who appreciate all things old-school.

Review: “I can’t recommend Matthew David Studio enough! Christina did the most beautiful job capturing our wedding. Christina made us feel at ease throughout the whole process, and you can tell how much care and heart she puts into her craft. The photos turned out so STUNNING! Countless friends and family all shared the photos looked like something out of Vogue magazine and were a perfect blend of artistic, classic, editorial, and “glowy.” You won’t regret booking Matthew David for your special day!”


26. Clouds Inside

Photography style: Dramatic editorial.

Good for: Couples who are nervous about being in front of a camera.

Review:  “Nayza is amazing! Our wedding photos came out absolutely beautiful, and we are so glad we found her! This was our first time doing a professional photoshoot, and it was a bit nerve-wracking to have so many people staring at us, but we really appreciated that Nayza took the time to get to know us, guide us, and understand our comfort levels. She was so patient the whole time! Her photography style & the way she captures you and tells your story through her photos are incredible! We can’t stop staring at them! Thank you so much, Nayza! You are truly the best!”


27. Catalina Jean Photography

Photography style: High-fashion editorial.

Good for: The couples who aren’t afraid to break the rules.

Review: “We loved working with Catalina from the very beginning. She’s totally spunky (in a great way), brings lots of energy, is super punctual, and has a super keen eye for making us look amazing.  Aside from the photo shoot sessions throughout our wedding (which make awesome photos, too), she’s mostly like a fly on the wall or in a room, so a lot of pictures feel candid, which was exactly what we were looking for. She was able to really capture emotions, highlighting all the feelings from our wedding. Plus, she was VERY dedicated to snapping the most amazing sunset photos, which were SO worth it, especially given the perfect weather and venue we were at. Thank you thank you for being a part of our wedding and documenting the most amazing time we get to cherish forever.”


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California wedding photographers

Image by Teri B. See more of this real wedding here.

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