Dreamy Outdoor Stanley, Idaho Wedding

June 14, 2021 | kailey

This dreamy, family-focused wedding filled the wide-open Stanley, Idaho spaces with love, miracles, and tears. After many obstacles were thrown their way, Katie and Wes transformed their large celebration into a day that prioritized their love, cherished loved ones, and Stanley. 

After exchanging “I do’s” surrounded by jaw-dropping mountain views, wedding planner Emily Aitken Events assisted in bringing this backyard reception to life. The spring-inspired floral arrangements by Historia Florals—along with the draped twinkle lights—beautifully brightened the rustic cabin backdrop. 

These sweet memories captured by Junebug member Autumn Lynne Photography will have you reaching for tissues—but don’t stop here. Keep scrolling to soak up the moments that made this a truly unforgettable celebration that proves sometimes less is more

More From Autumn Lynne Photography On This Stanley Idaho Wedding

I loved this elopement because of the human connection, the struggle behind making it happen, and the beautiful location. Katie and Wes went through a rollercoaster of emotions and decisions while planning their wedding day. After setting a date and booking a venue they found out that a family member had cancer. They decided to postpone, trading their traditional wedding plans for an elopement in Stanley, Idaho.

Eight months prior to their wedding Katie had an accident that left her facing multiple surgeries and the possibility of not being able to walk on their wedding day. After months of recovery and physical therapy, Katie beat the odds. She would be able to walk on their wedding day! Knowing the struggle and hardships these two faced during their wedding planning journey made being a part of their elopement day really special for me.

The Couple:

Katie and Wes

The Wedding:

Stanley, Idaho

A Nostalgic Elopement Location 

Stanley, Idaho and the Sawtooths Mountains are particularly special to me because that’s where Wes told me he wanted to have a family with me someday. I’ve imagined that this will be a place we take our kids and families for years to come. It’s also probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Our wedding planning was overshadowed by a lot of not-so-exciting things. Despite all of this, I’ve felt so happy thinking about what lies ahead for Wes and me. Our wedding is a symbolic start to something bigger.

Surrounded By Loved Ones In The Place They Love Most

All of our immediate family was able to make it. It meant the world to us that we could have our parents, our sisters, brothers, and some of their kids with us on our wedding day. We’re also very proud that our ceremony was officiated by Wes’s close friend, Nathan, who nailed it. We couldn’t have asked for a better officiant in a more perfect place. We were surrounded by love in a place we love. Finally, we had a badass playlist that we made ourselves, with songs that we compiled while we worked on puzzles during quarantine. 

Little Moments That Made Up An Unforgettable Celebration

The entire weekend felt like a dream. I got to spend time with my family who live across the country. I was also able to walk—after being off my feet for two and a half months following a nasty accident and surgery—down the aisle with my dad and dance with my groom. My wedding taught me that it really is the simple things that make life beautiful. 

Working With Photographer Autumn Lynne 

Our photographer Autumn was amazing. Not only does she have a talent for catching important moments, but she does an amazing job capturing the natural beauty in a place like Stanley. We knew the second we saw her images that we wanted to work with her. We were even more delighted when we started to get to know her as a person because she is so lovely. She made us feel at ease, didn’t force us into strange positions or unnatural shots. She let us be us and we wouldn’t have wanted to have anyone else with us during such intimate moments. 


The Wedding Team:

Photography – Autumn Lynne Photography
Event Planning – Emily Aitken Events
Floral Design – Historia Florals
Catering + Cake – Stanley Supper Club
Invitation Design – Jess 
Makeup Artist – Frances Ferris 
Wedding Dress – Alyssa Kristin
Rentals – Idaho Wildflower Events
Favors – United By Blue


Congratulations Katie and Wes on their dreamy Stanley, Idaho celebration. Big thanks to Junebug member Autumn Lynne Photography for capturing these special moments that radiate nothing but love and happiness. To see more of her work check out her profile in our vendor directory.

No obstacle during the wedding planning process was getting in the way of this couple’s love. If you’re feeling inspired to trim your guest list and opt for a more intimate affair without sacrificing personalized touches, check out this guide for planning a unique wedding fit for any wedding size

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Everything You Should Know About Your Wedding Cake

June 13, 2021 | kailey

Wedding cake image by Jennifer Blalock.

There are many layers to the wedding cake planning process—pun intended. With dessert being one of the sweetest portions of any reception, there’s a bit of preparation involved. From curating the perfect budget to finding your dream wedding cake vendor, and even selecting magical flavor combinations—odds are you’re left with many unanswered questions. 

If you find yourself asking questions like “how much should I spend on a cake?” or “how do I set up a cake tasting?” you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about wedding cakes in one place to minimize your wedding planning stress. We’ll help handle logistics so you have more time to focus on the fun—and yummy—wedding planning details. First, let’s talk about wedding cake budget

Wedding Cake Budget 

Start by formulating a wedding budget that is comfortable for you and your partner. It’s important to create an overall wedding day budget, but also discuss how your budget will be dispersed between each wedding day element. Your budget will cover things like cake, catering, decor, venue, and your wedding dream team

Prior to your tasting appointment, it’s crucial to have a finalized guest count. Since most cakes are priced out by the slice, the price of your cake will be largely determined by the size of your guest list. On average, most couples spend anywhere from $300-700 on their wedding cake. Keep in mind, this is an estimated number based on the size and style of your dream wedding cake. 

Junebug Pro Tip

Having your wedding budget details sorted before meeting with potential vendors will allow for you to better stick to your target price points. 

the edges neon lighting with dessert table

Image by Mackensey Alexander. See more of this real wedding here.

Finding The Perfect Cake Vendor 

Talented wedding vendors—bakers and cake decorators included—book up quickly. When your budget, guest list, and wedding date are confirmed it’s time to start reaching out to wedding cake bakeries in your area. We recommend starting this process eight months to a year in advance. When you find a bakery that matches your desired style and price range, reach out to learn more about how they charge and their availability. Often they’ll set up a free initial consultation with you to chat through what you’re interested in.

We recommend scheduling consultations with multiple bakeries in your surrounding areas. This will allow you to compare pricing, styles, and delivery options. 

Questions To Ask During Your Wedding Cake Consultation 

  • Is there availability open for our wedding date? 
  • How do you price your cakes? 
  • Do you require a deposit? If so, how much?
  • What is your refund policy, if we have to cancel or change the date? 
  • Are there delivery fees? 
  • What flavor, filling, and icing options are available? 
  • Do you provide the cake stand and necessary utensils for cutting the cake?
  • What kind of cake toppers do you have or will I need to find my own?
  • When is the final payment due? 
  • If we want to save the top tier for our one-year anniversary, will you help us with freezing it?  


Wedding Cake Tasting 

After confirming pricing and availability, it’s time to get to the good and filling portion—cake tasting. We recommend booking your cake tasting appointment about six months prior to your wedding day. This allows you to focus on larger details—like your theme, desired color palette, and decor—that will influence the cake’s overall design. 

Come into your cake tasting appointment with an idea of what you want and don’t want, but also be open to suggestions. Communicate the flavors you’d be interested in tasting prior to your appointment to give the bakery time to prepare. Top-notch wedding cake bakeries will be able to guide your cake tasting appointment based on decisions you’ve already made. . They’ll be able to make size, flavor, and design suggestions based on your wedding theme and guest count. 

Keep in mind, it’s your wedding and you can have as many or as few flavors as you’d like. When you’re selecting flavors, pick your favorites. Don’t focus on crowd favorites or be afraid to step outside the box. 

Wedding Cake Design And Toppers 

There’s no better place for wedding cake inspiration than Pinterest. Creating a board full of cake inspiration will allow for you and your significant other to narrow down your choices—from cake size to style—and combine your ideas in one place. It also gives your cake decorator a sense of what you like and a great starting point to make a personalized cake design. 


Who says the base of your cake has to be a circle? Get creative with your cake tiers by playing with different shapes and sizes. From squares to hexagons, we’ve seen it all. Shapes and various tiers are a great way to set your cake apart. 

abstract cake display

Image by Brianna Lane Photography. See more of this styled shoot here.


From color to dressing your wedding cake, there are endless design options. We recommend using your Pinterest wedding cake inspiration to get a good idea of what you do and don’t want—making it easier to communicate to your decorator. Most couples use their wedding theme and color palette as an influence.


This is your chance to think out of the box and add a personal touch to your cake design. Whether you’re looking for something simple like words or phrases or a show-stopping geode topper, you’ll want to check out our favorite wedding cake toppers.  

colorful wedding cake display

Image by Marrymi. See more of this real wedding here.

How To Cut Your Wedding Cake 

Something that seems straightforward—like cutting a wedding cake—can actually be somewhat difficult. The bakery or catering team should provide you with the necessary cake cutting tools so that can focus on cutting and eating the cake. The first cut made by you and your partner—a fun photo op—is made at the base of the cake. Cutting the base is especially important if you’re planning on saving the top tier to eat on your one-year wedding anniversary. 

Most couples use dessert as a way to bring their reception to a close—but who says you can’t use dessert as a way to kick off your reception? Junebug vendor Vanessa & Ivo has good advice for couples determining the best place to add “cut cake” in their reception timeline

They suggest cutting the cake right after the ceremony. “You and your guests will enjoy some fresh cake with a glass of bubbly champagne. This way everybody will enjoy the cake and you won’t have any cake left!” 

lesbian couple cutting wedding cake

Image by Lilly Red Photography. See more of this real wedding here.

Saving The Top Tier Tradition 

If you’re sticking to tradition, you won’t want to miss this one. It’s a tradition to save the top tier of your wedding cake until your one-year anniversary. If you’ve decided to participate in this tradition, be mindful of how you need to preserve it. Talk with your baker and wedding coordinator ahead of time so they can assist with the best way to package and preserve your cake. Because you don’t want to just shove it in the freezer for a year. Trust us.

The Best Wedding Cake Alternatives 

Not every couple’s dream wedding involves cake and that’s okay. Whether you’re trying to cut costs or just not a fan of cake, not all is lost. There are endless dessert alternatives that will still satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing fun design elements. 

Our Favorite Wedding Cake Alternatives 

  • Dessert table: Dessert tables are a spread of all your favorite desserts. From pastries to pies, macaroons, and even cupcakes. Creating a dessert table provides you and your guests with unlimited grab-and-go options. This is a sweet option for couples wanting a laid-back wedding reception vibe. 
  • Food Truck: Food trucks have become an increasingly popular reception option for both dinner and dessert. It’s an easy and affordable way to bring in delicious food options without the set-up and tear-down. Fun food truck dessert options can include everything from ice cream to snow cones to crepes. 
  • Donut wall: If you’ve been scrolling Pinterest in search of fun wedding cake alternatives, odds are you’ve seen the infamous donut wall. This is a fun way to add a personalized DIY flair to your reception by customizing a whole wall or by creating a custom wedding day donut flavor. 
  • Smores Bar: Winter and Fall weddings, this one’s for you. A smores bar instantly turns dessert into an interactive experience. Couples who value experiences over everything will love this marshmallow-filled sweet treat option. 

There are many elements included in a wedding reception—like dessert and dancing—and without a carefully crafted planning timeline, it can quickly become overwhelming. To kick off your marriage on a high note and to save yourself from stress, check out the ultimate wedding reception timeline.

wedding cake information graphic

Image by Loop Studios.

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Unique Iridescent Color Palette Wedding

June 11, 2021 | kailey

Relinquishing all wedding day decisions and handing wedding planning duties off to a talented team of vendors can be difficult for some couples. For wedding giveaway winners Mariela and Gilberto, the risk paid off. Every detail—from the personalized ceremony script to the hand-crafted menu—of this iridescent color palette wedding was carefully crafted to authentically celebrate this nontraditional couple. 

This emotional and intimate affair was full of tears, good food, and a view that will have couples dreaming of their own destination elopements. Though the El Pretexto venue spoke for itself, wedding planner Ana Maria Hernandez enhanced the space with tropical floral arrangements by STEM Events and a geometrical, iridescent ceremony backdrop—hand-crafted by Liliweds

We can’t take our eyes off these precious moments captured by photographer Phosphilic. Grab your tissues and get ready to step outside the traditional wedding planning box while scrolling through these images.

Planner Ana Maria Hernandez On This Iridescent Color Palette Wedding

It all started with wanting to show a different style of wedding in Puerto Rico. A giveaway was created in hopes of creating a unique wedding for a real couple. The winning couple—Mariela Colón and Gilberto Rosario—had to fully trust the talented wedding vendors behind this magnificent event. This event was unique, creative, and created for the couple. It was also a look into the future of weddings after COVID—smaller, intimate, shorter, focused on experiences rather than traditions.

The Couple:

Mariela and Gilberto

The Wedding:

Cayey, Puerto Rico

Personalized Ceremony Surrounded By Loved Ones 

The wedding ceremony was very emotional and special. We weren’t sure if some of our family members were going to be able to attend for health reasons, but they made it. Our ceremony was written for us by Ana Maria and she included part of our story. It was magical. 

Every Detail A Work Of Art, Literally 

It all felt like a dream, everything was so well thought out. Every detail blended so well with the next: the dress, the groom’s suit, the cake, the ceremony backdrop, even the menus were literally a work of art. 

Working With Phosphilic

Our photographers, Rey and Natasha from Phosphilic were amazing! They made us feel so comfortable and they really outdid themselves capturing every detail and every moment of our wedding.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Phosphilic
Event Planning + Officiant – Ana Maria Hernandez
Ceremony + Reception Venue – El Pretexto
Floral Design – STEM Events
Catering – Barbara Ruiz
Cake – Flor de Harina
Live Music – Duo Trece Lunas 
Invitation Design – LiliWeds 
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Cheryl Díaz
Wedding Dress – Gustavo Arango
Favors – Equal Love


From the tropical decor to the colorful fashion, no aspect of this iridescent color palette wedding was traditional. It celebrated the couples uniqueness and proved that sometimes less is more. If you’re feeling inspired to ditch tradition or looking for fun, creative ways to set your wedding apart—like rocking a non-white wedding dress—check out this guide for planning a unique wedding.

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