This Couple of 10 Years Celebrated Their Marriage with a Rustic Ethereal Latvia Wedding at Mazmezotne Manor

August 15, 2019 | juliette

After 10 years together, Ieva and Janis knew they wanted their wedding at Mazmezotne Manor to be about more than just them — they wanted it to be about all the people who have loved them along the way, as well! So, they brought in the very best team, led by the planner from Bannté to create over-the-top romance for their special day. The floral designs created by Love Letters were beyond our wildest dreams, and the combination of rustic and ethereal vintage vibes in the rest of the decor truly took our breath away. We’re talking balloon installations, giant chandeliers, candles galore, and more blooms than a quaint country garden! Miks Sels Photography did a brilliant job capturing it all, from first look to last dance and every moment in between!

The Couple:

Ieva and Janis

The Wedding:

Mazmezotne Manor, Latvia

The first look and reading our wows to each other was the most memorable part of the day. We did it a couple of hours before the wedding ceremony because I knew I would get too emotional in front of the guests. A wise person later told us that sometimes if we say things quietly to each other we say what we truly mean rather than saying them out loud in front of everyone. It was very special to share this moment with each other and just let us be ourselves in this very intimate moment.

We really wanted to make this day special for us and for everyone else too. Everything and everyone involved had a story behind. We loved to share everything we enjoy together as a couple – our favorite drinks, food, and music. We even managed to bring out a DJ who usually doesn’t play in weddings but we just wanted him so bad because we grew up dancing to his music at this one club when we were much younger. That night ended up being the best party we had ever been to.

Our best advice is to make your wedding day as personal as you can. Make your own rules because this day literally belongs to you! If possible, make all the reservations early but don’t be sad if something doesn’t go the way you wanted — it is most likely going to end up even better than you expected. Have fun. Think love.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Miks Sels Photography
Event Planning – Bannté
Venue – Mazmezotne Manor
Floral Design – Love Letters
Catering – MESTY Gourmet
Cake – Anna Panna
Officiant – Martandi
Live Music – Ivo Grisnins – Grislis
Videography – Long Story Short
Stationery – Love Letters
Hair and Makeup Artist – Linda Liepina
Wedding Dress – Pronovias
Bridal Accessories – With Lace
Groom’s Apparel – Ermenegildo Zegna
Rings – Arvis Kotins
Rentals – Ko Nomat
Calligraphy – Papirs un Tinte
Posters – Pujene Wedding
Evening Host – Arvis Zēmanis
Balloons – Helium


Congratulations to Ieva and Janis, and a special thanks to Junebug member Miks Sels Photography for sharing this beautiful wedding at Mazmezotne Manor! Want to see even more wedding floral magic? This 5 Eleven Palafox wedding inspo takes modern romance into 2019 with woven details and unbelievable floral design!

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Essential Wedding Planning Advice from the Junebug Weddings Team

August 14, 2019 | juliette

photo by Karra Leigh Photography

What could be better than advice from one wedding planning expert? How about advice from an entire team of wedding planning gurus?! From the swoon-worthy moments we can’t stop talking about to those moments that make us scratch our heads in confusion, we here at Junebug have seen it ALL! And we’ve finally rounded up all of our tips and tricks to share with all of you in today’s very special blog post. We’re talking budget, guest list, vows, engagement season, and everything in between! So get your notebooks and pens ready…these tips from the Junebug Weddings team is everything you need to read today.

Psst…We also made handy advice cards for each section that you can pin for easy reference!

photo by Sarah Murray Photography

Wedding Budget

Advice from Carrie — General Manager & Editor-in-Chief:

“Prioritize the budget talk early on in the wedding planning process — in fact, I think this is the first thing you and your partner should do after you’ve finished celebrating the engagement. I know budgeting isn’t the sexiest part of wedding planning, but it’s a conversation that needs to happen early on before any big decisions are made. I think some of the best advice that I was given while planning my wedding was to build our budget around 3-5 things that were super important to us as a couple. We decided that photography, food, and music were categories that we needed to budget a bit more, while invitations, flowers, and the venue weren’t as important to us. If you need help with your wedding budget, check out our budget tool spreadsheet!”

We want you and your partner to feel confident about your wedding budget talk! So don’t forget to check out these budget resources:

How to Create the Best Wedding Budget for You and Your Partner

9 Tips for Decorating Your Wedding Reception on a Budget

Unexpected Wedding Expenses to Keep in Mind When Creating Your Budget

photo by Megan Yanz

Wedding Vows

Advice from Nicole — Executive Editor:

Write your own vows! More than any other part of your day, this is your chance to speak to your person and to the universe exactly what commitment you’re making in marriage. Sharing personal vows can also be an extremely special way to celebrate with your community who’ve shown up to support your love and the next chapter together. Worried your vows are too private to share publicly? Exchange vows during your first look when it’s just the two of you. Remember, what matters most isn’t that you’re a good writer or speaker, it’s that you are making meaningful promises for your life together. Be heartfelt, be funny, be true, and most importantly, be you! Not sure where to start? Check out these tips for writing your own vows!”

When you’re ready to write down your beautiful words, you can shop the prettiest wedding vow books here!

photo by Karra Leigh Photography

Making Time for Each Other

Advice from Juliette — Editorial Assistant:

“Your wedding day will go by faster than you can even imagine, which is why it’s so important to make time to stop and take it all in. Build private moments into your wedding day timeline so you know, without a doubt, that you’ll have time to soak it all in! Get ready together. Have a private first look. Steal away for a post-ceremony toast. Opt for a sweetheart table rather than a head table with your entire wedding party. Whatever you choose, the most important thing is that you and your partner get a few quiet moments together on the wedding day to breathe, laugh, and simply be crazy in love.”

Love the idea of a first look but not sure it’s right for you? Keep tradition with one of these sweet first look alternatives!

photo by Rebecca Carpenter Photography


Advice from Colleen — Editorial Assistant:

If a big traditional wedding isn’t for you, don’t feel pressured into having one! Intimate, destination ceremonies and elopements are a great way to focus on what’s most important: you and your partner. Follow your heart and keep what you and your partner want at the forefront. And if you want to have your cake and eat it too, throw a reception after you elope to celebrate with your people. It’s a win-win!”

Need more convincing? Here are 4 reasons you should consider eloping!

Ready to start planning your elopement? Our Ultimate Elopement Planning Checklist will help you with every step!

photo by Gloria Goode Photography

Wedding Timeline

Advice from Marissa — Member Relations Manager:

Don’t be afraid to stray from the traditional timeline of a wedding day. I love the idea of having a cocktail hour and some dancing before the actual ceremony! That way everyone can be loosey-goosey and the “I dos” feel more like a celebration than something formal.” 

Love the idea of a pre-ceremony cocktail hour but need help creating a fabulous playlist? We’ve got the perfect cocktail hour playlists for any mood!

photo by AXIOO Bali

Wedding Decor & Style

Advice from Jessica — Account Executive:

Find ways to incorporate your favorite hobbies into the decor of your wedding. Love to get dressed up together but also chow down on Texas barbecue? You do you! What matters most is that your day reflects and celebrates your unique relationship.”

Looking for the perfect decor to make your wedding day feel like “you”? We’ve got you covered with these shoppable posts:

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5 Ideas to Complete Your Adventure-Themed Wedding

Wedding Dessert Table Ideas to Sweeten Your Reception Decor

photo by Anais Possamai Photography

Embracing Your Engagement Season

Advice from Lexi — Marketing Manager:

Through all of the planning, checklist making, and number crunching, remember that you deserve to HAVE FUN with your engagement! So don’t let planning overtake every aspect of your life. Hire vendors you trust and then set aside some quality time with your partner (that doesn’t involve wedding planning!) to focus on you two! Drink all the champagne and soak up those giddy “we’re gonna be married soon!” feels. :) That’s what you’ll want to remember about being engaged.”

Here are even more ways to make the most of your wedding planning season!

photo by Seth & Co Photography

Wedding Dress Shopping

Advice from Kamilah — Marketing Assistant:

When it comes to wedding dress shopping, don’t go alone! It can be hard to tell which styles or fits you truly like without an outside opinion. Take friends that will give you their honest opinions so you can be sure you’ll look you’re very best once your big day arrives!”

Ready to find your dream wedding dress? Grab your girls and take a peek at these beauties:

The Best Etsy Bohemian Wedding Dresses

70 Stunning Plus Size Wedding Dresses for 2018-2019 Brides

You’ll Be Surprised How Much You Love These Wedding Dresses Under $200

Whew, you made it! And now you’re ready to put together your vendor team! Browse our curated list of the best wedding professionals around the world to find the team that can you bring your wedding dreams to life!

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We’re Bringing You Mountains, Ocean, and So Much Romance in This Lanikuhonua Cultural Institute Wedding

August 14, 2019 | juliette

Get ready for all the modern romantic vibes in Molly and Alex’s wedding at Lanikuhonua Cultural Institute! The couple and their uber-talented planner from Moana Events brought elegance to the island in a palette of blush, emerald, and gold. Rather than traditional tropical blooms we’ve come to expect from Hawaiian weddings, roses were the star in the arrangements created by Passion Roots, which added to the wildly romantic feeling. From the first look to the fire dancer at the reception to post-wedding portraits by the sea, Roy Nuesca Photography could not have done a more brilliant job capturing every moment of this incredible wedding weekend!

The Couple:

Molly and Alex

The Wedding:

Lanikuhonua Cultural Institute, Honolulu, Hawaii

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Roy Nuesca Photography
Event Planning – Moana Events
Venue – Lanikuhonua Cultural Institute
Floral Design – Passion Roots
Catering – Chef Chai
Cake – A Cake Life
Rolled Ice Cream – Sweet Creams
Officiant – Duke Aiona
Ceremony Music – Oahu Strings
Live Music – Island Kings Band
Videography – Monroe Films
Stationery – Julie Song Ink
Hair and Makeup Artist – Leslie Fair
Wedding Dress – Galia Lahav
Bridesmaids’ Apparel – The Dessy Group
Groom’s Apparel – Saks Fifth Avenue
Groomsmen’s Apparel – Neiman Marcus
Rings – Cartier
Rentals – Accel Event RentalsSteve Boyle Design, The Wedding Linen Company, and Set Maui
Sound – Twilight Audio
Entertainment – Tihati Productions
Photo Booth – Photo Ops Hawaii
Favors – Sugarfina


Congratulations to Molly and Alex, and a special thanks to Moana Events for sharing this lovely wedding at Lanikuhonua Cultural Institute! Want to see more Hawaiian wedding magic? This retro Hawaiian wedding at Kualoa Ranch was full of aloha spirit!

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