Modern Cape Hotel Wedding Inspired by the Caribbean & the Couple’s Love For Wine

September 19, 2023 | justine

Planning a wedding can be a journey filled with unexpected twists and turns, as Stephanie and Alexander discovered in their quest for the perfect celebration. Their plans took an unexpected detour when Alex’s suit colors clashed with their original vision. But this sudden change ultimately led them to their modern Cape Hotel wedding. Inspired by their Caribbean roots and love for wine, their choice reflected their refined tastes and paid homage to their shared experiences and passions. And it turned out to be an amazing decision!

With its unparalleled views of the sea and the surrounding tropical landscape, the luxury resort became the ideal venue for their special day. With asymmetrical floral pillars framing the ocean backdrop, the terrace was ready for a romantic waterfront ceremony. The following reception seamlessly combined modern architecture, minimalist decor, and natural elements. To achieve a vineyard-like vibe, they completed the look with an installation of greenery and candles in glass baubles hanging above a tablescape covered with gauzy linen, white blooms, and more candles.

And to top it all off, the couple filled their day with personal touches—from handwritten thank-you notes for each guest to heartfelt tributes for absent loved ones. They made sure every detail had meaning and purpose, and you can see all these special moments in the stunning photos taken by Junebug member Daniela Ortiz

The Couple:

Stephanie and Alexander

The Wedding:

Cape Hotel, Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico

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How They Landed On A Modern Cape Hotel Wedding

We’ve been together for eight years, so our tastes are similar. We both love a clean, modern style. When we picked our wedding colors, we went for classic seasonal greens, whites, and a touch of gold. Since we both lived in Europe and enjoyed wine, we wanted our reception to feel like a vineyard, honoring the beautiful venue. It was just the right size and matched our vision perfectly. We’re both from the Caribbean and wanted to include our heritage in our wedding. We had Caribbean-inspired drinks and played mostly Caribbean music. We aimed to give our guests an unforgettable experience rather than just a typical event.

How They Found Their Dream Wedding Location

We decided to hire a wedding planner who took us to visit three potential venues. All of them were beautiful, but the third and final one truly took our breath away. When we approached the entrance of the Cape Hotel, we exchanged glances and instantly felt that this was where we wanted to exchange our vows. The stunning views, delightful fragrances, warm hospitality, and outstanding cuisine won us over completely. Our priority was staying true to ourselves amidst the overwhelming array of options on social media. The key was choosing a venue that authentically represented who we were.

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Making Their Cape Hotel Wedding Ceremony Special and Unique With Personal Touches

Our most cherished wedding moment was when we exchanged our vows. Being naturally private and reserved, we read our vows to each other privately before the ceremony, accompanied by our pastor. This allowed us to truly absorb each other’s words without the pressure of an audience. During the ceremony, we shared traditional vows with our guests. We also added personal touches to our wedding, crafting custom programs that told our love story and other details about us. To honor our Caribbean heritage, we conducted a sand ceremony, symbolizing our eternal union by blending two vases of sand. Our sister-in-law read 1 Corinthians 13:4–8a, one of our favorite Bible verses, and our pastor, a close family friend, played a unique role in the ceremony.

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Navigating the Challenges of Planning a Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding was challenging, especially when choosing the right venue in Mexico. We knew we wanted to marry there but struggled to pick a city. We considered Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Tulum, and Cabo San Lucas, and after visiting them all, we decided Cabo was the perfect fit for the atmosphere we wanted. It was a proud moment because we come from a small Caribbean island, the Cayman Islands, where many people choose to get married. We wanted something unique and had always admired Mexico. We overcame language barriers with the help of our amazing wedding planners. They made everything turn out as we’d imagined, sometimes even better. We were grateful to our guests for making the not-so-easy trip to Mexico, and seeing our friends and family come together to celebrate our special day brought us immense joy.

Incorporating Special Tributes and Creative Keepsakes Throughout Their Cape Hotel Wedding

Our wedding date is a special combination of our parents’ anniversary dates, a tribute to the strong marriages that inspire us. We thanked each guest with handwritten thank-you notes during the reception, making them feel loved and appreciated. These notes differed from the usual post-wedding thank-yous and lifted everyone’s spirits. We included unique decorations like candles with their names and a photo of Steph’s mom on her bouquet to honor absent family members. We also created a photo book showcasing the day we got engaged for our guests to enjoy. To capture heartfelt messages, we had an audio guest book for guests to leave phone messages. Despite the challenges of traveling with luggage, we added personal touches like designing wedding programs and bar signs for the cocktail hour and reception.

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Embracing The Roller Coaster of Wedding Planning

Wedding planning comes with its ups and downs. You can plan everything perfectly, but something may still go wrong. Alex and I agreed that what truly mattered was getting married and having a great day, which we did. It’s easy to get caught up in the details and others’ opinions, especially with Pinterest around, but honestly, none of that truly matters in the end. Don’t let the downs overshadow this once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s okay to feel all the emotions, but remember to have fun, too. On the day, everyone told us it would go by in a blur, and we wouldn’t remember much. So, we made sure to have special moments just for us, like reading our private vows and taking a few minutes together before entering our reception, to make the day even more meaningful and unforgettable.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Daniela Ortiz
Event Planning – Look At Me Brides
Venue – Cape Hotel
Floral Design – Floral Dreams by Vero Romo
Officiant – Tanya Stewart
DJ – Bobby Gordon
Videography – Hart Cinema
Invitation Design – Here and There Weddings
Makeup Artist – Thalia Robinson
Hair Styling – Hair By Estylez
Wedding Dress – Eva Lendel
Bridal Accessories – Dior + Jimmy Choo
Groom’s Apparel – Knot Standard
Groom’s Shoes – Gucci


Congratulations to Stephanie and Alexander on their modern Cape Hotel wedding, with nods to their favorite people and things. A special thank you to Junebug member Daniela Ortiz for capturing all the special moments that made their celebration one for the books. To see more of her exceptional work, check out her profile in our directory of the world’s best wedding photographers.

Take inspiration from this couple’s story. If your wedding isn’t exactly how you imagined it, don’t hesitate to make adjustments. It’s perfectly fine to pivot and find a new path that aligns better with your vision. Plan a day that authentically celebrates your unique love using our guide as a starting point.

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25+ Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas

September 18, 2023 | kailey

Image by Apollo Fotografie. See more of this real wedding here.

Engagement rings are certainly beautiful, but their longevity is dependent on various factors, like setting and gemstone choices. Your love, on the other hand, is enduring and everlasting. And if you’re searching for a unique way to commemorate that forever love in a way that’ll last long beyond a physical ring, wedding ring tattoos are calling your name. Not only are they incredibly cool, but they’ll also alleviate any stress of misplacing your rings and save you from having to purchase engagement ring insurance

We’re sold, and if you are too, here are some of our favorite wedding ring tattoo ideas that’ll forge a connection that goes beyond physical jewelry.

Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas


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You’ve decided to get wedding ring tattoos, but you’re still left wondering, “When exactly do you get the tattoos?” The choice is up to you. You can get them done after the wedding, or for a memorable touch, consider having them done during the wedding itself.

If you’re eloping, it’s as easy as scheduling an appointment at the local tattoo parlor. If you’re having a more traditional wedding, arrange to have a tattoo artist present during the reception. This way, you and your guests will have the opportunity to get a temporary or permanent tattoo. For more unique ways to add personality and edginess to your special day, check out our guide to the best wedding entertainment ideas to consider.

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Is Hiring a Wedding Content Creator for Your Big Day Worth It?

September 16, 2023 | justine

Keep reading to know more about the role of a wedding content creator. Image by Derek Wong Photography.

When you imagine your dream wedding, you probably picture the perfect venue, stunning flowers, and a skilled photographer and videographer to capture every moment. However, in today’s world of social media dominance, there’s a new addition many are adding to their team: a wedding content creator.

You don’t have to be an influencer to want to share your wedding moments on Instagram stories or join in on TikTok trends with your bridesmaids. But in the whirlwind of your special day, you’re always going to have your phone ready to capture these spontaneous moments. That’s where these pros step in.

If you’re a couple looking to enjoy every moment of your special day while sharing your happiness with the world on TikTok and Instagram, this new service might be exactly what you need. Keep reading to find out all about what a content creator does, how much it costs, and important tips to keep in mind when you’re choosing a creator for your own wedding.

Image by Nomad by NK

What is a Wedding Content Creator?

Think of wedding content creators as your personal documentarians of the big day. Their primary mission is to capture those unique, sometimes amusing, and undoubtedly candid moments in real-time. They’re right there with you, continually snapping photos and recording videos on their phones, providing a close friend’s perspective on your wedding day.

Whether you intend to share your wedding on social media or simply treasure a BTS collection of precious memories in your camera roll, they excel at capturing those unscripted, small moments that might slip your mind. The best part? You won’t have to wait months to receive your photos and videos. Some of these content creators even handle the editing and posting on your behalf, allowing you to stay present.

Why Should You Hire a Content Creator?

You might be wondering why you need a content creator when you’ve already hired photographers and videographers. Most people enlisting their services aren’t influencers, and some aren’t even active on social media. They treasure those behind-the-scenes moments and understand the value of photos and videos, even if it’s purely for personal enjoyment.

While some couples desire comprehensive documentation of their entire wedding day, others are looking for specific content to share on platforms like Instagram or TikTok just for the sheer fun of it. Regardless of the motive, having this content can be fun to look back on without feeling guilty for giving the job to one of your wedding party members.

How Much Do Wedding Content Creators Cost?

Experienced professionals usually start their pricing at about $1,000, considering the many memories they capture, their extended presence, and their quick work. Prices can vary depending on how much they give you, how they edit, and how fast you get everything.

Remember that their job is more than just on the wedding day. They often plan with your other vendors before the big day. And if you’re bringing in one from another place or having a destination wedding, there might be extra costs for their travel.

How Do You Book a Content Creator?

Use Social Media

Platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest have become goldmines for finding these professionals. Many wedding vendors now recognize the importance of content creators in enhancing their online presence. Social media now functions as an additional search engine, and thanks to the expertise of these experts, a quick exploration of these platforms will connect you with talented individuals ready for hire.

Ask Your Wedding Vendors

If you’ve already hired a photographer, videographer, or wedding planner, ask them for recommendations. Wedding vendors often have reliable connections; some may offer content creation as an extra service.

Listen to Personal Recommendations

Don’t underestimate the power of recommendations from friends and family who’ve previously worked with a wedding content creator. Their advice and stories can help you make the best decision.

Tips for Hiring a Wedding Content Creator

Explore Their Portfolio and Check Reviews

Take a look at the projects they’ve done before to see if you like their style and if it fits your vision. We also recommend looking at any reviews they may have.

Talk About Expectations

Have a clear discussion about what you expect and what they will deliver. To help understand their approach and ensure you’re on the same page, ask them the following questions:.

  • What is your content style?
  • What’s your pre-planning process?
  • What’s the content I can plan on receiving and the expected delivery timeline?
  • Do your services impact my photographer’s work?
  • What is your experience with weddings, and how many have you covered?
  • May I view your previous work?
  • Can you characterize your photography and videography style?
  • What is your typical client workload, and how do you manage it?
  • How will you coordinate with other vendors I’ve hired?
  • Are you available for my wedding date?
  • What equipment do you use?
  • Who holds the rights to the footage, and what guidelines should I follow when sharing it on my social media platforms?

Examine the Contract

Carefully review the contract, ensuring it covers all your expectations and addresses potential scenarios, including travel, cancellations, and postponements.

Get to Know Their Personality

Besides their professional skills, ensure you get along with the content creator. You’ll spend your whole wedding day with them, so having a good relationship is vital.

Hiring a wedding content creator is a great way to capture candid, unforgettable moments on your big day. Though they’re not necessary, consider adding their services to your list of essential vendors so you can relive your magical day through the lens of social media.

Now that you know about these professionals, let’s take it a step further. You can make your wedding planning easier by using social media. Along with our planning checklist and budget guide, check out our tips for using social media as a valuable tool to make your dream wedding come true.

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