The Wild West Meets Space at This Retro Ace Hotel Wedding

July 5, 2024 | justine

Maia and Dylan knew right from the start that they wanted their special day to be lighthearted and fun. They were drawn to Palm Springs for its retro charm and decided to infuse their celebration with retro and Western vibes. With Maia’s passion for horseback riding and Dylan’s background in aerospace engineering, their retro Ace Hotel wedding playfully blended a “Wild West” theme with quirky nods to space.

They started the celebration with an intimate first look and exchanged heartfelt vows privately before their enchanting garden ceremony. The festivities continued with a clubhouse reception, where bursts of vibrant orange, twinkling string lights, and dazzling disco balls set the mood for a night of joyous revelry. They capped off the night with a memorable pool jump, marking the end of a truly spectacular day of love and laughter.

If you’re looking for creative ways to personalize your special day with cohesive and stunning touches, these images by Junebug vendor Carmen Lopez provide all the inspiration you could ask for.

The Couple:

Maia and Dylan

The Wedding:

Ace Hotel, Palm Springs, California, United States 

Sharing Quiet Moments and Weathering Wedding Day Surprises

We decided to do a first look and recite our vows privately before the ceremony. It was so meaningful and memorable to see each other in a quiet, calm place, feeling all the emotions wash over us and allowing us to be fully present with each other before any guests arrived. During our ceremony, the wind picked up like crazy. The first guest pulled my veil off my head, and the second knocked our entire backdrop over. Our officiant handled it like a champ, continuing the ceremony flawlessly.

Crafting a Personalized Ceremony Together with Their Officiant

We worked with an incredible officiant, who offers a custom ceremony as one of her options. She interviewed us separately and crafted a ceremony telling our love story. We wrote our vows, which were like love letters to each other. We ended with saying our “I dos,” committing to values like fun and support. We walked down the aisle with our moms to separate songs of our choosing. It felt personal, emotional, happy, and funny, all tied into one short and sweet ceremony.

Budgeting and Planning with Purpose: Staying True to Your Vision

Work together to decide what is important to you as a couple and what is less important. Stay true to this. This will help guide budget and overall planning and ensure your wedding feels like your creation, not what you are supposed to do. If you can, use a wedding planner! Working with Details, Darling was so helpful because she helped us turn vague ideas and how we wanted to feel into a tangible and super special event.

A Personal and Practical Venue Choice for Retro Ace Hotel Wedding

Knowing the vast majority of our guests were flying in from out of town, we wanted to spare them the craziness of LAX. We’ve enjoyed visiting Palm Springs as a couple, and I grew up visiting my grandpa. We were drawn to the Ace Hotel for its laid-back atmosphere, location close to the mountains, and standalone wedding venue. The way it’s set up is super customizable, allowing us to bring our vision to life. And the jump in the venue’s pool at the end of the night.

Traditional Elegance with a Playful Twist to Wedding Beauty

I found this beautiful gown by Flora that feels traditional in some ways (A-line silhouette, balconette neckline) but features a pattern large enough to feel playful. I knew I wanted to do a fun veil for the ceremony and portraits, and I worked with Madison Chamberlain, who does incredible work! We finally nailed the idea of “campy cowgirl chic,” which turned out amazing. I wanted to look glowy and dewy for my makeup, and my eyes wanted to pop. My makeup artist did a fantastic job and nailed it from the trial. I wanted to elevate my style for my hair, and Jen created a beautiful low bun with curly texture on top and chunky braids on both sides.

Customizing Their Wedding Menu with Family Style Dining

Food is essential to us, so we made sure to give guests lots of options. The Ace Hotel offers family-style food as an option, so we chose chicken with mashed potatoes and corn, steak with potatoes and broccolini, and BBQ pulled shiitake with a polenta cake. For dessert, there was a chocolate cake and lemon bars. At about 9 pm, chicken tenders and tater tots came out. Those were a big hit!

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Carmen Lopez
Event Planning – Details, Darling
Ceremony + Reception Venue + Catering – Ace Hotel
Floral Design – Shindig Chic
Cake – Over the Rainbow Desserts
Officiant – Roxanne Hunt
DJ – Alex Harrington
Videography – Amari Productions
Invitation Design – Summit & Sage
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Jen Martens
Wedding Dress – Flora
Bridal Accessories – Madison Chamberlain
Groom’s Apparel – Indochino
Groomsmen’s Apparel – Magnanni
Rings – Tiffany
Rentals – Adore Folklore


Congratulations to Maia and Dylan on their Wild West meets retro space Ace Hotel wedding. Many thanks to Junebug vendor Carmen Lopez for beautifully capturing all the details that showcase their love story. Draw inspiration from stunning weddings like this by checking out her profile in our directory of the world’s best wedding photographers.

This wedding reminds us how important choosing the right venue can be. Your venue sets the stage for a celebration reflecting your personalities as a couple. If you’re just starting to look for a venue, take a look at our ultimate guide to help you find the perfect one.

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15+ Something Old, Something New Ideas

July 3, 2024 | kailey

Image by Elizabeth Grant.

You’ve chosen your wedding dress and accessories, hired your vendors, and sorted the decor, but something still feels incomplete. It’s probably time to sort out your ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue’ for your big day. Incorporating this tradition into your wedding can add that extra special touch, regardless of your religious beliefs or personal preferences. 

This popular tradition is meant to bring good luck and honor the different stages of your life. However, the requirements can be quite vague. If no particular items jump out at you–like a cherished family heirloom–it can be challenging to decide what to include. While we already have unique ideas for your something blue, we’re not stopping there. Here are a few ideas for your something old and something new to complete your look. 

Sweet & Sentimental Something Old Ideas 

Passed Down Wedding Dress

Wearing your mother’s wedding dress or incorporating elements of a loved one’s gown into your custom dress is a heartfelt way to honor the ‘something old’ tradition. You can also use lace from a family member’s dress as a sash or belt, or repurpose vintage buttons as unique accents. Looking for a modern way to wear your mom’s gown? Have the dress remade as a reception dress or rehearsal dinner outfit (just make sure to ask her if she’s alright with you making alterations).  

Vintage Veil 

If you’ve found your dream wedding dress but still want to add classic details, consider wearing a vintage veil. Whether it’s a treasured heirloom passed down from a loved one or a unique find from a thrift store, incorporating a vintage veil into your look will add personality and check off the ‘something old’ box.

Family Heirloom

When you think of a family heirloom, a specific item may come to mind. Incorporate that cherished piece into your wedding. Whether it’s a piece of jewelry, a handkerchief, a watch, a brooch, or a hair comb, these subtle and delicate touches add a meaningful layer to your personalized celebration.

Antique Lockets With Family Photos

One meaningful way to honor loved ones who have passed is by wearing antique lockets with their photos. If you’re wearing a suit, you can add the locket to your boutonniere or place it in your suit chest pocket. For those carrying a bouquet, work with your florist to incorporate the locket into the bouquet design.

Military Tags From Loved Ones 

Incorporating military tags into your wedding adds a special touch to honor loved ones, especially if you have a military background. You can use them as a bouquet charm, display them on a memory table with photos of the loved ones they belong to. 

Perfume or Scent 

Your ‘something old’ doesn’t have to be a tangible object—it can be your old perfume! Consider using the fragrance you wore when you first met your partner or one that draws up fond memories for both of you. 

Vintage Getaway Car 

Drive away in style and check off your ‘something old’ with a vintage car. Lend a classic car from a loved one or hire one for the big day, making your grand exit in a vintage car is truly unforgettable and makes for a stunning photo opportunity.

Image by Aleisha Edwards.

Unique Something New Ideas 

New Jewelry 

Looking for an excuse to treat yourself to a new staple jewelry piece? From earrings to necklaces, your wedding is the perfect excuse to hit ‘purchase’ on those items that have been sitting in your cart for ages. Not only will it enhance your look, but it’ll also make for a sweet keepsake. 

Custom Wedding Jackets 

For those planning a wedding in cooler weather, purchase that stunning bridal jacket you’ve probably seen all over Pinterest. Whether you envision an edgy leather jacket or a custom denim jacket, it’s a fun ‘something new idea that’ll keep you stylish and warm.  

Personalized Cufflinks 

Planning to wear a suit on your wedding day? Elevate your look with new cufflinks. There are countless designs out there that feature a quirky design or can be personalized with initials, a picture of your pets, or the wedding date These are another great keepsake to wear after your wedding to reminisce on a day that means so much to you.

Image by 4K Wedding.

Signature Scent

While fashion and decor leave a lasting impression, don’t underestimate the power of scent. A particular fragrance can instantly evoke memories of your wedding day long after the day is over. That’s why we love the idea of picking out a fresh new wedding perfume or cologne specific to your wedding. 

Reception Outfit Change 

Who says you have to stick to just one outfit? It’s your wedding day, your rules. If you want to buy a stunning new outfit to switch things up for your reception, go for it! Not in the mood fora mini white dress? Opt for a vibrant jumpsuit that you can move around in.

Change up Your Hair 

If you’re in the mood to go one step beyond a reception outfit change, switch up your hairstyle for something fresh. We’ve seen countless couples choose a daring cut before the party began, and we love it. Transforming your hair is a fun and exciting ‘something new’ idea that’ll kickstart your marriage in an unforgettable way.

Image by Lilly Red.

Signature Lip Color

We know not everyone is ready for a drastic hairstyle change. For something a little less permanent,, pick outa signature lip color. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new with your makeup on the big day. Plus, you can wear that shade again for special occasions, bringing back the memories of your wedding day.

Wedding Lingerie 

From lace and frills to full-coverage support, what you wear under your gown can be just as special as the gown itself. Treat yourself to new wedding lingerie that makes you feel like your most beautiful self on your special day. 


For those seeking a more permanent “something new,” consider getting tattoos. Take it a step further by having a tattoo artist at your reception, allowing your guests to get tattoos as well. It’s a fun keepsake and provides unique entertainment that’ll make your wedding truly unforgettable.

Now that you have your something old and something new ideas sorted, it’s time to complete the tradition by deciding on your something borrowed and something blue. If you’re unsure of how to incorporate blue into your wedding, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with our something blue guide, packed with ideas to infuse the color into your celebration.

Image by Ariana Tennyson.

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This Monterey Peninsula Elopement Was the Definition of Wholesome

July 2, 2024 | justine

Jane and Mike’s Monterey Peninsula elopement was a beautiful and intimate celebration of their love. Choosing a remote, meaningful location, they embraced the natural surroundings, which mirrored their deep connection and desire to honor their union. Their day was a heartfelt reminder that the only thing needed to make it special was each other.

Despite the challenging weather, the couple saw it as part of the adventure. Overlooking the mighty Pacific, they quietly shared their vows on a rock, creating a meaningful moment by staying present and feeling profound gratitude for their love. They followed this with beautiful portraits to immortalize the special day.

They embraced a “less is more” approach, keeping things simple yet deeply meaningful. Everything came together beautifully, as seen in the stunning images captured by Flora Gibson. These photos perfectly showcase how all Jane and Mike needed to make their day special was each other.

The Couple:

Jane and Mike

The Wedding:

Monterey Peninsula, California, United States

A Deeply Personal Monterey Peninsula Elopement Ceremony by the Pacific

Our ceremony was intensely personal, and that worked well for us at this stage in our lives. The location, the vows, even our fashion choices—all of it was about seizing our time in an intimate way. Quietly sharing our vows on a rock overlooking the mighty Pacific and giving the ordinary (e.g., laughing together, beachcombing, and admiring the wonders of this beautiful world) a sense of the extraordinary.

Staying Present and Grateful by Focusing on Each Other and Keeping it Simple

Our advice for couples: Keep the focus on your love for one another and your love for your families; all the rest will fall into place. The superficial is ephemeral. What lingers are your memories of the promises you have made and your determination to keep them. Stay present in the moment and be in touch with profound gratitude for what you share. Be determined to enjoy the day, no matter what it brings. Honor each other, care for your families’ needs, and keep it simple so you can enjoy the day.

How Their  Personal History Led to Their Monterey Peninsula Elopement

We selected a remote location that is deeply significant to us both. Jane has visited there for more than 50 years. We understood that if the weather were challenging, that would just be part of the adventure. Our photographer coordinated shots wonderfully, embracing the rain.


Fashion Choices With Shoes Inspired by Jane’s Grandmother

We opted for two outfits—one more formal and one less formal. Jane’s grandmother wore white Keds when introducing Jane to the beach as a young child, so naturally, Jane’s choice of shoes at our location made hopping the fence easier.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Flora Gibson
Rings – O.C. Tanner


Congratulations to Jane and Mike on their Monterey Peninsula elopement. Many thanks to Flora Gibson for capturing all the special moments they will treasure forever.

This intimate celebration shows us that all you need for a special day is your partner, nature’s beauty, and your personal style. To create a similar experience, check out our elopement guide for helpful tips and ideas.

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