This Villa Orlando Wedding Was a Fairytale Come to Life

November 27, 2023 | justine

Right from the start, Aiko and David were determined to make their dream wedding come true. Combining the bride’s love for Victorian fashion and a stunning historic venue in the beautiful Tuscan countryside, they created a fairytale affair like no other. Their main aim was to throw a magical celebration, and they absolutely nailed it! With stunning florals, timeless decor, show stopping fashion, and unforgettable entertainment, their Villa Orlando wedding came to life thanks to their trusted team of experts.

Transforming the villa’s waterfront garden for the ceremony, the pair added an extra touch of magic by adorning the aisle with lush blooms and floral pillars. Against the backdrop of the picturesque lake, the scene was set for a truly romantic “I do” moment. The garden reception was equally enchanting, with tables filled with flowers, candles, and elegant gold accents beneath sparkling crystal chandeliers. The night’s highlight came as the couple cut the cake amid a display of firework fountains, followed by a night of dancing.

If you’re aiming for a wedding filled with timeless romance, look no further for inspiration. Fortunately, the beauty of this exquisite day was expertly captured by Junebug member Hakuna Matata. Keep scrolling to see every luxurious detail of this stunning celebration.

The Couple:

Aiko and David

The Wedding:

Villa Orlando, Tuscany, Italy

How Their Timeless Villa Orlando Wedding Came to Life

Our wedding in Tuscany perfectly blended timeless romance and enchanting beauty at Villa Orlando, a historic venue by a serene lake. The pastel colors added a touch of refined elegance, while the natural beauty of the Tuscan countryside created an organic and enchanting ambiance. Every detail, from the floral arrangements to the hanging chandeliers, contributed to the fairytale vibe. We chose our wedding venue because of its captivating historical charm, breathtaking lake view, and classic and elegant Victorian-style ambiance, perfectly matching the romantic atmosphere we envisioned for our special day.

A Teary-Eyed Groom Made the Perfect Birthday Present

The most unforgettable part of the wedding day was when I saw him at the altar, his eyes glistening with tears. At that moment, it dawned on me that my dreams had genuinely come true. And marrying him was the greatest birthday gift I could ever ask for.

Wedding Advice for a Calm and Collected Celebration

Our advice is to begin planning early. This means organizing things well ahead of time. Like finding the place you want, choosing the people who will help, and picking the dates. Doing this early gives you more choices and makes things less stressful.

A Wedding Day Full of Emotions and Heartfelt Moments 

What made our wedding special wasn’t just the beautiful decor and the picturesque setting but the profound emotions and genuine connections that filled the entire day. The tearful vows, heartfelt moments, and the overwhelming love and support from our friends created an atmosphere of warmth. These authentic moments are what we cherish most and will forever hold dear in our hearts.

How They Balanced Beauty and Budget for Their Villa Orlando Wedding

We decided to create a memorable celebration to ensure our wedding truly reflected our vision and values. Initially budgeted at 30k Euro, we realized that achieving our dream fairytale wedding within this limit wasn’t possible, so we increased the budget to 60k Euro, allocating 11k+ Euro for enchanting floral arrangements. This ensured that every element of our magical day could be as beautiful as we had imagined. However, we decided not to spend much on the cake.

A Victorian-Inspired Villa Orlando Wedding Look

My love for Victorian style inspired my wedding fashion, and I chose a stunning princess-style dress that was the most beautiful dress I had ever seen. Adorned with intricate lace and delicate brooches, the dress exuded elegance. I wore a long beaded veil with matching brooches to complement it, creating a romantic aura. My accessories, including an off-white brooch necklace, added sophistication, enhancing the overall Victorian aesthetic I admired. Opting for an elegant updo hairstyle, I aimed to draw attention to the beauty of my long beaded veil. Keeping my makeup fresh and natural, I wanted to enhance my natural beauty on this special day.

The Unforgettable Blend of Wedding and Birthday Bliss

During the celebration, they surprised me by singing the “Happy Birthday” song and presenting a beautifully adorned cake. This touching gesture turned my wedding day into the best birthday ever. Adding an extra layer of joy and meaning to the already special occasion.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Hakuna Matata
Event Planning + Officiant – Europe Wedding
Venue – Villa Orlando
Floral Design – Lucacozza Flowers Special Events
Catering – Perfect Party
Cake – Storica Puccinelli
Sound System – Power Sound
Live Music – Il Clan dei Ribot
Violinist – Daniela Rocchi
Videography – Studio Boutique
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – BLBS MANAGEMENT
Wedding Dress – Saiid Kobeisy
Groom’s Apparel – Armani
Rings – Mark Broumand


Congratulations to Aiko and David on their fairytale Villa Orlando wedding. A special thank you to Junebug members Hakuna Matata for their exceptional work in capturing every stunning detail the couple envisioned. Explore more of their talent by checking out their profile in our directory of the world’s best wedding photographers.

Picking where to have your wedding is a big deal. It shapes everything from how things look to what everyone wears. So, it’s important to be ready and ask the right questions. With so many options, it can be tricky to figure out where to begin. So, if you’re ready to make your wedding venue search a breeze, check out our handy guide and checklist for finding your perfect spot!

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Winter Groom Style Ideas For Dressing Sharp in the Cold Season

November 26, 2023 | justine

Keep scrolling for winter groom style ideas to keep you cozy and stylish on your big day! Image by Savanna Sturkie

Winter is here, and while the temperature might be dropping, your style doesn’t have to. Don’t let the cold weather freeze your fashion sense. In fact, winter weddings offer a unique opportunity to showcase your sharp style with some cozy,chic choices. Let’s dive into these winter groom style ideas that will keep you warm and looking cool on your big day!

Image by Hope Allison. Check out this wedding inspiration right here.

Winter Groom Style Ideas

Layer Up in Style

Winter is all about layers, and you can make it a style statement. Start with a classic suit and add a stylish overcoat or a tailored blazer. Not only will this keep you warm, but it also adds a touch of sophistication to your overall look.

Image by Sunday & White. See more of this real wedding here.

Warm Tones for the Win

Embrace the winter color palette with warm and rich tones. Deep burgundy, forest green, or navy blue suits are not only season-appropriate but also exude a cozy and inviting vibe. These colors are also versatile and look great in any setting.

Image by Savanna Sturkie. See more of this real wedding here.

Accessorize Smartly

Beat the chill with some cool accessories! A stylish scarf, leather gloves, or a well-chosen hat can add flair to your outfit while keeping you warm. Don’t forget about a sharp tie or a bowtie. They’re small details that can make a big impact.

Image by Maggie Grace Photography. Check out this elopement right here.

Comfortable Footwear is Key

Winter calls for practicality, especially when it comes to your shoes. Opt for leather boots or stylish dress shoes that provide both warmth and comfort. You don’t want to be slipping and sliding on your way down the aisle!

Image by Maggie Grace Photography. See more of this winter celebration here.

Fabric Matters

Choose suits and shirts made from heavier fabrics like wool or tweed. These materials keep you warm and add texture to your ensemble. Plus, they photograph well, ensuring you look fantastic in your wedding pictures.

Image by Mat Schramm Photography. See more of this real wedding here.

A Touch of Velvet

Elevate your winter groom style with some luxurious velvet elements. A velvet bowtie or a velvet-lined blazer lapel can add a touch of luxury to your look, making you stand out in the winter wonderland.

Image by MemoryBox. see more of this real wedding right here.

Think About the Venue

Consider your wedding venue when planning your outfit. If you’re tying the knot outdoors, you should layer up a bit more. You can be more flexible with your choices if it’s an indoor celebration.

Image by All You Need About. Check out this winter celebration here.

These winter groom ideas guarantee you’ll look sharp and cozy on your big day. It’s not just about staying warm. It’s about expressing your personality through style. Extend your fashion flair to your groomsmen for a cohesive look–because a sharp-dressed groom deserves an equally dapper entourage. Coordinate outfits with matching accessories, complementary colors, or consistent themes to elevate the wedding party’s style. 

For fool-proof groomsmen ideas and inspiration, check out our style guide to ensure your entire squad turns heads and creates unforgettable memories in winter chic fashion.

Image by Iskra Photography. See more f this winter wonderland wedding right here.

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Sustainable Three-Day Horetown House Destination Wedding

November 22, 2023 | justine

When Rachel and Fionnan were gearing up for their Horetown House destination wedding, they had a simple but giant goal: make it unforgettable for everyone. And guess what? They totally nailed it with the help of their fantastic vendor team! Picking the charming country house as their venue for the three-day lovefest was just the beginning. Their choice of a garden vibe, sprinkled with wildflowers and a fresh color palette, took the romance to a whole new level. It was truly a magical celebration of love that they pulled off effortlessly.

Nestled in the serene Irish countryside, the pair chose the beautiful stone mansion surrounded by rolling hills and lush birch trees for their special day. The ceremony unfolded in The White Room overlooking the gardens. Transitioning to the reception, they transformed the dining room into a magical, textural forest by incorporating vines, clusters of blooms, and lots of greenery. They added beautiful linens, colorful candles, and delicate sprays of flowers and fruit, turning their celebration into a fairy tale of romance and charm.

Bringing their loved ones together for such a special occasion was a big deal for them, and they wanted the love they felt to shine through every moment of the celebration. If you want to see the beauty of every moment and get inspired by their wedding journey, just take a scroll through these amazing photos captured by Wild Things Wed.

The Couple:

Rachel and Fionnan

The Wedding:

Horetown House, Wexford, Ireland

Choosing Calm Over Chaos During the Wedding Prep

There’s no right way to do the wedding prep, so don’t give into the “as seen on TikTok” pressure. I did not want the busy bridal suite with matching pajamas, loads of champagne, and photoshoots. While I love that for others, I knew I needed to feel centered to be present during the ceremony. I asked my bridesmaids to help me keep the room quiet, clean, and calm, with lots of natural light and only a few people in the room. I thought I was making a mistake at first, that I would regret not having those types of photos and memories, but the photos are just as wonderful and captured intimate moments with my bridal party and parents.

Navigating Nerves and Emotions by Having a First Look

We made the ultra-romantic, pragmatic decision to do a first look to get the portraits out of the way before the ceremony. Still, it was one of the most unexpected emotional experiences. We were both happy to have some of the nerves diffused and to have had that quiet, grounding moment together because everything is a blur once the ceremony begins. For us, wedding planning felt oddly peripheral until the moment you got to be with your person, and it began to feel real.

Creating a Magical Horetown House Destination Wedding Atmosphere with Locally Grown Wildflowers

We trusted Horetown House for great food but also cared a lot about how everything looked and felt on our wedding day. I discovered Fionnuala Fallon, the Irish Flower Farmer, in the Irish Times gardening column, and I liked that she used local wildflowers. Even during planning pauses, knowing she was growing the flowers felt special. Since guests were staying for three nights, we wanted each space to feel different on the wedding day. Fionnuala and our stylist, Grace Campbell of Grace & Saviour, turned the dining room into a magical forest with vines, blooms, and greenery. They even transformed the poles into trees for a cozy, green feel wherever guests sat.

Letting Go and Trusting the Pros and Key Loved Ones

Planning a wedding from Boston in just nine months meant relying heavily on Zoom and WhatsApp, with only Fionn having seen the venue in person. We initially found ourselves caught in a whirlwind of trying to control everything from afar until we realized the importance of trusting experienced suppliers. While it may seem obvious, it’s easy to forget amidst the stress. Another critical tip is to designate two reliable members from your wedding party or family as points of contact for last-minute decisions. Communicate this clearly to your guests, and don’t overthink their authority—unless it involves budget or safety, trust them to handle details like boutonniere pinning or arranging taxi pickups. After all, they’re there to witness and support your special day.

How Guest Mingling Defined Their Wedding Experience

We prioritized mingling between our guests—assigning our families and wedding parties to get American and European guests chatting before we even arrived in Wexford. We arranged carpools from Dublin, set up a weekend Whatsapp group (dutifully moderated by our groomsmen), and ensured every event had mixed seating arrangements to keep people talking and hanging out.  Our friends still talk about the relationships formed during our weekend. Seeing so many offshoots of our collective and separate lives collide has been the most beautiful experience. We’ve also been told many times how much the wedding felt like “us,” which is the most we could have hoped for. We wanted the weekend to feel as much a getaway as it did a celebration.

A Tale of Trust and Love at Their Horetown House Destination Wedding

We planned our wedding abroad using Zoom, and trusting our vendors was vital. Linda and Niamh from Horetown House won us over with their warmth and professionalism, pouring care and love into every detail. We appreciated their commitment to sustainability and supporting local suppliers. Horetown House, with its ten suites and 20 shepherds’ huts, became a neighborhood for our 92 guests. They operate as a B&B, serving breakfast for mingling and even delivering hangover baskets to rooms. The atmosphere felt like home, thanks to their incredible staff. There was always a full glass, fresh sandwiches, and a cozy place to hang out, creating the perfect wedding vibe.

Late-Night Revelry at the Legendary 1692 Bar at Horetown House

Additionally, Irish weddings go late-late into the wee hours of the morning, something we warned our American guests of beforehand. Horetown House benefits from their 1692 Bar (modeled after a traditional Irish pub) that occupies their basement. Since the house is technically your dwelling for the evening, the bar can stay open long past closing hours, so we moved our DJ and party into the basement post-sparklers for a second dance party, and Tayto sandwiches before the sun came up.

Survival Essentials and Sweet Treats for Their Horetown House Destination Wedding

We worked with our stylist, Grace Campbell of Grace & Saviour, to create welcome bags. I designed each canvas tote with Irish sayings (“It’ll be grand,” “Sláinte s táinte”). Grace sourced Fionn’s favorite Irish treats and other “survival” essentials for the weekend. We also included die-cut stickers of our beloved cat, Pepper, and it was too funny to see them on guests’ suit lapels through the night. Grace also had the idea to include a library card, designed by Katie, to invite guests to visit our book bar on the wedding day.

DIY Book Bar and Personalized Bookplates and Bookmarks

Grace found a vintage bookcase, and Fionn and I picked our favorite titles to stock the shelves with used books from World of Books. We also included titles by some of our guests (including bridesmaid Meredith Goldstein, Sara Farizan, Neil Swidey, and Fionn’s brother Cethan Leahy), and it was so fun to watch people having their books signed at the afterparty. To make each book special, I made silk-tassel bookmarks featuring Fionn’s father’s artwork to tuck into each book. Grace had custom bookplates, designed by Katie, featuring our names and wedding date imprinted on the inside covers.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Wild Things Wed
Second Shooter – Joseph Carr Photography
Event Planning – Grace & Saviour
Venue – Horetown House
Floral Design – The Irish Flower Farmer
Officiant – Creative Ceremonies
DJ – Boutique Bands
Live Music – Pump Up the Jam
String Quartet – Inishlacken Strings
Videography – Best Day Productions
Invitation Design – Katie Rodgers
Makeup Artist – Anita Conroy
Hair Styling – Dominique Kane
Wedding Dress – Theia
Reception Dress – Reformation
Bridal Accessories – Charlotte OlympiaTwigs & Honey + Lelet NY + Antonio Melani x Nicola Bathie + Converse + Bebetheory/Etsy
Wedding Party Apparel – ASOS + Hemant & Nandita
Flower Girls Attire – Ivy & Lily
Groom’s Apparel – Suit Supply
Groom’s Accessories – Jimmy Choo
Tapestries – Tiny Crafts by Bay
Favors – Broadsheets Newspaper Club


Congratulations to Rachel and Fionnan on their sustainable three-day Horetown House destination wedding. And a big thank you to Wild Things Wed for capturing all the love and joy of the most unforgettable day of their lives.

Many couples are choosing to turn their big day into a weekend of wedding festivities. Imagine a celebration that lasts for days, packed with exciting activities, delicious food, refreshing drinks, and loads of fun. Whether you’re partying in your hometown or whisking away to a dreamy destination, our guide has got you covered. We’ve got tips and a sample itinerary to ensure your extended celebration goes off without a hitch.

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