6 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Color Palette

June 13, 2017 | nicole

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Before you start picking décor or even selecting your bridesmaids’ dresses, you’ve got to choose your wedding colors! Wedding color palettes are much more fluid than they used to be, including a wider range of hues in a more subtle way throughout the design of your day. Still, choosing your wedding colors can be a bit of a challenge. Today we’re sharing six tips to make choosing your wedding colors a fun and easy process so you can get on with the rest of your wedding planning!

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Tip 1. Peek Into Your Closet

One of the quickest ways to see what colors you’re drawn to is to look at the colors you wear! A peek into your closet is a great way to not only see what colors you’re comfortable in, but also what colors compliment your style and personality. Pick out a few of your favorite items of clothing based on what you feel best in as inspiration for your wedding colors.

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Tip 2. Observe Your Home Décor

Designing your wedding is a lot like designing your home. The colors and pieces you’ve filled your home with likely bring you joy, which is a solid basis for your wedding décor. Take photos of your favorite corners of your home to include on your wedding mood board when choosing wedding colors, as well as details for your big day. Beyond your own home, consult your interior design Pinterest board or your favorite retailers for even more inspiration.

photo by a sea of love, floral design by Flowers by Iran

Tip 3. Check Out The Seasonal Blooms

Floral design has a huge influence on the overall look of your wedding. The flowers you use in your ceremony, reception, and bouquets will most likely depend on the season in which you’re marrying, which helps to narrow down your color choices. Saying “I do” in spring? Your palette is likely to reflect spring blooms in fresh, light, or pastel colors. Getting hitched in the fall? Expect your color palette to include richer tones like burgundy, navy, emerald, and mustard. While your entire palette doesn’t have to be strictly seasonal, using one or two accent hues brings a sense of the season into your wedding.

photo by Katie Hoss, event design by Carrie Baker Events, floral design by Boulevard Florist, venue: Millwick

Tip 4. Explore Your Venue

Whether in architecture, landscape, or existing design, your venue may dictate your color palette to some degree. During your venue tour, be sure to snap some photos of the vignettes throughout the space to help you remember which colors you’re complimenting. You picked your venue for a reason, so allow some of the magic in your space to influence your color choices.

photo by Karra Leigh Photography, floral design by Good Seed Floral, rentals by Something Borrowed PDX, venue: The Rookery Bar

Tip 5. Consider Your Vibe

As you begin to plan your wedding, envision the vibe of the day. Is your venue heavily rustic, industrial, or botanical? Are you inspired by bohemian, romantic, or edgy wedding fashions? Make a list of words that describe the look you want to achieve for your wedding, followed by the colors you associate with each word. If you’re having trouble coming up with colors, do a quick Pinterest search for the words on your list and see which colors stand out.

photo by Evynn LeValley, floral design by Big Sur Flowers

Tip 6. Spend Some Time With A Color Wheel

Once you’ve chosen one or two colors you definitely want to include in your wedding design, it’s time to check out the color wheel. This is the best way to see which colors complement each other versus which combos you want to avoid. Pantone, the king of all colors, is also a great resource to consult during this process!

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  1. Picking out wedding colors doesn’t have to be hard. Great tips. Peek into your closet, observe your home décor – absolutely! Choose colors that you obviously love and already incorporate into your lives. I love color wheels. Fabulous tool to help couples determine if they are drawn to more of an analogous color scheme or something more complementary.

  2. I think it’s a great idea what you said about choosing the colors you use in your house since they probably bring joy and memories! My daughter is getting married and she’s stressing out a little about what colors her wedding should be since it’s a day she’ll never forget, so I’m glad I found this article with some tips on how to decide. Thank you for the tips on how to choose a color for your wedding, I’ll make my daughter read it so she gets some ideas!

  3. That’s a good idea to consider the natural plant life of the current season. My fiance and I are planning to get married this November. We may want to go with deeper shades like burgundy and navy, as you mentioned.

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