10 Wedding Planning Tasks You Can Tackle from Home

April 1, 2020 | brooke

photo by Maggie Grace Photography

It’s no secret that couples around the world have been spending much more time at home lately due to the COVID-19 crisis.  While we hope you and your partner are enjoying lots of quality time together, game nights, and Netflix binges, we know you probably can’t help but think about wedding planning tasks right now. It’s not a bad idea—since you can officially plan your wedding “at work” without getting caught by your boss—but you didn’t hear it from us!

If you’re unsure of where to start, here are ten wedding planning tasks you can tackle from home:

  • Get Organized
  • Practice Mindfulness and Connection
  • Create Your Wedding Registry
  • DIY Something for Your Day
  • Try a Make-Up or Hair Tutorial
  • Online Shop for Attire and Decor
  • Work on Your Vows or Ceremony Readings
  • Write Letters to Your Guests
  • Practice Your First Dance (or Just Dance!)
  • Make a Reception Playlist

Get Organized

Wedding planning is no easy feat! Most of you probably have felt like it’s a part-time job at some point, and we feel you. With the extra time at home, it might be the perfect time to take a step back and get everything organized! Create a spreadsheet of all your vendors and their contact information, determine what your goals are, make a checklist—whatever will help keep you on-track, now is the time to put those systems in place.

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photo by Lorenzo Accardi; venue Les Domaines de Patras; design and floral by Fleurs de fée; rentals from Jolibazaar; see more of this real wedding here!

Practice Mindfulness and Connection

Extra time at home with your person means more time to connect with each other. Use this time to talk about your wedding, your relationship, your dreams and goals as a couple. Notice your love languages and how you’re bonding during this time. When you’re laying on the couch, how do you snuggle together? These are not only sweet little things to notice and appreciate during this time, but they’ll help when it comes time to take wedding portraits or engagement photos!

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photo by Alejandra Loaiza; see more of this wedding inspiration shoot here!

Create Your Wedding Registry

We know you might not be able to go to a store right now (and even if you can, we don’t recommend it), so take that registry shopping online! Your guests will also appreciate the convenience of online ordering and shipping. Plus, this is a fun project for both partners to work on together while dreaming of all the fun things to furnish their home, deck out their kitchen, and more!

Junebug’s wedding registry resources:

photo by Nicole Ashley Photography

DIY Something for Your Day

Even if you don’t feel like the most “crafty” bride, there’s always something you can DIY to add a little personal touch to your wedding decor! From signage to photo backdrops to tie-dye napkins, we know you and your person can get creative with do-it-yourself projects. There are even some online class sites, like Brit + Co that are offering select classes for free during the COVID-19 quarantine. Plus, we have tons of inspiration from our rockstar real brides!

Get inspired by these Junebug DIY real weddings:

photo by Catalina Jean Photography; see more of this real wedding here!

Try a Make-Up or Hair Tutorial

While you might not be planning on doing your hair and make-up on the big day, learning these skill can never hurt! Plus, it can be a ton of fun. There are many wedding hair and make-up artists offering virtual lessons, as well as Instagram stories and YouTube videos! Even if you don’t execute on the big day, it could be your rehearsal dinner or engagement photo look!

Get your hair and make-up inspiration here:

photo by Meg Brooke Photography, makeup by The Goddess Glow, wedding dress by One Day Bridal via En Blanc

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Online Shop For Attire and Decor

We love a good online shopping spree. And if you’re planning a wedding, you have lots to shop for! The Junebug team members are experts at finding the absolute best products—from wedding shoes to reception table decor—that you can shop for right from the comfort of home. Bonus: Send these links to your wedding party so they can join the hunt for decor, accessories, and dresses!

Junebug’s best online shopping resources: 

photo by Karra Leigh Photo; see more of this wedding inspiration shoot here!

Work on Your Vows or Ceremony Readings

If you’re feeling up for a more emotional activity, working on your vows or ceremony readings might be the perfect way to spend a few hours of your time. This is usually one of tasks couples wait until the last minute to plan, so you’ll be ahead of the game and can feel confident knowing you put a lot of thought into these important aspects of your wedding!

Junebug’s best ceremony resources:

photo by Jordan Voth

Write Letters to Your Guests

If you already have all your “essential” wedding planning done, now’s the time to add some extra elements! We love when couples write letters to their guests to include in welcome bags or on their dinner place settings.

Looking for the best stationary? Try looking on sites where you might also purchase wedding invitations.

photo by Imaj Gallery; stationary by Veronica Halim; see more of this real wedding here!

Practice Your First Dance (or Just Dance!) to Your First Dance Song

You and your partner may already be practicing all the latest Tik Tok dances—and if you’re not, we highly recommend it. Now is also the perfect time to practice your first dance together! Turn on that song and dance in your kitchen. Not only will it help you prepare for the big day, but it’s a super sweet little activity to do together. You’ll be surprised at how sentimental it might feel.

photo by Nikk Nguyen Photo; see more of this real wedding here!

Make a Reception Playlist full of Wedding Music

If you’re already dancing in the kitchen, why not just make it a full on party and find the songs that will get your guests on the dance floor? Start a playlist on Apple Music or Spotify with your favorite songs to dance to. Your DJ will likely also ask you for a list of songs you don’t want to play at the wedding, so it’s helpful to add those to a list, as well!

We hope these wedding planning tasks have sparked joy, excitement, and give you a little something to work on while you’re at home over these next few weeks (and beyond). Sending all of our love to you and yours!

photo by Maggie Grace Photography



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