13 Mismatched Bridesmaid Dress Color Palettes

May 12, 2023 | brooke

Image by Sage E Imagery. Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite mismatched bridesmaid dress color palettes

We love when brides give their bridesmaids the freedom to choose mismatched dresses for the big day. Dresses of different colors and hues go beyond a trendy wedding choice—they’re an awesome way to determine your wedding color palette. Not sure where to start with the mixing and matching of colors? We’ve got you. We’re rounding up 13 of our favorite mismatched bridesmaid dress color palettes inspired by real Junebug weddings. Whether you love neutrals, airy pastels, rich tones, or a mixture of them all, there’s plenty to be inspired by in these fashionable color choices.

Tips for Styling Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses:

  • Go to your local paint store and pick out a few swatches of colors you like. Then, give them to your bridesmaids as examples of the colors you’re going for
  • Let your bridesmaids hash out the color choices. After they’ve decided who will wear each color, you can join in on the fun as they shop for their dresses
  • Add a special pop of color for your maid of honor. For example, if you’re sticking to a neutral hue for most of your bridesmaids, consider choosing a special color or pattern for your MOH

Best Places to Buy Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses:

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dress Color Palettes

Gem Tones

Why it works: These jewel-toned colors give off rich, luxurious vibes, while still remaining fun and colorful. We love how this bride had a few of her bridesmaids in the same color. Pro tip: It’s okay if some of your bridesmaids have the same color dress–especially if you have a large wedding party. Keep a balance of colors in mind.

Image by Lilly Red. See more of this real wedding here

Shades of Pink

Why it works: Blush will forever be one of the hottest bridesmaid color palettes–and it’s not hard to see why. If you love the idea of putting your party in the pink shade but want to add a bit more depth, consider a range of pinks like this. It also allows everyone to choose the shade that’s best suited for their skin tone since blushes can be difficult to wear for some.

Image by Catherine Coons. See more of this real wedding here

All The Blues

Why it works: Tying the knot in the summer or having a beach wedding? Blue tones are a perfect, more unique option that fits the season (and pretty much any venue for that reason). And because it’s not seen as often as other combinations, your bridesmaids are sure to stand out. Not to mention it’s an incredibly flattering color.

Image by Boston Mountain Photo. See more of this real wedding here

Pinks + Oranges

Why it works: This pallet reminds us of a beautiful sunset, and we can’t seem to get enough of it. If you’re searching for a color palette that is boho while still elegant, this is the one for you–especially because you can find a lot of satin dresses in these shades.

Image by Claudia Robson. See more of this real wedding here

Green, Green, Green

Why it works: Greens may not be chosen often, but when they are, we eat it up. From olive to sage to emerald, there are countless shades of green out there that look absolutely stunning when put together

Image by Andrea Ferrara. See more of this real wedding here

Reds + Rust

Why it works: This one is for the nearlyweds who aren’t afraid to embrace bold colors. We’re sure these beautifully vibrant colors will bring happy vibes to your wedding day. Plus, they look absolutely stunning in photos.

Image by Andre Gouin Photography. See more of this real wedding here

Pastels Please

Why it works: These soft colors make our hearts melt. They’re ideal for garden weddings or brunch weddings, although you don’t have to have either to pull this off. And because these dresses are the epitome of whimsical (and typically a bit more casual), there’s a very good chance that your bridesmaids will wear their dresses again once the big day is over.

Image by Eastlyn & Joshua. See more of this real wedding here

Summer-Inspired Gem Tones

Why it works: If you’re hosting a wedding that you want to feel like summer camp, this color pallet will surely set the mood for the day. These colors are the perfect combination of bold and soft, giving everyone a chance to wear the color they love most.

Image by Iron + Honey Photography. See more of this real wedding here

Neutral Pink Tones

Why it works: If you love neutrals and are going for a lighthearted, boho vibe, we love the idea of incorporating neutral pink and champagne tones.

Image by MemoryBox Photography. See more of this real wedding here

A Little Bit of Everything

Why it works: When we first saw these colors together, we immediately fell in love. This real Junebug bride pulled off the ultimate bohemian day with her bridesmaids in all different pastels. This is also an extremely easy color palette to follow if you’re hoping to incorporate floral bridesmaid dresses.

Image by Michelle Lyerly Photography. See more of this real wedding here

Shades of Purple + Pink

Why it works: Purple isn’t for everyone, but when done correctly, it’s a color fit for royalty. If you’ve always dreamed of a wedding that looks like it came straight from a fairytale story, you’re sure to love this one. Adding shades of pink in also allows you to add the color to your big day without being overwhelming.

Image by Sarah Kate Photography. See more of this real wedding here

Pink, Orange, + Green

Why it works: This isn’t an average everyday color scheme. With these pastel hues of pink, you’re adding a pop of fun to your day with the help of the orange and emerald green. Pro tip: When working with an array of hues, think outside the box by adding a few shades that pick up complimentary colors. For example, pink and orange work very well together, as do pink and green.

Image by Sophie Berard. See more of this real wedding here

Garnet, Tangerine, Sage Green, Denim, Olive

Why it works: Don’t be afraid to mix a lot of colors like this Junebug bride did! Trust us, it will make your day even more unique if your bridesmaids each wear a color that represents them—their confidence will shine.

Image by Allie Chambers Photography. See more of this real wedding here

We hope these bridesmaid color palettes have you feeling inspired to go out and create your own dream mismatched bridesmaid dress collection. Need a little help when it comes to incorporating the colors in your wedding decor design? Our top-notch planners are ready to help!

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