Wedding Ideas: Bridesmaid Fashion

Bridesmaid Hair Ideas to Take To Your Stylist

March 30, 2024 | riley

As a bridesmaid, there are only a few important choices to make when it comes to your wedding day look. Of course, the dress is the most important. But once you’ve got that picked out, it’s time to think about your beauty look on the big day. Whether or not you’re doing your own hair or getting it done by a professional, if you have free reign on your look and you’re not sure what […]

Bridesmaid Dresses You Can Wear Again (and How to Style Them)

December 1, 2023 | kailey

When your best friend passes you that bridesmaids proposal box and asks you to stand by their side on their wedding day, chances are your first reaction is yes! While being a bridesmaid is such an important and meaningful role to fill, it’s also a pricy one. Between the bachelorette party and your bridesmaid dress, costs can add up quickly. But we’re not about to let the price tag stop you from standing by your […]

Bridesmaid Trends We’ve Got Our Eyes On This Year

November 19, 2023 | kailey

Couples are continuing to ditch tradition, going all in on details that’ll make their wedding a one-of-a-kind affair. This is the case for decor, venues, and even bridesmaid fashion—nothing’s off the table! So, if you’re including a bridal party in your wedding, nailing the bridesmaid outfits is key. Luckily, we’ve got the inside scoop on all the 2024 bridesmaid trends guaranteed to make a statement. From mismatched dresses to bold jewelry choices, bridesmaids this year […]

15 Delightfully Cozy Fall Wedding Ideas

August 15, 2023 | riley

September through November are some of the busiest months to tie the knot–and rightfully so! The colors of the leaves begin to change, the temperatures cool, and the holiday season begins. With fall wedding season approaching, we want to help you create an unforgettably warm and fuzzy autumnal celebration that will be talked about for years. From fashion to foliage to food, we’ve rounded up 15 delightfully cozy fall wedding ideas that will ensure you […]

20 Bump-Friendly Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

August 3, 2023 | riley

Finding a bridesmaid dress is already a lot of pressure as is. But it can be especially daunting if you’re bringing a baby bump along with you to celebrate. Whether you’re keeping your new pregnancy under wraps or weeks away from your due date, there are countless companies out there that are making shopping for maternity bridesmaid dresses easier–Birdy Grey, Show Me Your Mumu, and Dessy, to name a few. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice […]

Sustainable Bridesmaid Dresses That Are Chic and Eco-Friendly

July 29, 2023 | kailey

Planning a sustainable wedding has never been easier. There are a plethora of vendors and online shops that are prioritizing their environmental impact. So, when it comes to fashion, gone are the days when eco-friendly meant sacrificing style. Now, you can find stunning bridesmaid dresses that are not only ethically made but also make a fashion statement. Trust us, hunting down these gems is no longer impossible—you just have to know where to look. And […]

13 Mismatched Bridesmaid Dress Color Palettes

May 12, 2023 | brooke

We love when brides give their bridesmaids the freedom to choose mismatched dresses for the big day. Dresses of different colors and hues go beyond a trendy wedding choice—they’re an awesome way to determine your wedding color palette. Not sure where to start with the mixing and matching of colors? We’ve got you. We’re rounding up 13 of our favorite mismatched bridesmaid dress color palettes inspired by real Junebug weddings. Whether you love neutrals, airy […]

20 Unique Bridesmaid Dresses to Help You Stand Out

April 13, 2023 | riley

So you’ve chosen your bridal party who is going to stand by your side as you say, “I do.” Now it’s time to shop for their bridesmaid dresses. Like everything else in the wedding industry, more couples are opting for unique wedding fashion that stands out. We’re talking mismatched dresses, bold patterns, and uncommon silhouettes. If this is what you have in mind for your special day, you’re in luck, because shopping online for unique […]

This Online Shop Has Both Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses and Free Tailoring

January 18, 2023 | marissa

When it comes to your wedding party to-do list, finding the perfect dresses you and your crew love is a must. From modern, form-fitting satin dresses to classic, floor-length chiffon gowns, there are endless style options. And there are multiple online stores you can turn to for easy shopping and delivery. But most people often overlook the requirements after the purchase. It’s very rare that each dress will fit your bridesmaids perfectly–and the prices and […]

The Best Places to Buy Bridesmaid Dresses Online

January 14, 2023 | riley

Planning a wedding includes many moving parts. There are wedding dresses to choose from, colors to match, vendors to hire, and to top it all off the bridesmaids you’ve chosen to stand beside you on your big day also need to order their bridesmaid dresses. The neverending list of wedding prep tasks might start to feel like chores. When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, you’re in luck—shopping for bridesmaid dresses online has never been easier. […]