Wedding Ideas: Mexico Wedding

This Nave Lewis Wedding Was an Art Installation Come to Life

July 13, 2024 | justine

Valeria and Erik wanted their wedding to defy tradition. They desired a celebration that was anything but ordinary, and with the help of their vendors, they pulled it off. With a passion for art and architecture, they wanted their big day to reflect that passion. They always imagined their wedding space to look like an art gallery: simple, clean, and elegant. With a historic steel mill turned wedding venue adorned with sculptural arrangements and pared-back […]

This Unique Mexico City Elopement Was the Perfect Blend of Mayan and Western Cultures

July 12, 2024 | justine

Courtney and Nick had always dreamed of eloping, and Mexico held a special place in their hearts. It was where their journey together began, back when they were navigating a long-distance relationship. A work trip brought Courtney to Mexico City, which sparked their spontaneous decision to elope there secretly. They wanted their Mexico City elopement day to be uniquely theirs, blending their personal story with the city’s rich traditions and culture. It was not just […]

This Dreamy Kima Tulum Wedding Took Place in the Middle of the Jungle

June 25, 2024 | justine

Jacqueline and Johann found the perfect spot for their wedding: a hidden gem surrounded by lush greenery in tropical Tulum. The moment they laid eyes on it, they knew it was meant to be. With its secluded charm, their dreamy Kima Tulum wedding became a reality in this extraordinary setting. Soft pastel colors and delicate flowers adorned the space, blending seamlessly with the natural beauty around them. It was more than just a wedding; it […]

Classic Black and White Cape a Thompson Hotel Destination Wedding

June 12, 2024 | justine

Erika and Brad had their hearts set on crafting a remarkable experience for their cherished guests. Opting for Mexico as their destination, they teamed up with seasoned professionals to transform their dream wedding into reality. Adorned with timeless hues, enchanting florals, sophisticated decor, and trendy attire, their Cape a Thompson Hotel destination wedding became an unforgettable affair, leaving guests with memories to cherish for a lifetime. Their rooftop ceremony, with the magnificent sea as a […]

This Orange and Pink Museo de La Bola Wedding Was a True Fiesta

May 31, 2024 | justine

Annie and Lauren’s celebration was a burst of vibrant colors and funky Mexican chic style. With hues of orange and pink inspired by an Otomi textile pattern, their wedding exuded a romantic charm that perfectly matched their venue, a 16th-century museum. Every detail was carefully crafted, making it clear that love was woven into every aspect of their Museo de la Bola wedding. On their big day, the couple’s main goal was to have all […]

This ESMDM Wedding is the Definition of Romantic

May 30, 2024 | justine

Selecting the ideal venue for your special day is essential as it establishes the tone for the entire celebration. It influences everything from the color palette and decor to the overall ambiance, as seen in Maria and Jesus’ ESMDM wedding. They imagined their day to exude a blend of bohemian and romantic vibes, with only their nearest and dearest in attendance. With a historical and enchanting venue adorned with abundant florals and flickering candles, they […]

17 Mexico Wedding Planners to Help Bring Your Wedding to Life

May 27, 2024 | riley

Wedding planners can help you bring the dream you’ve had for years to life while saving you the stress of trying to do it yourself. That’s why they’re some of the most important wedding vendors to hire when you’re just getting started in your wedding planning journey. Whether you’re escaping to Mexico for a destination wedding or you’re looking for a local option, Junebug has a wide variety of Mexico wedding planners for every different […]

Pink Bougainvillea Inspired Casa Hyder Destination Wedding

May 17, 2024 | justine

Megan and Timo imagined their wedding as the best party ever, where marrying your best friend was the highlight. With this vision in mind, their goal was to create an event that not only celebrated their love but also embraced the vibrant energy and artistic charm of their beloved city. Drawing inspiration from the romantic allure of rosa mexicano, they infused their Casa Hyder destination wedding with a pink bougainvillea-inspired color palette, capturing the captivating […]

28 Best Mexico Wedding Photographers

April 12, 2024 | riley

Whether you’re planning a wedding in your home country or you’re jetting off to Mexico for a destination wedding, one of the most important aspects of wedding planning is finding a wedding photographer. This can be especially difficult when you’re hundreds of miles away. Thanks to social media (and things like Junebug’s highly-vetted vendor directory), seeing a photographer’s portfolio is easier than ever. So, if you’re looking for your dream photographer, you’re in luck. We’re […]

This KIMA Tulum Destination Wedding Was Overflowing With Flowers

April 1, 2024 | justine

Dayana and Forrest wanted a small, cozy wedding that felt like a fun cocktail party. They found the perfect spot in the tropical beauty of Tulum and instantly knew it was right for them. With the help of their reliable team of vendors, they made their dream wedding a reality. Since they both adore flowers, they decided to make them a big part of their celebration, and they nailed it. Their KIMA Tulum destination wedding […]