Unique Groom Style Ideas for the Modern Man

January 29, 2024 | riley

As much as we love a nontraditional wedding dress, we can’t get enough of unique groom style. From bolo ties and patterned blazers to colored suits and flat-brim hats, there are plenty of ways for grooms to get in on the fashion fun for the wedding day. Whether you’re bold, edgy, folksy, or fashion-forward, these eight looks will help you get dressed for your big day.

Bold Groom Style

For a bold look, don a patterned suit. You can find everything from florals to stripes to plaid, all fitting different wedding themes and color palettes.

purple patterned unique groom style

Image by Daniela Ortiz

Subtle Bold Groom Style

For something a little more subtle, choose a printed tie or patterned button-up under a solid-colored suit jacket. This look is especially chic for a tropical wedding.

subtle yet bold groom style

Image by Madeline Barr


Edgy Groom Style

For an edgier look, trade your traditional tie for a bolo or neck bow. There’s nothing better for a western-themed or ranch wedding.

desert boho wedding

Image by Julieta Rabadan


Subtle Edgy Groom Style

If you like the idea of keeping the tie, but still want to incorporate the edgy look, consider wearing an all-black suit. This means black pants, a black blazer, a black jacket, a black tie, etc.

Folksy Groom Style

For a folksy look, top it off with a hat. Everyone looks good in a flat-brimmed wool hat, and they also offer shade on sunny days, perfect for outdoor “I do’s.”

groom in flat brim hat and earthy attire

Image by The Kitcheners


Subtle Folksy Groom Style

For a more subtle folksy look, swap your dress shoes for a pair of boots. This is ideal for adventure elopements or destination nuptials.


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Fashion-Forward Groom Style

Colored suits are one of our absolute favorite trends, and we don’t see that changing any time soon. There are hundreds of options on the market. From pink to orange to yellow to emerald, it’s an easy way to tie in with your wedding color palette while looking fashion-forward.

colorful groom style

Image by Just Like Honey

Subtle Fashion Forward Groom Style

If a colorful suit is a little too much for you, but you want something that’s a little more unconventional, pair a camel-colored jacket with dark pants or a darker shirt. Bonus points if it’s plaid.

If you’re ready to put together your full wedding-day attire, check out these 10 places to buy wedding suits and tuxedos online. Don’t just stop there, though. Your closest friends standing next to you on the big day need to look sharp too! That’s why we’ve rounded up 17 fool-proof groomsmen outfit ideas that will match these looks perfectly.

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  1. If a person wants to look different from others on his wedding day, he definitely needs to spend time in getting dressed. Really, the wedding comes once in a life and a groom will definitely want that his appearance should stay in his wife’s memory as an amazing and unique one. So, the groom should ensure that he chose the outfit, which will suit him best and will create an aura.

  2. nice wedding attire. simply amazing

  3. Wow! That is incredible. You have shared some truly interesting pictures of grooms. Dressing up can be off-beat and trendy at the same time. This is one lesson the images you have shared here tells me. Keep posting such lovely blogs to give more ideas to grooms for their big day.

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