10 Places to Buy Wedding Suits and Tuxedos for Grooms Online

September 19, 2022 | kailey

Image by Taylor Devynn Photography. See more of this real wedding here.

Shopping for wedding suits and tuxedos for the groom? We’ve rounded up the 10 best places to shop for your stylish groom attire online. No matter if you’re balling on a budget or investing in the suit of your dreams to last you years to come, these menswear retailers represent the best at every price point. Shop classic, modern, trendy, and always stylish groom suits that fit your wedding vibe, your budget, and, of course, you, and have them delivered right to your door!

Tips to consider before purchasing wedding suits or tuxedos for grooms online: 

  • Since you’re ordering online, allow extra time for exchanges or alterations if needed
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a monochromatic suit moment
  • Play around with different patterns, colors, and fabric textures
  • Show off your personal style and don’t forget to choose pieces that make you feel confident
  • Don’t forget to accessorize with neckwear, hats, jewelry, cufflinks, etc.

Where To Buy Wedding Suits and Tuxedos

1. Bonobos

Why we love them: If you’re not familiar with Bonobos, welcome to your new favorite place to shop year-round. But we’re here to talk about weddings, so let us direct you over to their wedding shop. This page makes it super easy to know what style is the right fit for your wedding as Bonobos breaks down their item recommendations by formality level—Black Tie, Creative Formal, Semi-Formal, and Casual. Find everything you need to look stellar on your big day all in one place. Plus, they have cool ties and printed shirts that’ll allow you to add a bit of personality to your wedding day look.

2. Nordstrom

Why we love them: No online shopping list would be complete without Nordstrom. Nordstrom carries a wide selection of brands, meaning your style, size, and price needs are sure to be met. Plus Nordstrom offers free shipping and in-house tailoring at their many locations around the world. This makes your online shopping experience that much easier, knowing you’re just a short drive away from any alterations that may be needed.

1. Josh Trim Fit Wool Tuxedo ($1,098); 2. Josh Trim Fit Navy Shawl Lapel Tuxedo ($1,098); 3. Velvet Dinner Jacket ($1,820); 4. K Two-Piece Wool Tuxedo ($2,041)

3. The Black Tux

Why we love them: The Black Tux is a simple and stylish online shop that offers tuxedos you can rent or purchase. They allow grooms and groomsmen to fill out a questionnaire to nail down their sizes, plus you can take advantage of their free home try-on to make sure it fits before committing. Depending on where you live, you can also shop at one of their brick-and-mortar locations across the United States. Whether you shop The Black Tux or not, be sure to check out their handy groom style guide for a better understanding of each piece involved in your wedding day look.


Why we love them: ASOS is one of our favorite online shops where you can score unique and affordable menswear. You’ll find all the basics, but what we love most about this shop is their colorful and patterned suits—where are all of our out-of-the-box grooms at?! ASOS also carries tall and plus sizes for men. The best part? They offer premier delivery and have an awesome return process so you can easily buy multiple sizes and return what doesn’t work.

5. Generation Tux

Why we love them: Generation Tux is our only rental-only option, and they have perfected the process. Generation Tux allows you to design your look, take your look for a test drive two weeks prior to your event, and also provides free and easy returns with their included round-trip shipping. Worried about matching colors? You can have swatches shipped for free to ensure you select the best match. It truly is a stress-free tuxedo rental process.

6. Express

Why we love them: Did you know Express carries groom apparel? We were shocked too. Whether you’re looking for trendy or timeless, this well-known clothing store is packed with affordable suit options. Mix and match their pant and jacket offerings. After completing your ensemble you can choose from some of the best men’s accessories on the market including ties, belts, and shoes. Wanting to match your look with your groomsmen suits? With an affordable price point and wide accessibility, Express makes it easy for your wedding day crew to get their suits too.

1. Extra Slim Charcoal Wool-blend Suit ($496); 2. Slim Plaid Flannel Suit ($446); 3. Slim Black Modern Tech Belted Stretch Suit ($446); 4. Slim Solid Rust Flannel Hybrid Elastic Waist Suit ($446)

7. Indochino

Why we love them: Indochino elevates not only style (hello, gorgeous suits!) but also fit when it comes to menswear. Removing the tailor from the equation, Indochino’s fit process ensures that every piece fits. All you need is a friend and a tape measure, then Indochino’s smart algorithm does the rest. Every aspect of your suit is fully customizable, and the company uses cutting-edge technology to craft beautiful, one-of-a-kind suits made just for you. Get your designed-to-deliver suit shipped for free in less than three weeks and if it doesn’t fit the way you dreamed, Indochino guarantees they’ll make it right.

Image by Naba Zabih Photography. See more of this real wedding here.

8. Men’s Wearhouse

Why we love them: If there’s one brand that’s synonymous with groom attire, it’s Men’s Wearhouse. But did you know you can rent or shop online? Suits are what Men’s Wearhouse is known for, so no matter the fit, style, color, or price point you’re trying to achieve, they really do have it all. Plus they have a wide variety of popular brands like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole, and Perry Ellis. Lastly, they offer free shipping and returns!

9. Suit Supply

Why we love them: Your wedding can be a great time to invest in a well-made, high-quality suit that will last you for years to come. Suit Supply is your source for a suit you’ll love to wear again and again. Whether you’re looking for a tuxedo, two or three-piece suit, or even just an incredible jacket to pair with your favorite shirt and slacks—Suit Supply’s quality won’t disappoint. Looking for something custom? Get a suit made to your measurements both online or in-store!

10. Topman

Why we love them: Balling on a budget for your wedding? Topman offers stylish and affordable suiting (plus some of our favorite trendy menswear online!) perfect for your wedding without breaking the bank. Check out their two-piece suits for $200, shop skinny, slim, and ultra skinny fit suits for an ultra-modern look, and be sure to peruse their cool collection of accessories from tie bars to cufflinks.

Don’t Forget A Quality Undershirt

Now that you’ve found your wedding suit or tuxedo, it’s time to consider the finishing details. Thankfully, we found UnderFit–a premier brand that produces the perfect undershirts for any groom or groomsmen. All the features you’ve ever wanted in an undershirt are packed into Underfit’s impressive designs–including fabric that is sweat absorbing, odor-fighting, and 50% more breathable than a standard undershirt.

But best of all, these undershirts provide a tailored, trim fit that will go undetected beneath your wedding suit or tuxedo. No need to worry about an undershirt collar peeking through in photos or an untucked undershirt billowing at your waist. These shirts will guarantee your wedding day style stays  sharp from start to finish. Consider UnderFit’s invisible undershirt for any open collar looks or their standard crew neck shirt for more traditional styles.

You now know where to hunt down the perfect wedding suits and tuxedos for your wedding. But when you’re scrolling through each one of the websites, you might find yourself getting overwhelmed with endless options. All you need is a little inspiration to get in on the fashion fun for your big day. Whether you’re bold, edgy, or traditional, these tips for well-dressed grooms will help you create a look packed with personality.


Image by Sarah Dagenais Photo. See more of this real wedding here.

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  3. No, please do not recommend The Black Tix they have horrible reviews right now. Brides and grooms STAY AWAY I thought since they are a subsidiary of Nordstrom it’d be great but they are damaging the Nordstrom name. They send your final suit two weeks before the wedding and when you try to order a replacement size GOOD LUCK!!!! I’ve been told I’ll receive it tomorrow that was 3 days ago with no shipping confirmation! I called online support and even a local Nordstrom and spoke with a rep who has stated that it shipped but conveniently was not able to provide tracking information so let’s see if I even receive it. We may have to use Men’s Warehouse and order another suit just to be sure we will have one that fits.

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