Wedding Ideas: Wedding Planning 101

15 of the Best Colorado Wedding Photographers

May 7, 2024 | riley

Whether you’re running off to say “I do” in the mountains with the love of your life or you’re bringing all of your friends and family together for a large celebration, Colorado is truly one of the most beautiful states to tie the knot. Thanks to its incredible scenery, buzzing food and drink scene, and vibrant city life, it’s not hard to see why so many people from around the world choose it as the […]

Everything to Know About Hiring a Destination Wedding Planner

May 2, 2024 | kailey

Planning a wedding is tough, but imagine doing it from thousands of miles away. Bringing a destination wedding to life comes with its own unique set of challenges. With all that added distance, narrowing down venue options or assembling your dream team of vendors can be difficult. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. Hiring a destination wedding planner can easily prevent these inevitable hurdles you’ll face. Having a local wedding professional on your […]

What to Know About Hiring Your Wedding Florist

April 19, 2024 | riley

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable occasions of your life, and choosing the right florist can make all the difference in creating the perfect ambiance. From delicate bouquets to elegant centerpieces, flowers play a crucial role in setting the tone for your special day. However, like with any other wedding vendor, finding the ideal florist amidst a sea of options can be overwhelming.  That’s why Junebug exists. We’re here to match you […]

Destination Wedding Etiquette: 10 Tips You Need to Know

April 15, 2024 | kailey

Planning a destination wedding tends to be more complicated than a traditional wedding close to home. With having to book flights and secure accommodations, all while planning from thousands of miles away, this probably comes as no surprise. Bringing to life a far-away celebration will inevitably require a lot of preparation for you and your guests. While your wedding day is still ultimately about you, there are some destination wedding etiquette rules that couples are […]

How Much Does It Actually Cost to Be a Bridesmaid in 2024?

March 21, 2024 | riley

The role of a bridesmaid is not just an honor bestowed upon close friends and family. It’s also a commitment that involves time, effort, and, yes, money. In recent years, the costs associated with weddings have been slowly rising, and the expectations of bridesmaids have grown with them. As we make our way into 2024, being a bridesmaid is more than just showing up on the wedding day with a smile—it can be a significant […]

Can AI Help You Plan Your Wedding?

March 15, 2024 | riley

Every couple dreams of the perfect wedding, but the reality of planning one can be quite a daunting task. From finding the perfect venue to selecting the right flowers, curating a guest list, and even choosing the perfect attire–the list of decisions to be made can feel endless. But what if there was a way to simplify the process? What if Artificial Intelligence (AI) could take some of that burden off your shoulders?  Although the […]

15 Unique “Something Blue” Ideas For Your Big Day

March 11, 2024 | riley

As you begin your wedding planning your special day, there’s an opportunity to infuse your celebration with meaningful touches that reflect your love story. Amidst the whirlwind of wedding preparations, the tradition of incorporating “something blue” as a timeless symbol of love, fidelity, and good fortune may come to mind. If this is a tradition that you want to follow, but you’re unsure of how to incorporate blue into your wedding festivities, we’re here to […]

How to Set Up Your Wedding Hotel Room Block

March 3, 2024 | riley

If out-of-town guests are attending your wedding, they’ll need a place to stay. Reserving a number of rooms in a hotel room block ensures that your guests will have a place to stay close to your ceremony and reception. This makes things like transportation to and from the big day more manageable. It also allows the chance to secure a discount for out-of-town guests, though this option is not available at all hotels. Although many […]

15 Cities to Consider for a U.S. Destination Wedding

February 27, 2024 | riley

There’s a good chance that when you hear the term destination wedding, your mind quickly goes to the stunning vineyards of Tuscany or the sandy beaches of Tulum. But, the truth is, there are so many cool cities here in the US that would be ideal for a destination wedding. These cities have it all: unique venues, amazing wedding vendors, and tons of bars, restaurants, and sites to keep your guests entertained for the entire […]

25 Wedding Mocktails To Serve on Your Big Day

February 14, 2024 | riley

The idea of hosting a dry wedding can be daunting. You want to ensure that your guests still have an enjoyable time with plenty of entertainment. But, we’re here to tell you that your love is worth celebrating, alcohol or not. Whether you’re opting out of serving alcohol on your big day because of venue restrictions, religious preferences, or just personal choice, we’re here to make things a little easier by rounding up some of […]