9 Dessert Ideas That Will Make You Reconsider Your Wedding Cake

December 20, 2020 | Junebug Weddings

Congratulations! You’ve hit the part of your planning where you get to pick out your wedding cake. While a wedding cake is a definite must-have for many couples, it’s not a requirement. 

We are huge fans of breaking traditions, and if a wedding cake doesn’t speak to you, we’ve got other insta-worthy options. These nine dessert ideas are just another way for you to personalize your wedding day and make it unique to you and your partner.  

Wedding Pie As a Wedding Cake Alternative

Regardless of the flavor, pies are never a bad idea. If you ever find yourself craving apple pie with a scoop of ice cream, or a pumpkin pie, this option is a no-brainer. From mini pies to regular-sized ones, pies are a great wedding cake alternative to couples planning fall nuptials.

Junebug member Teri B Photography says, “I had one couple that ditched any kind of normal cake and fed each other from their giant Pumpkin Pie. It is the groom’s favorite dessert and the bride is all about fall. It was a perfect pairing and a perfect sweet treat. They had mini pies in various flavors for their guests to choose from.”


If you’re still on the fence about wanting a wedding cake, consider cupcakes instead. This is a great way to have any cake and icing flavor that you want without having to actually “cut” the cake. These are an easier way for your guests to have wedding cake without the hassle of having them served, either. Cupcakes are the closest wedding cake alternative to an actual wedding cake.

Bring On The Cookies

From intricate icing to perfectly cut-out shapes, cookies are a great way to add a personal touch and satisfy any sweet tooth. Cookies can be arranged on a layered tower, individually wrapped, or served later in the evening. Since they’re easy to eat on the go, don’t be surprised to see guests holding them while dancing the night away.

Candy Bars, Candy Drops, and Wrapped Sugary Treats

Grab your quarters and let’s take it back. Candy bars and their assorted candy cousins are a sure-fire way to stay unique and get a sugar kick. With a wide variety of candy to choose from, you can make sure there’s a dessert for every guest. 

Junebug member Nikk Nguyen Photo agrees that, “there’s nothing like an endless array of candy options for your big day. Chocolate, bubblegum, sour, or sweet—you’ll have everything you need to satisfy the cravings of each sweet tooth in the room. An old-school candy bar is the choice of all choices when it comes to wedding dessert alternatives. Don’t be afraid to customize your bar, decorate it, make it your own, and then take it home!”

Donut Bar

Two words: donut bar. Whether it’s a donut bar or a donut wall, these aren’t only pin-worthy, but who can say “no” to donuts? These finger-licking desserts are easy to eat, easy to decorate, and easy to customize. No matter how you display these sugary delights, it’ll surely be a hit at your reception

Cake Pops 

Another easy wedding cake alternative to consider is cake pops. These perfectly bite-sized cakes are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without locking yourself into a single flavor. So, if you and your partner are going back and forth about your cake flavor, cake pops might be a good choice!

Junebug Tip:

Cake pops are a great gluten-free alternative for any gluten-intolerant guests. 

Macarons As A Wedding Dessert Idea

Another pin-worthy contender for your wedding cake alternative is macarons. These French desserts can be made to match your wedding colors in any flavor you want. With the choice of fillings, decorations, and cookie flavors, the possibilities are endless. Try turning them into a tower, a floral-inspired arrangement, or lay them out on plates. They’ll look delectable and dainty on their own.

Even Junebug member Nikk Nguyen Photo said, “What’s better than a delicate bite-sized French favorite to satisfy cookie cravings? This trendy favorite is sure to be a win with your guests and will add a plethora of flavors and colors to your big day.”


Doesn’t matter if it’s from a stand, turned into a cake, or just served with a napkin, churros are a delicious dessert and an even better wedding cake alternative. Like many desserts, churros can be customized to your wedding colors, or kept simple. 

Junebug member Mariana Pierce says, “sugary churros with hot Mexican chocolate or traditional café de olla will have guests asking for more.”

Everyone Screams For Ice Cream Wedding Dessert Ideas

Ice cream, sorbet, gelato—oh my! Ice cream is an unconventional dessert for a wedding, but can make for great memories and cute photo opportunities. The best part is you can rent an ice cream truck and live out your childhood with some ice cream bars or cones. 

We also love the idea of dipping the ice cream cones in chocolate before they’re handed out. Ask your caterer to help you set this memorable wedding experience up.

Planning your wedding can be stressful, but choosing your wedding dessert is where you can have some fun. Remember, you don’t have to follow the tradition of cutting a cake, and these options give you the flexibility to choose the dessert of your choice. If you love more than one dessert, there’s nothing stopping you from having a few options to choose from. 

If you still want to have your cake and eat it too, then check out this guide on everything you should know about your wedding cake.

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