6 LGBTQ+ Wedding Fashion Tips

June 20, 2020 | riley

Image by Anni Graham

Like any wedding style, LGBTQ+ wedding fashion is all about wearing what makes you feel confident. If you’re having trouble narrowing down exactly what that is, we’re here with six tips for coordinating your LGBTQ+ wedding outfits to help you complement each other–all while fitting in with your wedding aesthetic, showing off your personal style, and being comfortable.

1. Determine Your Wedding Vibe

Since the overall look of your wedding day will likely influence what you wear, a good first step is to figure out your wedding vibe. Think about the style of your venue, what season you’re tying the knot in, and how would you describe your overall style preferences. From boho to edgy to beachy to city chic, the aesthetic options are endless.


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City Chic

Image by Diana Ascarrunz. See more of this styled shoot

2. Choose a Color Palette

Much like your wedding style, your wedding color palette might have an impact on your LGBTQ+ wedding fashion. When it comes to your wedding outfits–whether you’re going for a suit, dress, or something in between–having a color story is a great way to tie your looks together. Some of our favorite ways to infuse your color story are with shared colors in each other’s outfits (think pocket squares, shoes, or jewelry), wearing colors in similar tones, and using pops of color in alternating ways in each other’s outfits.

All White

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Shop white suits:

Neutrals With A Pop Of Color

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Gem Tones

Image by Stacy Able. See more of this real wedding here

3. Complement Each Other

If you both want to wear a dress or a suit, consider complementing one another rather than matching. Choose outfits with common features like lace, beading, or colors. You can also stylishly complement one another with similar accessories, like shoes, hairpieces, or jewelry. Keep in mind that complementary looks have as much to do with contrast as they do with sameness, so wearing different silhouettes or styling your hair differently can do a lot to differentiate your styles while telling the same story.

Opposites Attract

Image by Josh Olson. See more of this real wedding here

Different Shades

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Shop floral bow ties:

Same Ties, Different Suits

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Shop floral ties:

4. Matching Outfits

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to lean into matching outfits on your big day–especially if you’re suiting up. From getting the same suit to choosing the same tie, pocket square, and shoes, you can appear as a single unit on your wedding day when the contrast is between you and your guests instead of each of you independently.

Image by People Truelove Tellers. See more of this real wedding here

Image by Laetitia Donaghy Photography. See more of this real wedding here

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5. Show Off Your Personal Style With Your LGBTQ+ Wedding Fashion

Contrary to popular belief, weddings are about making your own rules and infusing your personality into as many aspects of your day as possible. You most definitely don’t have to follow any kind of traditional wedding fashion expectations–no matter what you’re wearing. When choosing your wedding outfits, think about your everyday style and what it looks like dressed to the nines. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain with unexpected textures, patterns, colors, silhouettes, or styles.

Gown vs. Bridal Separates

Image by Jordan Jankun Photography. See more of this styled shoot

Different Textures

Image by MNY Photography. See more of this real elopement here

Jumpsuit vs. Dress

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Accessories Galore

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6. Wear What You’re Comfortable In

At the end of the day, you should both feel as comfortable as possible on your wedding day. If you hate wearing dresses in your everyday life, there’s no reason to wear one. And just because one of you wants to wear a dress or suit doesn’t mean you both have to. This is as much your special day as it is your future spouse’s, so we encourage you to select the wedding outfit of your dreams–whatever that may be. When you close your eyes and picture yourself walking down the aisle, what are you wearing? Trust your instincts and don’t worry about following any rules but your own.

Planning an LGBTQ+ wedding and feeling stumped about where to start? We’ve got some helpful tips that cover everything from choosing vendors to finding decor that’s perfect for who you are as a couple to what to do about bachelor or bachelorette parties!

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