8 Tips for Nailing Your Engagement Photos

November 22, 2017 | nicole

photo by Blush Photography

With the holidays just around the corner, engagement season is nearly upon us! Whether you’re engaged already or you think the big question may be coming soon, we want to offer a few tips we’ve learned over the years for nailing your engagement photos. From what to wear to where to go, keep these eight things in mind before your upcoming photo shoot!

photo by Olivia Strohm

1. Wear something you’re comfortable in.

You’ve probably read some form of this tip before, but it really is the most important thing. If you choose clothes that are too tight or clingy, you’ll spend your whole session picking at them or covering up. If you choose something you’ve never worn before, you’ll be worried about how you look in it or may discover it’s actually terribly uncomfortable, which can come across in your photos.

Choose outfits that make you feel like a million bucks. If you do purchase something new, take it out for a test run (hello, date night excuse!) with plenty of time to launder it before your session in case of a spill or other mishap. As much as you consider how your engagement outfits make you feel, think also about how they’ll photograph during your session. For the ladies, we recommend choosing pieces that flow nicely as you move, especially if you’re doing your photos outdoors.

photo by Anni Graham

2. Steam or iron your outfits ahead of time!

Speaking of what you wear, be sure to de-wrinkle your clothes before your session. A photographer’s least favorite question is “can you just Photoshop that out later?” and oftentimes having things like wrinkles retouched in your photos comes at an additional cost per image. Save yourself the stress and get wrinkle free ahead of time!

photo by Blake Hogge

3. Consider professional hair and makeup for your shoot.

If you feel confident in your hair and makeup skills, you can skip on down to the next tip! However, if you’ve never done makeup for photos or you aren’t really sure what to do with your hair, you may want to hit up the salon before your engagement shoot. Photos require slightly more saturated makeup than your every day look so that you don’t become washed out. Haven’t done your hair and makeup consultation with your wedding day stylist yet? It can be a smart move to schedule that consult the morning before your session to knock out two birds with one makeup brush! (P.S. You can search for hair and makeup stylists in your area right here!)

photo by Eleanor & Pete

4. Make a day out of it.

One of the best pieces of advice we’ve heard from photographers is to make your engagement session part of a day-long date. Not only does this give you plenty of time for photos without feeling rushed, but starting your day in this mindset helps you feel connected and romantic as you head into the photo shoot. Start your day with a boozy brunch or coffee at your favorite spot and invite your photographer to meet you there to grab a few shots before changing locations.

photo by Peyton Rainey Photography

5. Set the scene.

Location is everything, so before heading to your neighborhood park for engagement photos, think about what you really love as a couple and what places reflect that. If you relish over making coffee together and snuggling on the couch with some good ole Netflix, maybe an at-home session is right for you. Are you an adventurous couple who spends your weekends hiking? Take your photos in the forest or mountains, hiking gear in tow. Don’t be afraid to incorporate your favorite activities like riding bikes or taking a canoe down to the lake. Check out our tips for setting the scene for your engagement session and take this quiz to find out where you should take your engagement photos.

photo by Célestine Aerden Photography

6. Schedule your session around the sun.

You may have heard that there are certain times of the day that are better for photos and that’s all because of the light! Golden hour, which is that beautiful time of day just before the sun sets is when you want to shoot if you’re looking for that glorious, golden light in your photos. It’s important to be aware of when the sun is going to set (you can check your weather app to find this out!) so that you have plenty of time to shoot before the light is gone. The early afternoon may sound like a good time for photos schedule-wise, but keep in mind that the light is much harsher at this time because the sun is directly overhead. Early, early morning light can also be magical, so you may want to consider a sunrise session where you arrive at your first location just as the sun starts to rise.

photo by Ricardo Quintana

7. Hire a professional photographer.

This should go without saying, but you are going to get the best photos by hiring a professional to take your engagement photos. Your engagement is such a short and special chapter in your life and your relationship, and you deserve to commemorate that time with beautiful photos together! If possible, we highly recommend booking your engagement photos with your wedding photographer. This gives you an opportunity to get comfortable and connect with your photographer prior to your big day, making for even better photos from your wedding.

photo by Anni Graham

8. When in doubt, kiss!

If you haven’t spent a lot of time in front of a camera (and let’s face it – who has?), you may be pretty nervous or become stiff during your shoot. A quick way to loosen up while still getting great photos is to go in for a kiss! This can help you connect with your partner and forget the camera is even around, which makes for more natural photos anyway.

Do you have any tips for engagement photos to share? Let us know in the comments!

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What do I wear for my engagement photos?

Wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable! If you do purchase something new, take it for a test run prior to your engagement shoot!

What time of day is best for an engagement shoot?

The best time of day for your engagement shoot is definitely just before sunset, which is referred to as golden hour!

Where should we go for our engagement photos?

Think about what you really love as a couple and choose places that reflect that. Love coffee? Try finding a cute coffee shop in your neighborhood. Enjoy staying at home? Opt for a comfy at-home session. The possibilities are endless!

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  1. The main thing I tell my clients is not to keep looking into the camera, and don’t feel like you have to smile all the way through the shoot.
    It’s all about being yourselves and acting natural ;)
    Enjoy it.

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  7. Definitely, my favourite shoots to do! Taking some speakers and having a few drinks is almost always a winner when shooting people who haven’t posed before!

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  10. I think another tip would be to use a professional for the shots, rather than your ‘Uncle Buck’ who offered to do it free because he likes messing around with cameras. There are some talented amateurs out there, but as a rule, profesionally composed shots shine through.

  11. Thank you for giving us the idea to include the activities we like to do on a daily basis as part of our engagement photos’ theme. My boyfriend and I love to watch films, so I guess taking a few scenes out of our favorites and reenacting them for photos would be a good idea. I hope we’ll be able to find a professional that offers good wedding photography packages.

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