15+ Outfit Ideas for Spring Engagement Photos

February 18, 2020 | nicole

photo by Kylie Morgan Photography

Getting ready for your spring engagement photos but haven’t figured out what to wear? We’re here to help with over 15 super cute (and super fashionable!) couples whose spring engagement outfits really stole the show. From pastels and floral prints to sweaters for not-so-warm spring weather, these ideas will help you both get dressed to celebrate your engagement in style.

Before diving into our inspiration, here are a few tips for what to wear to your spring engagement photos:

  • Pastels scream spring and look great paired with neutral colors like white, tan, and navy
  • Select a color palette by pulling hues out of a patterned item
  • Mix patterns with a printed shirt for one of you and patterned bottoms for the other
  • Choose a jumpsuit instead of a dress to feel more comfy moving around
  • Speaking of movement, pick pieces that flow as you move for beautiful pictures
  • Show off your personal style by getting inspired by your home decor
  • Don’t forget to accessorize! Having a hat or sunglasses doesn’t just look good — it can be helpful if you’re not sure what to do with your hands (besides, you know, snuggle each other)!

That’s enough from us — get inspired by these fresh spring engagement outfit ideas and shop similar items below each look!

photo by Kat McQueen Photography

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES: Pink Pleated Cami Midi Dress ($51); Light Pink Fit and Flare Dress ($138); Pink Shirred Pleated Midi Dress ($38); Pink Textured Midi Dress ($228); Light Pink Sleeveless Midi Dress ($69); Pleated Chiffon Midi Dress ($138); Plus Size Soft Wrap Dress with Ruffle ($109.95)

photo by The Bold Americana

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES: Cotton Sweater Polo ($64.50); Stripe Short Sleeve Mock Neck Sweater ($40); Textured Short Sleeve Button-Front Sweater ($69); Plaid Skinny Fit Pants ($65); Skinny Fit Suit Pants ($34.99); Ultra Skinny Fit Checked Pants in Beige ($61); Stone Skinny Check Pants ($70)

photo by Jen Menard

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES FOR HER: Cream Ribbed Knit Sweater ($48); Striped Crew Neck Sweater ($39.95); Pullover Sweater in Stripe ($98); Wide Leg Crop Pant in Bone ($68); Slim Wide-Leg Crop Pants in Toasted Sesame ($88); Old Skool Platform Sneaker ($64.95); White Platform Sneaker ($99)

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES FOR HIM: The Chore Jacket ($88); The Heavyweight Overshirt ($75); The Performance Chino ($68); The Performance Chino in Plus Size ($68); Desert Boot ($100); Chukka Boot ($124.95)

photo by Foolishly Rushing In

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES FOR HER: Chenille V-Neck Sweater ($54.95); Cropped Cardigan ($39); Jersey Slouchy V-Neck Top ($39)

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES FOR HIM: Sherpa Lined Denim Jacket ($129); Modern Fleece Lined Denim Trucker Jacket ($108); Sherpa Classic Corduroy Jacket ($139)

photo by Valerie Thompson

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES FOR HER: Sleeveless Wide Leg Jumpsuit ($138); Cover-Up Jumpsuit ($139); Wide Leg Jumpsuit ($119); Short Sleeve Coverall Jumpsuit ($99); Taupe Contrast-Stitched Jumpsuit ($158); The Glove Boot ReKnit ($155); Chestnut Suede Bootie ($101.95); Disco Ankle Boots ($180)

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES FOR HIM: Slim Short-Sleeve Shirt in Floral Print ($64.50); Tropical Button Up Shirt ($34.95); Leaf Print Short Sleeve Button-Up Shirt ($65); Palm Leaf Short Sleeve Button-Up Camp Shirt ($45)

photo by Foolishly Rushing In

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES: Emerald Wrap Maxi Dress ($268); Plus Size Emerald Flutter Sleeve Maxi Dress ($169); Teal Green Maxi Halter Dress ($98); Plus Size Emerald Halter Maxi Dress ($169); V-Neck Forest Green Maxi Dress ($84); Forest Green Off-the-Shoulder Maxi Dress ($90); Hunter Green Maxi Dress ($89); Dark Green Maxi Dress ($66)

photo by Just Like Honey

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES: Yellow Embroidered Midi Dress ($168); Mustard Yellow Lace Maxi Dress ($80); Mustard Yellow Floral Print Backless Maxi Dress ($94); Golden Yellow Wrap Maxi Dress ($69); Tiered Yellow Midi Dress ($108); White Embroidered Long Sleeve Wrap Maxi Dress ($78); Cream Embroidered Tiered Maxi Dress ($150); Embroidered Mini Dress ($118); Floral Embroidered Mini Dress ($128)

photo by Kylie Morgan Photography

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES FOR HER: Plaid Midi Skirt ($99); Patchwork Midi Skirt ($174); Sage Green High-Low Maxi Skirt ($49.50); Floral Midi Skirt with Slit ($39.95); Leopard Patchwork Maxi Skirt ($158); Tiered Maxi Skirt ($158); Plus Size Handkerchief Hem Skirt ($79.95); Floral Peasant Midi Skirt ($200)

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES FOR HIM: Slim Short-Sleeve Shirt in Dot Print ($59.50); Floral Short Sleeve Button-Up Shirt ($45); Slim Fit Short Sleeve Button-Up Performance Shirt ($98); Slim Fit Floral Short Sleeve Button-Down Shirt ($78); Slim Fit Short-Sleeved Shirt ($24.99); Slim Fit Floral Short Sleeve Button-Down Denim Shirt ($79)

photo by Brittany Boote Photography

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES: Silver Sequin Maxi ($444); Taupe Glitter Sequin Maxi Dress ($105); Ivory and Gold Sequin Strapless Maxi Dress ($338); Rose Gold Sequin Maxi Dress ($112); Embellished Maxi Slip ($198); All-Over Sequin Gown ($275); Silver Sequin Sleeveless Maxi Dress ($119); Plus Size Long Sleeve Faux Wrap Sequin Gown ($335); Plus Size Long Sleeve Sequin Slit Dress ($398); Plus Size Sequin Puff Sleeve Wrap Dress ($179.95)

photo by Nikk Nguyen Photography

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES FOR HER: White Bell Sleeve Crop Top ($40); One-Shoulder Top ($45); Ruffle Off the Shoulder Peasant Top ($78); Smocked Off-the-Shoulder Poplin Top ($88); Ruched Off-the-Shoulder Tee ($30); Off-the-Shoulder Long Sleeve Crop Top ($69); Plus Size Off the Shoulder Top ($44.95); Plus Size White One-Shoulder Top ($54.95)

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES FOR HIM: Classic Burgundy Stretch Cotton-Blend Suit Pant ($98); Extra Slim Burgundy Cotton Sateen Stretch Suit Pant ($98); Extra Slim Burgundy Cotton Blend Stretch Suit Pant ($98); Burgundy Stretch Washed Chinos ($98); Burgundy Stretch Washed Chinos Extended Sizes ($98); Burgundy Stretch Skinny Chinos ($50); Burgundy Skinny Fit Suit Pants ($70)

photo by Jaci Berkopec Photography

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES: Floral Pattern Tee ($25); Curved Hem Pattern Tee ($25); Floral Slub Crew Neck T-Shirt ($29); Chambray Short Sleeve Button Up Shirt ($34.95); Relaxed Fit Utility Shirt for Men ($29.99); Short-Sleeve Button-Down Workshirt ($69.50); The Linen Short-Sleeve Standard Fit Shirt ($48)

photo by Foolishly Rushing In

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES: Cream Floral Print Wrap Maxi Dress ($100); Cream Tropical Print Maxi Dress ($98); Ivory Floral Print Maxi Dress ($92); Plus Size Floral Maxi Wrap Dress ($169); Plus Size Garden Maxi Dress ($169); Plus Size Floral Maxi Wrap Dress with Sleeves ($129)

photo by Celeste Burns Photography

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES: Drapey Shirt in Drifting Flowers ($85); Silk Camp Shirt in Inkbrush Dots ($110); Cropped Floral Short-Sleeve Button Up Shirt ($34.95); Floral Tie-hem Shirt ($17.99); Plus Size Wildflowers Flutter Sleeve Blouse ($69); Plus Size Floral Top ($79); Plus Size Pintuck Pleat V-Neck Top ($69); Burgundy Tapered Pants ($88); Paper-Bag Pants ($29.99); Drapey Paperbag Pants ($85); Women’s Pleated Slacks ($29.99); Plus Size Slit Front Pant ($79.95); Plus Size Double-Weave Pant ($79.95)

photo by Just Like Honey

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES FOR HER: Flutter Sleeve Black Wrap Maxi Dress ($68); Black Long Sleeve Maxi Dress ($66); Black Halter Maxi Dress ($98); Plus Size Black Wrap Dress ($109.95); Plus Size Twist Front Long Sleeve Gown ($139.95); Plus Size Long Sleeve Draped Front Midi Dress ($99.95); New Frontier Western Bootie ($148); Round-Up Johanna Western Boot ($141); Roundup Western Boot ($139.95); Cromwell Cutout Western Boot ($174); Wool Felt Hat ($65); Field Tie Felted Wool Fedora ($69)

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES FOR HIM: Embroidered Shirt Slim Fit Casual Button Down Shirt ($33.99); Long Sleeve Western Shirt with Rose Embroidery ($34); Western Rayon Button-Down Shirt ($59); Oakridge Wool Cowboy Hat ($87); Wool Felt Crushable Cowboy Hat ($75); Western Cowboy Hat ($46)

photo by Jen Menard

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES FOR HER: Super Oversized Frill Sleeve Smock Dress in Khaki ($29); Button Front Midi Dress ($138); Tie Front Button Down Dress in Rust ($45); Denim Mini Smock Dress ($56); Green Midi Tie-Front Shirt Dress ($59); Curve Smock Mini Dress with Button Through ($45)

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES FOR HIM: Patterned Short Sleeve Shirt ($78); Jersey Short Sleeve Shirt ($78); Short Sleeve Stripe Shirt in Navy and Khaki ($103); Slim Hawaiian Shirt in Black Floral ($35); Slim Floral Short Sleeve Rayon Shirt ($54)

photo by Lauren Apel Photo

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES FOR HER: Linen Pinafore Dress ($89.36); Linen Ruffle Dress with Open Back ($128); Vintage Inspired Pinafore Dress ($175); Denim Surplice Apron Midi Dress ($79); Rust Red Long Sleeve Crochet Lace Skater Dress ($52)

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES FOR HIM: Brown Classic Corduroy Jacket ($148); Brown Jersey Shirt Jacket ($34.99); Corduroy Harrington Jacket ($79); Plaid Skinny Fit Suit Pants ($24.99); Plaid Skinny Fit Twill Pants ($29.99); Black And White Big Check Trousers ($65)

photo by Just Like Honey

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES FOR HER: Floral Button-Front Maxi Skirt ($69); Paisley Button-Front Maxi Skirt ($59); Colorful Tiered Maxi Skirt ($158); Bird Print Midi Skirt ($158); Ruffled Midi Skirt ($98); Black Floral Midi Skirt ($98)

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES FOR HIM: Geo Pattern Multicolour Shirt ($69); Multi-Stripe Ikat Button-Down Shirt ($59); Striped Twill Button-Down Shirt ($69); Jacquard Flannel Button-Down Shirt ($69); Overdyed Paisley Print Button-Down Shirt ($59)

photo by Valerie Thompson

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES FOR HER: Short Sleeve Linen Jumpsuit ($90.80); Sleeveless Linen Jumpsuit ($90.80); Rose Print Sleeveless Wide-Leg Jumpsuit ($128); Rust Red Striped Romper ($45); Burgundy One-Shoulder Romper ($56); Rusty Rose Backless Jumpsuit ($49)

SHOP SIMILAR STYLES FOR HIM: Black Denim Trucker Jacket ($98); Oversized Jean Jacket in Dunlap Wash ($128); Floral Short Sleeve Shirt ($78); Lightweight Floral Button-Down Shirt ($88); Slim Floral Pattern Dress Shirt ($69.90); Extra Slim Floral Wrinkle-Resistant Button-Down Dress Shirt ($69.90); Slim Soft Wash Floral Chambray Shirt ($49.90)

Which outfit idea best fits the vibe you want for your spring engagement photos?

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photo by Jen Menard

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  1. Cuteness overload.

  2. Spring colors have a coolness that naturally fills the air with love. You have picked the most desirable colors that would steal the special day, Nicole! I love all the hues plus floral designs posted here. I have to mention the emerald green maxi dress caught my eye!

  3. Love this. Such great looks!!

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