Should You Go Engagement Ring Shopping With Your Partner?

November 14, 2023 | justine

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Choosing the perfect engagement ring is a big deal. Traditionally, it’s been a secret mission, but today, many couples decide to go on this adventure together. If you’re a team that tackles life’s decisions together, then shopping for an engagement ring together might be a great idea. But if you love the idea of a surprise proposal, trusting your partner’s choice can be just as special.

If you’re considering going engagement ring shopping as a couple, prepare for an exciting journey. If you’re not sure that it’s the right choice for you, we’re weighing the pros and cons of shopping together to help you decide.

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The Pros of Engagement Ring Shopping With Your Partner

Getting the Ring Size Right

One significant benefit is hitting the bullseye with the ring size. We’ve all experienced the dilemma of purchasing a gift, be it clothes, shoes, or anything else. When you shop together, those size-related problems become a thing of the past. Determining the correct ring size is extremely important, and it’s not something to guesstimate. It saves you from the headache of having to get it resized after the proposal.

You’ll Have Options

You’ll have a range of choices when it comes to creating your ideal ring. You can choose the specific gemstone and design, or you can explore different styles and share your favorites with your partner. Collaborating on the design and selection process allows you to craft a one-of-a-kind, personalized ring, minimizes the risk of any surprises, and enhances the chance of discovering the perfect ring that truly symbolizes your love story.

Engagement Ring Shopping Together Eases Some of the Stress and Pressure

Shopping for an engagement ring with your partner is a great way to ease stress and pressure. You can have open conversations about your preferences and budget, making everything more straightforward. It’s like a team effort where you both have a say. If you don’t want to buy the ring together, you can compromise by not making a final decision on the spot. This way, you can enjoy the process together while still getting an element of surprise.

Having a Second Opinion Can Simplify the Search

The number of options can be overwhelming. With so many choices, getting a second opinion is a great idea. At first, the whole process might feel intimidating, but having your partner by your side can make it much simpler to pick the perfect ring. They can help you sort through the options until you find the one.

It’s the Ideal Start to Making Major Financial Decisions Together

Talking about the budget for your engagement ring while shopping together is a smart move. It’s not about setting limits but about being on the same page. Your engagement ring is a significant investment, and discussing the budget openly ensures both of you have a clear picture of the costs. This approach helps you make the purchase comfortably, just like you would with other important financial choices. It’s also good preparation for marriage, as it’s about teamwork and making decisions that work for both of you. 

The Cons of Engagement Ring Shopping With Your Partner

It Won’t Be a Surprise 

If you pick out the engagement ring together, the element of total surprise during the proposal is a bit lost. You’ll know it’s in the pipeline, even if the exact moment is still a secret. If the thrill of a completely unexpected proposal is what you’re after, shopping for the ring together might not be the right path.

It Breaks Tradition

Traditionally, one person secretly chooses the ring, but when you shop together, both of you decide. If you like the idea of a surprise and find it more romantic, you can still have it. You can involve your loved ones–like your mom, sister, or best friend–by sharing ring pictures with them and asking for their help. If you know that a proposal is in the near future, there’s nothing wrong with letting your partner know that you’ve discussed what you like with friends and family.

Your Partner’s Personal Touch May Get Lost

Your partner might really want to make the ring special with their own design. If you’re not too picky about how it looks, wearing a ring they’ve chosen can mean a lot. It shows that they put thought and care into finding something that suits you, even if you didn’t give them specific instructions.

It Might Lead to Overspending

Having your future spouse with you can create pressure and give the seller an extra advantage. They might use lines like, “Wouldn’t you like your partner to have the grandest diamond?” Cue your soon-to-be spouse looking at you with those irresistible, pleading eyes, and you may find yourself spending beyond your intended budget.

Prolonged Decision Making

With so many options out there, you and your partner might not see eye to eye on what makes the perfect engagement ring. Sometimes, getting another opinion can make the decision-making process more complicated. And you might start second-guessing your initial choice, which isn’t ideal.

Tips on Making the Most Out of Engagement Ring Shopping

Start Your Search Online

Begin by exploring online, whether on a jewelry designer’s website or social media. It’s a great way to discover what you like and don’t like. Once you’ve figured out which rings you want to try and how much you’re willing to spend, you can then think about visiting physical stores or looking into custom ring options. If you plan to visit a store in person, remember to call ahead and ask if their rings match your budget. You don’t want to waste time or be disappointed if you discover the store you visited is way too expensive.

Turn Engagement Ring Shopping into a Romantic Experience

Instead of treating ring shopping as just another task, transform it into a memorable and romantic outing. Start with a leisurely brunch or end the day with a romantic dinner after visiting a few jewelry stores. Check if the stores you plan to visit offer special engagement ring shopping services, like private appointments with champagne. 

When Only One Partner Prefers Engagement Ring Shopping Together

In situations like this, finding a middle ground is essential. If your partner isn’t keen on shopping together, consider collaborating with family and friends and have your partner liaise with them directly. Alternatively, you can create a mood board with your favorite rings, fill your Instagram feed with inspiration, or take photos of engagement rings you like. Offer your soon-to-be fiancé some hints to set them up for success.

Maintain the Element of Surprise

Shopping together doesn’t automatically mean sacrificing the surprise factor. Even if you’re actively engaged in picking out the ring, the specific time, place, and manner of the proposal can still be kept under wraps, adding an extra touch of excitement.

Do What’s Right For You and Your Partner

When you shop for an engagement ring together, it’s about making choices that suit your special relationship. It means talking openly, balancing old and new traditions, and respecting each other’s comfort. It also means being flexible and embracing your unique love story. Whether you choose the ring together or go for surprises, it’s all about celebrating your love in the way that feels right for both of you.

Now that you’ve got everything you need to know about engagement ring shopping as a couple, it’s time to jumpstart your ring search by exploring our curated list of engagement rings. Once you’ve found “the one,” remember to protect this precious symbol of your love with ring insurance. Ultimately, whether you decide to shop together or keep it a surprise, the key is to do what feels right for you as a couple.

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