Wedding Planning 101 – Five Steps to Planning Your Wedding, Your Way

July 1, 2014 | christine

Congratulations! You’re engaged and you’re discovering the many ways to creatively express your love and celebrate your marriage. Finding your own way can be one of the most rewarding things about wedding planning, and one of the most challenging. You want to hang on to the euphoria you felt when you first got engaged without having it turn into worries about planning an event. So, before you begin to make the many decisions that will make your big day unique, stop to spend some quality time with your partner focusing on these simple steps to stress-free wedding planning.

2014 Best of the Best Engagement photo - Cornelia Lietz of Cornelia Lietz Hochzeitsreportagen | via junebugweddings.com
Photo by Cornelia Lietz Hochzeitsreportagen


Step One: Begin by sharing your dreams and expectations. Talk about what having a wedding means to you, and think about the people and traditions that you want to honor, and the things you’re looking most forward to. Imagine the place you’ll be married, the time of year, and the overall atmosphere. Chances are you both hold some preconceived ideas and desires about your wedding day, and the best time to examine them is when your both ecstatic about getting married.

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Photo by Taylor Lord Photography


Step Two: Create a list of the most important things you’ve shared. Then, take turns prioritizing the list so its a reflection of what you both want from your wedding. Understanding your partners dreams will help you make decisions you’ll feel good about when you get married and throughout the years to come.

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Photo by Adam Nyholt


Step Three: Have fun brainstorming creative ways to celebrate your preferences, your backgrounds, and your differences, both now and in the future. Use your love and imagination to find ways that you can both get what you’re looking for, and remember that the partnering skills you’re learning today will be a gift you’ll both be grateful for in the years to come.

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Photo by Reid Lambshead of When He Found Her


Step Four: Once you have your priorities set, decide on your wedding date and which people you want to tell about your engagement, and when. Consider making your announcement extra special by hosting an engagement party, sharing it at a family event, or putting it in the paper or on your own website. Chances are your parents (and a few of your very closest friends) would rather hear the news directly from you and not through the grapevine, so if it feels right, tell them first.

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Photo by Ben Yew Photography + Film


Step Five: Keep your list of priorities posted and close at hand throughout your wedding planning process. Use it as a foundation to return to if you’re feeling overwhelmed, it will help you remember whats most important to you when too many details vie for your attention, and when well meaning friends and family members let you know what they think you should do.

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Photo by Ben Sasso


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  1. A well-planned wedding is certainly one that goes off smoothly!

  2. Great advice, especially step one and two. I think too often, couples get engaged and jump headfirst into planning without even thinking twice. Talking about dreams, expectations, and values really hits home what the core of getting married means and will make the planning process that much smoother.

  3. Great advice, especially step one and two. I think too often, couples get engaged and jump headfirst into planning without even thinking twice.

  4. Happy time is always enviable

  5. Rewarding & challenging – yup, that sounds about right for us! We’re both surprised at how different we are in creations areas of taste and tradition.

  6. I can relate to step 4. In a digital world, social media can oftentimes get ahead of the spoken and personalized word. Just because we can use social media to announce important messages does not mean it should be our only communication. I am a big fan of personally notifying family and important friends of your engagement before posting to social media.

  7. This couple is very happy , I seem .

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