9 Unconventional Bachelorette Party Ideas

May 29, 2023 | brooke

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From selecting the perfect destination to prepping a fun-packed itinerary, there’s a lot that goes into planning a bachelorette weekend as special as the bride you’re celebrating. After selecting an Airbnb fit for your wedding party and bachelorette party gear, it’s time to pack your itinerary full of fun. Whether you’ve decided to stay close to home or take this celebration on the road, we have compiled a list of unique, fun, and low key bachelorette party activities fit for everyone.

Unconventional Bachelorette Party Ideas

1. Camping or Glamping Trip

Nature and adventure-loving brides—this idea is for you. Whether you pitch tents or rent a cabin, your crew is guaranteed to have endless quality time. It’s also a great way to hit the reset button before the big day. 

Spice up your camping trip with extra activities such as hiking, swimming, or tubing down the river. Before you get to packing, make sure to read up on the local outdoor regulations for everything from glass bottles to alcohol allowances to quiet hours. And, most importantly, don’t forget the s’mores.

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2. Staycation

Spending your bachelorette weekend in an over-the-top Airbnb rental with your wedding day crew can be pretty lavish (and expensive), so if you’re something a little more laidback, staying put might be a winning option. Whether you’re working with a party-all-night crew or friends who prefer to relax in comfort, there are endless home rental options fit for every personality, destination, budget, and desired weekend vibe. 

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3. Spa Day

A bachelorette party is all about treating yourself. If you’re looking for a relaxing stress-free activity, treat yourself and your bridal party to a spa day. Don’t forget to complete the experience with massages and facials. 

Spas are great, but they can get expensive quickly. If you’re sticking to a budget and looking to save money, not all is lost. Gather your favorite products and bring the spa into the comfort of your own home. Ask your friends to bring their cutest Pj’s—or better yet, give everyone coordinating sets or shirts as a gift. 

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4. Cooking or Mixology Class

Food and drinks—we’re in. Channel your inner chef and learn how to make a new dish with an in-home or on-site cooking class experience. If your group would prefer the title “mixologist” instead of “chef,” book a private mixology class to learn tricks of the trade and shake up something delicious.

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5. Hire a Photographer

Let’s be honest—getaways with your best friends are sure to be packed full of memories. Hire a local photographer to capture the special memories you’ll want to hold onto far beyond your bachelorette weekend.

6. Winery Tour

Calling all wine lovers. Make a day tasting wine, enjoying charcuterie boards, and touring local or distant wineries. To make for a smooth bachelorette weekend, we recommend booking through a tour company in advance. Bonus: Grab a few of your new favorite bottles to enjoy on the wedding night.

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7. Karaoke Night

Warm-up those vocal cords and get ready for your solo. It’s time to hit up a karaoke bar for an evening of fun, cocktails, and videos to reminisce for years to come. The Junebug team loves a karaoke night out—especially with a group that feels no shame in belting out Queen ballads or Spice Girls medleys.

Need help choosing songs? Our wedding reception playlist is filled with sing-along crowd-pleasers.

8. Amusement Park

When you hear “bachelorette party” your mind probably immediately thinks of a crazy night out on the town. If partying doesn’t excite you and your bachelorette party guests, maybe the thrill of roller coasters will do the trick. You’re never too old to enjoy fried food, attempt to win ridiculously large stuffed animals or scream yourself hoarse on amusement park rides. 

Grab the bridal party and head to the nearest amusement park for a day of old-fashioned fun and games. Take it up a notch with a getaway to the “Happiest Place on Earth” during its International Food and Wine Festival to add boozy fun to your theme park adventures.

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9. Volunteering Together

If you’re a bride that doesn’t want the attention and hoopla of a bachelorette party, not all is lost. There are many nontraditional ways to celebrate. A volunteer day can be one of the sweetest—and most thoughtful—ways to celebrate your upcoming big day while giving back. It’s a special and unconventional way to create long-lasting memories while leaving a long-lasting impact on your community. 

Help plant a community garden, head to the animal shelter to walk dogs, or even gather supplies at your house to put together hygiene kits for the homeless. Follow up the project with a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant—the perfect ending to an unforgettable day for even the most laid-back group.

Bachelorette parties are a special way to celebrate soon-to-be brides. You deserve a day that is as unique and special as you are. If you’re looking to plan a unique celebration but don’t know where to start, check out our how-to guide for planning a bachelorette party

Now that you’ve got the itinerary set and you’ve loaded up on personalized party gear, it’s time to grab your wedding day crew and get ready for an unforgettable bachelorette party. 

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