Your Official Wedding Beauty Timeline To Look and Feel Your Best

June 19, 2019 | juliette

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Ever wondered when you should schedule your hair and makeup trials? Worried about trying a new skincare routine before the big day? We’re about to put your mind at ease with this wedding beauty timeline that will take you from finding inspiration to freshening your lipstick before you walk down the aisle!

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Pre-Wedding Beauty Timeline

Before we get started, we want to make one thing clear: you are perfect the way you are! These are merely suggestions that can help you feel your best on your wedding day and milestones to keep in mind as you’re scheduling appointments. Simply do what makes you feel great and forget the rest!

7-8 Months

  • Start your wedding beauty inspiration Pinterest board or binder
  • Set your beauty budget
  • Research local hair stylists and makeup artists to get price lists and find out if they go on-location for weddings
  • Decide whether to cut your hair or grow it out for the wedding day
  • If you want to increase your energy and/or tone up for the big day, choose and start a workout plan that makes you feel good

5-6 Months

  • Request hair and makeup consultations with salons/artists you’re interested in to help make your final decision
  • Schedule hair and makeup for the wedding day
  • Schedule a trial run with the hair/makeup teams 1-2 months before the big day
  • Visit a dermatologist if you have any skin concerns you’d like to clear up and to set up a skincare routine

3-4 Months

  • Try out any new body or skin treatments to see how your skin reacts
  • Decide if you’d like to try to grow or reshape your brows — if yes, consider consulting with a brow specialist
  • If you’ve never had a spray tan, test it out so you’ll know how it will look
  • Get a facial to start prepping your skin to look its best
  • Opt for proper teeth whitening tray kits like the custom ones available from Sporting Smiles

1-2 Months

  • Finalize your wedding day beauty look (including hair accessories) in your trial run appointments
  • If you’re doing your makeup, stock up on products, head to a Sephora for pro tips, and start practicing
  • Get your teeth whitened

2 Weeks

  • Get your hair trimmed
  • If you color your hair, get any needed touch-ups done
  • Schedule manicures and pedicures for the day before the wedding
  • Start to moisturize your skin every day
  • Indulge in a massage
  • Finalize your wedding day beauty timeline and give a copy to your planner/coordinator, beauty team, and bridesmaids

1 Week

  • Confirm all beauty appointments
  • Get a wax
  • Splurge on one more facial so you’re glowing on the big day
  • Put together your wedding day beauty emergency kit (anything you might need for touch-ups)

1 Day

  • Get a manicure and pedicure (tip: bring your own color so you have it on the wedding day for emergency touch-ups)
  • Wash and deep condition your hair for the last time before the wedding
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep

photo by We are Matt and Jess

Wedding Day Beauty Timeline

The big day is finally here! You’ve prepped for months, you’re feeling your best, and now it’s time to sit back and be pampered. We recommend starting your beauty routine at least 4 hours before your start time, whether that be the first look, photos with the girls, or the ceremony.

4 Hours Before Start Time

  • Shower
  • Put on a cute button-down shirt or robe
  • Eat a healthy breakfast with lots of water
  • Brush your teeth

2-3 Hours Before

  • Get your hair started first thing
  • Start your makeup either while your hair is setting or after it’s finished
  • Moisturize your hands and check your manicure

Just Before Walking Down the Aisle

  • Spritz yourself with your favorite perfume
  • Check your teeth for lipstick stains
  • Take a deep breath and enjoy every single moment!


Now that you’ve got your beauty timeline down, be sure to check out our tips for feeling your best on your wedding day! (What can we say? We’re obsessed with making sure you feel absolutely amazing on your big day!)

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