Timeless Black and White Battersea Arts Center Destination Wedding

January 11, 2024 | justine

Adam hails from the United States, and Ashley is all the way from England. As you can imagine, this made choosing an “I do” location a difficult task. They spent a good chunk of their wedding planning journey deciding on the continent fit for their big day. After checking out a variety of venues between  New York and London, they stumbled upon Battersea Arts Center. They had around 100 American pals fly over for their White Battersea Arts Center destination wedding. Their goal? To give it a London vibe without going too formal. They aimed to show off the building’s grand history with the lightness of their own personalities, and they totally pulled it off!

Their wedding was a timeless classic from start to finish. The ceremony dazzled with white florals and a chuppah, while the reception showcased an all-white tablescape seamlessly fitting the venue’s historic charm. Sticking to the elegant theme, both grooms sported matching white tuxedo jackets. But here’s the fun part—amid all the sophistication, they infused their big day with their own unique style. Flags, feather boas, and sunglasses made their way into the decor, adding a personal touch to the elegant affair.

If you’re looking for a way to add a dash of personality to your classic celebration, look no further than this England destination wedding. It’s the perfect source of inspiration for you. Keep scrolling to soak in all the gorgeous details expertly captured by Sam Sparks.

The Couple:

Adam and Ashley

The Wedding:

Battersea Arts Centre, London, United Kingdom

How They Added Their Flair to Their White Battersea Arts Center Destination Wedding

Weddings can be so serious and “by the book, ” which is not how we wanted our day. Meeting our planner was fate. Together, we created a design aesthetic that didn’t try to overshadow the venue’s beauty. We opted for classic, “simpler” flowers and a black-and-white color scheme to bring out the natural tones of the weathered walls of the Grand Hall. However, we also added some silly elements to contrast that “simplicity.” For example, there were two gorgeous marble statues in the Octagonal Hall where our guests entered, and we affixed the American Flag and Union Jack to each one to make it look like they were waving the flags. As the night progressed, we also added feather boas and sunglasses to the statues. We could go on and on, but our whole vibe wanted to feel classy but light.

From Virtual Dates to Real-Life Magic: The Significance of Our First Dance”

We recap the day constantly and have a different answer to this question every time. But for today, let’s say our first dance. We met during the pandemic and FaceTime dates to cheer each other up; we would virtually dance to Frank Sinatra’s “Nice and Easy.” Three years later, dancing to that same song in a fully choreographed dance (to Adam’s chagrin) in front of all our family and friends was beyond full circle. After that, the dance floor was packed and didn’t stop for the rest of the evening.

Tossing “Shoulds” and Embracing “Coulds” On Their Big Day

Make it personal! Who cares “what’s done” or “what’s expected.” It’s your day, so don’t go off of what you think you should do. Money can buy many things, but it can’t buy fun. And it was that belief that drove our planning process.

How They Pulled Off a Million-Dollar Look on a Budget

Our guests left our wedding saying it was the most fun wedding they’ve ever been to and that we genuinely thought of “everything.” Can’t beat that review! We also had a lot of friends, or friends of friends who saw our pictures, say that our wedding looked like it cost $1 million. It most certainly did not! Our budget was tight for both the size of the wedding (and our ambitions), so we’re proud of how much we creatively squeezed out of it.

Beyond Boring Ceremonies: How They Infused Personality into Every Moment

We had already been officially married in a very small ceremony in the States, and even though this one had many more attendants, we wanted it to feel just as personal and intimate. Ceremonies can be so dull and sterile, so we worked hard to design a ceremony where everyone felt like they played a part. Adam’s dad officiated and had each row of guests stand up so we could take in and connect to everyone who made the effort to be there. Since we’re two men, we couldn’t decide who would walk down the aisle last. So instead, we opted for our planner to send Ralphy, our dog, down last for a solo moment. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house after that! We had a group singalong to “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” to get everybody feeling the love. Adam’s eight and 10-year-old cousins read a poem of advice “from” our pup Ralphy. Ashley’s theater teacher read “Something Wonderful” lyrics from The King and I while her daughter accompanied her on the cello. Ashley surprised Adam with a Love Actually (his favorite movie) style flash song where, gradually, more and more of our friends stood up and sang. We both laughed and cried our eyes out the whole ceremony. It was perfect.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Sam Sparks
Event Planning – Events By Josephine
Ceremony + Reception Venue – Battersea Arts Centre
Floral Design – Sarah Vo Loves
Catering – Frozen Honey Events
Bar – Broken Shaker
Live Music – LDN Entertainment
Videography – Ben Tamir
Invitation Design – Maple & Rae
Groom’s Apparel – Todd Snyder
Rentals – The Happy Cuppah People


Hats off to Ashley and Adam for pulling off their timeless black and white Battersea Arts Center destination wedding! Big thanks to Sam Sparks for skillfully capturing every moment and detail that turned their celebration into a memorable affair.

Your wedding venue choice has the power to shape the overall atmosphere of your big day, as proven by this wedding. So, if you’re searching for the ideal venue, check out our thoughtfully curated options. Once you’ve found the spot, spice things up by adding your own creative touch by drawing inspiration from these unique ideas

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Timeless All-White Villa Podernovo Destination Wedding

January 2, 2024 | justine

Ellie and Patrick dreamt of a beautiful wedding escape, which came true when they found the enchanting Villa Podernovo. This special place immediately won them over with its irresistible charm, becoming the perfect setting for their big day. They wanted a wedding that showed who they were, with a calm and easygoing vibe in the countryside, surrounded by nature and their loved ones. With all the ingredients of a timeless celebration—a classic color palette, lush florals, and chic fashion–their dream Villa Podernovo destination wedding turned out just the way they wanted, making all their wishes come true and more.

The couple envisioned a quintessential Tuscan wedding with a stunning backdrop of rolling hills, olive groves, and vineyards. Their outdoor ceremony, framed by beautiful ground arrangements, turned into a heartfelt moment as they exchanged vows, officiated by Junebug member Tuscan Pledges. The festivities continued with a charming garden reception, where a long table was adorned with a lavish display of flowers, greenery, and candles, all beneath the warm glow of twinkling lights.

On their special day, the couple seamlessly combined timeless elegance with their unique personal touch, creating a celebration that reflected the best of both worlds. Luckily, Aleisha Edwards was there to skillfully capture every beautiful detail and memorable moment of their enchanting soiree. Keep scrolling to relive the beauty and charm of their wedding day.

The Couple:

Ellie and Patrick

The Wedding:

Villa Podernovo, Tuscany, Italy

The Evolution of a Dream Dress From Pinterest to Reality and Complementing It with the Perfect Natural Bridal Look

My wedding dress was custom-made by Darb Bridal Couture in Brisbane, Australia. I always wanted a halter neck dress, which is hard to come by. I took some inspiration from other dresses on Pinterest and the floral style we chose for the ceremony. We nipped and tucked as we went along to perfect the shape and floral placement. Once the dress was complete, I knew I didn’t want a second dress. I loved it so much and wanted to wear it the entire wedding day. Again, I wanted it to complement the venue and wedding style. I wanted my hair and makeup to be as natural as possible, to look like myself and not too glamorous. My sister helped with both. It made the morning very stress-free. Going back to basics was key.

From Down Under to Tuscan Bliss: How They Brought to Life Their Villa Podernovo Destination Wedding

We wanted something that felt authentic to us. We are both from the country in Australia, so we wanted something surrounded by nature with a rustic charm. Something peaceful and relaxing as most guests were enjoying their traveling holiday. Villa Podernovo was that and so much more. It was also the right size for our 25 guests—16 stayed in the villa, and an accessible area to other vendors. The owners and coordinators were also fantastic. We needed to work with people we related to and trusted, as we did all the planning via video calls and email. Once we had locked in our venue, the overall vibe and style of the wedding became quite clear. Villa Podernovo was not only a beautiful venue, but it was also full of character and charm. We wanted everything to compliment it, so we opted for a classic, neutral style with a little Tuscan country feel. As we traveled to Italy from Australia, we wanted to ensure everything felt authentic to Italy.

A Week of Wedding Bliss at Villa Podernovo

We had 25 people in total, andour immediate family stayed in the villa for a week, while other friends were stayed in Monticiano, which is a 500m walk. We hosted our welcome dinner, wedding, and pool day recovery at the villa, which was so much fun. It felt like our home for the week. We also toured the area, including seeing local wineries, villages, and thermal baths. There was so much for our guests to do in the area. We celebrated our wedding over the entire week instead of just one day. We have so many unforgettable memories, not just from our wedding day but all the activities we were able to do together.

Navigating from Afar: The Importance of a Wedding Coordinator

Invest in a wedding coordinator if you are traveling a long way to a different country. We used Villa Podernovo‘s on-site coordination and were not disappointed. We could only see the venue after we arrived due to the distance from Australia, so having someone help coordinate vendors was terrific, especially when it came to language barriers. It made the whole experience enjoyable and stress-free.

Creating a Homey Italian Feel with Family-Style Dining

We decided on a family-style set wedding menu. This was because we wanted a variety of traditional Tuscan meals to get that authentic Italian feel. It was also lovely to pass food around the table—to feel like you’re at home sharing with those you love the most. The table setting was so beautiful. The food was outstanding! Sitting under the lights, on a table lined with candles and flowers, with the villa lit in the background, was magical. We shared it with our immediate family and some of our closest friends. Everyone laughed and cried over speeches and shared funny stories of their travels. It was also a time when we could all sit together, relax, and truly enjoy our surroundings.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Aleisha Edwards
Event Planning + Venue – Villa Podernovo
Floral Design – Barbara Becarelli
Catering – L’Aurora Catering | Siena e Toscana
Officiant – Tuscan Pledges
DJ – Audio Dress + Musica Evento
Wedding Dress – Darb Bridal
Groom’s Apparel – M.J. Bale
Transportation – Slow Hills


Congratulations to Ellie and Patrick on their timeless all-white Villa Podernovo destination wedding. Thank you to Aleisha Edwards for capturing every stunning detail and memorable moment of their magical celebration. And a special thank you to Tuscan Pledges for officiating and sharing this beautiful wedding with us. To see more weddings they’ve officiated, check out their profile in our directory of the world’s best wedding vendors.

This wedding beautifully illustrates the profound impact a chosen venue can have on shaping the entire celebration. As you plan your own special day, remember that the venue holds great significance. For valuable insights and advice on selecting the perfect location, be sure to explore our comprehensive guide. Your journey toward a dream celebration begins with choosing the ideal backdrop!

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How to Have a Timeless Wedding

September 29, 2023 | riley

Image by Daniela Ortiz. Keep scrolling to see how to have a timeless wedding

Your wedding day is a special moment that you’ll cherish forever. While trends come and go, there’s something truly magical about a classic wedding that never goes out of style. It’s all about capturing the essence of love and celebrating it in a way that transcends passing fads. If you’re hoping to look at your wedding photos in 10 years and still love every single detail of your big day, keep scrolling to see small ways to have a classic wedding that will stand the test of time.

How to Have a Timeless Wedding

Classic Venue 

To have a timeless wedding, start with a classic venue. Opt for a location that exudes elegance, such as a historic mansion, a traditional church, a sophisticated villa, or a picturesque garden. These types of venues provide a beautiful backdrop that doesn’t need a bunch of trendy decorations to help make them stand out. You’d be surprised at just how far beautiful architecture goes when it comes to the overall aesthetic of your big day.

Elegant Attire

Your wedding attire is one of the biggest areas in which you can get that timeless look. Opt for a classic lace or satin gown with minimal embellishments. When it comes to your hair and headpieces, a veil goes a long way. All other accessories should be kept rather simple, focusing on pieces that have personal significance to you. For the groom, choose a well-fitted, traditional tuxedo or suit in neutral colors, such as black or navy.

Black Tie Dress Code

Although it’s a little controversial to give your guests a dress code, what they wear to your wedding impacts the overall feeling of the day. By requesting a black tie dress code, you’re immediately going to elevate the vibe of the wedding. Not only does it make for great photos, but these gowns and tuxes will never go out of style, so your guests can wear their outfits again while also feeling confident that when they look back in 20 years, they’ll still love the outfit they chose.

Neutral Color Palette

There’s nothing we love more than couples choosing bright, bold color palettes for their big day right now. However, this is a trend that very well could be dated in a few years (though this is hard to say, of course). To ensure that your wedding is timeless, choose a more neutral color palette that isn’t “on trend.” Think of shades like ivory, champagne, pastel pink or blue, navy, and black. These colors are elegant and versatile, allowing you to incorporate them into various aspects of your wedding. If you aren’t ready to sacrifice color, incorporate brighter, more colorful details in subtle ways (such as your invitations, signage, or florals).

Image by Laura Memory

Simple Invitations

Nothing says timeless more than using calligraphy or elegant script fonts and choosing high-quality paper and printing techniques for your wedding invitations. Minimalistic fonts and a black-and-white color scheme are another way to ensure you’re keeping the timelessness that you’re searching for!

Floral Arrangements

When it comes to floral arrangements, go for timeless blooms like roses, peonies, and lilies. These flowers have a romantic look that photograph beautifully. As for the arrangements themselves, keep them elegant and simple, using neutral colors (specifically white) and greenery to complement your color palette. And while we’re on the topic of decor, go crazy with the candles and string lights. They make things feel extra cozy.

Live Music

There’s something about live musicians playing modern and classical music–especially during the ceremony–that makes us swoon. We’re talking Bridgerton style. Classical music or classic love songs performed by an orchestra can create a romantic atmosphere during your ceremony. If you want a DJ for your reception but still want it to feel sophisticated, ask them to play classics like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Nat King Cole while your guests enjoy dinner. Then you can make the switch over to your favorite party tunes once you’re ready to get the mood turned up.

Classic Photography

Photography trends are a little harder to spot, making hiring a photographer a bit trickier. Our advice? Choose someone who has experience capturing candid moments and emotions and edits their photos in natural colors rather than with heavy presets. Black and white photos never go out of style, either.

Plated Dinner

One of the easiest ways to wow your guests and keep them talking about your wedding for years after the fact is choosing a caterer known for their delicious, fresh food and beautiful presentation. Consider a plated dinner with local ingredients and bright colors (picture lots of fruits and veggies).

Vintage Car Getaway

There’s nothing classier than leaving the party of a lifetime in a vintage car with your new partner for life. Not only is this a great way to end the night, but it also makes for seriously fun photos–especially if you have a mini photoshoot with your photographer.

Personal Touches

Lastly, infuse your wedding with personal touches that reflect your love story. Incorporate elements that are significant to your relationship, whether it’s a favorite quote or poem, a cherished song, or family heirlooms. These details will make your wedding uniquely yours while maintaining a timeless feel.

A timeless wedding is not about following the latest trends but about creating a day all about your love. By choosing timeless elements and personalizing your special day, you can have a wedding that stands the test of time. Ready to dive into the world of wedding planning now? Junebug’s got you covered. Check out our guide to help you create the perfect mood board, so you can bring your classic wedding to life.

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Timeless and Elegant Carlowrie Castle Wedding

May 3, 2023 | justine

Natasha and Alasdair’s Carlowrie Castle wedding was an absolute fairytale come to life. With all the classic elements of a timeless celebration, their big day was a feast for the eyes and the heart. From the awe-inspiring venue to the stunning arrangements and chic attire, this dreamy event had everything they could ever hope for and more.

The couple entrusted their vision of an elegant affair to a team of experts, who brought it to life with flawless execution. And what a setting they chose! Carlowrie Castle, with its 19th-century Victorian exteriors and modern, lavish interiors, was the perfect backdrop for their grand day. The Orangery–where the ceremony took place–was adorned with breathtaking floral arrangements on pillars, creating an enchanting atmosphere for their vow exchange. At the Marquee reception, lush blooms and greenery graced the tables, while the overhead installation added an ultra-romantic and whimsical touch to the space.

If you dream of a classic celebration filled with timeless details and personal touches that reflect your unique style as a couple, look no further than this Carlowrie Castle wedding for inspiration. Junebug member Ricky Baillie captured every moment of this breathtaking day, and we’ve got it all right here for you.

The Couple:

Natasha and Alasdair

The Wedding:

Carlowrie Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

Why A Carlowrie Castle Wedding

We always knew we wanted to get married in Scotland. We saw a few places and quickly realized that we wanted a venue that was exclusive to us. Carlowrie Castle is in its own league. It is traditional with a modern twist and reflects our tastes and personalities. Carlowrie is unlike anywhere else in Scotland, and it ticked all of our boxes.

Working With Their Vendor Team To Create A Classic Wedding Day Aesthetic

After searching through Pinterest for ideas and inspiration, we realized we kept gravitating toward a classic and elegant style. Working closely with Jordana Events, we were able to create a wedding day that was unique to us, ensuring that it reflected us as individuals and that our guests had the best possible experience. We feel incredibly fortunate to have such a fantastic vendor team who helped to make our special day a success. Everything went smoothly, and we extend our thanks and gratitude to everyone who played a part in creating our unforgettable wedding day.

Crafting A Ceremony That Focused On Their Love Story

We decided to go with a Humanist ceremony so we could be totally involved in the whole ceremony, which would be unique to our story. We met with a few humanists but connected with Neil Lynch best. We met with him a few times before the wedding to ensure he knew both of us well.

Personalized Notes: A Heartfelt Gesture For Their Guests

While we didn’t offer traditional wedding favors, we did take the time to write each guest a personalized message about what they meant to us as a couple. Our guests found a note explicitly tailored to them at every place setting, describing the special place they hold in our hearts. While this may seem like a simple gesture, ensuring that each of the 137 notes was flawlessly written and punctuated took a great deal of time and effort. At one point, we even questioned why we had taken on such a daunting task. However, seeing our guests read and react to the notes made it all worth it. Some guests have even gone so far as to frame their notes as a cherished keepsake of our wedding day.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Ricky Baillie
Event Planning + Floral Design  – Jordana Events
Ceremony + Reception Venue + Catering – Carlowrie Castle
Cake – A Bonnie Wee Cake
Officiant – Neil Lynch
Live Music – The Soul Establishment Function band
Videography – KLS Media Scotland
Invitation Design – Dreamcatcher Events
Makeup Artist – Stacey Toner
Hair Styling – Pam Doc Hair
Wedding Dress – Leah Da Gloria
Bridal Accessories – Jennifer Behr
Bridesmaids’ Apparel – Jarlo London
Groom’s Apparel – McCall’s Highlandwear
Rings – Finnies the Jeweller
Personalized Strawberries – Strawberry Luxe


Congratulations to Natasha and Alasdair on their timeless and elegant Carlowrie Castle wedding. And a big thank you to Junebug member Ricky Baillie for capturing all the precious moments this couple will cherish for the rest of their lives. To see more of his incredible work, check out his profile in our directory of the world’s best wedding photographers.

From a breathtaking venue to show-stopping floral displays and personalized touches that hold special meaning—these are the must-haves that will never go out of style. If you and your partner envision an elegant celebration that oozes romance, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got you covered with our planning and budget guides to help you get started on making your dream wedding a reality.

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Timeless Black & White Powel Crosley Estate Wedding

April 14, 2023 | Kamilah Kirksey

Picture this: you’re walking down the aisle of your lakeside Mediterranean-style venue to meet the love of your life awaiting beneath an arch of white blooms and greenery. You look back to your 230 smiling guests there to celebrate you at the most elegant historic Powel Crosley Estate wedding. This was Leanne and Cory’s dream wedding come to life. 

With an all-white color palette and classic fashion, the couple curated a memorable day that effortlessly brought everyone together. The bride was stunning in a chic long-sleeve gown with satin button details while the groom rocked a black and white suit. Guests dined by the water at round tables decorated with gold details and white florals beneath cozy cafe lights. Toasts and first dances were held early in the reception to allow the newlyweds to rest and relax with their loved ones as the evening closed out. 

If your wedding style is simple elegance, keep scrolling to grab more inspiration from these stunning images captured by Junebug photographer Grace Torres.

The Couple:

Leane and Cory

The Wedding:

The Powel Crosley, Florida, United States

What Was Most Important To You When Planning Your Wedding?

Spending time with our family & friends was most important to us when planning our timeline/day-of schedule. That’s why we decided to do a first look in order to get the majority of bridal party photos done before guests arrive. We also decided to move up our first dances & toasts to earlier in the day so our two best men, the maid of honor & the father of the bride could relax, unwind & enjoy the rest of the evening.

What Was The Most Memorable Part Of Your Wedding Day?

Our first look was the most memorable part of the day for us. It gave us some much-needed privacy before the ceremony & allowed us to get a majority of our photos done before guests arrived. We were able to join our friends & family during cocktail hour, but most importantly it was nice to just have a moment of calmness before our big day.

How Did You Choose Your Venue?

When searching for the perfect venue, we were hoping to find an elegant space with a lot of character (so we wouldn’t have to bring in much decor) & a place big enough to accommodate our 230+ guest list. The Powel Crosley Estate was the first venue we toured & nothing could compare to the historic, Mediterranean-style architecture & effortless beauty of the main lawn.  

Any Wedding Planning Advice You’d Like To Share?

Our advice would be to try & enjoy every step of the process. Early on, finding out every little detail that goes into planning a wedding can be stressful, especially when others start sharing their opinions – but don’t lose sight of the fact that it’s YOUR special day.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Grace Torres
Ceremony + Reception Venue – The Powel Crosley
Floral Design – Style in Blooms
Catering + Rentals – Milan Catering and Event Design
DJ – Total Entertainment by Matt Winter (DJ NT)
Invitation Design – Minted
Makeup Artist + Hair Stylist – Brides by Kelly Anne + Co
Wedding Dress – Calvet Couture Bridal
Bride’s Party Apparel – Anthropologie/BHLDN
Groom’s Apparel – Jos A Bank
Transportation – Sarasota(Siesta) Trolley & Transportation, LLC
Favors – Sycamore Studios Co.


Congratulations to Leanne and Cory on their dreamy Powel Crosley Estate wedding. And a big thank you to Junebug photographer Grace Torres for capturing every magical moment modern couples will use as an influence for their celebrations. To see more of Grace’s incredible work, be sure to check out her profile in our directory of wedding photographers from around the world! 

If you’re prioritizing finding the perfect venue as this coupe did, kickstart your search by checking out our vendor directory packed with the top wedding venues from around the world.

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Timeless Spring Heights House Wedding Inspiration Shoot

April 7, 2023 | Kamilah Kirksey

From the spring-inspired florals to the epic bridal fashion, this timeless Heights House styled-shoot speaks to our vintage-loving hearts. Talented photographer, Mady Noel Photo, brought together an expert team of vendors to create a day of romance, classic style, and a splash of quirkiness. And the newly-renovated, historic home venue made for the perfect intimate elopement.

To add personality to the venue’s stunning existing features, pastel florals were used as a  pop of color amid the blank canvas. While the grounded floral arrangement by Wildflower Florist played a big role in bringing this celebration to life, the fashion did as well. The brides were styled to perfection donning an all-white oversized bridal jumpsuit and a chic off-the-shoulder two-piece set.
To top it all off, the couple shared an adorable mini vintage heart-shaped cake decorated with orange trim and frosting daisies to add a retro touch. 

If you and your significant other are looking for that extra push to step outside that traditional wedding planning box, consider this it. These inspo-rich photos will kickstart your creative wedding planning, showing you just how creative you can be when it comes to planning your dream wedding.

Wedding Photographer Mady Noel On Why She Chose The Heights House Venue. 

This was a styled shoot for an intimate wedding celebration at Heights House in Raleigh, NC. It is one of Raleigh’s newest venues but in an old historic home that was recently renovated. It’s been named as one of Travel & Leisure’s best new hotels in 2022. I wanted to showcase that an elopement or intimate wedding could still be elegant, luxurious, and also a bit funky. It’s a reminder to do whatever feels good to you for your wedding.

The Talented Team:

Photography – Mady Noel Photo
Ceremony Venue – Heights House
Floral Design – Wildflower Florist
Cake – Made with Love
Invitation Design – Hannah Turner Studio
Makeup Artist + Hair Stylist – Reign Beauty
Wedding Dress – A & be Bridal
Bride’s Suit – Reformation


Big thanks to Mady Noel Photo for capturing every element of this Heights House wedding that’ll have couples prioritizing details that matter most to them. If this sounds like you, odds are you’re looking to trade a traditional wedding for a unique celebration that authentically represents your love story. And before jumping headfirst into planning, start by reading our guide for planning a unique wedding

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Chic & Timeless Wrightsville Manor Wedding

March 22, 2023 | justine

Nyomi and Devontae’s Wrightsville Manor wedding had all the elements of a timeless celebration. From the picturesque venue and lush blooms to the classic color palette and chic attire, it’s got everything we love about dreamy weddings and then some.

The ceremony took place in the property’s stunning gardens, with a beautiful arbor serving as a focal point. After exchanging heartfelt vows, guests enjoyed the cocktail hour taking in the beautiful surroundings and soaking up the joyful atmosphere. And finally, everyone retreated to the reception area, where the space was transformed into a magical wonderland of soft lighting, elegant table setting, and gorgeous florals.

If you’ve been dreaming of a classically romantic affair featuring timeless details and personal touches that you and your partner have envisioned, then this is the perfect inspo for you. Thankfully this breathtaking day was captured by Laura Memory. So keep scrolling for ideas that will never go out of style.

The Couple:

Nyomi and Devontae

The Wedding:

Wrightsville Manor, North Carolina, United States

The Inspiration Behind Their Wrightsville Manor Wedding

We knew we wanted it to feel timeless, romantic, and elegant. The venue captured that, so from the moment people walked in, you immediately felt the energy we wanted to have. We wanted to be able to look back on our wedding day ten years from now and for it to still feel like us to the core.

Trusting Their Gut When Choosing The Perfect Venue

We chose our venue without ever visiting it, which is now a little crazy. But from the moment we saw the pictures, we both just knew! We could envision the day happening there, and it was in the city where we met, so it felt like it was meant to be. Seal it where it began kind of thing.

Advice From The Couple: Focus On What’s Important To The Both Of You

Don’t get lost in all the little details. Prioritize what is really important and meaningful to your day and focus on that. Then you can add whatever other elements you want, but the “bones” or the most important things of the day will be done and secured. Finally, enjoy it! Make the most out of picking every detail and have fun in the process.

Their Music Selection Perfectly Reflected Their Background And Personalities

We loved our music selection. We are an interracial couple that loves music, so it was important to us to curate a playlist that captured both our cultures. It was such a joy to watch everyone dancing to music that they may not have understood, but the vibes didn’t need any explanation, like our conga line to “Suavemente “by Elvis Crespo.

Staying True To Their Wedding Vision

Our vision and our day, in the end, stayed true to what we wanted. Planning a wedding comes with lots of opinions and traditions. But we wanted to ensure that everything we did was because we wanted to. It was important to constantly come back to the most important thing for that day, and that was that we both loved and enjoyed every aspect of our celebration of love.

Choosing Bridal Fashion That Felt Right For The Big Moment

I love fashion, so it was my priority in the process. I always knew I wanted a traditional ball gown dress to walk down the aisle, dance, and enjoy my wedding at the night’s end. I knew I wanted something completely opposite and unexpected for my second dress, so I picked a dress that I probably wouldn’t have picked on its own, but it had these cape sleeves that just screamed drama and was exactly what I wanted: a moment!

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Laura Memory Photography
Event Planning – Belle Ame Events
Ceremony + Reception Venue – Wrightsville Manor
Floral Design – Design Perfection
DJ – Shawn Booth
Live Music – Maura Kropke
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Makeup by Dailyn
Wedding Dress – The White Dress
Groom’s Apparel – The Black Tux


Congratulations to Nyomi and Devontae on their Wrightsville Manor wedding. And a big thank you to Laura Memory for capturing all the timeless details soon-to-be-wed couples can use as inspiration and share with their team of vendors.

A picturesque venue, lush florals, a classic color palette, and meaningful personal touches—you can’t go wrong with these wedding details that stand the test of time. If you and your partner dream of an elegant affair like Nyomi and Devontae’s, check out our planning and budget guides to get you started!

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Modern and Timeless Southwestern La Fonda on the Plaza Wedding

February 24, 2023 | Kamilah Kirksey

Eliza and Taylor gave Southwestern chic an upgrade with their modern La Fonda on the Plaza wedding. From the vintage details to the neutral color palette, and even the couple’s swoon-worthy Southern-inspired fashion—this celebration was packed full of personality, culture, and effortless style. 

The lovebirds started their day with an outdoor ceremony decorated with dried desert flowers and endless sunshine. The bride wore a sophisticated long-sleeve gown paired with a floral crown and gorgeous fringe veil. The groom rocked a muted green suit with a bolo tie After saying “I do” the pair led their loved ones to the reception space featuring tablescapes with terracotta details, vintage postcard table cards, and desert-hue blooms.  

This couple put their all into designing a timeless celebration genuine to their love, and we’re so glad talented photographer ​​Alicia Lucia was there to capture every bit of it. Keep scrolling for desert chic wedding inspiration you’ll want to use as an influence for your big day.

The Couple:

Eliza and Taylor

The Wedding:

La Fonda on the Plaza, Texas, United States

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Alicia Lucia Photography 
Event Planning – Just Lovely Weddings
Ceremony + Reception Venue – La Fonda on the Plaza
Floral Design – Floriography Flowers
Cake – Maggie’s Wedding Cakes
DJ – Desert Disco Music
Invitation Design – Reb Peters Letterpress
Makeup Artist + Hair Stylist – Amy of A.Salon Santa Fe
Wedding Dress – Scout Bridal
Bridal Accessories – Ofrenda Studio
Groom’s Apparel – High Society
Rentals – Darling Details Rentals


Congratulations to Eliza and Taylor on their dreamy La Fonda on the Plaza wedding and thank you to Alicia Lucia for sharing these sweet “I do’s” with us. 

If you’re looking to plan a desert chic wedding where florals take center stage, then a florist should be at the top of your priority list. Not sure where to start? Check out some of our favorite florists in our directory of top vendors from around the world.  

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Timeless And Low Key Central Park Elopement

February 12, 2023 | justine

For Jason and Dillon, a Central Park elopement was the perfect way to start their new life together. By choosing a simple and low-key celebration, they could focus on the most crucial aspect of their wedding: their love for one another.

Central Park, the iconic oasis in the heart of New York City, played host to the beautiful and meaningful elopement of the two dashing grooms. A hidden gem within the park, a rustic gazebo enveloped in lush ivy was the quaint and romantic setting for their vow exchange. After the big moment, the couple took a stroll through the park and took in the sights and sounds of the bustling city while their photographer followed them. 

The memories from this day will be cherished for a lifetime, and the couple will always look back on their elopement as a day filled with joy, love, and a deep sense of connection with each other. So scroll through and discover what happens when you get caught between the moon and New York City. We guarantee you’ll fall in love with these captivating images by Laura Dilliberto.

The Couple:

Jason and Dillon

The Wedding:

Central Park, New York City, New York

The Special Reason Why They Wanted A Central Park Elopement

Since we started dating, we’ve traveled to New York every year to see the Macy’s Day parade. We thought there was no better place to tie the knot than the city we both love and made so many memories in. NYC truly is a magical place. We are proud of forgoing the pressure of family to have a traditional wedding ceremony and choosing to elope instead. This way, we could spend the entire day to ourselves and celebrate our love the way we wanted.

Their Central Park Elopement Fashion Was A True Reflection Of Their Style

We wanted our elopement to be simple and low-key. We wanted to incorporate some traditions, so we both wore classic tuxedos but added a little sparkle by wearing stunning loafers covered in glitter and a jaguar head with crystal-embedded eyes. I work in the funeral industry, so I wanted to incorporate something into my tuxedo that represents a huge part of my life. I had the buttons and cufflinks of my dress shirt replaced with Swarovski crystal skulls.

Hiring An Elopement Planner Was Totally Worth It

The main reason we chose to hire a wedding planner for our elopement was how effortless it would be for us. They took care of setting everything up, allowing us to travel across the country to make this day a reality.

Eloping Allowed Them To Splurge On A Great Photographer

We are both recent graduates, so the budget was a huge factor. We knew we’d save money by eloping, so we spent a little extra on our photographer. The most memorable part of our special day was walking all over the city with our photographer and having total strangers stop us to congratulate us and tell us how great we both looked!

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Laura Diliberto
Event Planning – Simply Eloped
Venue – Summerhouse at the Dene
Officiant – Sarah Ritchie
Grooms’ Apparel – Bonobos + Mens Wearhouse
Grooms’ Accessories – Aldo + Michael Kors
Rings – Tiffany Co.


Congratulations to Jason and Dillon on their timeless and low-key Central Park elopement. And many thanks to Laura Diliberto for capturing this special day they will forever hold in their hearts.

If you choose to elope, you don’t have to worry about meeting other people’s expectations or following traditional wedding rules. You can also avoid the stress and costs that come with big weddings. Instead, you can create a day that fits your needs and wants, just like this couple. And to top it all off, you can focus on what really matters: your love and commitment to each other.


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Romantic and Timeless French Riviera Wedding

February 10, 2023 | Kamilah Kirksey

After getting engaged in the south of France, Lauren and Callum knew that a romantic and timeless French Riviera wedding was calling their name. And with the help of their talented team of vendors, they nailed every detail. We’re talking about their chic venue on the water, stunning florals, and mirrored aisle—the couple truly went above and beyond to treat their guests to an elegant celebration they would always cherish. 

The pair started the day with a romantic sunrise drive. They traveled down the coast, from Cannes to their chateau venue. And they exchanged “I do’s” beneath a lush floral arch of blush blooms and baby’s breath. The bride wore a stunning sheer long-sleeve gown while the groom rocked a monochromatic, tan suit. Following the ceremony, guests sat at long winding tables decorated with floating blooms and classic gold and white details. To top it all off, the venue was flooded with colorful lights, getting the party started and ready for the bride’s epic outfit change. 

After postponing due to the pandemic, the two finally celebrated the wedding of their dreams. If you dream of planning an unforgettable destination wedding, take a scroll through these gorgeous moments captured by Lina Dambrauskas

The Couple:

Lauren and Callum

The Wedding:

Mandelieu-la-Napoule, France

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Creating Unforgettable Memories at their French Riviera Wedding  

Driving from Cannes to Chateau de La Napoule with my parents in the wedding car is a memory I will always cherish. Spending quality time on the most beautiful day of my life. Walking through the castle doors to see the mirrored aisle, the stunning flowers, and Callum waiting for me in front of the arch, surrounded by our family and friends.

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Advice from the Couple 

Hire a wedding planner! We hired Jane from Planned for Perfection, she’s the best! Whatever you think your budget is, basically double it to have everything you want. And lastly, wear your wedding shoes before the big day and bring a spare pair of comfortable shoes to dance in.

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Why A French Riviera Wedding

We got engaged in the South of France so that was where we wanted to marry. We did so many venue viewings and when we walked into the chateau, we just fell in love with it.

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The Wedding Team:

Photography – Lina Dambrauskas
Event Planning – Planned for Perfection
Venue – Chateau la Napoule
Floral Design – Paula Rooney
Catering + Cake – Pavillion Traiteur
Officiant – Grace the Day
DJ – Sounds North West
Live Music – The Beau Ties
Singers – House Acoustic with Claire Sophia
Videography – Mattias Guerin Films
Invitation Design – Lettering by GRG
Hair Styling – Dina Gray
Wedding Dress – Berta
Groom’s Apparel – Clements and Church
Gala Production – Gala
Transportation – Riviera Car Prestige


Congratulations to Lauren and Callum on their beautiful French Riviera wedding. And a big thank you to photographer Lina Dambrauskas for capturing every inspo-worthy detail, along with Planned for Perfection for sharing this stunning wedding with us! 

Pulling off a destination wedding like this takes an incredible team of wedding vendors. If you’re on the hunt for your dream vendors, take a peek at our highly-vetted vendor directory including talent from all over the world. 

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