Bridal Makeup Trends That We Can’t Get Enough Of

December 24, 2022 | justine

Image by Hellen Oliveira

New beauty trends come and go, but there are makeup looks that will never go out of style. With so much progress made by movements for body positivity and inclusion, we’re seeing many brides bring their best face forward with classic makeup looks that enhance their beauty rather than going for the “big transformation.” From soft glam to glowy and radiant, these are the bridal makeup trends we know are here to stay.

Dewy Luminous Look

Ditch the matte finish for a luminous and fresh look. With a focus on “your skin, but better,” you can achieve this dewy (or glass skin) look by starting with a brightening and hydrating serum followed by a blurring primer to conceal pores. You can also use a mattifying base if you have extra oily skin, then apply a luminous foundation in thin layers to build up coverage. This helps you pull off that bridal glow without looking too heavy or shiny.

Flushed Cheeks

Soft, feminine, and romantic blushed cheeks in rosy hues are here to stay. Creating a naturally flushed look—using products that melt on skin flawlessly—elevates the cheekbones and gives you a healthy glow. As a guide, brides with fair skin should opt for a light pink shade, brides with medium skin a peachy pink shade, brides with olive skin a deep pink, and brides with darker skin tones are well suited to bright blushes. Use a bronzer to create definition and get a sun-kissed look or a highlighter for that lit-from-within glow.

Fuller Fluffy Brows

Now is the time for full, fluffy, and feathered brows. This involves brushing up the brow hairs with skin coming through and minimal use of pencils and powders for a more natural and less defined look. A go-to grooming technique preferred by makeup artists, soap eyebrows are easily recognized for their brushed-up appearance and resemble the effect of brow lamination. Start by filling in sparse areas with a brow definer pencil, dampen a spoolie with water or setting spray for extra hold, brush the bristles against a brow styling soap, and comb through the hairs in the shape you want them to set.

Earthy Smokey Eyes With Subtle Shimmer And Full Lashes

This style is perfect for brides who want glam beauty without overly bold or dramatic tones, combined with fluttery lashes and eyeliner for added depth. Instead of charcoal shades, it’s all about the earthy-toned smokey eye with a soft shimmer for subtle drama. For a prominent lush lash look, opt for extensions instead of a natural lash lift. This way, you also won’t have to worry about your mascara running and smudging.

Soft Glam Foxy Eyes

Thanks to TikTok, the foxy eye has become widely popular and is a sexy and glamorous look. It’s created by winging out the upper liner, usually using tape, and carefully blending the eyeshadow outwards. It gives the appearance of an eye lift, and is one of the most flattering looks on everyone. It’s a fun look to try at your bridal makeup trial to see if you want to rock foxy eyes on your big day.

Pinkish Nude Lips

A pinkish nude lipstick is a must-have for an effortless, timeless look. It’s the perfect complement to your glowing complexion and subtle glam eye makeup. There’s a nude lipstick out there to suit every skin tone—whether that’s a dream shade of pinkish nude that doesn’t wash you out or one with a touch of plum, rose, or mauve. 

Minimalist Bridal Look

Moving away from the trends of contouring and heavy makeup, more brides want to bring an elevated natural look to their wedding day. This look is all about minimal but intentional product usage. Want a soft, simple bridal style that brings out your inner glow? The key is using hues that work with your skin tone. After all, the basis of this look is being the best version of yourself.

Of course, we always recommend that your overall look should reflect your individual style and personality. And what’s great about these trends is that you can experiment and tailor each one to your liking. Whether you hire a professional makeup artist or do your own makeup, keep these bridal makeup trends in mind to ensure you get the perfect wedding day look!

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  4. Impressive and interesting post. All brides look so beautiful that I can’t choose any 1 perfect look.

  5. Very informative blog post must say,

    Its been almost decade I am into this industry and have worked with various makeup artists. Based on my experience, same tone will not work for all bridal. What are your views on selecting tone based on skin type?

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