Why You Shouldn’t Negotiate with Wedding Vendors

August 18, 2020 | brooke

Have you noticed the infinite amount of wedding planning information on the internet? Yeah, us too—it’s kind of our thing. The Junebug team made a commitment to equip our couples with real, honest advice. So, when we read articles about negotiating with wedding vendors—specifically how to “ask for discounts like a boss” and “friendly haggle”—we wanted to set the record straight.

If you don’t read any further—though we hope you do—here’s a simple summary: You really shouldn’t negotiate with wedding vendors.

Stay with us here. You can and should discuss your budget with them. In fact, you can definitely ask vendors—especially wedding planners—about their best wedding budgeting tips. Some vendors may even be willing to help you brainstorm ways to adjust your budget. However, we never recommend you ask them to devalue the cost of their services.

We Feature Vendors

You should also know Junebug proudly features a carefully selected bunch of photographers, planners, florists, DJs, and more. We work with them to curate helpful advice we can provide to our readers (you!) at no cost. Whether you stumbled upon this blog post wondering if it’s ever okay to negotiate with the team responsible for creating your day, or you’re simply interested in our two cents, we hope you’ll find the—seriously—unbiased answers you’re looking for.

A Few Tips to Consider Before Meeting With Vendors:

  • Research the market. There’s a vendor for every budget, style, and experience you’re looking for—it just takes time to find them. Not sure where to start? Visit our vendor directory for a carefully curated list of wedding industry pros. 
  • Determine your must-haves. Make a list of your priorities. Vendors will help you know where to allocate the majority of your budget and where you can cut back.
  • Make a budget. When making your budget, keep in mind must-haves and market research. Know what you can afford before making any calls. 

Once you’re ready to meet with potential vendors, we recommend reading these tips for making the most out of your meetings—even if they’re virtual.

Professional Vendors Will Enhance Your Wedding Experience 

We know you care about working with the best-of-the-best wedding vendors. Keep in mind, these vendors are small business owners. Your payment keeps their business running, feeds their family, and allows them to serve you with the professionalism and attentive care that inherently comes from working with a small business.

We understand it can be difficult to think of a vendor—especially a solo person—as a business, so here are a few scenarios to help frame your thinking:

  • It’s the end of the month. Your boss asks if they can keep a portion of your paycheck because they can’t afford to give you the full amount this month. Your boss really loves the work you do for them and hopes you’ll continue to work for their company regardless of how much you’re paid.
  • There’s a local restaurant in town everyone’s been raving about. The chef has even won awards for some of the restaurant’s specialties. Would you call beforehand to ask for a discount because you want to try their food but can’t afford the price?

If you’ve found a wedding vendor whose business would make your dreams come true prepare to pay the price for the expertise, time, and value they bring to your wedding experience. 

Vendor-Client Relationships are Important

There are certain vendors who you spend a great deal of time with on the day-of—and before—your wedding. For example, you’ll likely spend more time with your photographer and videographer than anyone else on your wedding day. It’s important to choose vendors you enjoy speaking with and can form a genuine relationship with before your big day. 

The fastest way to make sure you’re starting off right is also the most simple. Kick off your client-vendor relationship on the right foot by showing you respect the price of their invaluable services.

Surely you don’t intend to, but when you ask for a discount or try to negotiate with wedding vendors, the message you often inadvertently send is: “the value of your service or the work you will do for me is less than what you think it is.” Ouch.

Being Upfront About Your Budget is Okay

If you love a particular vendor’s work, you can reach out to them and be upfront about your budget. It’s pretty difficult to offend someone by telling them you admire their work! Keep your message short and sweet by letting them know you’d love to work with them and what your budget is. If they aren’t able to meet your budget, they might be able to recommend another vendor with a similar style.

Don’t Negotiate with Wedding Vendors, Balance Your Budget

Remember earlier when you prioritized the services that are most important to you? Let’s revisit that list. We are confident you’ll find wedding professionals who match your dreams, needs, and budget. It might just take a little rearranging in your budget plan. 

For example, if lush, enormous floral arrangements overflowing with the world’s most stunning blooms have been something you dreamed of since you were 12—we want you to have those super stunning floral creations. However, the right florist for the job might fall outside of your original budget. 

Now is the time to look through the list and see if there’s another area of the wedding that you can cut back. Maybe those top-notch ceremony chairs (a detail you and most guests won’t notice on the big day) are worth sacrificing to make your floral dreams come true. Don’t be afraid to get creative and check out the advice from our real weddings to see what couples remember most about their wedding day.

We hope this advice has been helpful to you. Navigating wedding etiquette is stressful but it doesn’t have to be—that’s why we’re here. Our dream is that you hire a wedding team who will be a perfect fit for you and your budget. Wondering whether or not you should tip the vendors you hire? Work those tips into your budget ahead of time. We cover all of your questions in this post about tipping your wedding vendors here. 

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Should I Tip Wedding Vendors?

August 4, 2020 | brooke

photo by Karra Leigh Photography

Imagine this: It’s the end of your wedding night. You’ve just exited the venue and said “goodbye” to all of your guests. A getaway car whisks you away—hopefully headed to a cozy hotel or maybe out to a bar with the closest members of your crew. You did it! Whew!

Back at the venue, your photographer and videographer are packing up their things, the florist scurries around to gather leftover arrangements before everyone has to get out (your vendors will refer to this as the strike time). There’s still a buzz of excitement in their hearts—and, realistically, a bit of relief and exhaustion from the diligent work they’ve done to make your wedding dreams come true. In the middle of the hustle and bustle, your planner hands them an envelope.

What’s in the envelope? A tip. Or, maybe a handwritten note. We’ll get into those details in just a minute.

We Feature Vendors

Before we continue, we wanted to make it clear that Junebug proudly features a carefully selected bunch of the world’s best photographers, planners, florists, DJs, and more. We even talked to a few of them for the purposes of writing this article. So, whether you stumbled upon this blog post wondering about the etiquette of tipping the team responsible for your beautiful day, or you’re genuinely interested in our two cents, we hope you’ll find the—seriously—unbiased answers you’re looking for.

In this article we cover the following questions about tipping your wedding vendors:

  • Should I tip my wedding vendors at all?
  • Which vendors should we tip?
  • How much do we tip each vendor?
  • What are some alternatives to cash tips?

You should leave this article feeling confident about tipping—or not tipping—your wedding vendors.

photo by Los Ébano; see more from this real wedding here.

Tipping Wedding Vendors Internationally

When we sat down to write this all-encompassing totally helpful article for you babes, we got to thinking about our international couples and jetsetters who tie the knot abroad. Since Junebug is based in America—Austin, Texas to be precise—we took to our trusted planners around the world to provide their two-cents on tipping. As expected, tipping varies quite a bit by country.

Wherever you choose to get married (have we mentioned we love destination weddings?), make sure to familiarize yourself with the country’s tipping practices. Ask your planner, venue, or other vendors about gratuity expectations. If you’ve chosen your team responsibly, we’re sure they will provide you with all the information you need—without taking advantage of you.

Here’s What Some of Our International Planners Had to Say:

Henny, The Wedding Mood — Bali, Indonesia
The wedding and event industry in Bali doesn’t get tipped at all. As an independent planner, we can’t rely on tips, and since the entire wedding is fully paid off before the event even starts, neither the guests nor the couple carry cash with them.

“Cash and carry” beverage bars on private, high-end events are an almost unheard of thing. The guests of a destination wedding pay so much for their flights and accommodation to celebrate with the couple that it’s an unspoken rule that guests would never be expected to pay for their drinks at the bar, for instance. I could imagine that a guest or couple would tip maybe the wedding singer, DJ or other performers if they were absolutely over-the-top amazing, but again, if it’s an expat I don’t think they would do that.

Mango Weddings — Riviera Maya, Mexico
Tipping is an ambiguous topic here in Mexico. While everyone of course is happy to get tips anytime, it’s not a common practice by local customers. What we tell our international clients usually is that they are welcome to tip anyone they feel provided exceptional service.

Transportation drivers do rely on tips to survive. Tip depends on the distance, but anywhere from $5 to $10 USD per trip is considered generous.

Marie Alsleben Wedding Planning & Design Düsseldorf, Germany
Well here in Germany, it’s very relaxed. It’s common that you tip the service in the venue. Normally, in Germany it is 10% in a restaurant, but as we are talking of thousands of Euros, it’s common that the couples give about 3-4€ per guest. So, if they have 100 guests, they would tip the service with 300/400€.

A lot of couples invite the photographer, DJ, and wedding planner for the dinner, so that can be seen as a kind of a tip. Also, a lot of couples write a short letter to the vendors and give them a little present.

photo by Madison Katlin Photography; see more of this real wedding here.

Wedding Vendors You Should Always Tip

If you’ve ever gone to a restaurant or enjoyed a drink at a bar, you probably didn’t think twice about tipping your server or bartender. The same should apply for those services at your wedding. Some companies will include gratuity in their bill—be sure to thoroughly read all contracts!

Vendors who expect a tip:

  • Hair & Make Up Artist (15-25% per person)
  • Officiant (donation up to $300 to their organization or a tip of $50 to $100)
  • Caterer (usually tip is included as part of the service fee but if it’s not, 20% of the bill—before tax)
  • Wait Staff (15-20% of the total bill)
  • Bartenders (10-15% of the pre-tax bill)
  • Transportation (15-20% of the bill)
  • Band ($25-50 per band member)
  • DJ ($50-150)

Some Vendors Aren’t Listed Above

There may be some wedding vendors who don’t require a tip, but would be honored to receive one. Here’s the thing when it comes to tipping your wedding vendors: a tip, or kind gesture of appreciation, is always appreciated.

Photographer and Videographers

When thinking about whether or not you should tip wedding vendors, you likely thought about the vendors who are with you the entire day—the ones who you likely spend the most time getting to know. Depending on the size of your wedding, they might have hired staff to shoot the wedding with them. They put in effort to be physically present on your big day and then do more work after to ensure the images they captured reflect the beauty of it. Their work is reflected in their invoices, but tips or other gestures are always appreciated.

Wedding Planner

Your wedding planner and team are also likely to be your saving grace throughout the entire wedding planning process. They are there to make your lives easier, and we hope they exceed your expectations with flying colors. Again, they would greatly appreciate a tip or kind gesture of appreciation of their hard work—especially if you feel they went above and beyond to make your day special.


If you’ve invested in florals, especially large floral installations, your floral team will be hard at work to make sure they look picture-perfect for your day. In some areas, it’s expected to tip the installation crew (the people who load everything in and out). However, your florist likely covered that in your bill. A tip would surely be appreciated, as would a “thank you” letter or small gift.

photo by Catalina Jean Photography; see more of this real wedding here.

Cash Tip Alternatives for Wedding Vendors

For other vendors, sometimes a cash tip just isn’t in the budget. That’s okay! We get it, and so do they. After years of talking to thousands of wedding vendors, we can confidently say there are things that can mean even more than a tip. For example, a handwritten thank you note.

You’d be surprised how many wedding vendors—especially those who own their own small business—will hang on to these notes and revisit them often. Expressing gratitude and appreciation truly does go a long way.

If you’re trying to think of a few other ideas, here are ways to show appreciation for your wedding team:

  • Reserve a seat for them at your reception.
  • Send them a thoughtful thank you note.
  • Leave a review on their website or vendor profile.
  • Gift a spa day or your favorite relaxation candle.
  • Recommend their services to family and friends.
  • Share about their business on your social media accounts.
  • Tag them in social media posts about your wedding.

While we’re on the topic of showing appreciation, it’s always great to learn about common wedding vendor etiquette before the big day.

When and How to Tip Your Wedding Vendors

Prepare your tips in advance! Trust us, you don’t want to be scrambling around for cash at the end of your wedding night. Grab a few envelopes—we really love these compostable options—and label them according to each vendor. You could choose to include a note with the money or simply stash the cash and seal the envelope! Some vendors might also have an option to tip on your final invoice (if they use a system like Honeybook), however, it’s not required to add the tip there. Feel free to wait until the night-of to hand them a cash tip.

While we like to assume every boss is a responsible one, we have heard stories of tips not making it to the appropriate person. If you’d prefer to tip your vendors at the end of the night, we recommend having someone you highly trust hand the envelopes to each vendor. This could be a parent or your wedding planner—just make sure you trust them with delivering the tips accordingly and simply remembering to do so.

photo by Daniela Nizzoli

Junebug Reader Questions about Tipping Wedding Vendors

Question: Do I need to tip my wedding vendors who offer small specialty services (bar rental, coffee car, photo booth)?
Answer: For services such as bar rentals or coffee cars, we recommend you tip as you would if you were a patreon of their establishment. So, yes.
It’s also important to inform your guests if there will be a cash bar and tip jar. If you don’t want your family and friends to worry about tipping for their beverages, make sure you take care of the vendors directly. For photo booths and other small, specialty vendors, use your discretion. If they totally knocked your socks off and provide an exceptional service, a tip or kind gesture is going to be appreciated.

Question: Do the bridesmaids tip the makeup/hair people or is that the bride’s job?
Answer: This depends on who’s paying for the services. Have you asked your bridesmaids to pay for their own hair and makeup? If so, they’re responsible for tipping. It might be nice to remind them that’s common practice—especially if they haven’t been a part of a wedding before!

Question: Should independent vendors be tipped differently than those who work for an owner of a company?
Answer: Follow the guidelines based on the vendor category for this one. For example, if the vendors are working for a large catering company, it’s likely more appropriate to tip each member of the wait/catering staff versus the owner of the company. Use this same rule-of-thumb for the other vendor categories, keeping in mind the size of the business. Small businesses may have employees working for them, but the owner of the company likely contributes just as much to the day as their staff. 

We hope you’re feeling confident about tipping your wedding vendors appropriately. As always, feel free to reach out to us on social media with more questions, and be sure to stay tuned for our weekly wedding advice posts!

photo by Karra Leigh Photography

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Everything You Need to Know About Hiring Your Wedding Vendors

August 4, 2020 | kailey

Image by Rachel Black. See more of this real wedding here.

Between family, friends, and wedding vendors there’s a lot of people involved in bringing to life your dream wedding. That’s why your guest-list and wedding vendor choices shouldn’t be taken lightly. And lucky for you, we know a thing or two about wedding vendors—being one of the top resources for finding wedding professionals from all around the world

If you’re currently in the process of hiring your wedding vendors, we’re here to help. From costs to expect and red flags to look out for, here’s everything you need to know about hiring your wedding vendors with as little stress as possible. 

Wedding Vendor Costs 

Before searching the internet for your dream wedding vendors, it’s crucial to finalize your wedding day budget. Sit down with your significant other and figure out a number that’s comfortable for you both. With that number in mind you can better understand how much money you should set aside for each wedding day element. If vendors are a top priority for you—hint: they should be—you’ll want to allocate more money to that area. 

Junebug Tip: 

You should discuss your budget with any potential wedding vendors but don’t try to negotiate pricing with them. If you’ve found an industry pro you want to work with, be prepared to pay for their time, expertise, and the value they bring to your wedding. 

Recommended reading: Wedding Photographer Cost, Hiring Schedule, And…Everything Else and How Much Does A Wedding Videographer Cost 

Image by Eastlyn & Joshua. See more of this real wedding here.

When Should You Start Looking For Wedding Vendors? 

After finalizing your wedding budget, selecting a date, and booking a venue it’s time to start assembling your dream team. Every wedding planning timeline is different from person to person. But, a good rule of thumb is to kickstart your vendor search ten to thirteen months before your wedding. We think you deserve the best and the best book up quickly. 

Getting an early head start in your vendor search is also a great way to reduce your wedding planning stress and avoid having to make any rash decisions.  

How Do You Find Trusted Wedding Vendors? 

If you’re searching for top-notch wedding vendors, congratulations you’ve made it to the right place. Junebug Weddings is your first stop along your vendor search. Whether you’re looking for a photographer you just click with, a planner fit to bring your vision to life, or a videographer that’ll turn moments into memories—we take pride in connecting you with trusted professionals in our vendor directory.

On top of our vendor directory, we recommend sourcing vendors on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. All of the images you save for inspiration didn’t come out of thin air. A group of talented vendors worked together to bring every element—the table setting, bouquets, wedding cake, and ceremony backdrop—together. When you find details you appreciate, take the time to visit the professional’s websites. 

What To Look For In Vendors 

When starting your vendor search, you might be surprised by the amount of options you have. With endless choices this wedding planning task can quickly become overwhelming. On top of trusting your gut instinct, here are a few things to look out for when sifting through wedding vendors

The first thing is, do they have a website? If the professional doesn’t have a website they may lack experience or professionalism. Once you’re on that website, there are a couple of important pages you should browse—their portfolio and About Me page. Their portfolio gives you an idea of the types of weddings they capture, as well as a feel for their overall style. You may notice a consistency in their work, and if it resonates with you keep them on your list. 

There are a lot of red flags to look out for when hiring your wedding vendors. A few of those being poor communication, no reviews, and not having galleries of their work online. To avoid hiring vendors you’ll later regret, check out these red flags to look out for

Image by The Family Films. See more of this real wedding here.

Interviewing Potential Wedding Vendors 

Once you’ve officially narrowed down your list to just a few top vendor prospects the next step is reaching out for an interview. While you don’t need a sit down with every one of your wedding vendors, meeting the key players you’ve chosen to prioritize—like your photographer, planner, or videographer—is crucial. 

Meeting face to face will give you a space to clearly communicate expectations and figure out logistics. But, it’s also a great way to gauge your comfort levels with the person behind the business. Much like any interview, the vibe you get from the person is just as important as the questions you ask. Hiring vendors you trust and feel comfortable with is the best way to eliminate wedding day stress

When meeting with potential wedding vendors, “winging it” simply won’t do. Come prepared with a list of questions you and your significant other want to ask. In addition to questions, it’s also a great idea to bring along a mood board complete with details you want to incorporate on your day. This leaves no room for miscommunication—and during your wedding planning process that’s exactly what you want!

Recommended reading: What to Ask your Potential Wedding Photographer (And What Not to Ask)

You’ve hunted down, interviewed, and hired your wedding vendors—congrats! Now that you’ve assembled your dream team, it’s time to think ahead to your big day. From tipping your vendors to providing a catered meal, there’s still a lot of behind-the-scenes details that have to be prepped. Lucky for you, we’ve created a guide filled with the wedding vendor etiquette you need to know.

Image by Amber Vickery Photography. See more of this real wedding here.

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Red Flags to Keep an Eye Out for When Hiring Your Wedding Vendors

June 30, 2020 | nicole

photo by Kape Photography

Wedding planning should be as fun and stress-free as possible! One important way to reduce anxiety from the start is to only hire professionals you trust. Sounds obvious, but some couples end up regretting their vendor choices for things like mediocre customer service before the big day, or worse, an unsatisfactory performance on the big day or even after all is said and done. To avoid one of those horror stories of your own, we recommend keeping an eye out for these red flags when hiring your wedding vendors.

Before you read on, here’s a quick roundup of red flags to keep an eye out for when hiring your wedding vendors:

  • Poor Communication
  • No Reviews
  • An Out-of-Date Website
  • No Full Galleries of Their Work
  • The Feeling in Your Gut

photo by Phylicia Willis Photography

Red Flag #1 – Poor Communication

During the planning process, you should always feel that your wedding vendors are treating you as a top priority. It is especially important to be on the lookout for red flags for poor communication during the inquiry period because it can be a sign of underwhelming customer service to come. If your vendors are taking weeks to email you back or are flaky about setting up Skype meetings, you may want to go another direction. Do keep in mind that the vendors you’re talking to are running businesses and may not be able to always respond within just a few hours, but if you’re following up with them before they follow up with you in a week’s time, that’s not a great sign!

photo by Lilly Red Photography

Red Flag #2 – No Reviews

No reviews to be found across the entire Internet is a major red flag, but it’s equally unsettling if a vendor only has reviews available on their own site. It’s awesome if a vendor wants to highlight the great experiences of some of their past clients on their personal website; however, it is very important that you can read reviews on an unbiased platform. It usually isn’t as malicious as this sounds, but what are they hiding as a professional if they don’t allow public reviews?

photo by Melissa Marshall

Red Flag #3 – An Out-of-Date Website

Professionals should be keeping their website up-to-date for many reasons. First, a seriously out-of-date website can be a sign that a vendor is no longer providing services, which isn’t great news for you! Second, it’s important that you are seeing the latest work from the professional as their style may have slightly changed since they last updated their site. A professional’s website helps you set a certain level of expectations about them and their work, so the hope is that these expectations are based on what is current and not what used to be.

photo by Jordan Voth

Red Flag #4 – No Full Galleries of Their Work

When it comes to hiring your wedding photographer, be sure to request full galleries to get an idea of how they capture the entire wedding day. Just because a professional produces beautiful work on Instagram doesn’t necessarily mean they have consistent coverage throughout a wedding. You should know that you are hiring someone who will provide the same attention to detail on candid photos of Grandma from your reception as the images they post on Instagram.

While non-photographers may not have full galleries of their work to show, it’s still important to have access to a more in-depth look at their work than what social posts can provide. For instance, for a florist, what does their full wedding design look like versus weddings where they only designed the bridal bouquet? Remember, you aren’t asking too much of vendors to see more of their work before making your decision!

photo by For Love & Light

Red Flag #5 – The Feeling in Your Gut

Above all else, you have to trust that feeling in your gut if you sense something is off. That’s the biggest red flag of all! Does something about the professional’s work turn you off? Did they make you feel unimportant or like you weren’t “cool” enough during your Skype call? Would you not be friends with this person in real life? You may not end up being best buds with every one of your vendors after the I do’s are done, but there is something to be said for feeling comfortable around a person and being a good fit personality-wise.

Looking for credible vendors with rave reviews!? Be sure to check out our vendor directory!


Everything You Need to Know About Hiring Your Wedding Vendors

15 Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid Before Your Big Day

photo by Peyton Rainey Photography

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200+ Amazing Black Wedding Vendors to Follow on Instagram

June 3, 2020 | nicole

From Atlanta to London and beyond, Black wedding vendors are producing some of the most stunning weddings on the planet. To help you celebrate your day as beautifully and as true to you as possible, we’ve rounded up over 200 Black wedding vendors to follow on Instagram. These professionals, many of whom have won awards and have features in publications like Junebug Weddings and Vogue, include photographers and videographers, planners and florists, hair and makeup artists, food and drink vendors, DJs, and celebrants, stationery designers, and even one must-see wedding bounce house. Whether you’re looking for a talented professional to hire in your area or you want to add a little extra beauty to your Instagram feed, we hope this list of amazing Black wedding vendors is a useful starting point.

P.S. In case you missed it, here is our promise to you, our readers, to show up now and always for Black couples and artists.

Update: Due to page load time and the variety of vendor types included in our list, we’re not able to include an image to represent every artist’s work. If you are reading this and want to find professionals who inspire you, we recommend starting by checking out the accounts for vendors located in your area.

Black Wedding Photographers and Videographers

@adonyajaja – Denver

@alex.tome – Portugal

@aliciawileyphotography – Baltimore

@ambermarlow – NYC

@amyanaizphoto – NYC

@andrebrownphoto – Atlanta

@averiesunphotography – DMV and Pennsylvania

@avonnephotography – Philadelphia and NYC

@bigg_ayo – UK

@brichphotography – Fayetteville

@brimcdee – Seattle + Atlanta

@by.darius – Southern California

@caliviewfinders – California

@carlathomasphoto – UK

@chettaratphotography – Detroit

@chipdizard – DMV

@cliveblair – UK

@crystal_artis – Atlanta

@derustudios – UK

@dlvenniellc – Charlotte

@elizajanephoto – Los Angeles

@em.tog – Chicago

@flashbibbs – California

@fotosbyfola – Atlanta

image by @modavidphotography | event planning and design by @michellenorwooddesigns

@gione.silva – UK

@goodbodieskc – Kansas City

@heytayphoto – Kansas City

@honeysagephotoco – Kentucky

@igordemba – UK

@itsannaleona – Japan

@joelvis_photo – London

@joes.photo.co – New England

@jonathanephoto – UK

@joshua_dwain – New York and Washington D.C.

@joyandeverettephoto – East Coast

@jscreativegroup – Atlanta

@keshalambert – NYC

@kiyahc – Atlanta and Washington D.C.

@lajoyphotographyllc – Atlanta

@lavishlyluxstudio – Dallas

@leeshawilliamsphoto – UK

@lightvisualsco – Austin

@liningerroodphoto – Nashville

@loveluella – UK

@lovenpixelsfilms – New York and Northeast

@marni_v_photography – UK

@mccreamultimedia – DMV

@mharris_studios – Washington D.C.

@michelle_davina_photo – Atlanta

@modavisphotography – Louisiana and Alabama

@phylicia.willis – North Carolina and New York

@pinxitphoto – St. Louis

@quintoncharles.photo – Louisiana

@raphaellionelphoto – Alabama

@relmphotography – UK

@reneehphoto – Florida and DMV

@rheawhitney – Houston and Washington D.C.

@samjasperweddings – Alabama

@savannahlinnphoto – Ohio

@shiramariephoto – Arkansas

@siezethemomentstudios – Toronto

@silver.paris – Nashville

@socal.standard – San Diego

@sophiabarrettstudios – Atlanta

@taylorfieldsproductions – Atlanta

@theamberstudio – Dallas

@thecabrand – UK

@thecurlycameragirl – Virginia and North Carolina

@thedvimage – NYC

@thegracepictures – Dallas

@theowlweddings – Los Angeles

@tweekesweddings – UK

@ubaraweddings – Philadelphia

@vassellweddings – UK

@wolfshootsweddings – London

@yameanstudios – NYC + New Jersey


Black Wedding Planners and Florists

@aflairtorememberevent – Surrey

@afmenaevents – UK

@alishasimone_ – New Jersey

@andrewrobyevents – Washington D.C.

@atlantawep – Atlanta

@beaucoupdamourevents – Vancouver

@bemerryevents – Charleston

@bemyguestevents – St. Louis

@benessamyweddings – UK & in the Caribbean

@blueoliveevents – South Africa, France, and Italy

@bmooreevents – Atlanta

@byavecreations – London

@bychenai – UK

@carmelaweddings – London

@celebrationeventsmgmt – Canada

@cheers_events_london – London

@chicbynicole – Montreal

@cmproductionatl – Atlanta

@codaevents – St. Louis

@creativeflowco – San Francisco

@davisrow – NYC

@dejanaeevents – Chicago

@divineeventsstl – St. Louis


@elopeinatlanta – Atlanta

@enrapturedevents – Atlanta

@envisionedeventsbysuzette – New York and New Jersey

@eow.planner – UK

@event_shoppe_chi – Chicago

@eventsbyjes – Atlanta

@_eventsbymesita – Atlanta

@eventsbysalt – London

@eventualconcepts – Illinois and California

@fabulousfox_designs – Atlanta

@falloncarterevents – NYC and Los Angeles

@flawlessweddingsevents – Los Angeles

@floralsbyladybuggs – Los Angeles

@ileevents – Miami and NYC

image by @thestudioco featuring wedding planner @benessamyweddings

@imperialevents_inc – Atlanta

@infiniteluxeweddings – South Africa

@jamaicaweddingconcierge – Jamaica

@janeleliseevents – Atlanta

@j.hillevents – Atlanta

@justwighteventplanning – Tampa

@katewrenflowers – UK

@kayciarhoneevents – Atlanta

@kbellesdesign – NYC

@keshevents – Chicago

@kimberlyrosedesigns – UK

@kis_wedding – Paris

@latitude_concierge_travels – Toronto

@lasoireechic – Atlanta

@leilaniweddings – California

@lilyvevents – Pennsylvania, NYC, Atlanta, Los Angeles

@livchicevents – Toronto

@lovegushevents – Austin

@lottofevents – Austin

@luxebyminihaha – UK

@maggieroseevents – Maryland

@manolaluxeweddings – UK

@mdawnfloral – Detroit

@memories4uweddings – UK

@michelleharrisonevents – Georgia

@michellenorwoodevents – Louisiana

@monicarelyeaevents – Hudson Valley, Connecticut, and Massachusetts

@mrsweddingplanner – UK

@mypartydivas – Atlanta

@mysimplyperfect – Atlanta

@nataliesolankeweddings – UK

@nulyweds – Portugal

@offerings.co – Los Angeles

@officialeminentevents – UK

@ohnikioccasions – Florida and New York

@onieesengagements – North Carolina

@p3events – Las Vegas

@pearlineevents – London

@perfectlyplanned4you – UK

@petalsstudio_ – Tennessee

@queenofheartsfloraldesign – UK

@raedanielle_designs – Dallas

@roeweddings – UK

@royaleventsandservices – Tampa

@salsabilmorrisonphotography – England

@sherocksevents – Houston

@skeventdesignrentals – Georgia and the Southeast

image by @alex.tome

@socialshotphotos – Atlanta

@studio1524 – Tennessee

@studiochiweddings – London

@teantona_event_connoisseurs_ – Ontario

@temsdelightevents – Toronto

@theperfectcreation – Atlanta

@theroadtomarriage – California and Texas

@thewildmother – Oklahoma City

@tmichelleweddingsandevents – DMV and Pennsylvania

@trulyewers – Dallas

@umberbridegroom – DMV

@winzlovesevents – UK

@__whitelinen__ – Caribbean

@ynot_images – Atlanta

@yourdayyourwaycoordinators – Southern California


@soiree_andco – UK

@vision_into_reality_events – Southern California (and destination)

Black Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists

@beautybybijan – Los Angeles

@beautyIIbehold – Atlanta

@blushedbynaomie – Atlanta

@bridesbyaina.m – UK

@charishair – UK

@chatelnoire_hair – UK

@fabelleinc – Atlanta

@gele_master – Toronto

@hair2thethronebridal – London

@hairbyabike – London

@joyadenuga – UK

@joyceconnormakeup – London

@kemikingsmakeup – UK

@kimberlyyasmine – Memphis

@makeupologybrides – London

@nxb.studio – Edmonton

@salonphilosophie – San Francisco

@tniquejhair – Los Angeles

@triphina_michelle_mua – DMV

photo by @alex.tome

Black-Owned Cake, Catering, and Beverage Businesses

@afternoonteaatfifi – Liverpool

@applebutterbakery – Atlanta

@berryandbrie – London

@bubblesandbrewsca – Temecula

@bubblesandbrewsphilly – Philadelphia

@cakesbybims – UK

@cakesbylamaleeka – Georgia

@choquettestl – St. Louis

@debrahjevents – UK

@delacremestudio – St. Louis

@elegantfruitevents – Toronto

@forgoodcakes – Georgia

@fromscrathwithlovecatering – Bay Area

@groovydeliciousness – Philadelphia

@letustoastja – Jamaica

@lhcocktails – Atlanta

@littlecakegarden – UK

@monanniecakes – UK

@nicolebakescakes – Los Angeles

@notacrumbcakeist – Atlanta

@olumade – Toronto

@plumbandrabbittscakestudio – UK

@raamonamakescakes – Cheshire

@shmoreboards – Atlanta

@sophisticateddelights – Texas and Louisiana

@sugarspoondesserts – Minnesota

@sweetdetailsatl – Atlanta

@teesbakeryuk – UK

@thedulceexperience – Detroit

@thehunterscocktails – UK

@womcatering – Austin

@teesbakeryuk – UK

@sugartableslondon – London

Black Wedding Officiants and Celebrants

@celebrantscollective – Europe

@choosehumanweddings – Atlanta

@holdfastceremonies – UK

@jamiewalkercelebrant – UK

@jennifer_patrice_celebrant – UK

@londonhumanistwedding – UK


@michelle_funkycelebrant – UK

@sharonburtyourcelebrant – UK

@yourcustomceremony – Southern California

Black-Owned Wedding Fashion Businesses

@BridesbyNona – Atlanta

@couturegirl17 – New York


@detroitbridalhouse – Detroit


@dreamersandlovers_ – California

@edmonsonbridalcouture – London


@felisitigreis – UK



@jeanralphthurin – New Jersey

@joyabendmodebridal – Michigan

@julieharrisdesigns – Los Angeles

@leeannesluxurybridal – Detroit

@lifestyledbyabbria – Online


@naomiderubridal – Kent

@ouimadam1 – London


@ritacolson – London

@su.reina.bridal – Houston


@kabiruabu – Italy

@bridesbynona – Atlanta


Black Wedding Bands, DJs, and Emcees

@djantronatl – Atlanta

@djblitzevents1 – UK

@djchuckdsupreme – California

@djdaveb1 – UK

@djgregofneckwerk – Minnesota

@djwillgill – Los Angeles

@exquisitesoundsent – Atlanta

@honeyandvinyl – NYC

@mobile_dj_services – Dallas

@onesoundandent – Georgia

@onesounddmv – DMV

@say_i_tru – NYC

@vivabanduk – UK

Black-Owned Stationery Businesses

@amandareiddesigns – Austin and online

@brandedbybernel – Online

@chloecreative1 – UK and online

@ivelissedesigns – Online

@lepenndesigns – Detroit and online

@mademoiselled.design – Canada and online

@PaperedWonders – Atlanta

@polkpaper – New Jersey and online

@robbinsnestdesignstudio – NYC

@sandispells – Online

@studiooudizo – UK and online

@sytinvite – Canada and online

@taaenoelleandco_branding – Online

@thesocialpage – Calgary and online

photo by @alex.tome

Other Black-Owned Wedding Vendors

@angebdesigns – London Jewelry Designer

@bridalfitnesscoach – San Fransisco

@datbouncehouse – Toronto Wedding Bounce House Rental

@dceventrentals – Washington D.C. Rental Company

@immaculateballooncreations – Georgia Balloon Installations

@nolrambakeng – Atlanta Signage and Decor Designer

@maggisimpkins – Los Angeles Jewelry Designer

@primandpreux – Long Beach Tableware Rental Company

@sassyphotobooth – Florida Photo Booth Service

@sweetseats – Atlanta Rental Company

@tablemadeco – Atlanta Luxury Tableware Rental Company

@thepersonaljeweler – Michigan Jewelry Designer

@diyashajones – North Carolina

@jasonjet – North Carolina

@designerchaircoverstogo – London


Know any Black wedding vendors missing from this list? Leave a comment below with their Instagram handle and we’ll keep updating this resource!

Are you a Black wedding professional who wants to join our vendor directory? Learn more and apply here!

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8 Tips for Productive Video Meetings with Your Wedding Vendors

April 23, 2020 | brooke

photo by Love, Anneliese Photography

It’s official! Video meetings with your wedding vendors is the next big thing. Well, at least until we’re all able to leave our homes again. We’ve been quite impressed with how quickly wedding vendors of all kinds—from florists to planners and even catering teams—have adapted to keep their couples’ afloat during this crazy time. If you’re new to video meetings, or just unsure where to start, we’ve come up with eight helpful tips to have you rocking video meetings with your wedding vendors!

Here are our eight tips for video meetings with your wedding vendors:

  • Create a vision board
  • Write down a list of questions, and send it beforehand
  • Test your video conference system
  • Ask for samples
  • Determine an appropriate time limit
  • Speak up about concerns or ask for more images after the call
  • Set post-isolation meeting goals
  • Trust your team

Be sure to scroll all the way through for explanations and additional advice!

Create a vision board.

We love vision boards! If you’ve been dreaming of all the little details for your day, now is the time to head over to Pinterest or Instagram and start grabbing all the inspo. Having a mood board will help you articulate your desires to your team and gives them something to “take away” after the call.

RECOMMENDED READING: 5 Steps for Making a Wedding Mood Board

photo by Adri Mendez

Write down a list of questions, and send it beforehand.

Take the time to write down questions you have for each of your vendors so you can stay on track. As a courtesy to them, it’s a great idea to send over your questions via email beforehand so they can prepare accordingly. If you don’t know what questions to ask, that’s OK! Most vendors will know the general things to go over with the two of you during the call. And, if nothing else, just get to know them and see if it’s a personality fit.

Here are a few common questions to ask that are related to COVID-19: 

  • Have you updated your contract to cover future pandemics or situations similar to COVID-19?
  • How are you currently handing rescheduled wedding dates?
  • Can we put a soft-hold on our date until more certainty comes surrounding recent events?

Test your video conference system.

Whether you’re using Zoom, FaceTime, or any other video conferencing system, it’s helpful to test it out beforehand so you can work out any kinks to the system! Make sure you’re in a room without too much background noise so you can hear each other clearly. Bonus tip: If you’re video chatting during the day time, face toward a window (so that the light is shining on your face versus behind it). That way, they can see your beautiful faces most clearly!

Ask for samples!

When it comes to vendors like catering, cake, and cocktails. Ask if your preferred vendors have any offerings for delivery. Then, set up a date-night table and get ready to video conference your tasting! Keep in mind that vendors may require a fee for this, but it’s a great way to support your wedding industry team (and get a totally amazing date night meal).

photo by Sean Money and Elizabeth Fay, cake by ABCD Cakes; see more from this wedding here!

Determine an appropriate a time limit.

It’s safe to say we’re all grasping for human contact these days, and it is easy to chat wedding planning for hours! To respect everyone’s boundaries, determine a time limit you all are comfortable with before the call. That will help you stick to the most important information and, hopefully, still leave a little time for some extra conversation!

Speak up about concerns or ask for more images after the call.

When it comes to meetings with your design teams (planner, rentals, florist, venue, etc.) make sure you speak up if you’re having a hard time viewing something on the video call. It’s totally OK to ask for more images of the examples when you’re finished with the video call.

Set post-isolation meeting goals.

Start planning on tentative in-person meetings with all of your vendors so that you can get things moving once stay-at-home orders are lifted. This will also help you have something to look forward to and know the big decisions you’ll need to make as soon as you can.

photo by Michelle Agurto Photography; event planning by Etica Events; see more of this wedding inspiration here!

Trust your team.

At the end of the day, we’re all in this together. Your wedding vendors are in this industry because they love to see your day become everything you dreamed of. When it comes to video meetings with your wedding vendors or any decisions that may follow, trust your gut and trust your team!

We hope you’re feeling confident as ever for video meetings with your wedding vendors! Looking for more COVID-19 related content? We’ve got you covered:

Wedding Planning During COVID-19: Advice for Couples

Change the Date Cards + Tips for Announcing Your Wedding Postponement

Bridal Loungewear for Comfy Wedding Planning at Home


photo by Love, Anneliese Photography


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This Laid-Back Couple Allowed Their Vendors to Arrange Every Detail of Their Ohio Wedding

When Bridget and Joseph announced that they were planning a no-fuss city hall wedding, Bridget’s friend who operates an event company offered a unique experience for the couple to try instead of the courthouse. Enter: The Campfire Experience, an event company that specializes in crafting adventurous luxury campground experiences! The Campfire Experience curated a talented vendor list to take charge of the couple’s wedding decor, and we can’t believe how beautiful the results were! Between the fully furnished bell tents, mid-century modern decor, incredibly vibrant florals from Bear Roots Floral, and fabulously moody photography from Addison Jones, Bridget and Joseph’s Ohio wedding was a true collective effort in which each vendor’s talents shined.

The Couple:

Bridget and Joseph

The Wedding:

The Barn at Moots Run, Alexandria, Oregon

We had a very nontraditional wedding of sorts. Originally my husband and I were going to elope or get married at the court house as I had no desire for a large wedding or wedding planning. My closest friend since childhood started an amazing company called The Campfire Experience. They create these enchanting outdoor events with furnished bell tents and when she heard we were going to elope, she offered to put everything together for us to create a small wedding instead, so we could avoid the stressful parts of wedding planning but enjoy celebrating the our close family.

I had no involvement in planning other than picking my wedding dress and food to be served (wood fired pizza from a local pizza restaurant, GoreMade, with a traveling pizza oven).

On the day of the wedding, I arrived at the location for the first time (a family farm with a huge field and finished barn), met the photographer (Addison Jones Photography), florist (Bear Roots Floral), and makeup artist (La Prima Beauty). Each person created what they thought would be best for the day, allowing for their creativity to come through. It turned out more beautiful than I could have ever designed.

Our wedding vibe was all about not choosing and letting everyone else create their most beautiful product. From the boho vibe of the tents, to the flowers and gorgeous photographs, everyone designed what they wanted to bring to the table which created a casual unique wedding that felt so perfectly us.

Our wedding planning advice: The small details don’t matter. Allowing others to be creative and not boxing them into your vision can allow something more unique and beautiful to occur.

Our wedding day meal fit the wedding vibe perfectly: casual, local, unique, and delicious. A local pizza restaurant, GoreMade, catered the wedding with their traveling wood fire pizza oven. Each person could request what they wanted on their pizza then the pizza was layed out as it came out of the oven for everyone to enjoy. The GoreMade team was opening their first restaurant the next day and still stayed late just to make us the last pizza once everyone had left and brought me flowers hand picked from their garden. Their restaurant is located down the street from us and we still go there once every couple of weeks because it’s just that good.

At the end of night my husband and best friend who planned the wedding sat around the bonfire drinking hot whiskey and bourbon and staring at the stars. No one makes me laugh harder and it was such a relaxing and beautiful way to end the night. My new husband and I camped that night in one of the furnished tents surrounded by outdoor candles.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Addison Jones
Event Planning & Rentals – The Campfire Experience
Venue – The Barn at Moots Run
Floral Design – Bear Roots Floral
Catering – GoreMade Pizza
Makeup Artist – Natalie Wilcox of La Prima Beauty
Videography – Rachel Joy Baransi


A heartfelt congratulations to Bridget and Joseph, and a special thanks to Junebug member Addison Jones for sharing their day with us. Feeling inspired by this wedding’s campground vibes? Take a peek at these 6 ways to style your campground wedding venue!

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This Syon Park Wedding Is A True Explosion Of Color

December 2, 2022 | justine

Nada and Macarios knew that they wanted a timeless celebration infused with their vibrant and playful vibe. Using a fresh spring color palette, their florist Shilpa Reddy created some of the most whimsical arrangements that perfectly complemented the grandeur of their glasshouse venue. A true explosion of texture and color, their Syon Park wedding was everything they envisioned and more. With their amazing team of vendors by their side, they definitely pulled it off in style.

For their ceremony, they put a sentimental and personal spin on tradition by choosing to tie the knot at the church the groom grew up in. After exchanging loving vows, a spectacular reception followed at the Syon Park Conservatory. Show-stopping wildflower arrangements filled every corner of the space, while gold decor added a touch of glam to the dreamy aesthetic. On top of the stunning setting, the magnificent glass dome allowed them to wine, dine, and dance under the stars. 

There’s an undeniable sense of magic in bringing the wild floral garden indoors. Every detail and moment of this Syon Park wedding will leave you with plenty of ideas for your own flower-filled soiree. So scroll through these breathtaking photos–captured by Alla Luna Photography—to see exactly what we mean.

The Couple:

Nada and Macarios

The Wedding:

Syon Park, London

How Their Syon Park Wedding Came To Be

I trained as an architect. It’s my job, so the venue was really important to us. We must’ve seen 25-30 spaces, but nothing felt quite right. The moment we stepped into the conservatory at Syon Park, we just knew it was the one. We were both fascinated with the idea of getting married in a glasshouse—seeing the sunset as we had dinner and candlelight twinkling on the glass. It’s exactly the kind of crazy space we love to scout out for our dates together at the beginning of our relationship. We’re proudest that the wedding reflected us to the very core. It was all really magical for us. I suppose it’s the overarching feeling of being surrounded by everyone we love. We made sure to be in the moment, present, and be constantly aware that these memories will last our lifetime.

Why They Chose A Vibrant Color Palette For Their Syon Park Wedding

As a designer, I work with a great deal of color and texture, constantly avoiding the trending beige and whites for bold color combinations. We wanted to up the ante and carefully curate layers of texture and colors for our wedding. We often said to vendors, “I want to be the only white thing at the wedding,” and “we want it to look like a meadow exploded all over it.” Our florist, Shilpa Reddy, really came through for us on this. She completely embraced the concept, and there we had it—little meadow explosions full of wildflowers on every table.

Why They Chose A Vibrant Color Palette For Their Syon Park Wedding

As a designer, I work with a great deal of color and texture, constantly avoiding the trending beige and whites for bold color combinations. We wanted to up the ante and carefully curate layers of texture and colors for our wedding. We often said to vendors, “I want to be the only white thing at the wedding,” and “we want it to look like a meadow exploded all over it.” Our florist, Shilpa Reddy, really came through for us on this. She completely embraced the concept, and there we had it—little meadow explosions full of wildflowers on every table.

Finding The Right Vendors Was Key To The Success Of Their Syon Park Wedding

We were lucky to have found such incredible vendors who bought into our vision for the day. We did a lot of research and shopping around to find the right team. We wanted vendors who loved what they did because we knew this would reflect in the wedding. We tried to opt for smaller businesses rather than larger ones. Each one took the brief and ran with it, bringing their individual flair and expertise to the table. We were in very good hands, and they each added another dimension to our day.

How They Set Their Wedding Budget

Trying to put a number on our wedding day was a very hard thing to do. One school of thought says, “you only live once, it’s your special day.” The other asks, “how much is reasonable to spend on one day?” We were certainly torn when trying to decide and were very lucky to have help from our parents, as is the tradition in an Egyptian wedding. Macci and I sat down together and wrote down a list of priorities in terms of what we wanted for the next five years. We then assigned the money accordingly. For us, that meant ensuring we had enough for the house and a rainy day. The rest went to the wedding fund. There is no hard and fast rule. You have to make the right choice for yourself and choose together.

The Bride Made Their Wedding Cake

I had to make my wedding cake. People told me I was mad at baking two days before the wedding, but I’ve always loved baking cakes. I started my baking business three years ago, and I couldn’t bear the thought of someone else baking that cake when it’s what I love to do most. Between the two of us, we designed the flavor combinations together. We brought together our favorite flavors and decoration ideas from all the cakes I’ve made (and Macci helped me to deliver) through the years.

Advice From The Newlyweds

Nothing is too big of a disaster. It won’t feel like it at the time, but it all does work out in the end. For example, our original florist dropped out just two weeks before the wedding. I was convinced I’d never find someone last minute. But there is a solution to everything, and honestly, the florist we ended up with knocked the original one out of the park. Never let anybody make you feel like you’re being too picky or encourage you to compromise on what matters to you. I got this one a lot. I’d been told to go with the flow and not concentrate on the details. The thing is, I’m a designer. It’s my job to think about how things flow and the journey through the day, to notice the small details in the layering of the space. Macci also had his own non-negotiables with things like the wedding car and music. It was really important for us both to respect what is important to one another and to work hard together to make it happen. You only get to do this day once. Make sure it is perfect for you.

Giving Away Sustainable Favors

For the reception, wild meadows of wildflowers ran along and above each of the tables. We wanted our guests to be able to take these home! So we gave little fabric pouches filled with wildflower seeds so they can plant them at home and think of us!

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Alla Luna Photography
Ceremony Venue – St Marks Coptic Orthodox Church
Reception Venue – Syon Park
Floral Design – Shilpa Reddy Flower
Catering – Seasoned Events
Cake – Little London Bakery
DJ – DJ Maj -ik
Live Music – MK and the Misters
Videography – Charlie May Video
Makeup Artist – Verity Samson
Wedding Dress – Emma Beaumont Atelier
Groom’s Apparel – Kibiru Abu


Congratulations to Nada and Macarios on their vibrant flower-filled Syon Park wedding. And a big thank you to Alla Luna Photography for capturing all the swoon-worthy details soon-to-be-wed couples can use as inspiration.

Whether you have a laid-back affair or a grand celebration, florals add a dreamy feel and elevate the romantic vibe of your wedding. Wedding flowers will take up a significant portion of your budget, so you must work with a pro who understands your vision. With the expert guidance of your florist, you can choose the best blooms to make your dream wedding a reality.

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The Gardens Of Tuscany Inspired This Atlanta Wedding

December 1, 2022 | justine

Drawing inspiration from the gardens of Tuscany, Morgan and Chris brought the beauty of Italy to Atlanta using a romantic color palette, show-stopping florals, and timeless ensembles. These swoon-worthy details, combined with the old-world charm of the mansion and lush greenery of the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center’s historical grounds, resulted in a dreamy affair to remember.

Their garden ceremony featured elegant Louis chairs and an aisle lined with ground florals, leading to a lush floral arch perfectly framing the moment the couple said their vows. Following their sweet “I dos,” they made their way to the great hall, where a stunning reception awaited. Dramatic drapery, a floral chandelier, and cascading tablescape greenery were the standout features that beautifully tied everything together. 

If your idea of a dream wedding includes a gorgeous mansion surrounded by manicured gardens, then this is the perfect inspo for you. Keep scrolling to see all the exquisite details that’ll sweep you off your feet, all captured by Hellen Oliveira.

The Couple:

Morgan and Chris

The Wedding:

Callanwolde Performing Arts, Atlanta, Georgia, United States

How Their Gardens Of Tuscany Inspired Atlanta Wedding Came To Be

The inspiration for our wedding came from our love of gardens and flowers. We thought of infusing the dreamy, chic, and effortless vibes of Tuscany into the design of our wedding. We knew Callanwolde would be the perfect place to bring our vision of a garden wedding to life. Our talented vendor team transformed the garden with Louis chairs, beautiful pink and cream flowers lining the aisle, and lush green foliage to the birch square arch. And for the reception, dramatic draping drew the eyes to the floral chandelier while the tables were adorned with greenery garlands and candles.

Going For Timeless And Elegant Attire For Their Atlanta Wedding

One of our favorite parts of the wedding was the fashion. “Less is more” was the motivation behind the fashion and beauty of our wedding. I chose to wear a form-fitting dress from Bridals by Aimee. It was ivory with stunning crystal detailing interwoven into the flowers on the top, and a veil from Mexico to live for. My “bride babes,” as I refer to them, wore gorgeous artichoke silk dresses with cowl neck halter tops—very chic and effortless vibes for the garden. As for Chris, he wore a clean, classic black tux custom-made from the Miguel Wilson Collection. His groomsmen wore a custom version of a classic black tux from the same collection.

Showcasing Their Caribbean Culture Through Music And Food

We wanted to infuse our cultures into the wedding because I am Trinidadian, and Chris is Jamaican. So we chose to serenade our guests during cocktail hour with a live steel drum player and added Caribbean dishes to showcase our heritage. 

Advice: Pace Yourself And Trust Your Vendor Team

Before you start the planning process, pray over your spirit, as it will get tested for most. The idea is to make it to the altar, so you’d like to start as relaxed as possible. Understand that even with the best intentions, there are things that are beyond our control. Just realize that the most important thing is the union and the fact that you both are excited and willing to be one forever. That’s the beauty of it all. But definitely, your planner and the rest of your trusted vendor team will help you and your fiancé navigate this process more effortlessly.  

The Wedding Team:

Photography + Videography – Hellen Oliveira Photography 
Event Planning – Jazmine McFarlane
Ceremony + Reception Venue – Callanwolde Performing Arts
Floral Design – Britt Wood Designs
Catering – Endive 
Cake – Cakes by Lameeka
Officiant – Dr. James O. Montford
DJ – Press Play Productions
Live Music – Brandon Crocker
Invitation Design – Paper Truly
Makeup Artist – Wilinda Rhodes
Wedding Dress – Bridals by Aimee
Groom’s Apparel – Miguel Wilson Collection


Congratulations to Morgan and Chris on their gardens of Tuscany inspired Atlanta wedding. And a big thank you to Hellen Oliveira for capturing all the gorgeous details couples who’ve just started on their wedding planning journey can use as inspiration.

A garden wedding like this can easily be brought to life with a beautiful venue, lush florals, and a talented vendor team. From choosing decor and color palettes to preparing for rain, check out our guide for ideas to help create the perfect garden wedding.

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What to Know Before Hiring A Wedding Videographer

November 27, 2022 | kailey
hiring a videographer

Image by Ash Gabes Photo.

While planning your big day, you probably hear a lot about the importance of hiring a trusted team of wedding vendors. From wedding planners to photographers, there are a lot of people you’ll want to have by your side. But there’s one more key player you shouldn’t skip out on—a wedding videographer

Videography is an investment that we think is worth it if you have room in your budget. After all is said and done, your wedding photos and film are what you have to remember your day by, which is why narrowing down your choices of videographers can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in. Whether you’re 100% sold on hiring a videographer for your wedding or still need a little convincing, here’s everything you need to know while you look around. 

Videography by Vanessa & Ivo.

Why Should You Be Hiring A Videographer?

Your wedding film brings your special day back to life with just a press of a button. Hit play and you get to relive all those sweet memories over and over again. Sure, wedding photography has a similar ring to it, but having a video to accompany your photos will give you the full experience to look back on. And you can guarantee that between your photographer and videographer, you won’t miss a single moment. 

Wedding Videography Costs And Package Options  

Like with any other wedding vendor, videographers typically have a variety of different offerings to help create the perfect package for you. Packages allow couples to hand-select services that align with your expectations and budget

Here are some of the most popular package options you’re likely to see when hiring a videographer:

Trailer/Teaser Film (1-2 min) 

Have you ever watched a movie trailer? This is the same concept, but for your wedding day. Often accompanied later by a short film, this trailer—or teaser film—is created by your videographer while they continue to edit and craft the final product. Some videographers include a teaser video as a part of their package, while others offer it as an add-on.

Videography by Sublime Films.

Highlight Film (3-10 min) 

With many videographers, the highlight film is the final product you will receive. Being one of the most common package choices, this film is non-linear (not necessarily in chronological order) and takes a more modern approach. It’s a three to ten-minute cinematic compilation of the most memorable moments.

Short Film (10-20 min) 

If you decide on a package with a short film, you’ll receive an edited version of your wedding footage that takes a more linear form (in chronological order). This style typically includes a portion of your vows, reception toasts, etc. Depending on how long you book your videographer for, the film may also include getting ready footage, first look footage, and your grand exit.

Same Day Edit (4-10 min) 

Some videographers offer an option to have footage from your wedding edited on the spot and shown during your reception. Though this offering is more difficult to hunt down, it can be a fun surprise for guests on the day of. 

Videography by Vic Rivero Films.

Full-length documentary (30-90 min)

If you are interested in reliving the majority of your big day, this option is for you! Your videographer can create a longer film that includes entire sections of your wedding, like your ceremony. Due to the length, this option is the most like an actual movie of your wedding.

Add-On Options

Most videographers offer à la carte options to receive additional footage from your day. A few popular add-ons include:

  • Full ceremony/reception: edited footage of your wedding ceremony or toasts/speeches during your reception
  • Raw footage: unedited footage from your wedding day
  • Drone aerial coverage
  • Rehearsal dinner coverage
  • Greetings from guests during cocktail hour
  • Trailer film (mentioned above, as an add-on)
  • Love story: similar to an engagement session, this footage is filmed before your wedding day, usually in plain clothes, which may include an interview with you as a couple as well as a lifestyle shoot

Wedding Videographer Styles 

While each videographer puts their own artistic touch on their work, there are a few styles by which most videographers can be categorized. These are the most common styles to look for in your search:


Cinematic is the most popular style of videographer you’ll find. These films are most like real movies, edited and stylized like cinematic pieces of art—hence the name. There are two main styles within cinematic videography: Modern Abstract and Classic. 

Modern abstract style is characterized by a non-linear approach. These films are created to make the viewer feel something, both in how the footage is arranged and the music used. The footage used in a modern abstract film is more likely to include atmospheric footage, or B-roll, which helps capture the overall mood of the day. Modern abstract films typically use little or no speaking from the day. 

While modern abstract films are almost entirely non-linear, classic cinematic films may provide a stylistic edit of events from the day in between bits of B-roll. While you still feel a sense of the wedding atmosphere, your video will include more intact footage or sound bites of events.

Video Journalistic / Documentary

A video journalistic approach is meant to capture the day as it occurred. This means that your film will include footage of some of your day’s biggest moments while also highlighting the other happenings of the day—getting ready, guests interacting before the ceremony, messages from guests, dancing at the reception, etc.


A storytelling style relies on sound bites—from the day and recorded at another time—to tell the story of your big day. While music is used to create an emotional reaction in other film types, storytelling uses sound bites for dramatic effect.

Videography by Christopher James Wedding Films.

Super 8 Film 

It comes as no surprise that Super 8 film has taken the wedding world by storm. It gives your film a vintage flair, making it a unique way to set your film apart. Some videographers may use this film to document the entire day or will blend it with modern recording technology for a truly personalized effect. 

Videography by Wild Light Films.

Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Videographer 

  1. Do you have open availability on our wedding day? 
  2. How would you describe your videography style?
  3. What packages do you offer?
  4. How many hours of coverage are included in each package? 
  5. Will you be scheduling another wedding for the same day?
  6. What does your cancellation (or rescheduling) process look like?
  7. Do you require a deposit? If so, how much? 
  8. What is your turnaround time? 
  9. How will the film and footage be delivered?
  10. Are you open to editing feedback? 

You’re now equipt with all the knowledge needed for hiring a videographer that matches your desired style, video length, and budget. It’s officially time to start your wedding vendor search. And lucky for you, you’re just one click away from some of the top wedding vendors—including videographers—from around the world.

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