Red Flags to Keep an Eye Out for When Hiring Your Wedding Vendors

June 30, 2020 | Junebug Weddings

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Wedding planning should be as fun and stress-free as possible! One important way to reduce anxiety from the start is to only hire professionals you trust. Sounds obvious, but some couples end up regretting their vendor choices for things like mediocre customer service before the big day, or worse, an unsatisfactory performance on the big day or even after all is said and done. To avoid one of those horror stories of your own, we recommend keeping an eye out for these red flags when hiring your wedding vendors.

Before you read on, here’s a quick roundup of red flags to keep an eye out for when hiring your wedding vendors:

  • Poor Communication
  • No Reviews
  • An Out-of-Date Website
  • No Full Galleries of Their Work
  • The Feeling in Your Gut

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Red Flag #1 – Poor Communication

During the planning process, you should always feel that your wedding vendors are treating you as a top priority. It is especially important to be on the lookout for red flags for poor communication during the inquiry period because it can be a sign of underwhelming customer service to come. If your vendors are taking weeks to email you back or are flaky about setting up Skype meetings, you may want to go another direction. Do keep in mind that the vendors you’re talking to are running businesses and may not be able to always respond within just a few hours, but if you’re following up with them before they follow up with you in a week’s time, that’s not a great sign!

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Red Flag #2 – No Reviews

No reviews to be found across the entire Internet is a major red flag, but it’s equally unsettling if a vendor only has reviews available on their own site. It’s awesome if a vendor wants to highlight the great experiences of some of their past clients on their personal website; however, it is very important that you can read reviews on an unbiased platform. It usually isn’t as malicious as this sounds, but what are they hiding as a professional if they don’t allow public reviews?

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Red Flag #3 – An Out-of-Date Website

Professionals should be keeping their website up-to-date for many reasons. First, a seriously out-of-date website can be a sign that a vendor is no longer providing services, which isn’t great news for you! Second, it’s important that you are seeing the latest work from the professional as their style may have slightly changed since they last updated their site. A professional’s website helps you set a certain level of expectations about them and their work, so the hope is that these expectations are based on what is current and not what used to be.

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Red Flag #4 – No Full Galleries of Their Work

When it comes to hiring your wedding photographer, be sure to request full galleries to get an idea of how they capture the entire wedding day. Just because a professional produces beautiful work on Instagram doesn’t necessarily mean they have consistent coverage throughout a wedding. You should know that you are hiring someone who will provide the same attention to detail on candid photos of Grandma from your reception as the images they post on Instagram.

While non-photographers may not have full galleries of their work to show, it’s still important to have access to a more in-depth look at their work than what social posts can provide. For instance, for a florist, what does their full wedding design look like versus weddings where they only designed the bridal bouquet? Remember, you aren’t asking too much of vendors to see more of their work before making your decision!

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Red Flag #5 – The Feeling in Your Gut

Above all else, you have to trust that feeling in your gut if you sense something is off. That’s the biggest red flag of all! Does something about the professional’s work turn you off? Did they make you feel unimportant or like you weren’t “cool” enough during your Skype call? Would you not be friends with this person in real life? You may not end up being best buds with every one of your vendors after the I do’s are done, but there is something to be said for feeling comfortable around a person and being a good fit personality-wise.

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  1. #1 couldn’t even any truer especially if it’s a destination wedding. Fortunately, we have an incredible planner and also found an extremely talented videographer and photographer via https://ibride.com/ . They respond really quickly despite the timezone difference and we were blown away by the portfolio website!

  2. Great read! I couldn’t agree more with all of these.

  3. Such great advice! Never underestimate that gut instinct :)

  4. Great tips! Thank you for sharing.

  5. YES! All great advice. As a photographer, I always tell prospective couples that I will never be offended if they choose someone else because they didn’t feel the spark with me. You spend more time with your photographer (and some other vendors) than you do with your partner on your wedding day, and you want to be sure you’re choosing someone whose work you like, but also who you get along with, trust wholeheartedly, and feel good about! Trust your gut, baby!

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