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Matthew David Studio

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We are a husband and wife collaboration with a love of Kodak color, real time emotions, and all for living in the moment. Based out in the southern California desert, we have traveled across seas, through different states to tell a good love story. We love to travel as much as we love living in the desert! In the summers you will find us escaping the heat in our RV with a dog, a cat and one hella cute little boy. We love photography, and we love the amazing people the art has introduced us to.


We aren't into textbook wedding photography, super traditional poses, or orangey sepia filters - we vibe on real life, adventurous spirits, and hanging on for the adventure you are going on. We shoot in a mix of film and digital formats (real grain is our gold) and we dont dig oppressive filters or over the top editing. We want your photos to tell your story with as much truth, art and beauty as it happened. 



With the way we like to roll, friendship is first and foremost to us. We are going to be with you the entire journey, and we so treasure the time we will be spending together. To be a thread in the biggest day of your lives is an honor to us and we love the adventure!




Matthew David Studio

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