How to Find and Choose A Wedding Officiant

July 30, 2023 | justine

Keep reading to learn how to find and choose your wedding officiant. Image by Love Bears.

The wedding officiant is a vital part of your special day. They lead the ceremony, including your vows, and set the tone for your marriage. They also handle the legal aspects of your marriage license. Simply put, finding the right wedding officiant is vital, but how do you make the best choice for you and your partner?

To help you find the perfect person, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about wedding officiants. From finding and hiring one in your area to understanding their role in the ceremony, we’ve answered all your frequently asked questions.

Image by The Kitcheners. See more of this real wedding here.

What is a Wedding Officiant?

The wedding officiant has a vital role in overseeing and leading the ceremony, ensuring that your marriage is legally recognized. They guide the flow and sign your marriage license to make it official. Wedding officiants can include religious leaders but often refer to non-religious individuals who marry couples. This is helpful for couples who don’t follow a specific religion or come from different religious backgrounds and want to include different elements in their ceremony.

However, wedding officiants go beyond directing the ceremony. They forge a meaningful bond with you, your partner, and your loved ones, making the whole experience memorable. Particularly for couples who lack strong family support, they also offer valuable support. They act as storytellers of love, crafting a unique ambiance for the beginning of your life together.

Who Can Officiate a Wedding?

Who can officiate your wedding depends on where you’re getting married and the type of wedding you want. Only ordained people legally authorized by the state can perform a legally recognized marriage. The requirements for wedding officiants vary by state or country, so you should check online or contact your county clerk for all the necessary information. If you’re having a religious wedding, your faith might dictate who can officiate. You may need a specific clergy member to oversee the ceremony.

It’s important to know that the person who conducts your ceremony may not always be able to officiate legally. If you have a friend you want to be your officiant, but they’re not ordained, you can still have a symbolic ceremony and make it official by getting legally married at a courthouse. Likewise, suppose you’re planning a destination wedding. In that case, some couples opt to legally marry at a courthouse before or after the destination ceremony to ensure everything is legally recognized.

Image by Grace Torres. See more of this real wedding right here.

What Are the Types of Wedding Officiants?

The type of ceremony you want will largely determine what kind of wedding officiant you hire. For example, if you’re hoping to have a modern, nontraditional ceremony, a religious officiant in a house of worship might be off the table (although not necessarily!).

A variety of people can officiate a wedding, and we’re here to take a look at each type so you can find a wedding officiant near you that’s a good fit for the task at hand. 


These all-rounders can be ordained clergy, secular professionals, or even judges. They conduct religious or secular ceremonies for marriages and other rites.

Religious Wedding Officiant

Perfect if you belong to a specific church group or religious organization or wish to tie the knot in a house of worship. Priests, rabbis, ministers, and other religious officiants excel at traditional ceremonies, although some may be open to customization.

Secular Wedding Officiant

If you prefer a nonreligious ceremony with flexibility and creativity, a certified nonreligious celebrant is your go-to. They perform secular, same-sex, and interfaith ceremonies.

Interfaith Ministers

Bringing people from different religions together is their specialty. Interfaith ministers also work with same-sex and non-religious couples, crafting unique and personalized wedding services.

Civil Wedding Officiant

Tasked with legalizing your marriage, civil officiants witness and validate your consent for the wedding license. They’re registered with the local city clerk’s office and can make your union official.

Friends or Family Members

Ever thought of having a loved one officiate? It’s easier and more affordable to get ordained online nowadays. Ask your close friend or family member if they’re up for the task. It’s a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your vows. Just remember to check the ordination requirements in your state to ensure compliance with local rules.

Image by Carlos Elizondo. See more of this destination wedding here.

Must-Ask Questions When Choosing a Wedding Officiant

Choosing the right wedding officiant is a big decision, and conducting interviews can help ensure a good fit. While experienced officiants will often guide the conversation, it’s important to voice what matters most to you as a couple. Here are some must-ask questions:

What Is Your Role as a Wedding Officiant?

Understanding their responsibilities is key. They prepare and perform the ceremony, handle legal paperwork, and may participate in rehearsals if needed.

Can You Share Your Experience Officiating Weddings?

Ask about their years of experience and the number and types of ceremonies they have officiated. Testimonials and browsing their website and social media can also give you insights into their style and presence.

How Do You Create a Wedding Ceremony? Do You Personalize It?

Inquire about their process for creating a ceremony. Do they personalize it based on your story? Will you have input on what is said and the vows? Some officiants may use questionnaires or require premarital counseling for religious ceremonies.

Are You Able to Perform Rituals Important to Us?

If you want to incorporate specific cultural or religious rituals, ensure the officiant is knowledgeable and comfortable leading those rites authentically.

How Long Are Your Wedding Ceremonies Typically?

Discuss the desired length of the ceremony to ensure it aligns with your vision and fits within your wedding day timeline. Most ceremonies run around 30-45 minutes for guest enjoyment and comfort.

What Are Your Fees and Are There Any Additional Costs We Should Consider?

Discuss the officiant’s fees and additional costs such as travel or meals. Professional officiant fees start from $800. Meanwhile, religious leader fees start at $500, and civil servant fees range from $250 to $400. Review the contract carefully and clarify any concerns.

Do You Meet the Legal Requirements to Officiate Weddings in Our State?

Ensure they fulfill the legal requirements in your state to avoid any complications. Each state has different rules for authorized officiants, so verifying their eligibility is crucial.

Image by Aurelia Baca. See more of this real wedding right here.

What Does the Wedding Officiant Say?

When it comes to what the officiant says at your wedding, the possibilities are endless. It’s all about you and your preferences, as well as the style of your officiant. Let’s break it down in a fun and easy way:

Setting the Tone

The officiant sets the tone by guiding the ceremony order and welcoming your guests with heartfelt words. They might even share a little message or a sweet story. Then comes the exciting part—your vows and declaration of intent. The officiant will lead you and your partner through this special moment.

Making It Personal

Depending on your preferences, the officiant might also help with unity rituals or personalized vows. It’s a chance to make your ceremony truly unique and tailored to your love story. If you’re having a religious ceremony, special readings or prayers might be included, adding an extra touch of spirituality.

Sealing the Deal

Of course, the most important part is when the officiant declares you legally wed. Cue the cheers and applause! They’ll wrap up the ceremony with some closing words and instructions to ensure everything ends on a high note.

Officiating is a blend of storytelling and connecting with you and your guests. It’s not just about speaking but creating an unforgettable experience. So, whether you choose a professional from our vendor directory or a loved one to officiate, make sure they can capture the magic and make it extra special with their words. 

Once you’ve chosen your wedding officiant, it’s time to prepare for the ceremony. Get ready to make it memorable and personal. Look at some vows examples to find inspiration for your heartfelt promises. Explore touching readings and poems that capture the essence of your love story. And don’t forget about the music! Choose songs that hold a special meaning for you and your partner. With these elements in place, your ceremony will be a beautiful reflection of your unique journey together.

Image by Elvira Kalviste. See more of this rooftop celebration right here.

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Stunning Sapa Jade Hill Wedding Dripping With Flowers

May 28, 2024 | justine

Trang and Toan’s dream was to craft the perfect atmosphere for their mountain wedding. In the stunning beauty of Sapa, they aimed for a celebration blending elegance with the calmness of nature. Drawing inspiration from Sapa’s greenery and white flowers, they added soft touches of pastel purple, a tribute to Trang’s love for BTS. Every aspect of their Jade Hill wedding, from the food inspired by their travels to the music on their playlist, was significant to them. It felt warm and inviting, reflecting their journey together.

With endless mountain views as their backdrop, the couple exchanged their vows at the lookout terrace. Adorned with delicate white and purple blooms, the ceremony area was beautifully styled and a perfect setting for their “I dos.” Their restaurant reception continued the stunning theme, with yellow and purple table decor, a ceiling adorned with floral clouds and disco balls, and the soft glow of candles adding to the ambiance. 

Every detail of the couple’s big day was carefully planned and filled with meaning. It’s a sight to behold, and KT Marry beautifully captured every moment. Trust us when we say you won’t want to miss out on experiencing this breathtaking celebration.

The Couple:

Trang and Toan

The Wedding:

Jade Hill, Lao Cai Province, Vietnam

Adding Meaning to Their Jade Hill Wedding Through Music and Food

We wanted our wedding to feel cozy and welcoming, reflecting our journey together. Everything, from the food inspired by our travels to the music on our playlist, had special meaning to us. We treated our guests to delicious dishes from Sapa, showing off the region’s tasty food. Our night was filled with romantic jazz, Disney songs, and lively Korean pop, representing the different parts of our relationship. But the best part was spending time with our loved ones from all over the world. Dancing under the stars, surrounded by nature, reminded us of the love that brought us together. Our wedding wasn’t just a party but a celebration of love, shared dreams, and making memories together.

How Rain Transformed Their Jade Hill Wedding Day

The most unforgettable moment happened unexpectedly over two days. We were getting ready for our ceremony in Sapa’s beautiful landscapes when a sudden rainstorm hit the Saturday we planned to wed. So, we all decided to postpone it until the following day. What happened then was truly magical. At dawn, with a stunning sky after the rain, we shared special moments we’ll never forget. Having rain on our wedding day is seen as lucky and prosperous in Vietnamese culture, so it felt like a good omen for our journey together.

Infusing Their Jade Hill Wedding with BTS-Themed Highlights

Our ceremony was a deeply personal affair, reflecting our journey and passions. As I’m a devoted member of the BTS Army, we infused elements of the band’s music and aesthetics throughout the event. Shades of purple and yellow, reminiscent of BTS’s vibrant visuals, adorned our floral arrangements and bridesmaids’ dresses, infusing the ceremony with a lively energy. One of the unique parts was having our closest friends be the officiant and MC. They know us well, so they made the ceremony and reception feel like they were made just for us. With their funny jokes and nerdy references (perfect because I’m working on my PhD), the officiant talked about our journey as a couple and what adventures we have ahead as husband and wife. And the MC made sure everyone felt included, switching between English and Vietnamese effortlessly. Plus, the fact that these friends are twins made it even more magical. 

Why You Should Start Your Wedding Planning Process Early and Find the Right Planner

Start your wedding planning process early by prioritizing finding the perfect wedding planner. Look for professionals who understand the wedding industry and are open to creativity while giving you valuable advice. Choose a planner who gets your vision and can help you develop the overall theme before you start picking vendors so everything fits together smoothly. It’s important to be flexible; as your ideas develop, some vendors might not fit anymore, and that’s alright. Planning ahead helps you book the vendors you want and ensures your wedding day goes just as you imagined.

The Significance of Sapa: A Wedding Venue Full of Meaning

We’re proud to choose Sapa, Vietnam, as our wedding location. It’s like Aspen, where the groom went to school, with its majestic mountains. We wanted our guests to see its natural beauty, and they were amazed by it. We’re also grateful for how far our guests traveled to be with us. We know it was a long journey, especially for those coming from the US, and we’re touched by their love and support. 

The Importance of Equal Involvement During Wedding Planning

We ensured that we were equally involved and had a say in all the decisions during the wedding planning. It was important to us that our vendors understood that our opinions mattered. This way, we could create a celebration that showed who we are as a couple. I’m proud to see Toan taking center stage in different moments during the wedding, whether in the getting-ready photos or as the main character in our love story.

The Groom’s Justin Bieber Transformation

One of the most unforgettable moments of our wedding was when Toan surprised me and our guests with a choreographed dance. He performed Justin Bieber’s “One Less Lonely Girl,” a song that meant a lot to us. Toan spent weeks planning and practicing late into the night to pull off his transformation into a convincing Justin Bieber look-alike, complete with a blond wig, white skinny jeans, and a purple hat. His sincere and enthusiastic performance made it a cherished memory of our wedding day.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – KT Marry
Event Planning – The Planners
Ceremony Venue – Ville De Mont Mountain Resort
Reception Venue – Jade Hill
Videography – The Vow Films
Wedding Dress – Katherine Tash
Bridesmaids’ Apparel – Newhite
Groom’s Apparel + Wedding Party Apparel – Kim Bespoke
Rings – Bvlgari


Congratulations to Trang and Toan on their unforgettable Jade Hill wedding, dripping with stunning florals. Their hard work and meticulous planning resulted in a truly unique and remarkable celebration. A big thank you to KT Marry for capturing all the magical moments and allowing us to relive the beauty of their special day.

One important lesson from this wedding is the value of good communication with vendors. Trang and Toan forged strong connections with their vendors from the start, openly expressing their vision and preferences. If you’re beginning your own wedding planning journey, be sure to check out our directory of the world’s best wedding vendors. It’s the perfect starting point for assembling your dream team and ensuring a truly remarkable celebration.

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This Hotel Kioro Wedding Features Epic Views of a Volcano

May 25, 2024 | justine

Alejandra and Felipe envisioned creating unforgettable memories with their loved ones from all over the world. They searched for a place that would be both accessible and thrilling, settling on the enchanting landscapes of Costa Rica. With their shared love for nature, it was an easy choice. Their dream came to life with a magical Hotel Kioro wedding, where they were surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature, with the majestic Arenal Volcano casting its spell as a stunning backdrop.

The poolside ceremony was truly breathtaking, with floral pillars framing the stunning views as the couple exchanged their heartfelt vows. And the magic didn’t end there; the reception was just as enchanting. The ceiling adorned with cascading greenery, delicate blooms, and twinkling fairy lights created an ambiance of pure elegance. Candlelit tables adorned with pristine white flowers and foliage added a touch of romance, making it a celebration to remember for years to come.

Their wedding day was a fairy-tale come to life, filled with stunning inspiration you can share with your team of vendors. You won’t want to miss a single moment of this magical outdoor celebration, flawlessly captured by the talented Junebug vendor Oscar Lucas. Get ready to be swept away by the beauty and romance of their special day!

The Couple:

Alejandra and Felipe

The Wedding:

Hotel Kioro, Costa Rica

Finding the Perfect Backdrop for Their Special Day

We are inspired by the outdoors and the mountains. We love to go hiking and enjoy the adventure that comes with travel. We wanted to translate that into our wedding. Costa Rica is a vibrant country, and we wanted the scenery to speak for itself. Arenal during May can be a tricky time of the year for weddings. It’s considered the start of the rainy season in the region, and the volcano is rarely seen in its entirety. We were blessed to have the volcano completely clear during the afternoon for our special day. It’s truly breathtaking to be marrying your spouse with the volcano in the background. We had one of our best friends officiate the wedding. We felt that made it personal to us. We also had a mixture of English and Spanish, which we can relate to. We had it outdoors with the volcano at our center altar, all while standing over the water of the hotel swimming pool and clear plexiglass. Then cue the Mariachi! For us this could not be more uniquely us.

Putting the Guest Experience at the Forefront of their Hotel Kioro Wedding

Felipe: I was focused on our guests’ comfort and enjoyment. I provided transportation from San Jose to Arenal with plenty of food and drink for the ride and accommodated an open bar for three days. Alejandra: Everything needed to be beautiful and intentional. From personalized invitations with calligraphy to table settings and fireworks at a majestic venue, it all needed to tie together and tell our story. It was all about the journey.

How They Found Their Dream Wedding Venue

We were looking for a unique location that would be memorable for all our guests in a country accessible to most in the U.S. but also far enough to encourage adventure and mystery. We decided on Costa Rica mainly because we love the outdoors. We knew we wanted something other than a beach destination or urban setting. We traveled to Costa Rica with a few ideas in mind. We were looking for a place surrounded by natural beauty and a boutique hotel big enough to host roughly 120 guests but also small enough that we could do a total buyout. After three days of traveling and visiting our planned locations, we had no luck and were ready to give up. Last night, we decided to go to Arenal and hike near the volcano. We chose a small hotel that we found randomly on Google. When we arrived at Arenal Kioro, we were speechless. The family-owned hotel was a hidden gem, with the most breathtaking up-close views of the volcano. Immediately, we talked to the hotel coordinator, Francinia Solano, and locked in our wedding date.

Beyond the Big Day: Crafting a Memorable Wedding Experience

Instead of focusing on the wedding day, we wanted to focus on the wedding experience. This entailed everything from Thursday to Monday when most of our guests would arrive and depart. We had charter buses pick our guests up at the San Jose airport with a meal and beer. Our guests were given a welcome bag with snacks, toiletries, and small gifts upon arrival. On our first night, we announced an open bar for the next three days and then welcomed a fire show at the hotel swimming pool area. On our wedding night, we had a surprise fireworks show on the venue’s balcony. Lastly, on Sunday, we can’t forget the trash the dress where we welcomed all our guests to the La Fortuna Waterfall for pictures and a cold plunge. Our wedding was a huge family vacation.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Oscar Lucas
Event Planning + Invitation Design – One Heart
Ceremony + Reception Venue + Catering – Hotel Kioro
Floral Design – Marcela Orozco
Live Music – Mariachi Perla Florense
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Isabel Gonzalez
Favors – Koko Natural Water


Congratulations to Alejandra and Felipe on their Hotel Kioro wedding, which featured epic views of Arenal Volcano. A big thank you goes out to Junebug vendor Oscar Lucas for capturing every beautiful moment for us to admire. If you’re feeling inspired by this amazing celebration, be sure to take a look at his profile in our directory of the world’s best wedding photographers.

This wedding shows how much the venue can shape the whole celebration. When you’re planning your own special day, remember how important the venue is. If you want helpful tips on picking the perfect place, make sure to check out our guide. Choosing the right backdrop is the first step to creating your dream celebration!

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Edgy and Playful Punk Rock Museum Elopement

May 22, 2024 | justine

When Bee and Brady heard the news of the Punk Rock Museum opening in Vegas, it seemed like fate. They stumbled upon it on Instagram, and it just clicked. They wanted something special that reflected their playful and edgy nature, and the museum fit the bill perfectly–no old-fashioned rules for this couple. Their Punk Rock Museum elopement was exactly what they wanted: wild, intimate, and uniquely them. 

In true Vegas fashion, their ceremony was a whirlwind of love and excitement. Against a flashy heart-shaped backdrop, the couple exchanged their vows. But the real excitement was yet to come. They renewed their promises, this time against a backdrop of vibrant graffiti art. And to cap off the day, they celebrated with champagne and a playful cake smash, baseball bat style!

With a venue that’s both unique and iconic, fashion that adds to the fun, and a love story as wild as the city lights, this Punk Rock Museum elopement could spark your unconventional inspiration. Don’t miss a moment, all beautifully planned by Junebug vendor Electric Sugar Elopements.

The Couple:

Bee and Brady

The Wedding:

Punk Rock Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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Why a Punk Rock Museum Elopement Was a Perfect Fit

We like celebrating each other and our relationship as a regular part of our lives. We share a lot in common, and it only felt right to combine our interests into the wedding to celebrate us and our interests. Fashion-wise and style-wise, the Punk Rock Museum’s murals and art fit us. They had just opened the museum recently, and we decided it was a good omen. It felt historic. Like, here’s a place that tells the history of rebels and tells a story of finding your mates, whether they turn out to be a life mate or a bandmate, and it all just felt like it was meant to be. From day one, we’ve thought the universe was telling us to be together, so when the rock and roll gods gave Vegas the Punk Rock Museum, we just had to. The venue chose us. We saw it pop up on Instagram, and as soon as we saw it, we knew we had to do it. 

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Prioritizing Stress-Free Planning and Embracing Spontaneity

When you get caught up in making big plans and planning things down to the last detail, they can turn out just fine, but getting everything right is stressful. And when something doesn’t happen or go perfectly, you get upset or frustrated. If you just go for it, have a basic idea of what you’re looking for, and then let things happen more spontaneously, then you’ll realize it all works out in the end, and the most important part was making sure it was fun. Stress isn’t fun, so try to avoid stress. That’s the two most important things. Make it as stress-free as possible, and try to be more spontaneous. The way we did it might not work for everyone, but if you can incorporate some of those attitudes into the whole planning process, you’ll be in good shape.

Appreciating the Value of Professional Photography

We knew it was important to have a good photographer, but it was when we saw ourselves in the pictures later that we appreciated it. We knew we wanted to have fun, be ourselves, and let loose, and in doing so, the excitement and thrill of the day showed in the photos. We’re glad we chose Cactus Collective Weddings to do our photos. They really crushed it, and the images were better than we imagined.

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Making the Most of Their Punk Rock Museum Elopement Budget by Prioritizing What Truly Matters to Them

We’re both in the service industry and are relatively young, and we’re still trying to position ourselves for the future, so the pandemic made things interesting. We knew our budget would only allow for a few guests. Once we decided to go small on the guest count, we were able to do it our way and have more fun for ourselves and our close family and friends. Overall, we kept things to less than $5,000. The most significant expense was the photographer, followed by the officiant, the flowers, the permit, and the venue. We got a lot for what we spent.

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The Wedding Team:

Photography – Cactus Collective Weddings
Event Planning – Electric Sugar Elopements
Ceremony Venue – Sure Thing Chapel
Reception Venue – Punk Rock Museum
Floral Design – Gaia Flowers
Cake – Caked Las Vegas
Officiant – Peachy Keen Unions
Videography – Pablo Zanardi Weddings
Makeup + Hair Styling – Amelia C & Co


Congratulations to Bee and Brady on their edgy and playful Punk Rock Museum elopement! Junebug vendor Electric Sugar Elopements did a fantastic job bringing their outside-the-box elopement dreams to life. To see more unconventional celebrations like this one, check out their profile in our directory of top-notch wedding planners from around the world.

By focusing on what really mattered to them instead of following the usual rules, they created a genuine and special day. If you’re ready to start planning your own small celebration for just the two of you, check out our elopement planning checklist and budget guide to finding a place that’s as unique as your love story.

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Bold Disco-Inspired Garden Party Baumberhof Wedding

May 15, 2024 | justine

Tyle and Austin had big dreams for their wedding day. They didn’t want just any other celebration; they wanted something unforgettable. So, they devised a brilliant idea–a mix of disco vibes and laid-back garden charm. Their aim? To throw a bash where everyone could let loose and have a blast. They wanted their special day to be one-of-a-kind, leaving a lasting impression on their guests. With a unique venue, bold color palette, and show-stopping flowers and decor—that vision came to life at their Baumberhof wedding.

The couple chose a truly stunning location for their ceremony. Picture this: intricate vaulted ceilings, elegant wrought iron details, and a charming cupola made entirely of windows. To enhance the venue’s charm, they created a pathway lined with flowers leading to the altar, where they exchanged vows surrounded by love. And when it was time to party, the barn transformed into the ultimate reception space. Think vibrant pink tables, funky accents, and a dazzling disco ball installation above a checkered dance floor.

If you’re looking for inspiration to infuse your celebration with fun and personal touches, you’ve hit the jackpot with this one! Prepare to be wowed by every detail expertly of this Baumberhof wedding captured by Kelsey Justice Photography.

The Couple:

Tyle and Austin

The Wedding:

Baumberhof, Edmond, Oklahoma, United States

Colorful, Funky, Chic: Their Baumberhof Wedding Vibe

We knew we wanted our wedding to be colorful, funky, and chic, so we chose a disco-inspired garden party vibe. We gave our wedding party our vibrant, sunset-y color palette and let them have free reign with their color and silhouette. Everyone in our wedding party was the coolest, so we wanted their personalities to shine! We had our suits tailor-made at the Tailory in NYC. Austin wore an auburn suit in a retro-inspired silhouette, and I wore a black silk jumpsuit. We wanted our wedding to feel bespoke, one-of-a-kind, and intimate but also be the party of the year for our guests to enjoy. All of this came together thanks to beautiful details like our florals, custom tapestries, and dance floor, and even a London-style double-decker bus that served coffee and affogatos.

Reliving the Best Parts of Their Baumberhof Wedding Day

The rain that we were so nervous about made only a brief appearance in the morning to green the grass and give us a little luck. Our entire day was filled with music and laughter while we got ready with our family and best friends. The sun was shining, and the vibes were high. Our ceremony started at 5 pm, and our circular seating chart made everyone a part of that moment. We even had our guests say a communal vow with us. After the ceremony wrapped, the guests enjoyed a cocktail hour while we wandered the Baumberhof’s stunning land to get the perfect sunset shots. Then, the reception began with our grand entrance, heartfelt speeches, and mother/son dances. We wasted no time hitting the dance floor. Our song is upbeat, so instead of the traditional first dance, we invited our guests to join us for a group dance to get the night started. We wanted our day to feel like a celebration of our love and all of the people who have loved us along the way.

Advice from the Heart: Putting Yourselves First on Your Special Day

We have so many little “favorites” from the day, but our private dance at the end of the night really stands out. It was low on our priority list. We wanted to be with our guests, so neither of us was prepared for the impact it ended up having. The last moments before our day was gone were spent with us alone in the space we had been obsessing over for more than a year, taking in all of the love in the air one more time. As two known people pleasers, we were fully prepared for wedding planning to be an anxiety-inducing nightmare. How large should it be? Will our guests like it? How will it feel to plan a wedding as a gay couple in Oklahoma? Luckily, we found our incredible planner early on, and she gave us the best advice — the day is about you, do it for yourself. When we shifted our mindset from hosting a party to being the guests of honor, everything suddenly felt so much more exciting! Our biggest takeaway is that your wedding is about your story, so you should write the pages that you would want to read. It was important that people left saying, “That felt like Tyle and Austin!” and not just that it was a fun night! We were beyond intentional when it came to colors, fabrics, looks, rentals, and so much more to ensure that we pumped as much of our personality into our day as possible.

Why the Baumberhoff Was the Ultimate Wedding Venue

We live in Chicago, but we knew we wanted to get married where our roots started, so we decided to get married in Oklahoma! After looking at several venues, The Baumberhoff was the easiest yes. The Baumberhof’s space gave us a private feel on 450 acres with two indoor options that alone are beautiful but are easily transformed into the exact look you want. Not to mention the ability to protect you from that scorching Oklahoma sun. Their team, estate, and various options made Baumberhoff a no-brainer and the venue of our dreams.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Kelsey Justice Photography
Event Planning – Savy Social Co.
Venue – Baumberhof
Floral Design – Rootstock Floral
Catering – Rococo
Coffee Truck – Junction Coffee
Officiant – Sierra Carter
DJ – 405 Productions
Videography – Sauer Productions
Invitation Design – Austin Bivens-Ratcliff
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – August & Omi
Grooms’ Apparel – The Tailory NYC
Grooms’ Accessories – Gucci + EYTYS
Rings – Mociun + Grace Lee + Atomic Gold
Rentals – Borrowed Charm + Eventures + Marianne’s
Transportation – Kings Transportation
Tapestries Art – Adrianne Hawthorne
Signage – Amelia Marks
Doodle Art – Michael McCullough


Congratulations to Tyle and Austin on their bold, disco-inspired garden party Baumberhof wedding. A big thank you to Kelsey Justice Photography for capturing all the stunning details and providing inspiration for soon-to-be-wed couples. 

When it comes to planning your big day, embrace the chance to let your personalities and vision shine bright. Whether you’re drawn to an unconventional venue or eager to put a twist on classic wedding traditions, dare to create a celebration that’s as extraordinary as your love story. Check out our guide for creative ideas to ensure your special day is nothing short of unforgettable.

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Whimsical and Bold Caruso Destination Wedding

May 14, 2024 | justine

Francesca and Arunan have families from around the world, so they decided on a destination wedding to bring everyone together. They love trying new things, so picking a city they’d never been to for their big day sounded like the ultimate thrill. They wanted their big day to feel like a huge celebration where everyone could enjoy themselves. That’s why they planned everything outdoors so that guests could relish in the fresh air and breathtaking views. When their Caruso destination wedding finally happened, it was like stepping into a colorful dream. With beautiful flowers, stunning fashion, and a lively atmosphere, it was a party nobody would ever forget.

Their ceremony unfolded on a cliffside garden, offering an awe-inspiring panorama of the sea and the town below. Vibrant blooms adorned every corner, delicately framing the space, aisle, and altar where the couple exchanged their heartfelt vows. Following this beautiful moment, guests were welcomed to a garden reception where a stunning tablescape awaited them. Lush arrangements adorned the long table, inviting guests to enjoy the visual feast. Above, chandeliers cast a gentle glow, infusing the atmosphere with a whimsical and enchanting vibe.

If your dream wedding involves elegance, coastal views, and a touch of uniqueness, this Caruso destination wedding is perfect for you. The captivating images captured by David Bastianoni beautifully showcase every swoon-worthy detail of this breathtaking event.

The Couple:

Francesca and Arunan

The Wedding:

Belmond Caruso, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Embracing Differences by Blending Cultural and Religious Elements in Their Ceremony

We come from very different cultural and religious backgrounds, so we wanted to ensure we honored all sides of our families. We gave traditional vows, but a Thali necklace was presented to honor the groom’s side. Then, to celebrate part of the bride’s side, a glass was smashed at the end of the ceremony. We also performed a sand ceremony symbolizing the meddling of our backgrounds and families.

Their Caruso Destination Wedding Was an International Gathering of Loved Ones

We aimed for a lively and colorful celebration, steering clear of neutrals and pastels for a modern yet elegant feel. Our priority was ensuring guests felt relaxed and free to enjoy themselves, with all our loved ones gathered from around the world except Antarctica. The day never lacked excitement; it was genuinely a joyful and beautiful occasion. We embraced a non-traditional approach to design, from the invitations to the dinner table and aisle, which perfectly matched our vision. Guest experience was paramount, reflecting in every detail. With nearly 14 years together, we wanted our wedding to feel like a big party, prioritizing outdoor settings for fresh air and stunning scenery.

Falling in Love with Belmond Caruso for Their Venue

Living near Washington, DC, we struggled to find a wedding venue that matched our personalities. We both come from international families, so a destination wedding was the perfect fit. Being adventurous souls, the idea of tying the knot in a city we had yet to explore excited us. The Belmond Caruso instantly captured our hearts, even through online photos. Its beauty is awe-inspiring, and experiencing it in person exceeded all expectations.

Custom Sandals and Traditional Treats: Sharing Their Love Through Handcrafted Gifts

We adored the idea of handmade Italian leather sandals crafted right at Bottega Eva Caruso. Not only are they timeless and durable, but they also hold a special significance, being native to Ravello. Offering our guests the opportunity to customize their own sandals, tailored to their unique preferences and foot measurements, added a personal touch to the experience. Additionally, we wanted to share a taste of Sri Lanka with our loved ones, so we gifted traditional Sri Lankan love cake delicately packaged in hand-dyed palm leaf cake boxes. These heartfelt gestures, including the sandals and cake, reflected our appreciation for both Italian and Sri Lankan traditions, making our wedding celebration even more meaningful.

How Their Vendor Team Made Magic Happen at Their Caruso Destination Wedding

Our wedding planners were the real MVPs, orchestrating every detail of our elaborate three-day affair with unmatched dedication and skill. The hotel felt like it was straight out of a fairytale, and the service provided to us and our guests was truly exceptional. The flowers were beyond breathtaking; I doubt I’ll ever lay eyes on anything quite as spectacular again. David Bastianoni and his team worked wonders with our photos, capturing moments of pure magic that still leave me in awe. Huge props to the team at Beauty Livery for making us feel like absolute royalty with their sweet demeanor and incredible talent. We’re incredibly grateful to have had such a fantastic team of vendors and artists bringing our vision to life.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – David Bastianoni
Event Planning – VB Events
Venue + Catering + Cake – Belmond Caruso
Floral Design – Flowers Living
Officiant – Giuliano Benelli
DJ – DJ Fabio Vuomo
Live Music – Evo Strings String Quartet + Marco Ruggiero Sax
Invitation Design – Swell Press
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Beauty Livery
Rings – Cartier + Sophie Bille Brahe
Favors – Bottega Eva Caruso


Congratulations to Francesca and Arunan on their whimsical and bold Caruso destination wedding. A special thank you to David Bastianoni for capturing all the breathtaking moments that the couple will treasure for a lifetime.

Hosting a destination wedding offers an opportunity for an intimate celebration surrounded by loved ones, creating unforgettable memories. Here’s the insider tip: to ensure an extraordinary experience, collaborate with experienced vendors who can elevate your day to the next level. Ready to kick start this journey? Explore our curated selection of top-tier wedding professionals from around the world!

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This Park Chateau Wedding Was a Garden Come to Life

May 12, 2024 | justine

Danielle and Nicholas dreamed of a wedding that was unique, intentional, and elegant. Their journey began with the bridal shower–hinting at the magic of their upcoming celebration–as they poured their hearts into the theme. It all came seamlessly together at their Park Chateau wedding, adorned with soft earthy hues and gentle pastels, surrounded by lush flowers and greenery. It was as if a vibrant garden had sprung to life, making their special day a breathtaking reality.

The expansive property, boasting a gorgeous mansion and manicured gardens, provided the perfect setting for the couple’s ceremony at the stone courtyard. Against the backdrop of the stunning garden landscape, surrounded by their loved ones, the couple exchanged heartfelt vows. Meanwhile, greenery installations and textured arrangements seamlessly brought the outdoors in, softening the opulent aesthetic of their ballroom reception.

If you dream of a wedding adorned with vibrant greenery and blooming flowers, you won’t miss these stunning photos captured by Junebug vendor 4K Wedding Videographer. This celebration is overflowing with inspiration, making it a must-see for anyone planning their dream garden wedding.

The Couple:

Danielle and Nicholas

The Wedding:

Park Chateau, East Brunswick, New Jersey, United States

How DIY Touches and a Special Officiant Made Their Park Chateau Wedding Personal to the Couple

We were so nervous that everything would be executed as we envisioned it because we had truly DIYed every aspect of our wedding and coordinated that vision with our vendors. Our favorite part was marrying one another. Nick and I have been together almost nine years after meeting in college. We had envisioned walking down that aisle and seeing one another for the first time for so long. The rabbi who married us has known me my whole life. He did my baby naming, was there for our family in joyous and challenging times, and truly took the time to get to know Nick. Under the chuppah, we kept squeezing each other’s hands, smiling and whispering, “I love you.” It felt so real and personal. We felt like our guests could see how much we loved each other and how excited we were.

Handcrafted Details That Brought Their Wedding Vision to Life

We are definitely most proud of the details. We planned andmade mood boards and PowerPoints for months and months while planning this day. We built every single piece of decor and signage ourselves in our home and even some in our tiny NYC apt before we moved. All our friends and family thought we were in over our heads. Nick and I love to dream, create, and come up with unique ideas, and we have done precisely that for our day. You can see it in the details of all our decor!

Navigating Wedding Planning on a Budget

Nick and I were definitely on a budget when it came to the wedding. I had just finished my medical residency and started working as an Emergency Room Attending Physician, which meant a lot of loans from schooling. We’d also just bought a new home to start a family. We did a great job prioritizing what mattered most and making our money stretch. We made our invitations, spending hours distressing paper, watercolor painting each one, and adding ribbon and wax seals before sending them out. We became experts at DIY projects, from building structures to repurposing items from the bridal shower. Nick’s engineering skills came in handy. Instead of hiring a designer or wedding planner, we did it all, drawing up countless design ideas until everything was perfect. We knew photography was essential, so we didn’t skimp there. Our florist was great at helping us make wise choices with our budget, focusing on critical areas for impact. My cousin’s band, Cause and the Effects, played at our wedding, giving us a family discount. They were terrific, providing live music with their versatile repertoire throughout the event.

How the Bride Kept Her Park Chateau Wedding Look a Secret Until the Aisle

Choosing a dress was a real challenge for me. Having done some bridal modeling before, I had tried on various dresses, but I wanted to find the perfect one for my wedding day. I decided on two, knowing I couldn’t settle on just one style. I also wanted to keep my look a surprise for Nick until I walked down the aisle, which made photos before the ceremony tricky. So, I devised a unique idea: wearing one dress for pictures and changing just before the aisle walk. Only my mom knew about this surprise, keeping everyone else guessing. Nick’s style is simple, traditional, and classic, so I aimed for that during the ceremony with a twist. I was fortunate to meet one of Rita Vinieris’ designers after COVID-19, who made me a custom design, adding a modern, pointed, strapless neckline to a stunning satin dress with a beautiful back adorned with buttons. For my second dress, worn mainly at the reception, I chose a fitted lace gown with intricate applique made by Marina Farbinni, personalized to perfection. For a party look, inspired by my mom’s chic gauntlets from her wedding, I opted for a sleek short dress with a high neck, paired with Loeffler Randall white heels featuring bows, and surprised her by wearing her lace gauntlets. It was such a fun and memorable ensemble.

Transforming a Ballroom Into a Secret Garden Wonderland

One standout feature was the crossing arches adorning the main tables, where flowers cascaded and climbed over, creating a garden-like ambiance down the center. We aimed for height with our florals to add unique flair, opting for a design that stood out from traditional weddings. Our band’s stage was transformed into a living garden, complete with boxes we built, adorned with rattan hanging lights wrapped in vines and flowers. Incorporating our new last name, “Wright,” into our decor became a playful theme: “Welcome, you’re WRIGHT where you belong,” greeted guests, while “WRIGHT this way” guided them to their seats, and “Drinks coming WRIGHT up” beckoned them to the bar. Even our first dance was a labor of love, choreographed to John Legend’s “Conversations in the Dark” after nights of practicing on our checkered dining room floor. We wanted our bridesmaids’ bouquets to evoke the feeling of freshly picked flowers, so we collaborated with our florist to create stunning arrangements in wicker bags. Every detail was chosen with purpose, reflecting our love and intention behind every element of our special day.

The Wedding Team:

Photography  – Jaymo James
Videography – 4K Wedding Videographer
Venue – Park Chateau
Floral Design – TR Floral Design
Live Music – The Cause and the Effects
Invitation Design – The Bride
Makeup Artist – By Alyssaa
Hair Styling – Kristen Okaly
Wedding Dress – Kleinfeld + Wedding Salon of Manhasset
Bridal Accessories – Loeffler Randall
Groom’s Apparel – Suit Supply
Rings – Ring Concierge


Congratulations to Danielle and Nicholas on their Park Chateau wedding! A huge thank you goes out to Junebug vendor 4K Wedding Videographer for skillfully capturing all the remarkable details and unforgettable moments that made this celebration truly memorable. To explore more weddings like this one, visit their profile in our directory featuring talented videographers from across the globe.

Whether you’ve already selected your ideal garden location or are considering incorporating outdoor elements indoors, explore our floral guide for planning your own flower-filled celebration. Armed with these ideas, a top-notch florist, and a skilled team of vendors, you can create the garden-themed event you’ve always envisioned!

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Classic Masia Egara Destination Wedding Full of Dancing and Delicious Food

May 5, 2024 | justine

From the beginning of their relationship, Allison envisioned a wedding with a bohemian touch. Toby, accustomed to formal suits at work, looked forward to dressing more casually for their special day. And guess what? It all unfolded just as they had dreamed! Their Masia Egara destination wedding combined timeless elegance with an earthy color palette accented by vibrant splashes of orange (Allison’s favorite color), lush flowers, and stylish attire. It was even better than they had hoped–a party they’ll never forget.

The couple exchanged heartfelt vows in their garden ceremony, surrounded by stunning blooms and vibrant foliage, creating a truly unforgettable moment. As the festivities continued into the charming courtyard reception, guests were greeted by long tables adorned with an abundance of flowers, greenery, and twinkling candles. To add even more enchantment, a breathtaking display of blooms, flowers, and lanterns hung above the tables, elevating the beauty of their already magical day.

Gathering their loved ones for such a meaningful event meant the world to the pair, and they aimed to fill every moment of the celebration with the love they shared. Their wedding day seamlessly combined classic elegance with their unique style, reflecting who they are as a couple. With the help of Weddings Art, every intricate detail and cherished memory of their enchanting celebration was expertly captured, ensuring it would be remembered for years to come.

The Couple:

Allison and Toby

The Wedding:

Masia Egara, Barcelona, Spain

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Celebrating Diversity and Timeless Style in Wedding Fashion

I wore an Amsale wedding dress for our big day. It was important for me to wear a dress by a Black wedding dress designer, and Amsale’s gowns are impeccably cut, beautifully tailored, and stylistically stand the test of time. I wanted to avoid looking back at wedding photos and feel that my dress appeared dated. The beauty look was simple, nothing dramatic. I kept my natural curls loose, and my makeup was natural. I wanted to look like myself on the wedding day.

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How Masia Egara Set the Stage for Their Perfect Day

We chose our venue because it is a beautiful burnt orange color, which is my favorite. We knew that the Masia’s facade would work perfectly with our color scheme, earth oranges, and pinky peach hues selection. As soon as we stepped through the gates into the courtyard, we fell in love with the beautiful gardens and rustic terra cotta-colored facade of Masia Egara. It was the perfect location. With the venue secured, we moved on to catering, photography, videography, lighting, music, officiant, transportation, and other logistics involved in making our day unforgettable. I took an active role throughout the process, sharing my feedback on everything from the color palettes, flower types, lamps, and place-setting designs that our wedding planner procured. We were ecstatic on our wedding day because all of the vendors delivered, and The Experialist made our wedding dreams a reality.

Allison’s and Toby’s Most Memorable Masia Egara Destination Wedding Moments

Allison: The most memorable part of the day was the dinner and the batucada. The caterer has links to El Bulli, which was previously ranked among the best restaurants in the world. The caterers were creative and dynamic and delivered an incredible meal, which was essential to me, a self-proclaimed foodie. The batucada was a drumming performance that helped guests transition from the dinner to the dance floor
Toby: The most memorable part of the day was when our photographer pulled us aside for a private photo session at the venue. In all of the excitement of the day, we were able to take a few minutes to just be the two of us—profoundly in love and surrounded by beauty.

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Navigating Their Masia Egara Destination Wedding Day Changes with Grace

Other than the wedding planner, you are the only people at the wedding who know how everything is supposed to come together. So, if something goes differently than planned, don’t dwell on it. Enjoy your magical day.

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The Wedding Team:

Photography + Videography – Weddings Art
Event Planning – The Experialist
Venue – Masia Egara
Floral Design – Studio Floral
Catering – Sibaris Catering
Cake – Sweet Mama
Officiant – Clare Tutte
DJ – Mediajockey
Live Music – Escénico
Invitation Design – Celebremos Design & Co
Makeup Artist – Glow by Laura Sánchez
Rings – Daniel Valencia
Rentals – Abanik
Lighting – Your Happy Day
Decor – Arte de Marte


Congratulations to Allison and Toby on their classic Masia Egara destination wedding, which was filled with dancing and delicious food. A big thanks to Weddings Art for skillfully capturing every beautiful moment of their special day.

Considering a destination wedding? It’s a fantastic way to have a small, close-knit celebration with your loved ones and create unforgettable memories. But here’s the deal: to make your day truly amazing, team up with experienced vendors who can add that extra special touch. Ready to get started? Take a look at our list of top wedding professionals from all over the world!

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This Couple Didn’t Let Rain Stop Them From Enjoying Their Cozy Marshwood Manor Wedding

April 30, 2024 | justine

Kat and Sam had a clear vision for their wedding: they wanted warmth, relaxation, and a vibe that everyone could connect with. Steering away from tradition, they opted for a cozy and informal affair. Choosing a venue tucked away in the countryside, enveloped by ancient woodland, they set the stage for their Marshwood Manor wedding. Overflowing with dreamy flowers, charming decor, and a romantic color palette, their day was nothing short of enchanting. Despite the rain catching them off guard–with the help of wedding planner Katie Avis–their plans fell into place effortlessly.

Underneath a canopy of woodland boughs, the couple exchanged vows surrounded by their nearest and dearest. As raindrops fell gently around them, it felt like a scene from a romantic movie. Following their rainy “I dos,” they moved on to a reception filled with rustic charm. The venue was adorned with lush greenery and elegant pampas installations gracing the charming tablescapes. String lights overhead tied everything together, creating a truly magical atmosphere.

Even with a bit of rain, they didn’t let it dampen their spirits. Thanks to Laura Dean’s expertly captured photos, you can witness how the rain added an extra layer of sweetness to their wedding memories.

The Couple:

Kat and Sam

The Wedding:

Marshwood Manor, Bettiscombe, Bridport, United Kingdom

Exchanging Vows Amidst Woodland Rain

Our ceremony was set in a woodland bower with a stream and logs for seating, so it was very unique and picturesque. We had a violinist who created a lovely atmosphere as guests arrived and throughout the ceremony. However, being a British wedding, even in July, you cannot guarantee a sunny day. Ten minutes before the ceremony started, the rain began to fall, and the whole ceremony was conducted in the rain. This made the moment memorable and even more special, with our first kiss being in the rain, something like out of a movie.

The Importance of Booking Suppliers Early

Start planning as early as possible! Book vendors as early as you can. If they are good, they will likely get booked up very quickly. Create a wedding timeline with key deadlines and to-do lists for when payments are due, etc. Get creative and make it your own day. Do it however you want, and don’t feel obliged to follow a stereotypical wedding.

How They Added Personality to Their Marshwood Manor Wedding With Small Playful Details

We spent so much time planning the wedding and added many little details that we loved. We had temporary tattoos for guests to show their support for us on our big day. All the guests, young and old, got involved, and it was a great conversation starter. My second outfit included personalized gloves embroidered with “Till Death Do Us Part – The Freemans.” We also added elements that were only noticeable for us but made it extra special, such as the band learning a lesser-known song that was special to us and Sam’s speech subtly including quotes from my favorite movie. Even the inflatable props for the dance floor just added to the experience and got everyone involved.

How DIY Touches Made Their Marshwood Manor Wedding Day Extra Special

We created our own wedding newspaper, “The Daily Veil,” and handed it out to all our guests on arrival. It included a timeline of the day, menu, and some fun facts about the bridal party. This was a really unique keepsake for all of our guests. One of the bridesmaids kindly arranged the bridal flowers on the day. We also created our table plan and place cards and provided our own centerpiece vases, which we thrifted and painted.

Making the Most Out of Their Wedding Budget

Our budget was £25,000 – £30,000. We were strict about the number of guests and DIYed some items to save on supplier costs. Guests staying on-site paid a small amount for accommodation. We opted for a dessert buffet rather than a cake, as a wedding cake is costly and wasn’t a big deal for us. We didn’t provide wedding favors to all guests, only the bridal party. Sam wanted to be able to wear his suit again, so he opted for a high-street brand.

Investing in Their Dream Wedding Venue

Our most significant spend was on the venue itself, which was the most important. The bridesmaid dresses were also a signficiant spend, as I wanted a range of colors to be in keeping with the style of the day. It was an exclusive-use venue, which you could utilize from Friday to Sunday, and accommodated half of our wedding party in the cottages on site. We always wanted the wedding to be stretched over an entire weekend. The venue was also perfect for having multiple areas where we could have different parts of the day, so guests had new experiences throughout the day in different parts of the grounds. My previous role in the wedding industry meant I had experienced many weddings in our local area. This venue was a little further away and new to me, but it was close enough that it wasn’t too far for our local family.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Laura Dean
Event Planning + Floral Design – Katie Avis
Venue – Marshwood Manor
Catering – Asado Fire Kitchen
Officiant – Dorset Council
Live Music – The Small Things
Videography – Hedgehog Videos
Invitation Design – SC Design Studios
Makeup Artist – Emma Tatchell
Wedding Dress – Chameleon Bride
Bridal Accessories – The Glove Girl
Bridesmaids’ Apparel – Six Stories + Coast
Groom’s Apparel + Groomsmen’s Apparel – ASOS


Congratulations to Kat and Sam on their unforgettable Marshwood Manor wedding, rain and all! A massive thank you goes out to the incredibly talented Laura Dean for beautifully capturing every magical moment of their special day. 

Even the most meticulously planned weddings may encounter a hiccup or two. Sometimes, Mother Nature decides to join in on the festivities. However, with a positive mindset, a willingness to adapt, a team of reliable experts, and perhaps even a sprinkle of rain on the big day, the experience can transform into something truly enchanting and unforgettable.

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This Huntington Theatre Wedding Was Full of Drama (In the Best Way Possible)

April 28, 2024 | justine

Bobby and Matthew–who share a passion for art and theater–chose to say “I do” at Boston’s Huntington Theatre, a venue close to their hearts. Their decision was spot-on, as the theater radiated historical charm, transporting everyone to another era. With guests dressed to the nines, the wedding sparkled like a lavish premiere. Their Huntington Theater wedding was a touching tribute to their love story, commemorating their unique journey in a truly unforgettable way.

Among the classic elegance of their wedding, the couple infused their own unique flair. Their ceremony kicked off with a heartfelt song performance, setting the tone for the day. The pair took center stage as the red curtain rose, dancing beneath dazzling crystal chandeliers—a truly dramatic moment! The following reception seamlessly blended masculinity and softness, with lush floral arrangements, flickering candlelight, grand chandeliers, and playful disco balls adorning the space, making it both classic and undeniably lavish.

If you’re dreaming of adding a touch of theatrical flair to your wedding day, take notes from this  Huntington Theatre wedding. It’s the ideal inspiration for you. Sarah Jayne Photo Co. did a great job capturing all the beautiful details. 

The Couple:

Bobby and Matthew

The Wedding:

Huntington Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

The Special Reason They Chose to Have a Huntington Theatre Wedding

We’re both avid lovers of the arts and theater, so we chose to join hands as partners for life at Boston’s historical Huntington Theatre, a space that holds tremendous meaning for us both. I sit on the Board of Advisors for The Huntington Theatre. While Matthew is the Co-Chair of the Hunt (the young theater donor program). Our time spent together is most often in the seats of this theater. Where I gifted Matthew his own dedicated seat on the balcony.

A Ceremony Full of Dramatic Flair

Matthew and I wed on a balmy January day, a glorious double rainbow symbolically presented in the sky above as we walked the Boston streets hand in hand before our show-stopping ceremony. Having a true flair for the dramatic, the ceremony began on stage with a solo vocal rendition of “The Lighthouse Keeper” by Sam Smith. A song that truly represents our love for each other. The red curtain lifted to reveal us dancing beneath dramatic crystal chandeliers overhead. Guests cheered and clapped in delight at the reveal. The Theatre’s Artistic Director officiated the ceremony meaningfully, leaving no dry eye in the house.

A Decadent Cocktail Hour Followed by a Luxurious Reception

Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed a decadent cocktail hour and dinner on the Theatre’s mezzanine level. We curated a menu and beverage experience above all else for their guests, including a raw bar, roving beverage carts featuring signature espresso martinis and margaritas, and a decadent two-course plated dinner. Working with our wedding planner, the design aesthetic merged our personal history and design aesthetic preferences—timeless and classic, yet undeniably luxe and decadent. The setting combined masculinity and softness throughout with abundant floral and candlelight and luxurious velvet linens with plaid accents on the napkins. The intention of the design was to nod gently toward our favorite designer. Giving the space a certain Ralph Lauren je ne sais quoi.

A Festive Second Line to Kick Off the Dance Floor

From dinner, guests were led via a jubilant second line led by the band’s horn section back to the Theatre, where the stage was transformed from ceremony into an energetic and lively space for dancing. Guests, led by Jordan Kahn Music Company’s 12-piece Georgia Bridgewater Band, delighted in dancing and revelry. We cut into a decadent three-tiered cake set upon an extravagant dessert table before an outfit change, after which nonstop energy and joyful dancing on the grand stage commenced.

Staying Debt-Free by Planning a Year in Advance and Sticking to Their Budget

We created the budget a year in advance. The budget adjusted as the year passed, but we pledged not to have any debt after the wedding. We stuck to our budget, and everything was paid in cash throughout the year.

Custom Cookies as Wedding Favors on Their Huntington Theatre Wedding

As guests departed, they had the choice to take home custom cookies made by MAX Ultimate Food. Some cookies were pine trees, as I grew up on a Christmas tree farm. And some were lighthouses, as Matthew grew up on Cape Cod.

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The Wedding Team:

Photography – Sarah Jayne Photo Co.
Event Planning – Wild at Heart Co.
Venue – Huntington Theatre
Floral Design – The Wild Dahlia
Catering + Cake – MAX Ultimate Food
Officiant – Loretta Greco
Live Music – Jordan Kahn Music Co.
Videography – Angela O’Neal
Invitation Design – Gus and Ruby Letterpress
Groom’s Apparel – 9Tailors
Rings – David Yurman
Rentals – Peak Event Services
Transportation – Town Livery
Specialty Lighting Decor + Drapery – Ryan Designs
Custom Rentals + Decor – Form Creative Services
Cotton Candy Cart – Le Petit Pouf


Congratulations to Bobby and Matthew on their Huntington Theatre wedding, which was full of drama in the best way possible! Many thanks to Sarah Jayne Photo Co. for capturing every moment and detail that made their celebration memorable.

Your wedding venue holds the power to set the tone for your celebration, just like it did for Bobby and Matthew. If you’re starting your search for the perfect venue, take a cue from their love story. Once you’ve found the right spot, add your personal touch by getting creative with your fashion choices and drawing inspiration from unique ideas. These simple steps can transform your wedding day into something truly extraordinary.

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