Pastel Indian Wedding at Compass Rose Suites

November 6, 2022 | justine

When Kiran and Kevin planned their wedding in the middle of the pandemic, the safety and comfort of their loved ones were a top priority. This is what led to their celebration in the countryside. And their pastel Indian wedding had it all—an outdoor setting with scenic countryside views, romantic florals in a soft color palette, and, of course, delicious Indian food! Even though they encountered a few hurdles along the way, with the help of their trusted vendor team, they pulled off their big day in a spectacular way.

Their outdoor ceremony set in the fields of Compass Rose Suites had countless beautiful details, starting with their attire. The pair looked stunning in complementing traditional cream-colored ornate ensembles. Meanwhile, their swoon-worthy decor featured a lily-lined aisle leading to the flower-filled mandap. They promised a lifetime of love surrounded by loved ones and the woods as their backdrop.

The pair changed into chic outfits for the evening festivities, with Kevin rocking a classic tux while Kiran was breathtaking in a bedazzled dress. It was apparent that they put a lot of thought into the details of their celebration as the dreamy vibe continued at their tented reception. You’re not going to want to miss these gorgeous photos captured by Junebug members Joel & Justyna. So keep scrolling for inspiration you can use for your own big day.

The Couple:

Kiran and Kevin

The Wedding:

Compass Rose Suites, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada

The Inspiration Behind Their Pastel Indian Wedding

We wanted to create a vibe that matched the natural feel of the venue, would go with the organic style of our photographers, and would be elegant but fun for when it came time to party. We didn’t want the color of a traditional Indian wedding but also didn’t want the traditional classic look of an all-white wedding, so we went for earthy tones for the morning Anand Karaj outfits for ourselves, our bridal party, and our families. Kevin brought home lilies for me one day, and I wanted to include them in the wedding florals as I hadn’t seen them done before. Our florist took that inspiration and created a beautiful path that lined the aisle as if we walked through the meadow to the altar.

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Why They Chose The Compass Rose Suites Venue For Their Pastel Indian Wedding

We were planning our wedding in the middle of the pandemic, so we wanted to ensure we could find an outdoor venue. We lived in France when we got engaged and considered having our wedding there. But, when we decided to have our wedding back in the Toronto area, we were delighted to find Compass Rose Suites. The venue matched the outdoor vibe of some of the venues we saw in France. They also let us bring our own caterer for Indian food, which was a critical component of our wedding planning.

Creating A Wedding Timeline That Worked For Them

Our day was split into our morning ceremony–a modern version of a traditional Indian langar– and our evening dinner reception. We didn’t get to interact with many of our guests after the ceremony because we had to take photos. Once we did our first look in the evening and spent some quiet moments together, we were finally able to interact with our guests as they arrived for the cocktail hour. It was overwhelming to feel all of their love as we celebrated.

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Finding A Trusted Planner Was Crucial To The Success Of Their Wedding

Find an experienced wedding planner whose style you like and who you can trust. We had an unfortunate experience where our first wedding planner backed out after they lost staff members and couldn’t hold onto all of their clients. Luckily we found Lexington & Co., and Lexi worked so hard to ensure we had everything we needed for our day to be beautiful and for everything to run smoothly, covering us for every scenario. We would have been lost without her incredible style and experience.

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Finding A Caterer For Their Indian Fusion Wedding Menu Was The Top Priority

We’re so glad we were able to find vendors for our lunch, dinner, and late-night snack that could provide delicious Indian fusion food, unlike what we’ve experienced in the past. Rick’s Good Eats supplied the food for our langar (lunch after the morning ceremony). Pukka catered our incredible dinner, and our local bakery, The Donuterie, sent doughnuts up for our late-night snack. We were happy to share these favorites and local gems with our friends and family.


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How They Saved Money By Bringing Their Own Alcohol

We were shocked by how much money we saved by bringing our own alcohol! We had an open bar throughout the cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing, with specialty cocktails and a range of choices for our guests. There was no shortage of options for the evening because we were able to take more than half of what we bought back.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Joel & Justyna
Event Planning – Lexington & Co.
Venue – Compass Rose Suites
Floral Design – Bambii Flowers
Catering – Rick’s Good Eats + Pukka Restaurant
Cake – Finespun Cakes
Videography – Pat Crandles Videography
Invitation Design – Statue Rue
Makeup Artist – Makeuplicious by Mika
Hair Styling – Allyssa Helm Beauty & Co.
Wedding Dresses – Sia Importer + Seema Gujral
Bridal Accessories – Sapphire Hut
Groom’s Apparel – Sia Importer + Gaurav Gupta
Rentals – Sperry Tents + Chairman Mills + Reznick Carpets
Event Staffing – Core 2.0 Staffing
Henna – Henna by Mayaa
Turban Tying – Pagg&Fifty


Congratulations to Kiran and Kevin on their pastel Indian wedding at Compass Rose Suites. And a big thank you to Junebug members Joel & Justyna for capturing all the intimate moments and stunning details that showcase their love story. For more wedding inspo, check out their profile in our directory of wedding photographers from around the world.

Like this couple, finding a venue that matches your vision is one of the most crucial parts of wedding planning. This is why it’s necessary to lean on your trusted team to help bring all the wedding elements together seamlessly. Kickstart the process with a strong foundation by checking out our directory of expert vendors and our planning and budget guides.

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This Fall Preto Loft Wedding Is Perfectly Modern And Rustic

November 5, 2022 | justine

This couple refused to let the pandemic get in the way of their happily ever after. Instead of canceling, Jenny and Nick decided to have a safe and intimate celebration with their nearest and dearest. Playing off their venue’s existing industrial features, their Preto Loft wedding featured chic and contemporary decor combined with fall-themed details and florals

To contrast and spice up the concrete, brick walls, and exposed loft beams, asymmetrical floral pillars were the perfect addition to their sweet “I do’s”. But, it doesn’t stop there. Autumn blooms, sleek black settings, and black chairs popped against the white tablescape as they wined and dined at the reception that followed. 

With the help of their vendor team, they created a stunning space with a relaxed atmosphere, allowing them to enjoy moments with each other. On top of that, the pair took their big day as an opportunity to beautifully bend traditions, showing off their personalities in thoughtful and meaningful ways. Want to see more? Scroll through these incredible images captured by John and Veronica Photography and soak in every detail of this modern and rustic affair.

The Couple:

Jenny and Nick

The Wedding:

Preto Loft, Toronto, Canada

Party With Chloe’s Thoughts On This Preto Loft Wedding

It was so hard for everyone who decided to postpone their wedding over the pandemic. Refusing to let COVID stop them, Jenny and Nick chose to have their safe and joyful intimate wedding surrounded by people they love. They chose an industrial photo studio as their wedding venue—with its large windows, brick walls, exposed industrial beams, and wooden floors. We added sophisticated and airy autumn florals to make their wedding softer and more romantic. Guests enjoyed the season throughout the dinner, including fig dark and stormy cocktails and a beautiful seasonal three-course dinner. Their wedding day was filled with pleasure, romance, and intimacy—hands down, the most relaxed wedding I’ve ever seen.

How Their Preto Loft Wedding Came To Be

We were looking for a small venue that would be perfect for an intimate wedding. Due to the prolonged pandemic, government restrictions, and lockdowns, many wedding venues were closed temporarily or permanently out of business. There were a few venue options on my list, and I came to choose Preto Loft as we loved the mix of rustic and vintage that the studio has. The Preto Loft is gorgeous with brick walls, huge factory windows, exposed metal fixtures, and simple but chic décor that matched the fall season. We just fell in love with the place at first sight. We kept the color palette and the style within the theme that the venue already had and added the colors of the natural season of fall. The style and overall look of our wedding were just organized so beautifully and the modern rustic theme was perfectly executed.

The Groom Paid His Respects To The Bride’s Parents With A Deep Bow After The Ceremony

I would say the Korean traditional bow that my partner gave toward my parents after a declaration of our marriage during our ceremony. Nick performed a deep bow which began standing and ended by pressing his forehead to his hands while kneeling on both legs on the floor. This is a traditional way of thanking parents during the wedding ceremony. My parents had no idea that he would do the bow! The pure joy my parents had on their faces was captured in the wedding photos, and it’s just priceless to look at them time after time.

Their Preto Loft Wedding Was The Laid-Back Celebration They Always Wanted

I wanted to ensure that every guest, my husband, and I had the best time. They all mean so much to us as they witnessed our growth as a couple. We didn’t want to overwhelm our guests with too many games, speeches, or performances. So we created a laid-back and simpler wedding, which reflected our personality. Due to the pandemic, we couldn’t get together with our loved ones for a long time. And to see them all together having fun—the warm hugs, endless conversation, and laughter—really mattered to us.

Advice: Feel Free To Skip Tradition

I think it is very important to identify what you and your partner want. Wedding planning can be such a stressful and overwhelming journey. Try to find what’s most important to you and your partner. You can be as unconventional as possible and not necessarily follow a wedding formula, such as having a bridesmaid, bouquet toss, stressing on entertaining the guests, etc. You could always ditch anything that doesn’t resonate with you. It is your day, be yourself and do whatever you want!

The Wedding Team:

Photography – John and Veronica Photography
Event Planning + Invitation Design – Party with Chloe
Ceremony + Ceremony Venue – Preto Loft
Floral Design – Atelier Josephine
Catering – Daniel et Daniel
Cake – Bloom Cake Co.
Videography – Dialogue Design Studio
Makeup Artist – First Brush
Hair Styling – Uno Jo Bridal Hair
Wedding Dress – Sash and Bustle
Bridal Shoes – Jimmy Choo
Groom’s Apparel – Canali
Groom Shoes – Ferragamo
Rings – Damiani
Rentals – Event Rental Group
Favors – Succulent chocolates and sweets


Congratulations to Jenny and Nick on their fall Preto Loft wedding that’s perfectly modern and rustic. And a big thank you to John and Veronica Photography for capturing all the gorgeous details and special moments unconventional couples will use as inspiration. 

From recreating traditions to incorporating thoughtful touches, there are many unique ways your wedding can truly reflect you and your partner. Get started with our wedding planning checklist to pull off a meaningful and unforgettable celebration.

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Modern And Minimalistic Museo Casa de la Bola Wedding

November 3, 2022 | justine

For Bere and Oscar, postponing their wedding due to the pandemic meant one thing: they had more time to fine-tune their vision and plan a party for the ages. And it was certainly worth the wait! They showcased a modern aesthetic, a sophisticated color palette, and statement florals that perfectly contrasted their 16th century-museum venue. To say love is definitely in the details at this Museo Casa de la Bola wedding would be an understatement

After the two said their “I dos” at the Parroquia San Josemaria Escriva, they headed to the museum, where a stunning reception awaited. With the help of their planner The Eventuer and an expert team of vendors, they transformed the courtyard into an ultra-romantic setting. The space was complete with white and red blooms that popped against an elegant tablescape filled with taper candles. And not only that, they dined and danced the night away under the full sparkle of disco balls.

Photographer and Junebug member Memorybox did an incredible job of capturing every well-thought-out detail of the day. So scroll through and read on to find out the many creative ways they made their Museo Casa de la Bola wedding uniquely them. This is one elegant soiree you don’t want to miss.

The Couple:

Bere and Oscar

The Wedding:

Parroquia Sanjosemaria Escriva, Mexico

How They Brought Their Museo Casa De La Bola Wedding To Life

We wanted an intimate affair, a feat for us coming from large families and a particularly social pair. We wanted our guests to be persons who loved us deeply, wanted to celebrate our love, and would contribute to the energy we dreamed of for our wedding, love, positivity, and bliss. The energy and love our family and friends showered us with, in tandem with the magic our vendors created, made it the happiest day of our lives and something we will cherish forever. I would describe our wedding style as modern, bold, and minimalist. The contrast between the rustic 16th-century museum and the modern elements was an aesthetic dream for us. The juxtaposition of old and new is one of our favorite pairings, and we knew it would be central to the design of the day.

Why A Museo Casa De La Bola Wedding

We found Museo Casa de la Bola on Instagram, as we did with everything else. We are big fans of architecture and wanted a beautiful location without needing so much work done to it,  something rich in history and culture with a garden. And all the statues and stone sculptures were chef’s kiss.

Giving Out Welcome Bags With Travel Essentials

We gave our guests welcome bags with our portrait logo. It included itineraries, traditional Mexican candy, and recommendations for navigating the city. Most of our guests did not live in Mexico, and we wanted to provide them with guidance.

Enlisting The Bride’s Mom’s Help With Their DIY Projects

I DIY’d our clusters of postage on our wedding mail which was a lot of fun. Our first save the date included our single-line drawing portrait as the focal design. Also, the lasso, which is a part of a Catholic ceremony signifying unity, was something I DIY’d with my mom. Traditional lassoes are very ornate, and I wanted something simpler and minimal. My mother is a jeweler and provided the gold to create it with me.

Their Wedding Team Was Crucial To Bringing Their Vision To Life

Aside from celebrating our love, the most important parts of the wedding day were the design, flowers, food, music, and ensuring our family and friends had the best time of their lives. We knew this required being very organized to execute our vision for the day and have the best day of our lives. Having an experienced wedding planner and vendor team with the same goals made the wedding journey a stress-free experience. We knew everything would come together perfectly because they went above and beyond. The relationship we developed with our planner, The Eventuer, enriched our experience and allowed us to trust the process. We worked hard to surround ourselves with our favorite humans, which paid off many times over.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Memorybox Photography
Event Planning – The Eventeur
Ceremony Venue – Parroquia Sanjosemaria Escriva
Reception Venue – Museo Casa de la Bola
Floral Design – Allium Estudio Floral
Catering – Ambrosia 
Cake – Cuarentena Baking
DJ – AR Producciones
Live Music – Banda 466 + Havana Nice Cuban MusicGroup
Videography – Social Art Cinema
Invitation Design – Goods Gang
Makeup Artist – Pamela Segura
Hair Styling – Alejandro Iniguez
Wedding Dress – Gown-Watters
Bridal Accessories – LOHO Bride 
Bride’s Party Apparel – Bronx and Banco-Lola
Groom’s Apparel – Klein and Epstein
Groom’s Accessories – Gucci Loafers
Rings – Ring Concierge
Rentals – Rent and Company + Sobre Mesa
Churreria – El Moro
Stationery + Neon Sign + Welcome Bags – Alexandra Wallace


Congratulations to Bere and Oscar on their modern and minimalistic Museo Casa de la Bola wedding. And a special shout out to Junebug member Memorybox for capturing the magic and beauty of their special day. To see more gorgeous weddings to spark inspiration, check out their profile in our directory of photographers from around the world.

A trusted wedding planner and vendor team are critical to overcoming challenges and managing your stress levels.  If you’re starting your wedding planning journey, be sure to check out our guide to beat wedding day stress and our ultimate planning checklist. These are the key for a positive “I do” experience.

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The Couples’ Travels Inspired This French’s Point Wedding

November 1, 2022 | justine

French's Point wedding.

Mikailah and Nick spent time traveling the US and fell in love with the green forests of the northwest, the deep reds of the southwest desert, and the sense of community in many of the small towns they visited. So when the time came to tie the knot, they wanted to bring the colors and textures from their travels into their French’s Point wedding celebration. And that’s exactly what they did.  

Overlooking the rocky coastline, the pair exchanged heartfelt vows under a beautiful chuppah adorned with fresh blooms, dried greenery, and feathery pampas. At their tented reception on the estate grounds, guests were greeted with towering installations above an elegant tablescape of taper candles and delicate floral clusters. Meanwhile, rattan pendant lighting illuminated the space and seamlessly blended with the rest of the decor.

After two long years of planning, the pair was thrilled to spend the weekend with their loved ones in the most picturesque location. And their talented team helped them realize their vision and pulled it off with exquisite style. If you and your partner are fans of nature-inspired weddings with a sophisticated and timeless twist, you’ll want to see this one. Keep scrolling through to see all the gorgeous details captured by Junebug member Emily Delamater.

The Couple:

Mikailah and Nick

The Wedding:

French’s point, Maine, United States

Why A French’s Point Wedding

We wanted a venue that allowed us to bring people together for an extended period. After so much time apart due to the pandemic, spending as much quality time with the people we loved most was important. French’s Point delivered exactly that! And honestly, there’s very little we can take responsibility for, as we had the most amazing group of vendors. We feel so lucky to have spent two years working with such wonderful people who delivered incredible work the weekend of our wedding.

Wedding Advice: Don’t Lose Sight Of What’s Important

Our wedding journey was a long two-year process with many ups and downs. And all the challenges were worth it. Remember that what matters most is that you’re marrying your best friend. Everything else comes second.

Working With Junebug Member Emily Delamater

Whether you’re comfortable in front of the camera or not, your photographers are who you’ll spend the most time with during your wedding, so you want to feel at ease with them. Emily Delamater did more than make us feel at ease. She made us feel like we were with dear friends. You can tell from their work that we aren’t the only ones who felt this way, as their photographs come out so natural and organic. We can’t wait for another opportunity to work with such wonderful and talented people.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Emily Delamater
Event Planning – Pinch Me Planning
Ceremony + Reception Venue – French’s Point
Floral Design – Yellow Twist
Catering – Trillium
Invitation Design – Gus and Ruby
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Jennifer Nieman
Wedding Dress – A La Robe
Bridal Accessories – Amina Muaddi
Groom’s Apparel – Suit Supply
Lighting Design – Griffin & Griffin Lighting


Congratulations to Mikailah and Nick on their French’s point wedding. One of the best ways to fully immerse your guests in your celebration is by incorporating your and your partner’s character and love story in the details—from the invitations to the decor. And, of course, having a great photographer is crucial for documenting all the thoughtful details you and your wedding team have worked so hard for.

A special thank you to Junebug member Emily Delamater for capturing all the stunning details and raw emotions they can look back on for years to come. Draw inspiration from weddings like this by checking out Emily’s profile in our directory of expert photographers from around the world.

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Viking-Themed Gather Greene Wedding

October 31, 2022 | justine

Wedding inspiration can be drawn from many sources. When the time came for Fei and Matthew to tie the knot, they turned to their diverse backgrounds for wedding day ideas. With a sculptural venue perched on scenic acres of the Hudson Valley, a rich and luxurious color palette, and spectacular floral displays—their Gather Greene wedding strikes just the right balance of rustic coziness and modern romance. 

With its picturesque views peeking through the wooden screen walls and soaring arched ceilings, the open-air pavilion was the perfect setting for their special day. A dramatic floral installation that echoed the curves of the space served as the focal point for both the ceremony and reception. To top it all off, their stunning tablescape featured wildflowers and moss for a touch of whimsy, while taper candles and lanterns added a beautiful glow.

In honor of the bride’s heritage, the pair changed into the customary red and gold embroidered attire for the tea ceremony. Their celebration was truly a beautiful mix of Scandinavian charm and Chinese tradition. From the sweet first look and all-night dance party to all the moments in between, soak in every detail and let these images captured by Jim Lee Vision sweep you off your feet.

The Couple:

Fei and Matthew

The Wedding:

Gather Greene, New York, United States

Manna Sun Events’ Insights On How This Gather Greene Wedding Was Brought To Life

This Viking-themed wedding is filled with details and romance, and it’s one-of-a-kind. During the initial consultation, the couple expressed their preferences and interests in Viking culture. Manna Sun Events took on the challenge and did plenty of research into this unique culture before starting any actual design. The challenge was to design a wedding that embraced and paired two different cultures–initially far from each other–while coming together in celebration. The Gather Greene was an ideal place and provided a minimalist Scandinavian feeling and a breathtaking backdrop. The couple wanted a location that was inspiring on its own yet provided a blank canvas for us to build an experience.

Choosing A Color Palette That Complemented The Venue And Season

We chose a complimentary color palette that showcased the tones of the coming fall. We also utilized colors of the couple’s family lineage and history. Using complementary shades of green, orange, and red–as seen in the lounge area and table setting–it immediately brightened up the atmosphere. 

Incorporating A Traditional Tea Ceremony

In keeping with tradition, Matthew dressed up in a red suit embroidered with a dragon pattern and knelt with Fei, who was wearing an embroidered red Qun Kwa, and served tea to their parents, in-laws, and other family members. Even though the bride’s mother couldn’t make it to the wedding, the hosting of this traditional Chinese tea ceremony and the enthusiasm of all the participants made Fei feel loved, cared for, and supported. It was a touching moment that symbolized the union of two families, and it also showed how beautiful love could be when East meets West.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Jim Lee Vision
Event Planning – Manna Sun Events
Ceremony Venue – Gather Greene
Floral Design – Hudson Botanica
Catering + Cake – Mazzone Catering
DJ – June Events
Videography – Embark Films
Invitation Design – Inkinity Studio
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Sophiema Artistry
Rentals – BBJ La Tavola Linen + Patina Rentals + Broadway PartyRentals
Tent – Columbia Tent
Lighting – Snow Machine Power Posse Produce
Transportation – WB Golf Carts


Everyone wants their wedding to be one-of-a-kind. And like this couple, a great starting point to creating a unique wedding experience is incorporating details that are important to both of you and are central to your celebration. 

Congratulations to Fei and Matthew on their Viking-themed Gather Greene wedding. Big thanks to Jim Lee Vision for capturing all the exquisite details soon-to-be-wed couples can share with their team of pros. And, of course, many thanks to Manna Sun Events for helping the pair bring their vision to life.

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White Monochromatic Cavalli Estate Wedding

October 31, 2022 | justine

Heneline and Eric chose ten of their nearest and dearest to share their incredible day with, soaking in the magic of the vineyards, the beautifully landscaped gardens, and the jaw-dropping mountain views. With an all-white color palette, a spectacular display of florals, and an old Hollywood vibe to complement all of the natural beauty surrounding them, their Cavalli Estate wedding was nothing short of amazing.

The couple initially planned their ceremony at the sunken garden but moved it to the main hall because of the weather. Between billowing drapery and the knockout backdrop of florals on pillars, the last-minute change worked out perfectly! Meanwhile, an impressive installation with lush blooms, crystal chandeliers, and a neon sign hung above an elegant all-white reception tablescape. 

On top of the stunning aesthetic, the couple kept it elegant and sophisticated with their wedding attire. The dashing groom rocked a classic suit, while the bride looked chic in an off-the-shoulder dress. If you and your partner are looking for a timeless aesthetic, draw inspiration from this monochromatic white wedding. So keep on scrolling, because Lora Photography did a beautiful job capturing every detail, guaranteed to leave you breathless. 

The Couple:

Heneline and Eric

The Wedding:

Cavalli Estate, Cape Town, South Africa

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How Their Cavalli Estate Wedding Came To Be

We had a very intimate wedding of only ten of our closest loved ones. Choosing to host our wedding at the Cavalli Estate was the best decision we made because the food, wine, and view were out of this world! Our inspiration was old Hollywood and it worked perfectly with our venue. The talented Heike from Fleur Le Cordeur did our flowers, and wow, she did an incredible job. Our ceremony was supposed to be outdoors, but our trusted team of vendors moved everything inside without any scene. They were all amazing.

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Shop Similar Neon Sign: 1. Custom Wedding Neon Sign 2. Custom Your Own Neon Sign 3. Custom Neon Sign Wedding Decor

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The Wedding Team:

Photography – Lora Photography
Venue + Catering – Cavalli Wine Estate
Floral Design – Fleur Le Cordeur
Cake – Sheena Henry
Videography – Suzanne Swart Films
Makeup Artist –
Wedding Dress – Vonvé Bridal Couture
Groom’s Apparel – Black Tie
Thank You Presents – Hey Tarien Line Art
Welcome Board and Menus – Signs Syndicate
Rentals – In and Out Party Rentals


Congratulations to Heneline and Eric on their white monochromatic Cavalli Estate wedding. And a big thank you to Lora Photography for capturing all the magical moments and beautiful details that soon-to-be-married couples can use as inspiration for their own special celebration.

White weddings full of texture and detail like this are far from boring. If you’re looking to put your own twist on this classic aesthetic, start by checking our guide to planning a day that’s a perfect fit for you and your partner.

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Italian Market Inspired Wedding At Fonderia Napoleonica

October 29, 2022 | justine

The markets in Italy are bursting with life with its captivating food scene, the colorful patchwork of food stalls, and the noisy chatter that fills the air. In a country where you can savor the culture through food, it was fitting that Consuelo and Rocco wanted to recreate the same charming and festive atmosphere at their Italian Market inspired wedding, with their own personal twist, of course. 

Set at a beautiful 19th-century bronze factory—with exposed beams, distressed brick walls, and original steel structures—the Fonderia Napoleonica provided a unique backdrop for their celebration. Surrounded by scattered petals and glowing candles, the couple’s ceremony in the cellar was absolutely magical. Complete with food trucks, delectable spreads of dessert and bread, and a tablescape filled with gorgeous garden blooms, every detail was thoughtfully chosen to give their guests an immersive experience.

And on top of the delicious food and stunning vintage decor, the pair kept their guests of all ages entertained with games and a water gunfight! If you and your partner are foodies and are searching for ideas to add a little bit of market vibe to your big day, you’re not going to want to miss these beautiful photos captured by Junebug member Marry Mi

The Couple:

Consuelo and Rocco

The Wedding:

Fonderia Napoleonica, Milan, Italy

Danila Stella Events’ Thoughts On This Italian Market Inspired Wedding

The planning and design of this wedding have been incredible. Consuelo and Rocco’s celebration was more than a wedding. It was an Italian street food market and festival, with food carts for buffet and wood games in the street. We chose Fonderia Napoleonica, a factory which was also a museum that produced bells and statues. To separate the different areas of the factory, we created a vintage camera photo booth. And in the old furnace, we created a bakery area. 

How Their Italian Market Inspired Wedding Came To Be

Our idea was to create the atmosphere of an Italian market and festival with street food trucks. Danila Stella Events, our planner, suggested the Fonderia Napoleonica, an old factory in the center of the city of Milan, to create a vintage atmosphere. It was the perfect venue in case of rain, and as a designer for exhibitions, we wanted something stylish and 100% personalized. We scouted more than 50 venues, but Fonderia Napoleonica stole our hearts. When we saw the venue, everything was so magical, and the vibes of being in a historical place were unreal.

A Personalized Ceremony And Writing Their Own Vows

We had our ceremony in the fusion pit. This area was used to melt the iron, leaving the stamp for days. We decided to have the ceremony in the fusion pit as that felt very symbolic that two people could be melted into one new life together. Danila wrote a personalized ceremony based on our story, then the celebrant and witnesses had their speech, and we wrote our own vows.

Advice For Couples Planning An Italian Market Inspired Wedding

It is essential to consider the logistics. Food trucks for a wedding can be challenging to organize as you don’t have just one caterer for everything but multiple vendors. For example, you must consider different electrical points where trucks can be connected and sufficient voltage for all. It would be best if you also hired additional staff to clear the tables, plates, and glasses.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Marrymi
Event Planning – Danila Stella
Ceremony + Reception Venue – Fonderia Napoleonica
Floral Design – Il profumo dei Fiori
Catering – Ta Milano
Videography – Alex Bonaldo
Invitation Design – Letterink
Makeup Artist + Hair Stylist – Lina Pagano
Wedding Dress – Lunatica
Groom’s Apparel – Hugo Boss
Rings – Nove25
Rentals – Privitera
Favors – Ichendorf


Congratulations to Consuelo and Rocco on their Italian market inspired wedding. And big thanks to Junebug member Marry Mi for capturing all the beautiful details unconventional couples can draw inspiration from–proving that you can totally showcase your love of good food by being creative with your food display. To see more of the incredible work from Marry Mi, check out their profile in our directory of wedding photographers from around the globe!

Not sure where to start when it comes to creating your wedding day menu? Check out our guide to all of your wedding catering options.  

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10 Creative Wedding After Party Ideas

October 28, 2022 | riley

Image by Alicia Wiley

When it’s your special day, the last thing you want is for the night to end–especially when you’re partying with your favorite people. While many couples choose to end the night after the venue curfew to get some sleep before jetting off on their honeymoon, we know that many don’t want the party to stop.

If you love the idea of staying up to the crack of dawn with your family and friends, we suggest hosting an after party. Think karaoke, clubbing, or bonfires. Sound like your kind of night? We’re rounding up ten creative wedding after party ideas to keep the festivities going until the sun comes up.

10 Creative Wedding After Party Ideas


What’s more fun than drinks flowing and your favorite songs playing while you sing along? If possible, hire a DJ that offers karaoke, and you don’t have to leave the venue. If you’re under time constraints, head to your local karaoke bar for a night of singing and dancing. 

Silent disco

Many venues will allow you to stay late but have a noise ordinance cut-off–aka when you have to stop blasting music. If this is the case, but you’re not quite ready to call it quits, consider a silent disco. Hand out headsets to your guests, connect them to your DJ’s Bluetooth channel, and silently keep the fun going.

Party Bus

Whether you’re heading to a bar, a club, or a hotel, get there in style with a party bus. In fact, you don’t even have to be going anywhere specific. Take your loved ones around the city while the music is playing, drinks are flowing, and lights are glittering on your bus.


There’s nothing more exciting than a speakeasy. Having a password to get in, old-school cocktails, and moody lighting. If your destination has a speakeasy that you want to visit, make reservations ahead of time. If not, create your own at your venue, hotel, Airbnb, or home. 


To really keep the party going, head to a nightclub. Depending on where you tied the knot, most clubs will be open until 2 or 3 AM, which means you can literally party until the morning. If this is something your guests are interested in–and we suggest asking beforehand–opt for a VIP table with bottle service.

Image by Katelyn Mallett

Dive Bar

We know that clubbing isn’t for everyone. But that doesn’t mean that you should have to sacrifice a night out on the town. If you and your significant other are a little more lowkey, make your way to a dive bar instead. You’ll still have drinks and good music. But you’ll also likely have pool, darts, and other classic entertainment options.


If you want fun that’s not a club or a dive bar, try out a night at a casino. This is especially great if you’re tying the knot in a spot like Vegas, Atlantic City, or New Orleans. Just be careful not to spend all of your honeymoon money. 

Image by The Portos

Pool Party

While many people choose to have a pool party if they’re hosting a wedding weekend, if your hotel or Airbnb has a pool, why not make use of it at the end of the night? Bonus points if you jump into the water in your wedding attire. It makes for some epic wedding photos.


There’s something about bonfires that make for lifelong memories. Break out the s’mores ingredients and blankets and curl up around the fire while you and your new spouse share stories and laughs with your loved ones. It’ll be a night you’ll never forget.


Start a game of (friendly) competition with your guests in a round or two of bowling. You’ll be able to munch on greasy food and play a game that will have you feeling like a kid again. But don’t forget to bring a change of clothes and socks–no one wants to bowl in their wedding dress or tux.

Now that you’re ready to party the night away with one of these wedding after party ideas, it’s time to start thinking about your playlists. While it may not seem like much, the music you play will help determine the mood of the entire night. And if you want your guests to keep the party going with you until early the next day, you have to get energized. To keep spirits high, check out these wedding reception songs guaranteed to keep your guests dancing!

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Intimate And Vibrant Montana Ranch Wedding

October 25, 2022 | justine

After sharing a life together for more than a decade, when the time came to tie the knot, Megan and Grey decided to skip the traditional big bash and timeline. Instead, they opted for an intimate week-long countryside celebration with their closest loved ones. Set on a family property with acres of incredible scenery, gorgeous lush florals in a bright color palette, and rustic chic decor—their Montana ranch wedding featured cozy western vibes and ultra-romantic touches.

With an arbor filled with vibrant blooms, the couple said their “I dos” with the iconic grasslands in the background. Greg honored their blended family during the ceremony and included Megan’s children in his heartfelt vows. Their reception on-site included an outdoor dining setting under the starlit sky with string lights strewn across the space, complete with a chic lounge

On top of the picturesque setting, the couple looked stunning in their wedding attire. The groom looked dapper in a beige suit, while the bride was breathtaking in an off-the-shoulder lace gown. If you and your partner are searching for inspiration for an unforgettable ranch wedding, you’ve come to the right place. Scroll down to discover Megan and Grey’s touching journey through the lenses and eyes of Junebug member Maggie Grace Photography.

Junebug Member Maggie Grace Photography’s Insights On How Megan and Grey’s  Montana Ranch Wedding Came To Be

Their amazing ranch was able to host most of their guests for an entire week. Megan and Grey prioritized bringing their favorite people to their favorite place and creating a family-centered atmosphere. All their kids and family pets were invited to attend. No one was excluded! Megan and Grey had a vision of contrasting the Montana green landscape with bright pops of color. Megan is an interior designer in LA and wanted every detail to feel lush, playful, and vibrant. Every bit of their wedding felt full of life, which reflected who they were as a couple. These two love to party and host, so every detail–from the gorgeous lounge and live music they brought in for the entire week to the cocktail bar–was chosen to provide their guests with endless entertainment and comfort.

The Couple:

Megan and Grey

The Wedding:

Montana, United States

Highlighting Their Blended Family During The Ceremony

During their gorgeous ceremony, Grey pledged his life to Megan’s children, promising to protect them as a father for the rest of their lives. Tears were shed throughout the crowd as their families watched them commit to continuing to build on the beautiful life together they had created. It was such an incredible week in the Montana mountains!

Celebrating A Fresh Start The Second Time Around At Their Montana Ranch Wedding

Megan and Grey’s day was a true celebration of years of patience and hard work to get to where they are as a couple. This couple had each individually been in prior marriages and long-term relationships. Megan had two children when she met Grey. They fell madly in love, and over eight years, they slowly built a life together that culminated in a blended family built on love, trust, and hard work. After nearly a decade of ups and downs, they ultimately decided to skip the conventional timeline and planned a wedding at their family ranch in Lewistown, Montana. They brought just under 40 of their closest friends and family, the people they spent the most time with who supported them through their entire relationship.



The Wedding Team:

Photography – Maggie Grace Photography
Event Planning – Emily Aitken Events
Floral Design – Rust + Thistle
Catering – Chef John Lacono with Bay Breadz
Cake – Parr Creek Bakery
Videography – Becca Neblock
Paper Goods – Joni
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Ethereal Hair & Makeup
Rings – The Proper Way
Rentals – Tailored and Tied + Barn Door Event Rentals + Ecru
Table Rentals – The Little Gem Co. + A Fine Fete
Linens – La Tavola 


Congratulations to Megan and Grey on their intimate and vibrant Montana ranch wedding. Whether you and your partner have set your sights on an intimate celebration with nature as your backdrop or a lavish affair under the stars, like this couple, don’t be afraid to think outside the box

And, of course, a special shoutout to Junebug member Maggie Grace Photography for capturing and sharing this dreamy wedding with us. Draw inspiration from unconventional celebrations like this by checking out her profile in our directory of photographers from around the world.

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Twilight Fans Are Going To Love This Rosewood Acre Farms Wedding

October 24, 2022 | justine

There’s no denying that “Twilight” captivated the world by storm and cemented its place in pop culture. Since then, the movie has also served as inspiration for many soon-to-be-married couples. Given the enchanting forest vibe and lush greenery, a waterfall of white florals cascading from trees, and the romantic glow of candles, it’s no surprise that Jillian and Colby wanted to recreate the iconic wedding scene at their Rosewood Acre Farms wedding.

The woodland setting instantly created a magical atmosphere for their ceremony. Dreamy white flowers strung overhead led to the altar in the middle of a grove of towering trees and a circular arch adorned with foraged leaves and blooms anchored the ceremony space. The same backdrop was used for the sweetheart table for the outdoor reception that followed. Meanwhile, long wooden tables, benches, and fairy lights made the open space feel cozy and intimate.  

The pair wanted their wedding to feel like a fairytale, and they achieved exactly that. And not only that, their celebration was filled with handmade details, making their big day unique and memorable. If you and your partner are thinking of saying “I do” among the trees, just like Bella and Edward, scroll through these gorgeous images captured by Livifaith Photography. Twilight fans, we guarantee you won’t want to miss this!

The Couple:

Jillian and Colby

The Wedding:

Rosewood Acre Farms, Kentucky, United States

How Their Twilight-Inspired Rosewood Acre Farms Wedding Came To Be

I know what it sounds like, but it all started when I rewatched Twilight for the millionth time. I remember thinking how beautiful that wedding was, especially the flowers hanging from the air. That was a huge inspiration for me. But I also wanted the decor to represent me as well. I’m very eclectic in every way. Picking just one thing I like was difficult. So, why did I have to stick to just one theme when planning my wedding when that’s not who I am? I decided to draw inspiration from Pinterest as well, and that’s what helped me get organized. I mixed old and new, purchasing things from Amazon and thrifting. I also love a good DIY project and did a lot of things that way. 

Why A Rosewood Acre Farms Wedding

We knew we wanted a woodsy venue to bring our vision to life, which was a Twilight-inspired wedding. We chose the Rosewood Acre Farms because of its tree grove and barn on site for shelter should you need to move things indoors. It was also very close to my parents’ house, which was really convenient.

Tailoring Their Ceremony To Align With Their Values And Personalities

We’re most proud of our ceremony, and all the praise goes to our pastor. He created a beautiful and unforgettable service. We personalized our ceremony by writing our own vows and having the officiant read them for us. That way, there would be no struggling through tears and sniffling. We highly recommend it. We also weren’t keen on the whole “you may kiss your bride” thing, so we decided not to go that route. Instead, we used a phrase that encouraged us to kiss each other.

Meaningful And Sustainable Wedding Favors

Our love phrase has always been “let love grow.” When we first started dating, we didn’t like each other’s music taste. But one day, we reflected and found out that there was a song we both really liked, “Winter Winds” by Mumford and Sons. And so, wedding gifts of tiny envelopes filled with flower seeds were an affordable and touching wedding favor that “let love grow.”

DIY Touches For An Ultra-Personal Touch

I DIY’d our wedding favors. I also thrifted vases from Goodwill to paint. I mixed baking soda and matte paint to get a ceramic look to them. I also purchased flowers whenever I found them on clearance–usually at Kroger for $3.50. I hung them upside down to dry them, which was a big part of my decor. They also made incredible natural, biodegradable confetti.

Wedding Planning Advice: Keep Things In Perspective

Take as much time as you can to plan your wedding. And don’t worry about the small details so much. When the day comes, you really won’t care at all. I had so many people asking me so many questions for so long that I got overstimulated. I remember sitting in my bridal suite with all the chaos around me, just totally drained and zoned out. I remember getting to a point the day before the wedding where I answered every question with, “I don’t care. I trust you’ll do what is best.” It gets that overwhelming. So make sure you choose a team whose taste and intuition you trust and who can take over for you if you need it. I know I did.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Livifaith Photography
Ceremony Venue – Rosewood Acre Farms
Floral Design – The Design Center
Catering – Tomatoes and Flames
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Gatwick Beauté Collective
Wedding Dress – Bridal and Formal


Congratulations to Jillian and Colby on their Rosewood Acre Farms wedding. And a big thank you to Livifaith Photography for capturing all the beautiful details Twilight fans will be swooning over and saving to their mood boards.

One of the best ways to organize your ideas is to create a mood board your trusted vendor team can use to bring your vision to life. With so much inspiration out there, it’s important to have visuals of what you and your partner like to make the wedding planning journey more streamlined and stress-free.

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