The Best Wedding Planning Tools for a Stress-Free Engagement

June 28, 2018 | riley

Image by Maria Bryzhko Photography. See more of this real wedding here

Your engagement should be a joyful time, not a stressful one. And our job at Junebug is to help keep the stress at bay and make planning a breeze. From wedding planning logistics like your vendors, budget, and guest list to design and decor to packing for your honeymoon, we’ve accumulated quite a few wedding planning tools along the way. We’re gathering all of these resources in one place so you can bookmark this page and visit throughout your wedding planning journey.

Wedding Planning Tools


8 Tips For Nailing Your Engagement Photos

Now that you’re engaged, it’s time to plan your engagement photos! We know that this can feel overwhelming and nerve-wracking if you’re not used to being in front of the camera. Don’t fret, because these eight tips will help you feel comfortable so you can rock your shoot.

7 Engagement Photo Mistakes To Avoid

If you’re not a model or a photographer then there are most likely some mistakes you may not know about that many people make during their engagement sessions. This includes picking too many locations, not capturing sweet candid moments, and incorrect lighting. Having a good photographer can solve a lot of these problems, so keep scrolling and we’ll help you nail that too.

10 Outfit Ideas For Spring Engagement Photos

Shooting your engagement photos in the spring but not sure what to wear? From pastels to florals, we’ve put together 10 of our favorite outfits that photograph beautifully.

8 Outfit Ideas For Summer Engagement Photos

When it comes to taking your engagement photos in the summer, there’s only one thing that’s truly important–staying cool in the heat. But that doesn’t mean that you still can’t look stylish. Between summer dresses to linen button-ups, these outfits are to keep you looking (and feeling) cool.

Fall Engagement Outfit Inspiration

Layers, autumnal tones, and textures like satin and velvet–these are the looks we love for fall engagement photos. Get inspiration from seriously trendy couples who will make your outfit shopping a little easier.

Warm Winter Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas

Although staying warm is key for winter engagement photos, if you’re willing to risk the cold temps, you’ll be rewarded with magical photos. What’s more magical than portraits with your significant other in the heart of a winter snowstorm? Just be sure to bundle up!

Image by Erin and Geoffrey Photography. See more of this real wedding here


12-Month Wedding Planning Timeline

A wedding planning timeline is one of the most useful tools you can have to keep you on track and stress-free in the months leading up to your big day. This 12-month timeline includes everything your planning process could possibly include, from creating your mood board to sending your final headcount to the caterer. Prefer a literal checklist? Don’t worry – we’ve got one of those too!

Wedding Budget Tool

Before diving into just about any aspect of wedding planning, it’s important to sit down and have a real conversation about your budget. That talk can be a tough one, so we’ve come up with this handy wedding budget tool to help you decide where to put your money and how much you can (and want to) spend on your day. In addition to the budget tool, check out our tips for determining a wedding budget that’s best for you and your partner. Our wedding planners also had some great tips!

Guest List Spreadsheet

Hand in hand with setting a budget comes creating your guest list. Every guest ultimate has a dollar sign attached to them, so you’ve got to align your wedding size with your budget size early in the process. Use our spreadsheet and these tips to help you narrow down your guest list to ensure that you’ve got the people you love most in attendance as you tie the knot. If you’re having a big wedding, but want it to feel personal, our guide on crafting an intimate wedding with a large guest list may be useful.

Wedding Vendor Directory

In case you hadn’t heard, our vendor directory is carefully curated to represent wedding professionals from all over the world. Looking for a wedding planner to help bring your vision to life or a photographer or videographer to capture it? We’re here to help with the most talented and trustworthy vendors–wherever it is you’re saying “I do!”

Not sure if you need a professional photographer? We think you do–and you can find out why here. And we feel the same about videographers, too.

Reception Seating Chart Guide

Seating charts are hard enough without having to guess how many people you can seat at each table! Let this reception seating chart guide help you visualize who should sit where depending on your table size. While you’re at it, get inspired by these 60 wedding seating chart ideas.

Wedding Website

Your wedding website is the easiest way to let your guests know all the details of your wedding weekend including what to wear, when to arrive, and what to expect. Use this wedding website checklist to ensure your wedding website is the one-stop resource your guests need to find answers to all their questions (so they don’t have to get in touch with you for every little thing!).

Image by MC Weddings. See more of this real wedding here

Design and Decor

Ultimate Wedding Decor Checklist

One of the most easily overwhelming aspects of wedding planning is decorating your day. Weddings include so many moving parts and little details. To help you decorate every inch of your day, we’ve put together a decor checklist that will save you some unwanted breakdowns. Whether you’re decorating a church, a bar/restaurant, a micro wedding, or an elopement–we’ve got you covered. One of our favorite places to look? Amazon!

Reception Table Styling Checklist

Beyond decorating the wedding, your reception tables can be a major source of stress if you’re unsure what goes where or which items to use. Fear not, as we’ve taken a deep dive with our reception table styling checklist to help you leave no table uncovered. Don’t forget your reception bar either!

If you’re on a budget, fear not. We’ve got 9 tips for decorating your reception on a budget. And of course, you can still make your night feel cozy with a small price tag. Check out how here!

Wedding Floral Checklist

Fretting over your wedding flowers? Pick and choose where to use them with our wedding floral checklist! If you’re looking for further floral inspiration, check out these 27 floral installations that will blow your mind. If you prefer a more natural look with greenery or pampas grass,  you may like some of these creative floral alternatives instead.

Wedding Signs

Wedding signs may seem like an unnecessary detail, but they can actually be a huge help in giving your guests the info they need to avoid asking you where they need to be on your wedding day. Give your guests all the info they need in style by checking off all the signage in this wedding sign round up.

Image by Oh Lovely Wedding. See more of this real wedding here

After the Wedding

Post-Wedding Checklist

Even though you’ve tied the knot, there are still a few things left to do after your wedding. Don’t let post-wedding stress ruin your newlywed bliss, though. Check off these post-wedding checklist to-dos sooner rather than later to get on with enjoying what the wedding was all about–the marriage.

Honeymoon Packing Checklist

Last, but certainly not least, is your honeymoon! Make packing a breeze whether you’re headed to the snow or the beach with our honeymoon packing checklist. Haven’t picked a destination for your upcoming honeymoon? No worries, we’ve rounded up some seriously romantic honeymoon destinations. We’ve also gathered our favorite Airbnb honeymoon homes and creative honeymoon ideas that don’t require travel.

We hope these wedding planning tools make your planning easier! If you’re looking for even more resources, check out our step-by-step roadmap!

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