How To Decorate Your Elopement

June 27, 2021 | kailey

Images by Matthew David Studio. Wedding planner The Walk Down the Aisle.

Whether you’re eloping at your local courthouse, on-top of a mountain, or in your dream destination location there are many elements that can be added to make your day even more you. Small celebrations—like elopements and micro weddings—don’t have to be boring or drab. 

Choosing an elopement wedding celebration doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice beautiful decor elements. We’ve recruited Junebug wedding industry members to bring you a list of top-notch ways to decorate your elopement that will make for a memorable and personalized celebration. 

Why Decorate Your Elopement? 

You’ve decided on eloping, but not sure if you want to take on the task of decorating? Let us change your mind. Nikk Nguyen—Junebug photography member—says “a major benefit to decorating your own elopement is the amount of character and personality it brings to your ceremony. With decorating comes the option to add your own flair and match your setting to your taste. Being able to customize your set-up is definitely a big win and makes your ceremony that much more special!” 

Image by Henry Tieu. See more of this real wedding here.

Decorate Your Elopement With A Vow Rug 

This decor detail may seem like a simple wedding addition. But after exchanging “I do’s” on it, a  decorative rug becomes a special keepsake—lasting long beyond your wedding day. 

Junebug member and experienced wedding planner The Walk Down the Aisle, is all about intentionality. They suggest that couples choosing to elope “buy a vow rug! Say your vows on this rug, take it home, and make it a part of your new life together. Let this rug be a tangible reminder of where your marriage started and how your lives are growing together.” 

Light Up Your Elopement With Twinkle Lights 

There aren’t often guests at an elopement, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go all out when it comes to decor. Draping twinkle lights is a fun and romantic way to brighten up your elopement—especially for couples exchanging “I do’s” as the sun sets or beneath the stars.  

Destination photographer Magdalene Kourti, has gathered elopement decor ideas executed by the adventurous couples she’s had the opportunity to work with. Her tip? “Don’t hesitate when it comes to using lights as wedding décor. Hanging twinkle string lights around the venue will create a romantic ambiance and make for beautiful photographs. Some venues—like the ones here in Greece—may even allow fireworks. What a unique and entertaining way to mark the beginning of a new chapter!”

Image by Tara Lilly Photography. See more of this real wedding here.

Frame The Backdrop With A Ceremony Arch 

You’ve spent time searching for the perfect elopement location. Whether you’ve selected this location because of the jaw-dropping views or a nostalgic connection, odds are it’s a space you’re proud to have in your wedding day photos. 

Outdoor wedding specialists With Love – Brisbane Wedding Decorators, recommend framing your ceremony location with a beautiful archway. “Since elopements have the added versatility of an amazing range of ceremony locations you’re bound to have a stunning backdrop. So why wouldn’t you frame the picture perfect location—you’ve spent time carefully choosing—with a beautiful wedding arbour? Whether your style is boho, vintage, retro or classic elegance, having ceremony decor will let your elopement style shine.” 

Florals and Greenery 

Floral arrangements—big or small—are an easy and fun way to personalize any wedding decor. Junebug member Zac Wolf Photography says “with all the money you’re saving by having fewer guests, go crazy on florals. Consider having a floral backdrop for your ceremony. It’ll make those intimate ceremonies all that more beautiful!” 

Corey Lynn Tucker Photography reminds us that “just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean you need to skimp on beautiful surroundings.” Because elopements are typically small, intimate gatherings, repurposing decor is a great option to save on money and limit heavy lifting—especially if your elopement location requires hiking. If you’re making florals your primary decor element, Corey also suggests that you repurpose florals for your picnic table and pop a bottle of bubbly after your elopement. What a great way to kick off your marriage. 

Images by Matthew David Studio. Wedding planner The Walk Down the Aisle.

Tablescape Elopement Decor

You’re eloping in style so be sure to eat in style, too. A sweetheart table isn’t only for large receptions

Palm Springs based wedding planners The Walk Down the Aisle, let us in on how they infuse personality and functionality into their couples’ elopements. “Working with a local planner, who also designs and sources products provides a wealth of styling opportunities—especially for traveling couples. We provide a champagne and sweets station, bring in decorative pillows, and let the couple just sit and bask in a moment alone.” 

Cake, Cake, And More Cake 

There may be just two of you, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip on dessert. Your wedding cake is a decor element that doubles as a yummy treat—no matter the size of your guest list

Junebug Tip:

Wanting a wedding cake perfect for your elopement but not sure where to start? Check out everything you need to know about your wedding cake.

Fun Fashion Details That Dress A Space And You

An elopement is all about celebrating you. It’s your day—you’re not bound to strict, traditional fashion guidelines. Want to wear a non-white wedding dress? Do it. Want to show your personality by sporting an unconventional colored suit? We’re here for it. Celebrate your love in wedding fashion that feels authentic to you. 

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An intimate elopement ceremony or authentic, personality-rich decor—big thanks to our talented Junebug members for proving that you can have both. 

If you’re feeling inspired to trade tradition for adventure, an elopement is for you. Whether you’re dreaming of beautiful national park views or a cozy, intimate Airbnb, check out these cool U.S. destinations fit for an elopement that’s as special as you. 

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