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It's All About Desert Love!


This where we LIVE, this is where we LOVE, and this is where we PLAN.

All Services Offered with THE PEACE OF MIND PARTNERSHIP ©




Meet Your New Best Friends in Palm Springs & Joshua Tree

We created the PEACE OF MIND PARTNERSHIP © to partner with you in producing YOUR BEST DAY EVER!

Every clients falls somewhere between what is often called full service production and day of coordination. This is the space where we live, and that's what we do!  Together let's make a partnership plan for what is best for you and your personal workload and planning passions. Imagine having your wedding whiperer and best friend here for you all along the way.

You got questions? We've got answers! Crafting the Peace of Mind Partnership © for each and every couple.

FULL SERVICE PRODUCTION PLANNING? You will still have a lot of decisions to make to create a night that is a reflection of you both. Let us do the heavy lifting and together we'll craft your to do list and ours.

Most every clients falls between up here and down there ----- That's You & That's Us! 

DAY OF COORDINATION? - is there such a thing .. nope... never!  Even in the easiest of event executions ........ no bride wants a warm body in charge running to ask YOU every question ... ...not if you want to enjoy your wedding event uneventfully!

THE WALK DOWN THE AISLE PARTNERSHIP PLANNING - Of course we always cover all "day of" needs ... but with our partnership we always start NOW.  It's the beginning of wedding planning where you'll crave empowerment and direction the most. We'll lay that roadmap for you and together we'll create the friendship you need to guide and mentor you up and after your BEST DAY EVER!

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