19 Jaw-Dropping Winter Wedding Destinations Around the World

January 6, 2020 | morgan

Whether or not you’ve always dreamed of getting married in the snow, winter wedding destinations are some of our favorites. The images are stunning, the wedding gowns are gorgeous, and there’s something romantic about snuggling up after exchanging vows

For winter wedding couples, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite winter wedding destinations. From Colorado to Iceland to Spain, from the mountains to the woods to a ski lift, these wintry wedding spots provide epic views and extraordinary romance. Get ready to pack your parka because these destinations are sure to inspire!

Sugarloaf Mountain, Michigan

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is a hidden gem and has amazing, unique, and easily accessible locations for winter wedding destinations. Lume Photography, a Junebug member, let us in on the secrets of her favorite winter wedding destination—Sugarloaf Mountain.

Sugarloaf Mountain is located along the shoreline of Lake Superior and it has surprising perks. Lume Photography let us in on the best secrets. “It’s only minutes from the charming city of Marquette where there are plenty of cozy accommodations, great restaurants, and things to do. There are a few different trails to get to the top, all with their unique advantages. The easiest hiking trail is only about 20 minutes and has stairs for easy access.

The views from the top of Sugarloaf are gorgeous. Especially in fall and winter. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is known for its record snowfalls, so you’re almost guaranteed a magical winter wonderland!”

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Switzerland Winter Wedding Destinations

Junebug member All You Need About wants to be sure couples know everything Switzerland has to offer. It seems that nothing is off the table in this winter wedding destination. Savina of All You Need About painted the perfect picture, “Switzerland offers the possibility of going up in altitude for photos, skiing, then meeting your guests in a mountain destination. With snowy toboggan rides and plenty of spots for cozy fires, Switzerland offers a bit of everything. 

Picture this epic winter wedding: your guests are seated and then you arrive at the ceremony on skis. After exchanging your vows, your first dance takes place on an ice rink—talk about a unique and romantic opportunity.”

image provided by Amulet Weddings and Events | photo taken by McWhirter Elopements

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

If you’re going back and forth on whether you want chilly weather or the perfect beach vibe, Junebug member Alex Krotkov Photography is spilling the secrets of Mexico’s best kept secret. Here’s what he had to say about Puerto Escondido:

“As a winter wedding destination, Puerto Escondido is one of those hidden gems of Mexico. It offers everything that a perfect winter beach wedding needs. From beautiful sunsets on gorgeous private beaches, to the delicious food, friendly people, a local airport, and amazing wedding vendors. Because Puerto Escondido is a hidden gem, it’s also much easier on your wedding budget than any other Mexican beach destination.”

Aspen, Colorado 

Junebug member Nikk Nguyen travels frequently to shoot weddings and he suggests couples dreaming of winter wedding destinations check out Aspen, Colorado. This is his review of his favorite Aspen wedding venue, The Aspen Meadows

“The resort offers a unique collection of breathtaking backdrops for any winter wedding destination. With its jaw-dropping mountains, pavilions, terraces, and classic ballrooms this resort offers a stunning variety of venus for the perfect winter wedding destination! Whether you’re looking to host your wedding outdoors by the magical mountains of Colorado or inside a breathtaking ballroom, Aspen Meadows is by far one of the most picturesque winter wedding destinations to choose from.”


Teri B Photography, a Junebug member, gave us the scoop on winter wedding destinations in Iceland. “Iceland has the Northern Lights, temperatures that aren’t too frigid, and enough diverse scenery to fulfill any type of look for your wedding day. Of course, long weekend destination weddings are ideal because they give guests time to celebrate you and have an adventure of their own. Based on how the horizon is positioned, that magic hour of sunset light can often last for hours in Iceland. This is a perfect opportunity for some of the most unique wedding photos you’d never capture anywhere else.”

Winter Wedding Destinations in Norway

Amulet Weddings & Events shared their favorite winter wedding destinations that are unlike any other. This Junebug member told us couples looking for the ideal destinations should look no further. We share their thoughts below. 

“If you’re looking for a winter destination like no other then look no further than Scandinavia. These parts of the world are rugged and offer a unique opportunity for a magical, adventurous wedding. Your options for winter wedding adventures are limitless and include the Northern Lights.

Whether you’re looking for private waterfront islands and cabins, luxury spas with treehouses, or glass igloos, these locations offer Viking tradition set against a wilderness of fjords and mountains. A winter wedding in Norway will be enveloped by jaw-dropping scenery, rarely-seen animals, and unique experiences—the only limit is your imagination.”

Looking for a venue to spark inspiration? Start by checking out Junebug member Lageret Events.

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Arctic Bath in Harads, Sweden

Talented videographer Maria Broström Studios suggested the Arctic Bath in Harads, Sweden and we’re inclined to agree. Check out these views! And if the views aren’t enough, they also offer Swedish massages, delightful food, and the combination of hot saunas then cold baths. As a winter destination, it doesn’t get much better. 

image by Maria Brostrom

Keep in mind that Sweden is chilly year-round, but in winter they regularly drop below -15° Celsius—or 59° Fahrenheit.

image by Maria Brostrom

Barcelona, Spain

Junebug member Just Married Barcelona has some local, expert tips about Barcelona as a winter wedding destination. She had this to say, “Barcelona has very mild winters with cool but sunny days allowing couples to still have their ceremonies and cocktail parties outdoors. The city isn’t as busy as it is in summer either which means you’ll have more venue availability at lower prices than in the busy season!” 

Scotland Winter Wedding Destinations

Wild Hearts Elopements—Junebug member and Scotland-based wedding planner—has us planning our own winter trip to Scotland with her description of its incredible offerings. She had this to say about Scotland, and two of its most majestic winter wedding destinations: 

“Scotland offers some of the most majestic winter landscapes in the world. With towering mountains, frozen lochs, and a good chance of snow, it’s a dreamy spot for wanderlust weddings. There’s also a chance to get up close with wild deer, roam around historical ruins, and cozy up by the fire with whiskey!

Crisp frost, misty mountains, and rich winter tones make the cooler months of the year perfect. This opens up the doors for your wedding style, too. Think stunning tailored tweed jackets, fur coats, and a classic red lip. On top of this, it’s a wonderful excuse to have at least two pairs of shoes—something for roaming and something for strutting in!” 

Glencoe Winter Weddings

“Glencoe in Scotland is famous for its incredible mountain backdrops. It was also featured in the James Bond film Skyfall, with winding roads and waterfalls around every turn.”

Edinburgh Winter Weddings

“The ancient city of Edinburgh offers an urban city backdrop for couples looking for a winter cityscape. With gorgeous cobbled streets, outstanding cuisine, quirky hotels, and bustling pubs to visit, there’s something for everyone.”

We particularly love the idea of hosting a winter destination wedding at Dundas Castle, a Junebug member venue. 

Dunskey Estate, Scotland

Yes, we just wrote about Scotland above. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to highlight Dunskey Estate when they told us more about their effortlessly romantic wedding options. We share what they had this to say about their incredible winter wedding venue below.

image provided by Dunskey Estate

“Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn. Frankly, we cannot imagine anywhere more mythical and ethereal than the Scottish lowlands for a winter wedding. At Dunskey Estate, host your ceremony and melt into the ink-blue winter dusk at the Boma-inspired fire pit while the flames leap and crackle. Feel your heart soar inside your chest as you pass through the bare trees, up the main Dunskey drive, and through the slowly darkening fields. Your wedding photos, featuring stormy seas, windswept hillsides, and the coast of Dunskey Estate will possess unrivaled dramatic sublimity.

A true Edwardian castle, Dunskey is the epitome of magic and moody with its oak panel rooms, outrageous fireplaces, and enchanting chandeliers. We encourage couples to use our medieval chairs that were actually in the show for the most out-of-this-world enchantment.”

image provided by Dunskey Estate

18. Upstate New York Winter Wedding Destinations

Of course, New York has a plethora of winter wedding destinations available. Outside of the typical Central Park winter celebration, we love these northern New York locations. 

Lake Placid, New York

Junebug member Placid Planner loves this location for winter weddings. Lake Placid has its own claim to fame as well, it was the home of the 1932 and 1980 Olympics. Bonus: there are four venues in this area that Elexis from Placid Planner thinks are amazing. Reach out to her in her Junebug member profile to learn more about them! 

Wolf Oak Acres, Fernbrook Farms, and Estates by Brophy

Speaking of Junebug members and wedding venues, these three venues offer everything from quaint elopement locations to Bridgerton-style wedding estates. Learn more about Wolf Oak Acres, Estates by Brophy, and Fernbrook Farms in their Junebug profiles. 

Park City, Utah

Photographer Nikk Nguyen had one more winter wedding destination to share—The Waldorf Astoria in Park City, Utah. He had this to say about this hotel venue, “This hotel stands apart from the crowd. If the classy, sleek, and elegant feel of this hotel isn’t enough, there are six incredible wedding venue options inside.

Weddings are complete with a sweeping grand staircase, presidential suite, grand lobby, wine room, pool deck, and two enchanting main rooms. It’s no wonder the Waldorf Astoria ranks top amongst the best winter wedding destinations.”

If these amazing locations and tips from Junebug’s wedding vendors have inspired you, check out these unique winter wedding ideas to add to your wedding mood board.

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