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Maria Broström

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Hi folks!

You're looking for someone to film your wedding day, huh? Well, I'll do that and so much more!

It's hard to know before your wedding day how much you need and how much you want, but after four full seasons in the business and more than 70 weddings I can assure you that I might not be the best videographer in the world, but I might just be the best full experience. I will film your wedding day in a documentary way, because my goal is always for you to re-experience your wedding day after it's gone (it's never gone if you hire me), but I will also be your best friend, making sure your hair is where it should be, joking with the kids and making sure your not so camera friendly dad suddenly becomes the shining star of this video.

So yeah. Let me be your "friend with a camera". I'm just an email away.





Maria Broström

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