5 Unique Winter Wedding Ideas

August 11, 2021 | riley


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When most couples picture winter weddings they think of icy landscapes, big fluffy coats, and warm drinks by the fire. While those fairytale conditions make for perfectly romantic wedding ceremonies, they aren’t the only options available. Hosting a unique winter wedding is easier than it sounds with these ideas.

1. Change Up Venues For Indoor and Outdoor Moments

Keeping your wedding guests cooped up indoors or outdoors in these stunning settings won’t do you any good. Plan a mixture of outdoor and indoor activities throughout the day to keep your guests engaged—and moving! We love the idea of hosting your cocktail hour as a warm welcome indoors, then moving your ceremony outdoors before heading inside for dancing and dinner. Of course, our Junebug members had great tips for activities and how to change up the locations.

Winter weddings are stunning but that doesn’t mean the weather always cooperates. If the temperature is dropping, don’t be afraid to move the party inside. You can still keep the outdoors feel by surrounding your indoor venue with sheer white tent drapings, elaborate greenery, and even candles or an indoor fire pit for extra warmth.Nikk Nguyen, Junebug photographer

Have a snowball fight on your wedding day! It’s fun, it breaks up the stress of the day, and—bonus—it’s an awesome way to decide who gets the wedding cake smashed in their face later in the evening. If you’re not into real snowballs, opt for fake snowballs instead.Adrian Steinbach Photography, Junebug photographer

Take Your Wedding Portraits Outdoors

Embrace the weather of the season for your wedding portraits. Find some local decorated spaces for your images and don’t be afraid to break out the snow boots or get a little wet!Zac Wolf Photography

2. Decorate With Winter Elements

Winter weddings typically have a certain look, for good reason. It can be difficult to get florals and other decor elements that grow in warmer months. Instead of trying to fight for hard-to-get florals, try utilizing cotton, pinecones, dried florals, and other winter-friendly options. If you’re unsure about how to decorate a winter wedding, look no further than tips from our Junebug members. 

Pair off your place cards with pinecones. You can decorate them to match the theme of your wedding, add some sparkle, or leave them bare for a more natural look.Nikk Nguyen, Junebug photographer

Lean Into Classy Christmas Trees

Even if you don’t want to theme your wedding around the season, some seasonal elements can make beautiful additions and will be kinder on your wedding budget. Fairylights on a Christmas tree, for example, can be used at its most minimal look to bring the outdoors in, or go full glam and decorate it to the brim within your colour scheme. Christmas tree decorations are typically cheaper than a floral arrangement of the same size. Or use one to display escort cards/place names as a feature.Revelry Events, Junebug planner

3. Add Warm Drinks To Your Bar And Events

Keep warm drinks available at all times for your unique winter wedding. If guests get chilly, offering a hot chocolate bar or even simple teas throughout the day will keep everyone warm and ready to hit the dance floor. 

Add to your drinks offering something that will keep people warm when they arrive at your cocktail hour. A hot cocktail, maybe something with a little whisky, and ask if you can add a tea and coffee service earlier in the day to keep people warm before the ceremony or dinner.Revelry Events, Junebug planner

Incorporating a hot cocoa bar with the addition of custom marshmallows, peppermint sticks, and wintery mugs will bring plenty of satisfied smiles to go around.Nikk Nguyen, Junebug photographer

image by Jessica Amber | see more of this wedding here

4. Decorate With Warmth In Mind

Speaking of keeping your guests warm, while they are likely to bring their own coats for the winter wedding festivities, make sure that you have backup sources of warmth to keep everyone nice and cozy.

Buy some blankets in bulk and make a little display of them to let guests know they can grab one if they get cold—this is especially useful for older guests. If you booked your venue because of the stunning grounds or outdoor elements, it would be a shame to keep people cooped up indoors. Tempt them outside with fire pits and warm drinks in their bellies.Revelry Events, Junebug planner

5. Consider Unique Winter Wedding Destinations 

Hosting a unique winter wedding can also come down to the location. 

Amulet Weddings And Events Suggests Bold and Unforgettable Activities

If you’re seeking bold, unforgettable activities to make incredible memories with those you love at your wedding celebration, Lapland, Iceland, and Scandanivia has it all. Starting with the famous Aurora Borealis, following it up with husky and reindeer sledding, wild horse riding, ice cave trekking, mountain hikes, and snowmobile expeditions across the stunning scenery. 

There are also opportunities for wildlife safaris to encounter wild orca, humpback, and sperm whales. Or, opt for a drinks reception cruise on the Norwegian Fjords. If you’re feeling more adventurous an expedition to Antarctica for a glacier wedding with penguin guests.  – Amulet Weddings and Events, Junebug planner

image by Henry Tieu | see more of this wedding here

All You Need About Loves Higher Altitude Destinations 

A truly unique winter wedding can take place by going up in altitude for photos and skiing. Meet with your guests for a weekend in a mountain destination. This will also give you the chance to have fresh snow and enjoy this dreamy setting. All You Need About, Junebug planner

Now that you’ve got unique winter wedding ideas ready, it’s time to get your unique wedding planning going! We’ve got the ultimate wedding planning guide to help get you started. 

image by Jessica Amber | see more of this wedding here

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