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Zac Wolf Photography



I grew up in South Florida and moved to Boston in 2007 to attend Emerson College. While photographing punk rock bands as a hobby I fell into wedding photography. My business grew from there and I never looked back. By the time I graduated I was able to do wedding photography full time and I’ve spent the past decade photographing weddings all over New England, the US, and the world. 

After 14 years in Boston, my wife and I have decided to come back to Florida and I am so excited to officially call myself an Orlando wedding photographer. That said, I am still looking forward to photographing weddings all over New England as well.

I’m an animal lover, pizza connoisseur, and podcast addict. I sometimes dabble in fitness and oddly specific theme park fandom. I’m a sucker for a good dad joke and an even bigger one for our corgi Marty McFloof and our cat Lolli

No matter where your love takes you, one thing is for sure, we're gonna have a good time.


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