Why You Need A Wedding Videographer

February 5, 2023 | kailey

Image by Joe And Jen Photo. Wedding planning by Laine Palm Planning

When it comes to planning the wedding of your dreams, you’re often trying to fit everything you want within your budget. We’re talking about your venue, decor, a team of vendors, and so much more. And while you’re scouring the internet for help, you might find a lot of articles that cause more wedding planning stress rather than provide answers to your questions. 

We hate those stressful articles too, so we’re here to actually help. Our top priority is making sure you have no regrets after your wedding day. And we think skipping out on a videographer might just be one of those things you’ll regret not investing in. So if you’re not convinced a videographer is a must-have vendor, sit back, relax, and scroll down for everything you need to know about wedding videographers.

Reasons To Hire A Wedding Videographer

As with any major life event, videos capture the moments that photos just can’t. It’s said that pictures are worth a thousand words, so videos are definitely worth more. From candid moments to the sentimentality of it all, here are a few reasons why you should hire a videographer. 

1. See Moments You Might Have Missed

Your wedding day is going to go by in a snap of a finger. You’re going to wake up the next day and wonder how time flew by so fast. In the midst of getting ready with your wedding party and hitting the dance floor, it’s impossible for you to see every memorable moment. That’s where hiring a videographer comes in handy. 

Your videographer will be able to capture all the moments you’re not able to soak up during your big day–think your guests’ reactions during the ceremony, adorable moments from the wedding party, hilarious dance moves, and so many more. When you hire a videographer, you can almost guarantee that moments you might have missed will be captured on video for you to rewatch for years to come. 

2. Share Your Day 

Hiring a wedding videographer will let you rewatch your special day over and over. But it’s also a great way to share your day with family and friends who couldn’t attend or those who might have had to leave early. This is especially handy for those dreaming of an elopement but still want their loved ones to feel included

Plus, if you get the right package, you might get a shorter video to share on social media—a major plus!

3. You Can Re-Watch Your Vows 

If you plan on writing your own vows, then you definitely want a videographer to capture the ceremony. Sure, you can ask your guests to record your ceremony, but a videographer can share your declarations of love in a cinematically beautiful way. Plus, you can make it a tradition to rewatch your vows every anniversary. 

4. Video Captures Visual and Audio 

There will be various moments you’ll not only want to re-watch but also listen to again, such as speeches, toasts, and your guest’s well wishes. Having audio will turn your video into a sentimental family heirloom that all in attendance will hold close. And this is something photos just can’t capture. 

5. Have A Seriously Unplugged Ceremony

You want an unplugged ceremony, we promise. Hiring a videographer will capture the moments that you and your guests were able to be completely present for without all of their dang phones in the way. Not only are videographers professionals who know where to stand to get that perfect shot, but they won’t ruin the visuals of your day to get it.

6. Camera Shy Couples Don’t Need to Pose

If you’re uncomfortable in front of the camera and worry about not looking natural, you should prioritize hiring a videographer. Of course, top-tier photographers will work their magic to make you feel comfy during your portraits. But with your wedding video, there’s no need to stress about posing. 

Wedding Videographer Costs

Are you officially convinced a videographer is a must-have wedding vendor? The next step is to work them into your wedding budget. On average, most couples spend between $1,500 and $2,500 on their wedding videographer. Depending on location, add-ons, and hours of coverage, your price can reach up to $12,000. 

What does this average cost entail? Well, here’s a breakdown: 

  • Time — How long your videographer is present at your wedding definitely impacts their cost. Many wedding videographers create specific packages that include both the amount of time that they’ll spend at your wedding and editing costs to create your video. The more time you book them for, the more money it’s going to cost you. And if you want your videographer to cover other wedding events, like your rehearsal dinner, this will cost you more
  • A second shooter — If your wedding videographer needs a second shooter or an assistant, their costs may increase. If you’re able to find a photographer who doubles as a videographer, you might be able to get a lower rate since you’d be hiring one vendor to capture your day. However, keep in mind they’ll likely work as a team if this is the case, so you should expect to add a second shooter
  • The finished products — After all the filming, your videographer will provide you with an edited highlight reel and wedding film, and you may even get some b-roll footage. This takes both time and effort for your videographer to create a film that is perfect for you
  • Travel — If your wedding videographer has to travel a long distance to be present at your wedding, you’ll likely have to pay for their fuel, airfare, hotel, or other travel-related expenses
  • Extras — Nowadays, many videographers offer drone footage, Super 8 films, USB drives, and other extras. Depending on what type of film you want, you may experience additional fees

Wedding Videographer Hiring Timeline

There are so many details on your wedding planning timeline, and it can be easy to get them confused. Whether you’re working with a 12-month timeline or a two-year timeline, hiring your vendors is almost always one of the first tasks. This is especially true when hunting down your videographer.

You’ll want to book your videographer near the same time as your wedding photographer. We recommend starting no later than 10-12 months prior to your big day. However, wedding professionals appreciate it if you reach out as early as possible—the sooner, the better. For couples who have a much shorter timeline, prepare to reach out to a few different wedding videographers to find someone with open availability. 

We know that planning for your big day can sometimes feel like a full-time job. That’s why we can’t stress enough the importance of hiring a trusted team of wedding vendors. And if you’re officially convinced a videographer is a must-have, then here’s everything you need to know before signing that contract. 

Image by Grace Torres Photo. Wedding planning by Carefully Curated Events.

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