Why You Want an Unplugged Ceremony

April 18, 2020 | brooke

Imagine this: your wedding photographer texts you with the news you’ve been waiting for—“your gallery is ready!” You sit down with your spouse, start scrolling through all of the lovely images, and then it happens. The ceremony photos start to appear on your screen, and you see rows of lifted cell phones—guests witnessing that special moment through a tiny screen. 

Did your heart sink thinking about that scenario? Ours did, too. 

Phones ruin your wedding photos. We want your loved ones to be present during your ceremony—to witness your marriage and experience how much it means to you. 

Unplugged ceremonies are more than just a trend. They’re an opportunity to connect deeper with everyone in attendance. We’re here to give you the confidence to ask guests—even the most stubborn family members and friends—to put their phones away. 

photo by Elina Upmane


Set a Precedent of Being Present for Your Unique Wedding

As we mentioned above, it’s your responsibility to set expectations with your guests. The hopes and dreams you have envisioned for your wedding are different than theirs. We live in an Instagram era—if you want your family and friends focused on the present moment you need to guide them there. 

Have your officiant make an announcement about experiencing the gravity of the moment about to happen. Remind guests that this is an important moment and you’ve specifically selected them to share it with you. There’s nothing quite like looking out at your loved ones in the audience to see every face smiling back at you. It’s much better than seeing the backs of their phones as they watch your ceremony through tiny screens.

Photographer Nikk Nguyen told us, “In reality, ‘unplugging’ is not only a win for you, but it benefits your guests. It allows them to be present and enjoy the moment out from behind the screen.

Leave it to the Professionals

Our team reviews thousands of wedding photos every year. We’ve seen everything from an iPad to relatives standing in the aisle obstructing the couple’s first kiss. You’ve hired a professional photographer and videographer for a reason. Trust them to capture every moment. 

We promise the photos they capture of your ceremony will convey every emotion, special moment, and sentiment of the day. An iPhone photo could never compare. Ask your guests to stay clear while they work their magic. 

Chaise Tinsley gave us this advice: “Think about your wedding day. Imagine yourself walking down the aisle through a sea of people you adore. What does it feel like? How does it look? What do you want to see when you look around? If you answered ‘iPhones,’ well, maybe this one isn’t for you. If you want to see the faces of the people that got you both where you are today then ask for an unplugged ceremony. Thank your guests for being a part of your journey and ask the collective group to be truly present for a day you’ll never forget. Oh—your photo and video teams will thank you, too.” 


How to Announce Your Unplugged Ceremony

The officiant can certainly announce your wishes for an unplugged ceremony, but it’s also a great idea to add signage around your ceremony space. Signage will help cue guests to put their phones away as they take their seats—plus it adds a decorative touch. Junebug tip: Ask your florist to add a few flowers on the sign to tie it into the rest of the design. 

Not Sure How to Word Your Request? Use These Phrases on Your Signs: 

  • “Welcome to Our Unplugged Ceremony”
  • “We’re Going Unplugged” 
  • “We’d Love to See Your Faces, Not Your Devices”
  • “Heads Up, Hearts Open, Phones Down”
  • “Please, No Photos or Cameras During Our Ceremony”


Unplugged ceremonies are much more than a trend. Make the most of your beautiful wedding day by ensuring that guests are fully present and witnessing your union with their own eyes—not through a phone screen. With the full attention of your guests, it’s time to plan what you’ll say! From unexpected ceremony readings to your own unique vows, we’ve got you covered.


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