DIY Wedding Decor Inspiration

September 12, 2014 | lexi

Great for saving a little money and allowing you to truly customize every detail of your wedding, it’s easy to understand why DIY wedding decor is becoming more and more popular. We’ve collected some of our favorite DIY wedding decor inspiration from Junebug brides for your perusal. Feel free to add these crafty ideas to your Pinterest board!

diy wedding decor inspiration

diy wedding ceremony backdrop

Grab a few jars, fill them with your favorite flowers, hang them by a string, and voila – the perfect ceremony backdrop!

Photos by Dallas Kolotylo Photography

diy wedding gift baskets

diy wedding gift basket

Photo by Nordica Photography

These adorable picnic baskets are easy to personalize and curate, and are lovely party favors for an outdoor celebration.

diy wedding pom poms

Terra Lange Photography

diy wedding tassles

Photo by Kristi Wright Photography

To add a pretty pop of color to any setting, hanging pompoms and tassels are the perfect way to incorporate a little whimsy in your decor. They’re also inexpensive and simple to create!

diy wedding bouquets

diy wedding bouquets

Photo by Hera Films

If you want to take your DIY skills to the next level, try making your own flower arrangements! Take a floral design class to experiment before the big day and then use your new skills as a fun activity for you and your bridal party the morning of the wedding.

diy wedding textiles

Photo by Rachel Solomon

For a colorful ceremony backdrop, cut long strips of different colored/patterned fabric and tie the strips randomly to a rope or wire. You can hang the fabric anywhere lacking personality!

diy textile frames

diy yarn photo frames

Photo by Sweet Monday Photography

Unbelievably simple to make, these frames with colorful yarn wrapped around them are eclectic and artistic.

diy personalized wedding banners

Photos by Nine Photography

We’re loving these homemade banners that are not only adorable, but tell guests where to find food, drinks, or the dance floor. If you have calligraphy skills, or know someone who writes beautifully, create your own signs. Save some money and add your own personal spin to your wedding banners!

diy wedding signage

All you need is a chalkboard and some chalk or paint to create your own wedding signage! Draping a patterned blanket over the sign and adding a hanging candle makes the sign above look fun and whimsical.

Photo by Geoff Duncan

diy wedding cornhole

Photos by Amanda Marie Studio

Instead of using a plain cornhole board, paint one yourself to reflect your wedding theme/colors. You can even go the extra mile and cover the little bean bags with a fabric of your choice!

diy wedding s'mores

Photo by Christine Bentley Photography

A wooden box with kerosene jars and rocks is all you need to cook up this tasty campfire staple! Be sure to bring kabob sticks for your guests, as well as graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows!

For more DIY inspiration, check out our Adorable Party Favor Ideas that you can make yourself.


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