13+ Garden Wedding Ideas For Your Outdoor Celebration

March 18, 2024 | kailey

Image by Joel and Justyna. See more of this real wedding here.

Outdoor garden-themed weddings are elegant and whimsical. With lush greenery, seasonal blooms, vibrant color palettes, and thoughtfully planned decor, we’ve seen couples transform ordinary spaces into the ultimate secret garden oasis. If you find yourself admiring romantic floral-filled weddings like this on Instagram or Pinterest and wondering how they pulled it off, you’ve come to the right place.

From ceremony decor to subtle reception details and even themed favors, we’ve created a list of our favorite garden wedding ideas you can share with your trusted vendors. With these inspiring ideas, your dream of hosting an enchanted garden affair will become a reality.

Pick a Fitting Theme 

While it’s not necessary, incorporating a theme into your wedding can enhance the overall experience in several ways. It offers aesthetic benefits and provides guidance when it comes time to select your color palette, decor, and more. Having a clear vision of your wedding design allows you to make better decisions throughout the planning process, ensuring that every detail aligns with your desired theme.

In need of some garden wedding theme ideas? Here are a few of our favorites: 

  • Quintessential English garden tea party
  • Rustic garden romance 
  • Enchanted fairytale 
  • Butterfly garden wedding
  • A luxurious boho garden theme 
  • Tropical oasis garden getaway  

Prioritize a Venue with Stunning Existing Outdoor Space 

Choosing the right venue is crucial when planning an outdoor garden wedding. Since the natural surroundings will play a major role in the overall wedding ambiance, it’s essential to select a venue with a stunning existing space. 

When touring potential venues, look for gardens with lush greenery and picturesque backdrops. This not only sets the stage for your celebration but also makes the job easier for you and your vendors. With a beautiful setting, you’ll need less decor to enhance the space, saving time and money. Plus, the backdrop will create some breathtaking photos that will preserve the magic of your big day.

Image by Lara Onac. See more of this styled shoot here.

Consider an Intimate Greenhouse Wedding 

In the early stages of planning your garden celebration, it’s natural to envision a sunny outdoor wedding. However, it’s important to remember that there are numerous ways to create a romantic wedding in a garden setting. One of our favorite options, especially for intimate weddings, is hosting your event in a greenhouse.

A greenhouse is a charming blend of rustic and romantic, providing a unique backdrop for your special day. This option is also ideal for couples in areas with unpredictable weather, ensuring a beautiful garden wedding regardless of the weather conditions.

Add Floral Details to Signage 

While wedding signage serves a practical purpose, it doesn’t have to be boring. With some color, customization, and flowers, your signage can be much more than just functional. From welcome signs to seating charts, each piece of signage can become eye-catching decor that adds to the overall ambiance of your celebration.

Incorporate Vibrant Hues and Pastels into Your Color Palette

The colors you select for your wedding play an important role in setting the tone for your special day. Whether you’re aiming for a bold, vibrant palette or a softer, pastel one, embracing color is key to bringing your outdoor garden to life. 

Going bold is sure to add that extra pop of personality that’ll leave a lasting impression on your guests. Sticking with the subtlety of pastels exudes romance and creates a soft ambiance. Regardless of the color palette you choose, don’t be afraid to embrace color.

Image by Katherine Larson.

Have Your Wedding Party Wear Florals 

Floral fashion has been taking the wedding world by storm, and this is great news for those planning an outdoor garden celebration in spring or summer. Adding floral attire and accessories is a subtle touch guaranteed to enhance your wedding day look. 

For your bridesmaids, have them mix and match floral bridesmaid dresses. As for the groomsmen, accessories will be key. They can play around with floral ties, bowties, pocket squares, socks, and even boutonnieres. These floral accents add personality and will contribute to the overall floral theme of the wedding.

Use Petals to Enhance the Space 

You’re dedicating so much of your time and energy to designing large floral installations. While these staple pieces will be a stunning addition, it’s equally important not to overlook the smaller details when discussing your floral vision with your florist. Consider incorporating extra petals to elevate your wedding space in a subtle yet show-stopping way.

You can scatter petals along the ceremony aisle to add a touch of romance or swap the traditional confetti for floral petals during your grand exit. The creative possibilities for using petals to enhance your garden soiree are endless. 

Ceremony Fan Favors 

Wedding favors are a thoughtful way to thank your guests for being part of your special day. Unfortunately, favors tend to be leftovers and forgotten by many guests. So, choose something practical and useful if you’re set on thanking loved ones with a gift. For an outdoor celebration during the summer months, custom fans make an excellent choice.

They keep your guests cool and comfortable and serve as a keepsake guests can take home after your wedding day. We love practical and stylish favors, and your guests will too. 

Image by Steve Steinhardt. Wedding planning by NK Weddings. Flowers by Botanica Design Studio. Wedding venue at Ritz-Carlton Sarasota.

Include a Floral Ceremony Backdrop 

Your ceremony backdrop sets the stage for one of the most important moments of your wedding day—the exchange of vows. For those planning a garden wedding, you can get creative with a stunning arch adorned with flowers, lush greenery, or a combination of both.

Don’t know where to start? Hire a trusted florist! They will help bring your vision to life. They can guide you in selecting the perfect blooms that complement each other and serve as the focal point for your ceremony.

Make a Statement with Hanging Floral Installations 

While it’s tempting to stick to ideas you’ve seen on Pinterest, it’s important to think outside the box. When it comes to your decor, don’t forget to consider unique and unexpected details like hanging floral chandeliers. Hanging floral installations may not be considered “traditional,” but they can be truly memorable when executed thoughtfully. 

Image by Misha Lee.

Garden Wedding Ideas: Top Your Cake with Flowers 

There’s one thing that can make your wedding cake even sweeter: flowers. Whether you’re envisioning real blooms that match your decor, icing flowers, or a vibrant pressed flower design, adding this touch will surely give your traditional wedding cake some extra pizzazz.

Garden-Inspired Dinnerware and Linens 

As we’ve said before, functional wedding details can be transformed into stunning decor details that enhance the overall day. When it comes to your tablescape specifically, switching traditional white dinnerware for floral-printed plates is an easy way to add an extra floral touch and a pop of color to each place setting.

You can also incorporate floral linens to further enhance the garden feel of your reception tables. These smaller details help create a cohesive reception design that complements the garden theme.

Image by Laklin Brooke Photography. See more of this real wedding here.

Finish Cocktails with Floral Garnishes

When crafting custom cocktails, go all out. From the recipe to the bar menu and even the garnishes, ensure every detail authentically represents your love and wedding theme. For those hosting a garden wedding, consider adding delicate blooms as the perfect finishing touch to your cocktails. 

Now that you’ve gathered all your garden wedding ideas, there’s just one thing you’re missing—a trusted team of wedding vendors to bring it all to life.  A trusted team of wedding professionals can truly make all the difference in bringing your garden wedding vision to life. If you’re looking for top-notch vendors, start by exploring our directory of Junebug-approved wedding vendors from around the world. 

Image by Tiffany Longeway.

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Colorful Backyard Picnic Inspired No Vacancy Wedding

March 17, 2024 | justine

When Riley and Mark were planning their wedding, they aimed for something special: the same cozy vibe they cherish during their friend get-togethers. They loved the thought of a backyard picnic, with all its mismatched chairs, vibrant decor, and lots of candles. And guess what? They pulled it off! Their picnic inspired No Vacancy wedding struck just the right balance between classy and fun. By day, it was a stunning affair, but when evening fell, it transformed into an epic bash, complete with unlimited drinks and shots for all to revel in.

The couple couldn’t have picked a better spot to bring their vision to life. The hotel’s unique interior perfectly matched their style. And when they stepped into the outdoor courtyard, they found themselves surrounded by even more charm. Against the vibrant mountain mural, they shared their heartfelt vows. Then, after the ceremony, they gathered around a beautifully set table adorned with garden florals, golden accents, and antique touches, all illuminated by the gentle flicker of candlelight.

If you’ve ever dreamed of a cozy celebration surrounded only by your closest loved ones, let this event be your inspiration. Take a look through these stunning images captured by MK Zach Photography to see exactly what we mean.

The Couple:

Riley and Mark

The Wedding:

No Vacancy, Kansas City, Missouri, United States

Turning Their Party House Vibe Into a Picnic Inspired No Vacancy Wedding

When planning our wedding, it was really important that the day felt uniquely ours. We had been together six years by the time we got married (engaged for two), and we felt like people expected a lot from us when it came to the actual day. My husband and I have the “party house” of our friend group. We’re always the first to throw a pregame, a game day, or a themed party. We love doing that because we always have a blast. I enjoy hosting—setting out food, making a unique cocktail, hanging up decorations—even if it’s just for something silly like the Kentucky Derby or a 26th birthday party. So when it came time to plan our wedding, I knew I wanted the same sort of vibe that we capture when we have friends over. The “backyard picnic” aesthetic inspired me–mismatched chairs and place settings, pops of color, lots of candles, that sort of thing. With that aesthetic, we knew we could have a good balance of a beautiful formal event and an insane party with bottomless drinks and shots once the sun went down and our grandparents went to bed.

How the Bride’s Brother’s Unexpected Role as Officiant Turned Their Ceremony Into a Touching and Hilarious Special Moment

My little brother officiated our wedding. We’re both very close to our families and knew from the beginning of our planning process that we wanted to find a way to involve them as much as possible, given our wedding was so small. My brother is a natural public speaker (high school teacher and former minor league WWE wrestler), and he killed it. We gave him no guardrails about what we wanted, and he managed to create a ceremony that had everyone crying—from both laughter and because it was so moving.

Breaking Tradition: Why Your Wedding Should Reflect You, Not Others

Here’s some advice for couples navigating the wedding planning process: prioritize yourselves above all else. Don’t let the expectations of others or traditional norms dictate your day. Making decisions that authentically reflect your relationship and desires is key—you won’t regret it. Remember, amidst the whirlwind of planning, it’s normal to feel consumed by wedding details, but trust that this phase will pass. Stay true to yourselves and cherish every moment of this journey. We wanted the day to feel like a big party. We didn’t necessarily want it to feel like a “wedding,” more of a “celebration of love.” I wanted the whole night to have a picnic, family-style dinner feeling. I kept repeating to vendors and friends that I wanted “an all-night party.”

Working with Local Vendors Who Shared Their Vision to Bring to Life Their Picnic Inspired No Vacancy Wedding

For the most part, my husband and I planned our wedding by ourselves, with my mom’s help (which I will forever be grateful for). Weddings are a numbers game. Anyone who has planned a wedding or been in one knows that it’s all about money. So when we started planning, we knew we didn’t want to work with big vendors who do 50+ weddings a season. It was essential for us to work with smaller local vendors who understood our vision and who genuinely were interested in being a part of our day. That reflects a lot in their work—whether the flowers, table settings, cake, or catering. Our vendors were great, and we could not have had a better team of people around us.

From Wedding Logo to Home Decor

I don’t know if I would call it a DIY per se, but we had a custom neon sign of our wedding logo, the tiger in the martini glass, made. It was easily the centerpiece of our reception, and now it hangs above our home bar, making for a perfect wedding day favor for us. The tiger in the martini glass logo was on our wedding stationery, including our matchbook favors. It was designed by East + West Designs, who did all of our paper. She did such a lovely job. The inspo I gave her behind it was “a doodle you would do on a bar napkin.” It pays homage to how we met: at the University of Missouri (Mizzou, home of the Tigers! M-I-Z), where we both graduated from. It’s one of my favorite things we made for the wedding, and I will probably talk to people about it forever.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – MK Zach Photography
Venue – No Vacancy
Floral Design – Elizabeth Mckenzie Florals
Cake – KO Knockout Sweets
Officiant – Gage Newton
Invitation Design – East + West Designs
Makeup Artist – Mind + Muse
Hair Styling – Skyline Salon
Wedding Dress – BHLDN by Anthropologie
Bridal Accessories – Emmy London + Amelie George
Groom’s Apparel – Todd’s Clothiers & Tailoring
Rings – Sam’s Fine Jewelry
Rentals – Supply Event Rentals & Design
Favors – Perfect Occasion Store


Congratulations to Riley and Mark on their colorful picnic inspired No Vacancy wedding. And huge thanks to MK Zach Photography for capturing their dreamy big day with us. 

Be bold and show who you are when planning your wedding. Pick things that reflect your style, like choosing an incredible venue or adding your own twist to traditions. Check out our guide for fun ideas to make your big day really special and unique, just like your love story.

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This Vizcaya Museum & Gardens Wedding Was Anthropologie Meets Versace Come to Life

Nate and Bernie, both half-Italian, felt an instant connection to Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. With its majestic architecture and magical gardens overlooking Biscayne Bay, it made for the perfect fit for their special day. Vibrant florals, elegant decor, and stunning attire came together to create the most magical celebration of their lives, even though they were planning from 3,000 miles away. 

One of the wedding’s highlights was the venue itself. The breathtaking gardens provided the perfect backdrop for the couple’s sweet “I dos,” but that’s not all. The tented reception was equally stunning. It featured a colorful ceiling installation of blooms, a monogrammed dance floor, tables adorned with vibrant centerpieces, and elegant settings. The celebration continued as guests danced the night away, creating unforgettable memories.

Every detail of their celebration was meticulously planned, reflecting their authenticity and creating an extraordinary experience. The wedding theme was Anthropologie meets Versace, flawlessly brought to life by their talented team of vendors. Trust us when we say you must see this Vizcaya Museum & Gardens wedding. Evan Rich Photography beautifully captured every detail, so keep scrolling. We guarantee you’ll be blown away!

The Couple:

Nate and Bernie

The Wedding:

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, Miami, Florida, United States

Crafting Personalized Moments: A Vizcaya Museum & Gardens Wedding Ceremony to Remember

We worked with our officiant, a good friend, to create a deeply personal ceremony. My 92-year-old grandma, who only speaks Spanish, wrote and read a prayer for us. We wrote and read our vows, and they were astoundingly complementary. Our recessional song was “We’re All Dudes” because we both love “Good Burger.” Our dog wore a tux, walked down the aisle, and stood with the groomsmen. There were also touches of him throughout the reception, like on our cocktail napkins and atop our cake. Our logo, which another good friend created, was featured everywhere, including on the dance floor. We also wrapped the night by scream-singing “Welcome to the Black Parade” with all our (millennial) guests.

Tackling Wedding Stress Through Strategies in Organization and Communication for Their Vizcaya Museum & Gardens Wedding

I’m not sure I ever figured out how to manage the stress, but I tried to be organized, decisive, timely, detail-oriented and communicative with my planner and vendors throughout the whole process. And I can honestly say the stress was 100 percent worth it. I’d do it all over again for that perfect day.

How They Crafted an Anthropologie Meets Versace Wedding

I’ve always loved color and wanted our wedding to be vibrant and warm. The unofficial theme was Anthropologie meets Versace, which genuinely felt that way! I’m most proud of pulling off the most magical day of our lives from 3,000 miles away (we live in Los Angeles) and ensuring every detail was meaningful, authentic, and unique to us.

From Childhood Fascination to Wedding Venue

I’ve loved Vizcaya since I was a kid. I always knew I wanted to get married there. I revisited it as an adult and fell in love all over again. It’s the most stunning place I’ve ever seen. My husband and I are also both half-Italian, so it felt like the perfect fit.

A Day of Surprises and Joy: Highlights from Their Vizcaya Museum & Gardens Wedding

The entire day, from start to finish, was euphoric! Surprising Nate at the altar with a tattoo I got while getting ready, having our handsome Golden Retriever crush it as our Flower Dog, the unbelievable flowers, exchanging our extremely personal vows, the live painter, nailing our first dance, doing a shotski during the reception, dancing in the rain at the end of the night. We can’t pick just one.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Evan Rich Photography
Event Planning – Jennifer Johnson
Ceremony + Reception Venue – Vizcaya Museum & Gardens
Floral Design – Petal Productions
Catering – Unique Culinary Collective
Cake – Cake Lounge Miami
DJ – Event Factor
Tattoo Artist – Nicole Marie Gonzalez
Videography – Motive Cinemas
Invitation Design – Hagop Najarian
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Marz Makeup & Hair
Wedding Dress – Rue de Seine
Bridal Accessories – Loren Hope
Bridesmaids’ Apparel – Azazie
Groom’s Apparel – Giovanni Testi
Groomsmen’s Apparel – Giovanni Testi
Rings – Stephanie Gotlieb
Rentals – Imperial Event Rentals
Pet Care – FairyTail Pet Care
Live Painter – Ben Keys


Congratulations to Bernie and Nate on their stunning Vizcaya Museum & Gardens wedding—a perfect blend of Anthropologie meets Versace. Their day proves that magic happens when a couple’s unique style shines through in every detail. Special thanks to Evan Rich Photography for capturing it all beautifully.

Working with a trusted team of vendors is key to bringing your dream wedding to life. By choosing vendors who understand and are passionate about your vision, you can ensure that every detail is executed with care. Find your dream team by exploring our directory of the world’s best wedding vendors.

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