This Colorful Nanuku House Wedding is Living Proof of How Far Destination “I Do’s” Can Go

April 16, 2024 | justine

Gaby and Colton always dreamed of making their wedding a memorable experience for everyone. With their background in weddings, they wanted a tropical feel that exuded luxury while remaining financially savvy. They started by picking a villa in Bali as their venue, where they’d also stay. Using their own style and the villa’s vibe as inspiration, they carefully planned every detail to fit in. The outcome? A beautiful Nanuku House wedding that told their love story and captured the beauty of the locale perfectly.

In the tropical garden, the couple exchanged heartfelt vows, like something from a dream. They walked down a path strewn with petals to an altar decorated with beautiful flowers, marking the moment they said, “I do.” After their touching ceremony, they enjoyed an outdoor reception. Above a long table adorned with lush blooms, candles, and earthy touches, white lanterns hung, casting a magical glow.

The couple spared no effort crafting a wedding that would leave a lasting impression on their guests. Luckily, we have breathtaking photos taken by Junebug vendor Helopixel Photo, capturing every cherished moment of this remarkable destination wedding

The Couple:

Gaby and Colton

The Wedding:

Nanuku House, Bali, Indonesia

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How They Turned Their Villa Stay Into Their Dream Nanuku House Wedding

We live on the beach in California and have worked in the wedding industry here, so we wanted something tropical but within our budget. We started by picking the villa we wanted to stay in for part of our trip and made it our wedding venue. I designed the event to match our style and the vibe of the villa, and it all came together perfectly. We always knew we wanted our wedding to be an experience for all our guests.

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How Letting Go Led to a Wedding Beyond Their Dreams

Planning our wedding was a blast! We loved getting creative with the design part, but we trusted our planner to handle it all for the rest. Since our wedding was in Bali, we knew we couldn’t control everything from afar. Surprisingly, everything turned out even better than we imagined! Our advice? Have fun designing your big day, and let go of the rest—it’s worth it.

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From Near and Far: Cherishing the Moments That Made Their Nanuku House Wedding Truly Special

It was amazing to see everything fall into place despite the distance. What made our wedding special was the intimacy and the fact that everyone knew each other from the events leading up to the big day. Having so many loved ones travel such a long way for us made it incredibly meaningful—a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Staying true to ourselves, whether sharing private vows before the ceremony or ending the night with a pool party, made it all the more unforgettable.

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How a Destination Wedding Can Stretch Your Dollars

Opting for a destination wedding in a country where the dollar stretches further can be a savvy move. Coming from the wedding industry in California, we had a good grasp of typical wedding costs. Choosing Bali proved to be an intelligent financial decision, with expenses two to three times less than hosting a backyard wedding back home, plus you get a memorable trip out of it. One key piece of advice is to discuss and agree on a budget with both families beforehand, treating any contributions as gifts. Our families gave us a set amount, empowering us to plan the wedding we truly wanted, free from external pressures or opinions. This approach allowed us to create an authentic celebration that reflected who we are as a couple.

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The Wedding Team:

Photography – Helopixel Photo
Event Planning – Bali For Two
Venue – Nanuku House
Floral Design – Summer Soleil
Catering –  Lumbung Catering
Cake – Novita
DJ – Meta Mirawan
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Firda Amelia MUA


Congratulations to Gaby and Colton on their colorful Nanuku House wedding. A big thank you to Junebug vendor Helopixel Photo for skillfully capturing every heartfelt moment that made this celebration truly unforgettable. If you’re interested in seeing more of their work, be sure to check out their portfolio in our directory of the best wedding photographers from around the world.

After seeing these gorgeous pictures, you might be eager to begin planning your own dream getaway celebration. The great news is you don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help with our complete destination wedding planning guide and a list of reliable vendors who can bring your vision to life.

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Destination Wedding Etiquette: 10 Tips You Need to Know

April 15, 2024 | kailey

Image by Phosart. See more of this real wedding here.

Planning a destination wedding tends to be more complicated than a traditional wedding close to home. With having to book flights and secure accommodations, all while planning from thousands of miles away, this probably comes as no surprise. Bringing to life a far-away celebration will inevitably require a lot of preparation for you and your guests. While your wedding day is still ultimately about you, there are some destination wedding etiquette rules that couples are encouraged to follow to be considerate of loved ones invited. 

Whether you’re jetting off to a castle in Scotland or dreaming of an oceanfront all-inclusive venue in Mexico, here are the top destination wedding etiquette tips to consider following during the planning process. 

1. Send Wedding Invitations Early 

Guests must book flights, accommodations, time off work, and potentially childcare to attend your destination wedding. Sorting out all these details is not only expensive but also time-consuming. Give them ample time to prepare and get their ducks in a row. 

For local weddings, sending invitations at least two months in advance is standard. For destination weddings, however, you should send your invitations at least three to four months beforehand. This means couples should post save-the-dates eight to twelve months prior to their big day, giving guests time to book everything and renew passports if necessary. 

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2. Be Upfront on Your Invitations 

Destination wedding invitations require more information than those for traditional weddings. Your invitations will need to break down all the events planned during your extended celebration. We highly suggest accompanying your invitations with a wedding itinerary, including all the dates, times, and locations for each event. This will give attendees a transparent breakdown of how long they should expect to be away while also allowing them to accurately gauge transportation and lodging costs. 

Images by Just Like Honey. See more of this real wedding here.

3. Let Guests Know Gifts Aren’t Required 

Destination weddings are expensive for everyone involved. Loved ones with the financial means to cover costs are willing to pay for those things because they love you! But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to alleviate some of the costs. One of the biggest ways is to explicitly let your guests know that gifts aren’t required by writing a short message on your wedding website or invitations. 

Make it known that their presence is enough. Celebrating your marriage with loved ones is priceless and can’t be topped by anything you’d add to a wedding registry.

4. Provide Lodging Recommendations

Paying for your guests’ accommodations isn’t required. It’s expected that if attending, they’ll pay their own way. While fronting the costs for your guests would be helpful, it isn’t the only way to lend a hand. Taking time to scope out accommodation options at different price points is also a thoughtful way to help ease their booking process. You can include this information in your invitations or on your website. Any stress you can take out of the travel planning process will be huge for your guests. 

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5. Consider Covering Transportation Costs 

If you have extra room in the budget, covering transportation costs is a great place to allocate that money. It’ll help guests financially and give them one less thing to worry about when they arrive. Depending on your destination and the expected number of guests, you can hire a bus or van to pick up loved ones from the airport. Uber is also a great way to simplify wedding logistics. They make it easy to send vouchers to your guests to cover transportation costs. 

6. Gift Welcome Bags 

Welcome bags are a sweet way to show appreciation for guests trying to attend your faraway celebration. Your loved ones have done a lot to celebrate you, and a welcome bag is the perfect way to thank them. Add local staples, destination recommendations, and some practical items they can use on their trip. 

Are you planning a beachy wedding at an all-inclusive resort? Include custom towels, sunscreen, and wedding-themed floaties. For those having a winter wedding in the mountains, include a blanket, a smores kit to use during the reception, and a custom beanie. This is your chance to get creative based on your wedding location and theme. 

7. Answer All Questions on Your Wedding Website

For those planning a destination wedding abroad, odds are your guests will have many questions. Adding expected questions to your wedding website is destination wedding etiquette that’ll help prepare your guests and keep your phone from blowing up. You’ll want to address time changes, exchange rates, cultural nuances, safety, and so much more. 

When creating your site, simply add a section with all information specific to your destination so guests can easily find and reference it as they prepare for their trip. For those wanting to go above and beyond, consider adding restaurant recommendations, sightseeing spots, and anything else your guests might enjoy.

8. Host a Welcome Party or Post-Wedding Brunch 

Who says you have to wait until the big day to start celebrating? Get the party started as soon as all your loved ones have arrived. Hosting a welcome party is an enjoyable way to kick off the festivities and show appreciation for those who have traveled to be with you during this special time. 

If guests arrive on different days at varying times, this might be trickier to orchestrate. Instead, consider planning a post-wedding brunch. This is a sweet way to spend more quality time with loved ones and bring the celebration to a close. 

9. Pay for All-inclusive Resort Passes for Guests Off Property

This tip won’t apply to all destination weddings, but it is important to consider when planning a celebration at an all-inclusive resort. While most guests will stay in the same hotel, this won’t be the case for everyone. Some guests may choose alternative hotel options to save money. 

If guests decide they can’t or don’t want to stay on the same property, make room in your budget to cover the required day passes they’ll need to purchase to attend the wedding. This is something you’ll be able to arrange ahead of time through your wedding planner or the resort coordinator.

10. Plan a Post-Wedding Party 

When hosting a lavish destination wedding, you must understand that not all guests can attend. Whether it’s due to time or financial constraints, this is just something you’ll need to come to terms with. Although it’s unfortunate, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice celebrating with those special people. When you return home after your destination wedding, host a local post-wedding party to celebrate with those unable to attend. 

These ten destination wedding etiquette tips are key to pulling off your far-away wedding without a hitch. Another crucial component is hiring trusted vendors locally. And if you’re looking for top-rated wedding professionals, our vendor directory is the place to start. With Junebug vendors on your team and this destination wedding planning guide, you’ll be well on your way to making your dream wedding a reality.

Image by Andrew Bayda. See more of this real wedding here.

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28 Best Mexico Wedding Photographers

April 12, 2024 | riley
best mexico wedding photographers

Image by Efege

Whether you’re planning a wedding in your home country or you’re jetting off to Mexico for a destination wedding, one of the most important aspects of wedding planning is finding a wedding photographer. This can be especially difficult when you’re hundreds of miles away. Thanks to social media (and things like Junebug’s highly-vetted vendor directory), seeing a photographer’s portfolio is easier than ever. So, if you’re looking for your dream photographer, you’re in luck. We’re rounding up some of the best Mexico wedding photographers to help capture your special day.

Best Mexico Wedding Photographers

1. Fer Juaristi

Photography Style: Outside-the-box photojournalistic

Good for: Couples who want to break the rules

Review: “We were lucky to have Fer and his second shooter (Mike) as our wedding photographers for our three-day multicultural celebration in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. From the moment we saw his work, we knew he had a unique talent that is very difficult to match. One thing that struck us from the very beginning is that he approaches every wedding as an experiment, aiming to create something novel. We wanted someone who would have the passion and the skills to capture the essence of the day in a way that is utterly distinct and personal. Fer has the ability to create something extraordinary out of nothing. He can really transform simple moments with usual backgrounds into stunning works of art. Throughout our wedding festivities, he seemed to be everywhere and nowhere at once, effortlessly capturing every precious detail without ever being intrusive. It feels like he possesses an ability to anticipate the perfect shot before it even happens.”

2. MC Weddings

Photography Style: Timeless editorial

Good for: Couples who want beautiful photography AND videography

Review: “It’s hard to put into words how much MC Weddings means to us! From the moment I spoke with them, I knew they would be a great fit. They went above and beyond, scouting gorgeous locations, accommodating our schedule, and giving us the most amazing gift of photos we will cherish forever.”

3. Andres Mondragon

Photography Style: Documentary style with an editorial approach

Good for: Couples who want natural, unposed wedding photos

4. Julieta Rabadan

Photography Style: Creative editorial

Good for: Couples who want the little moments captured

Review: “If I could imagine the perfect photographer, Julieta would be even better. Her artistic vision is incredible, and she makes you feel so comfortable. She knows exactly how to capture the perfect images and is soooo sweet. I highly suggest hiring her and Fede; having her photograph one half of the bridal party while he works with the other was perfect! When we got our sneak peeks, my husband and I both started crying… imagine your dream wedding photos, and they will be even better!”

5. Arte Visual MF

Photography Style: Emotional editorial

Good for: Couples who want to feel every emotion possible while flipping through their wedding album

Review: “Sebastián and the Visual Art team really knew how to capture the best day of our lives. Their professionalism and dedication are evident in the quality of the work they delivered to us. Sebastian listened to everything I told him that he wanted, and he was always available to talk about ideas and make sure we were happy with the work. Super punctual, with an excellent attitude and excellent work, I highly recommend them. The photos and videos will last a lifetime, I really recommend them!”

6. Tulum Wedding Photos

Photography Style: Nature-inspired storytelling

Good for: Couples who want their love portrayed in a raw, real way

Review: “I cannot express how much I am OBSESSED with my wedding photos. Amber and Alejandro did work beyond my wildest dreams! She is a must-hire for your wedding day. Her attention to detail and capturing moments is so beautiful. I truly cannot say enough good things. Looking through each picture, I am screaming with joy. I have a million favorites. Thank you, Amber and Alejandro, for everything! You guys are artistic geniuses!”

7. Mauricio D’Rugama

Photography Style: Fine art editorial

Good for: Couples who want someone who pays attention to the little details

Review: Mau photographed our intimate wedding in Cabo, and we would recommend him to anyone. He is kind and fun, and everyone in our party loved his presence. Mau also made an effort to get to know us, our relationship, and what we were looking for before our wedding. The resulting pictures were exactly what we wanted — Mau captured the joy and beauty of that night for us with an artistic eye. The hardest part will be choosing which ones we love the most to frame!”

8. DA Weddings

Photography Style: Fine art editorial

Good for: Couples who prefer more natural edits

Review: WOW! Not sure where to start. Daniel R. is the ultimate professional. Upon initially meeting, we knew we wanted to work with him. He is very professional and passionate, and you can tell that he genuinely enjoys his work and takes immense pride in his art. Super easy to work with and so respectful of your space and time. THANK YOU, Daniel and team! We loved having you document our wedding day. You made it extra special. The photos and videos were beyond anything we could have imagined. This man has vision and leads an amazing team. Daniel will run to make sure he gets you the right shot that he has in mind (I have video evidence of this). He is dedicated and committed!

9. AH LoveStories

Photography Style: Timeless editorial

Good for: Couples who want wedding photos that look like they belong in Vogue

Review: “Terrified of stiff, awkward, corny photos, we met Ana and knew it would all work out. She lights up the room: her incredible energy and lightheartedness are contagious, and she takes you from nervously posing to enjoying a shoot in a second. As corny as it may sound, Ana captures magic. She makes thousands of memories of the 687 emotions you are too overwhelmed to understand you are going through in a wedding day. Looking through our photos, we couldn’t believe how she had put on a screen exactly how we felt; the mood of the wedding and just opening our gallery took us right back. Ana brought tears to our eyes and the most overwhelming joy. Ana came into our lives to stay. We will never trust anyone else to treasure our most important moments, and after such an adventure together, we are privileged to call her a friend.”


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10. Gaby Bolívar Photography

Photography Style: Editorial storytelling

Good for: Couples who want fashion-forward photos

Review: Gaby” is an exceptional photographer, her work is amazing. At our wedding, she did much more than we asked, and her final work made us cry with the great pictures she took of us and the whole wedding. The delivery of our wedding gallery surprised us as well since she included an extra slideshow, which we didn’t expect. During this special day, she was very helpful in keeping me comfortable and calm and also taking care of my family. She noticed I was having trouble walking with my dress and took the initiative with her associate to help me with it. She is just the kind of person you want to cover such a special day as a wedding. I absolutely recommend her, and by now, I am quite sure I will hire her again for special events.”

11. Alex Krotkov Photography

Photography Style: Classic storytelling

Good for: Couples who want wedding photos that will never go out of style

Review: Alex” was the most amazing wedding photographer for our destination wedding in Oaxaca City. He is incredibly detail oriented and walked us through the whole process from beginning to end. He took the time to get to know us as a couple so that we could have the most personalized experience, and we felt so comfortable in his hands. Added bonus that all of our guests loved him too! We are so thrilled with our wedding photos, and we can’t recommend him more highly.”

12. David Lack Photo

Photography Style: Classic storytelling

Good for: Couples who aren’t afraid of color

Review: David, our wedding photographer, exceeded all expectations. From our initial meeting to the final delivery of our breathtaking photos, he displayed unmatched professionalism and talent. His attention to detail ensured he captured every moment beautifully, leaving us with timeless memories. David’s warm personality made us feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire process. He seamlessly incorporated our ideas and preferences into his work, resulting in a collection of images that perfectly reflected our special day. If you’re searching for a photographer who combines skill, passion, and dedication, David is the one. We’re endlessly grateful for his exceptional service and stunning photos.”


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A post shared by David Lack (@clicklack)

13.  Adrian Bonet Photography

Photography Style: Creative photojournalism

Good for: Couples who want authentic wedding photos

Review: “It’s no secret that Adrian has a very high level of photographic talent. He has a great artistic eye and knows how to capture a shot; he’s gifted. After taking a quick look at his website, we knew he would be the ideal choice for our wedding. Adrian was very accommodating when we needed to change the date last minute and moved it to a year after the original date. Our photos are truly stunning, and we will treasure these memories for the rest of our lives.”

14. Celia Armijo Photography

Photography Style: Timeless editorial

Good for: Couples who appreciate the finer things in life

Review: My husband and i are from Iowa and decided to have a destination wedding in Cabo, Mexico. We had no prior knowledge or recommendations of photographers/videographers to use for that area. I found Celia on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her work! We got a quote for a VERY reasonable price, especially when compared to other photographers in the area, and decided to move forward with her and her team. We purchased the package with 8 hours of photography and videography, which in turn included 576 photos, a one-minute video, a four-minute video, and an hour-long video. When I tell you we could not have been happier with the outcome, I TRULY mean it!!!! She blew our expectations out of the water! We have people telling us that our pics should be in a magazine! We are SO thankful for her and her team. We will cherish these photos and videos forever. I could not recommend Celia and her team enough! You will not regret hiring her! INCREDIBLE WORK!”

 15. Hideki Falcón

Photography Style: Creative editorial

Good for: Couples who don’t take life too seriously


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A post shared by Hideki Falcon (@hidekifalcon_)

16. Daniela Ortiz Photography

Photography Style: Timeless editorial

Good for: Couples who want a photographer who’s been in the industry for years (aka they know what they’re doing)

Review: Dani and her team were amazing! We got married in Cabo on a Friday and already had sneak peeks in my email before we left on Monday. She made everyone feel comfortable and got right to work when we walked in the bridal suite! She came with an assistant who was able to shoot the groom and groomsmen while she shot me and the girls. She was very knowledgeable about the hotel and the best places for scenery and lighting on the property. I requested her come with me for an outfit change during the reception and she had so many cute intimate ideas for me and the groom. I would hands down recommend her for future weddings and give her 5 stars!! She was amazing!”

17. Valery Velazquez Weddings

Photography Style: Modern editorial

Good for: The fashion-forward couples who aren’t afraid to be a little edgy

18. Kape Photography

Photography Style: Timeless editorial

Good for: Couples dreaming of film wedding photography

Review: “The Kape team was SO SO fun to work with and have at our wedding and welcome party. They are friendly, fun and professional. We had a blast with them. They got EVERY shot! I am blown away at how they captured every portion of our wedding day and our welcome party so perfectly. These photos take me back to the feeling of it all instantly – that is priceless! I truly cannot pick favorites because all the photos turned out SO GOOD. They were so easy to work with day of and kept the vibe very chill. You cannot go wrong with Kape. These are photos we will cherish forever!”


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A post shared by Kape Photography (@kapephotography)

19. Rwanda Studio

Photography Style: Fine art editorial

Good for: Couples who are willing to let a photographer guide them to create magic

Review: Josefina and her team” were fantastic to work with. She was responsive and made me feel comfortable leading up to the wedding. We went with her largest package that included photography and videography and I am SO glad we did. The video exceeded all of my expectations! I love Josefina’s photography style. She made my husband and me feel comfortable during photos, and the photos turned out romantic, natural, and passionate. Can’t recommend Josefina and her team enough!”


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A post shared by Rwanda Studio (@rwandastudio)

20. Fer De Jesús

Photography Style: Timeless editorial

Good for: Couples who want their photos to tell a story of their wedding day

Review: “Fer is an exceptional photographer; he is extremely professional, both before, during, and after the event. The photographs are extraordinary, each one is like a painting. Fer gave us the photographs very quickly after the event. Our guests agreed on his discretion, professionalism, and the quality of the photographs. He made us feel at ease very quickly with his kindness and availability. Thank you very much, Fer, for helping us immortalize the emotions and moments we experienced.”


Photography Style: High-fashion editorial

Good for: Couples who can’t get enough of unique detail shots


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22. Lite Weddings

Photography Style: Fine art editorial

Good for: Couples who appreciate a clean, sleek look

Review: Madi and Alan“Choosing for our wedding was the best decision we made! We are so grateful that they were willing to travel to Canada for our special day. Their attention to detail and creative eye captured every precious moment beautifully. The photos and videos truly reflect the emotions and joy of the day. They were super professional, yet made us feel so comfortable. From our engagement shoot to our wedding day, we couldn’t be happier with the stunning memories they’ve given us to cherish forever.”


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23. Take It Photo

Photography Style: Bold editorial

Good for: Free-spirited couples

Review: Take It Photo’s“From the moment we clicked on Instagram and blog, we immediately knew they were the photographers we wanted for our Mayakoba wedding. This feeling was solidified after meeting Lupe and Augustin in person. They made us feel so confident in understanding the style of photos we wanted and what we wanted out of our wedding photos. Augustin and his team were so patient with us on our wedding day and ensured we got every photo we wanted. I was BLOWN away at the quality and angles they were able to get without even noticing them. I am so thankful we decided to use Take it photo. They truly captured our wedding in a way that gives us feelings of being back at our special day. We are constantly reminded by friends, and family about how great our photos turned out. I truly couldn’t recommend them more”

24. Martin Wilk Photography

Photography Style: Cinematic candids

Good for: For couples who aren’t afraid to get a little artsy

Review: Martin was extremely friendly and professional the whole time working together. He was very responsive and checked in on numerous occasions to be sure we had everything we needed and that we shared any/all details of our vision for our wedding so he could capture it. He sent a husband and wife team who were GREAT! They were fun and easy to work with, and most importantly – the pictures turned out incredible. Small details to major moments were captured beautifully. We are so happy with working with Martin and his team. My husband and I highly recommend.”

25.  MemoryBox Photography

Photography Style: Timeless editorial

Good for: For couples who are nervous about being in front of the camera

Review: “I was an admirer of MemoryBox well before I got engaged. There was no doubt in my mind I wanted to hire them for our wedding day. Mel and Fred were absolutely wonderful to work with, making the process seamless. They made us feel incredibly comfortable in front of the camera and provided all the necessary guidance. Their energy and positivity helped me feel at ease. The work they produce is nothing short of stunning. We couldn’t have had a better experience and would choose them over and over again. Don’t think twice about hiring them. They’re spectacular.”

26. LA76 Photography

Photography Style: Timeless editorial

Good for: For couples who appreciate landscape shots just as much as portraits

Review: Romana and Mariano are absolutely amazing!! Romana is so sweet and very responsive through email. On our wedding day, she made sure everything was perfect before taking pictures; her attention to detail is phenomenal. We have gotten our sneak peek photos, and they are absolutely beautiful! They are the best photographers, and we’re so happy that they captured our special day.”


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27. Adriana Foto

Photography Style: High-fashion editorial

Good for: For couples who love all things Old Hollywood

Review: Adriana“Where do we even begin… is not only one of the kindest people we’ve had the pleasure of meeting, but she is also one of the most talented photographers, and we are so grateful that she was there for our big day. She perfectly captured the energy, essence, and beauty of our day. You can feel the rawness and emotion in the photos and now, every time we look back at them, we’ll be teleported back to the most magical day. She made us feel so confident and comfortable and her eye for capturing beautiful moments is so unique and special. There are not enough words to explain our appreciation and happiness with choosing Adriana. We could not recommend her enough!”


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28. Mariana Pierce

Photography Style: Bold editorial

Good for: For couples who want bright and bold photos

Review: Mariana is a dream – she captured my wedding perfectly with magic, beauty, humor, and fun. Her energy is incredible, and she takes the most beautiful images. She makes you feel comfortable instantly and is very trusting. Your wedding pictures are the only thing you have to remember your wedding — making the photographer your most important hire, and I would highly recommend Mariana. I want her to take photos of all my future life events moving forward! She was positive, fun, and productive throughout the whole day, and incredibly generous.”

Now that you’ve seen some of the best Mexico wedding photographers, it’s time to think about your venue. The country is full of beautiful options, but we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorites as a starting point!

Image by Mariana Pierce

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