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September 23, 2021 | morgan

image by Carlos Elizondo | see more of this real wedding here

When we look at the wedding industry, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. The annual trends, the outfits, and even the ceremony vows are all just loud. Many couples, wedding blogs, and inspirational images will tell you that other people are getting married the right way and you need to do it that way too while also making it unique and showstopping. Huh? It’s a lot to handle. 

Wedding inspiration can be as confusing as it is, well, inspiring. Yes, we love weddings here at Junebug Weddings. But we really love love. We want every couple—regardless of their gender, race, religion, or even cultures—to celebrate their love in a way that feels authentic to them and also brings them the most joy on their special day. 

We’ll be the first to tell you that planning your wedding can be stressful. So, if you’re looking for permission to host a wedding that is as unique as your love, you’ve come to the right place. 

Hi, we’re Junebug Weddings. We’re the wedding blog for everyone. And we’re here to help.

Who Is Junebug Weddings

Junebug Weddings was started back in 2006 to help brides plan their dream weddings. We’ve evolved a lot since then but our mission is still similar and quite simple. We’re here to help every couple around the world plan their perfect wedding. 

Consider us the wedding blog for everyone. Our small team is scattered across the United States but we still find time to jump on virtual calls to discuss our favorite weddings, a gorgeous floral installation we saw, or an emotional first look image that got us choked up. Every day we leap out of bed, do our best Jonathan Van Ness coffee dance, and work to empower couples everywhere. Together, we’ll plan the happiest day of your life.

Junebug Tip:

With over 14,000 posts on our website, we’ve covered just about everything you’ll need. If you don’t see the answers to something that you’re looking for, email us

image by Julia Luckett Photography | see more from this shoot here

Junebug Weddings Vendors

Although we do a great job of inspiring, we aren’t just a wedding inspiration website. Junebug also proudly features a carefully selected group of wedding professionals. We’ve got every vendor you’ll need by your side starting with photographers, planners, florists, DJs, and more

We work with them to curate helpful advice we can provide to our readers (that’s you!) at no cost. Whether you’re traveling to a faraway place to tie the knot or getting married in your backyard, our vendors will make your wedding dreams a reality.

The Unconventional Wedding Blog

We want to be more than just the place to go for unique wedding inspiration. We want to be your unconventional wedding blog. The home for all the inspiration you didn’t know that you needed. 

Looking for bridal jumpsuits that will give you the ability to break it down on the dance floor? Our wedding blog has got you covered. The same goes for colorful suits that break the mold of what couples should wear on their wedding day.

But it’s more than that. You won’t ever find us telling you that you should lose weight before your wedding (gross) but we do have tips to make sure you feel your best. If you’ve got an itch to change your hairstyle before the big day—or even during it—we’re here to support you.

Why We Work So Hard

Every year we host multiple photo contests, help wedding vendors grow their businesses, and—best of all—see millions of real weddings. While we consider ourselves very lucky to do this, we also work really hard to make sure the inspiration that we’re sharing is inspiring to everyone in the wedding planning process. We mean everyone.

It’s powerful to see yourself and other folks who look like you featured in gorgeous images celebrating love. We’ve even heard from couples that it would have even helped them in the early stages of figuring out their own love to see similar couples celebrated in this way. So, let’s celebrate together.

Image by Nikk Nguyen Photo | See more of this real wedding here.

Host Your Own Non-Traditional Wedding—Or Don’t

Looking to host a zero-waste wedding? We’ve got everything you need to host a sustainable wedding. Are you trying to figure out who should give a speech at your wedding reception? We’ve got that too. Or maybe you just want to keep it easy and have a picnic elopement. Yep, we’ve got your elopement picnic planning covered too.

If your Aunt calls you to announce that she’s bringing her children to the wedding, we’ve got your back when you tell her no. We can even help you to politely tell your guests to put away their cell phones during your ceremony—something your expert photographer will also appreciate. 

Whether you’re planning a two-person elopement at the top of a mountain or a 200-person wedding in a lavish ballroom, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here for you and we’re so excited to help you plan the wedding of your dreams. 

We have everything you need from the vendors that help you kick wedding planning stress to the packing list for your honeymoon. Seriously. Celebrating your love is our thing.

And in case you haven’t heard it enough, congratulations. We can’t wait to celebrate with you. Now let’s get started with your wedding budget.

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Why You Need A Wedding Videographer

September 21, 2021 | olivia

Image by Nikk Nguyen Photo. See more of this real wedding here.

When it comes to planning the wedding of your dreams, you’re often trying to fit everything you want within your budget, including having the perfect venue, color scheme, and team of vendors. And while you’re scouring the internet for help, you might be finding a lot of articles that are causing more wedding planning stress instead of providing answers to your questions. 

We hated those stressful articles too so we’re here to actually help. Within this guide, we’ll answer the question “do I need a wedding videographer?” We also have average costs, a hiring timeline, and more. So sit back, relax, and scroll down for everything you need to know about wedding videographers.

Image by Brooke Taelor. See more of this real wedding here.

Reasons To Hire A Wedding Videographer

As with any major life event, videos capture the moments that photos just can’t. It’s said that pictures are worth a thousand words, so videos are definitely worth more. From candid moments to the sentimentality of it all, here are a few reasons why you should hire a videographer. 

1. See Moments You Might Have Missed

Your wedding day is going to go by in a snap of a finger. You’re going to wake up the next day and wonder how time flew by so fast. In the midst of you getting ready with your wedding party and all your emotions of the day, you won’t see every memorable moment. 

Your videographer will be able to capture your guests’ reactions during the ceremony, adorable moments from the wedding party, hilarious dance moves, and so many more. When you hire a videographer, you can almost guarantee that moments you might have missed will be captured on video for you to rewatch for years to come. 

2. Relive And Share Your Day

If you’re a sentimental person, hiring a wedding videographer will let you rewatch your special day over and over, and even share it with family and friends later on. Whether it’s an unexpected unity ceremony or a wedding day surprise, a video will allow you and your partner to relive those fond memories forever. 

A video is a great way to share your day with family and friends who couldn’t attend or those who might have had to leave early. Plus, if you get the right package, you might get a shorter video to share on social media—a major plus!

Image by Hipster Wedding. See more of this real wedding here.

3. Hear Your Vows Again

If you plan on writing your own vows, then you definitely want a videographer to capture the ceremony. Sure, you can ask your guests to record your ceremony but a videographer can share your declarations of love in a cinematically beautiful way. Plus, if you or your partner’s words brought everyone to tears, video offers the chance to relive that moment anytime you choose.

4. Have A Seriously Unplugged Ceremony

You want an unplugged ceremony, we promise. Hiring a videographer will capture the moments that you and your guests were able to be completely present for, without all of their dang phones in the way. Not only are videographers professionals who know where to stand to get that perfect shot, but they won’t ruin the visuals of your day to get it. 

Image by Les Bandits. See more of this real wedding here.

Wedding Videographer Costs

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to hire a videographer, the next step is to work them into your wedding budget. On average, wedding videographers can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500. What does this average cost entail? Well here is a breakdown: 

  • time — how long your videographer is present at your wedding definitely impacts their cost. Some wedding videographers create specific packages that include both the amount of time that they’ll spend at your wedding and then editing costs to create your video. More time is more money. And if you want your videographer to cover other wedding events, like your rehearsal dinner, this will cost you more.
  • a second shooter if your wedding videographer needs a second shooter or an assistant, this might make their costs go up. If you’re able to find a photographer who doubles as a videographer, you might be able to get a lower rate since you’d be hiring one vendor to capture your day. However, keep in mind they’ll likely work as a team if this is the case, so you should expect to add a second shooter.
  • the finished products after all the filming, your videographer will provide you with an edited highlight reel and wedding film, and you may even get some b-roll footage. This takes both time and effort for your videographer to create a film that is perfect for you.
  • extras —nowadays, many videographers offer drone footage, Super 8 films, USB drives, and other extras. Depending on what type of film you want, you may have to pay a little extra.
  • travel—If your wedding videographer has to travel a long distance to be present at your wedding, you’ll probably have to pay for their fuel, airfare, hotel, or other travel-related expenses. 

Wedding Videographer Hiring Timeline

You’ll want to book your videographer near the same time as your wedding photographers. Many couples start planning as early as 13 months, but there’s nothing wrong with planning earlier or later. However, wedding professionals will appreciate it if you reach out as early as possible—the sooner, the better. For couples who have a much shorter timeline, prepare to reach out to a few different wedding videographers. 

We know that all this planning for your big day can feel like a full-time job. We’re here to help ease your worries and provide you with as much help as possible, like our wedding planning tips and our  Junebug-approved vendors. Now that you’re ready to start your wedding videographer search, check out some of our favorites here. Happy planning! 

Image by Elle Kendall Photography. See more of this elopement inspiration here.

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Airy And Playful Micro Wedding Inspiration Shoot

September 21, 2021 | kailey

When planning your dream wedding, it’s sometimes the smallest details that make the biggest impact. Which rings true in this playful micro wedding inspiration, brought to life by wedding planner Etc Coordinators and a talented team of vendors. They wanted to create inspiration that proves you don’t need an abundance of lavish decor to make a statement. 

The Ice Plant Building—a historic, concrete wedding venue in Texas—made a stunning blank canvas for this micro wedding. To enhance the neutral space, Foxglove and Grace incorporated muted jewel-toned floral arrangements throughout the venue. Of course, the most eye-catching addition was the ceremony backdrop—a greenery-filled wall with a “better together” neon sign. Because, why have one ceremony arch when you could have a whole wall—right?  

Gaby Deimeke Photography captured every element that took this micro wedding to the next level. From the elegant fashion to the jaw-dropping floral installations and everything in between. Whether you’re in search of a ceremony backdrop unlike any other or in need of timeless wedding inspiration, this playful micro wedding is what you’ve been searching for. 

Photographer’s Thoughts On This Playful Micro Wedding Inspiration

While the exterior of The Ice Plant Building is inconspicuous amid downtown La Grange, the impeccable indoor lighting and unique concrete details were the inspiration for our Moody Blues shoot. The venue offered a beautiful blank slate for muted jewel tones. Modern details mixed with lushy textures were the perfect combination in this timeless setting. Their butterfly wall provides a romantic backdrop for new beginnings, too. We loved this playful feature to highlight the couple and bridesmaids.






The Wedding Team:

Photography – Gaby Deimeke Photography
Event Planning – Etc Coordinators
Ceremony + Reception Venue – The Ice Plant Building
Floral Design – Foxglove and Grace
Catering – Another Round Cocktails
Bartender – Another Round Cocktails
Videography – Zeal Media
Invitation Design – Calli Rosa
Makeup Artist – Emily Kay Beauty
Hair Styling – Jenn’s Hair Obsessions
Wedding Dress – Unbridaled
Bridal Accessories – Dawn And Dusk Jewelry
Bridesmaids’ Apparel – Revelry
Groom’s Apparel – Dapper and Dashing
Rentals – Moontower Rentals + Table Manners + Premiere Events
Neon Sign – Strong Events


No element of this playful micro wedding inspiration was short of amazing. And we’re glad Gaby Deimeke Photography was able to elegantly capture every detail that made it one for the books. From the elegant fashion to the eye-catching florals, every element of this nuptial is sure to be used by wedding planning couples everywhere. 

If you’re tired of seeing the same wooden arch and want to spice up your ceremony backdrop, we understand! Check out these creative ceremony backdrops to personalize your wedding and wow your guests.

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