The Ultimate Guide to Having a Bridesman

August 25, 2023 | justine

This guide has everything you need to have a bridesman in your wedding party. Image by Memorybox Photography.

Wedding traditions are always changing, giving couples the chance to add their own special touches to every part of their celebration—even who’s in the wedding party. Traditional gender roles are becoming more flexible allowing for mixed-gender wedding parties that celebrate unique connections. With the rise of bridesmen and groomswomen, more couples are embracing this change and showing that your loved ones deserve to be standing at your side on your big day, regardless of their gender.

And that’s where Junebug comes in. We’re here to help you navigate the journey of having a bridesman in your wedding. From choosing the right person to making sure he fits in seamlessly with the rest of your bridal party, this guide has everything you need to make this unique choice a meaningful part of your special day. 

Image by Teri B. See more of this real wedding right here.

FAQs About Having a Bridesman

What Is a Bridesman?

So, what’s a bridesman, anyway? Well, simply put, it’s the awesome guy you choose to stand by your side as a male bridesmaid during your wedding day. Like a bridesmaid, a bridesman supports you, cheers you on, and helps make your wedding dreams come true.

How To Pick a Bridesman?

Selecting the perfect bridesman is about choosing someone who knows you deeply, supports your journey, and shares your excitement. It’s about finding a confidant who aligns with your values and vision, someone who’s willing to go the extra mile, make you feel comfortable, and adapt to the wedding’s dynamic moments. Whether it’s a sibling, friend, or even a close family member, choosing someone whose company brings joy to your special day is key.

What Attire is Suitable for a Bridesman?

Let’s talk fashion! Your bridesman’s outfit can be as unique as the role itself. Whether it’s a dapper suit that complements your wedding color scheme or a snazzy outfit that highlights his personality, the choice is yours. It’s crucial to ensure that your bridesman feels comfortable and confident in what he’s wearing.

Image by Mary Costa Photography. See more of this real wedding here.

Bridesman Duties: Being Your Support System Every Step of the Way

Trusted Advisor Before The Wedding

Your bridesman can be an invaluable resource during the wedding planning process. From brainstorming ideas to tackling DIY projects, his input and assistance can help alleviate some pre-wedding jitters. Who better to give honest opinions on floral arrangements and wedding cake?

Coordinate Pre-Wedding Events

Your bridesman can help organize and coordinate pre-wedding events, ensuring everyone is on the same page and that everything runs smoothly. Whether it’s the rehearsal dinner, pre-wedding party, or other gatherings, his involvement will add an extra layer of organization and enjoyment to the lead-up of your big day.

Right-Hand Man on the Big Day

Your bridesman can be the go-to person for managing any unexpected issues or last-minute tasks that arise on the big day. Whether it’s coordinating vendors, ensuring everyone is in the right place, or handling any hiccups, his reliable presence can help ensure a smooth and stress-free wedding experience.

Be Present for Photo Ops

Ensure your bridesman is front and center in photo opportunities. Keep him in the loop with your wedding timeline to ensure he’s present for important moments, avoiding any last-minute errands that could cause him to miss out on these cherished memories.

Getting Ready with the Crew

Why should bridesmaids have all the fun? From getting ready together to sharing laughter and nervous excitement—invite your bridesman to join in the pre-wedding festivities.

Standing on the Bride’s Side

Traditionally, bridesmaids stand on the bride’s side, but your bridesman is breaking those norms, and that’s something to celebrate. His presence by your side adds a modern twist to tradition, symbolizing friendship and unity that knows no gender boundaries.

Showcasing Talents and Contributions

Each person in your wedding party brings their own strengths and talents to the table. Let your bridesman shine by utilizing his skills. Whether it’s organizing a killer dance routine or creating a hilarious slideshow for the reception, let him contribute in ways that are meaningful to both of you.

Heartfelt Speech and Toast

Your bridesman can deliver a touching speech or heartfelt toast during your reception, adding a personal touch that reflects your shared memories, inside jokes, and the unwavering support he’s provided throughout your journey. It’s a chance for him to celebrate your bond in front of your loved ones, making the moment even more special.

Dance Partner Extraordinaire

Enlist your bridesman’s charm to mingle with guests and kick-start the dance floor extravaganza during the reception. His infectious enthusiasm will set the tone for an evening of carefree celebration, where everyone can let loose and groove to the music.

Continual Support After The Wedding

The celebrations don’t end when the confetti settles. Your bridesman can continue to support you as you transition into married life. From post-wedding brunches to heartfelt conversations, he’s there to share in your joys and help you navigate any challenges that come your way.

Image by Teri B. See more of this multi-cultural celebration here.

Important Tips for a Smooth Bridesman Experience

Create Lots of Opportunities for Bonding

Since your bridesman might not know your bridesmaids beforehand, plan events that allow everyone to get to know each other. Pre-wedding parties, movie nights, and even group chats can help break the ice and build strong connections.

Treat Everyone Equally—Even for the Bach Parties

Bachelorette parties and bachelor parties can be equally epic. Plan joint celebrations catering to all preferences, ensuring no one feels left out. This is a chance to blend traditions and create unique and memorable experiences that everyone in your group can enjoy.

Inclusive Gift Choices

When it comes to gifts for your wedding party, opt for items that are inclusive and suitable for everyone. Think personalized keepsakes, spa days, or even thoughtful handwritten notes. It’s the sentiment that counts.

Embrace the Unexpected

Weddings are full of surprises, and having a bridesman is one surprise that’ll have everyone talking. Embrace the raised eyebrows and amazed looks. Your choice to have a bridesman reflects your unique love story and commitment to doing things your way.

Communication is Key

Keep an open line of communication with your bridesman throughout the planning process. Make sure he feels comfortable expressing his thoughts and ideas, and encourage him to actively participate in discussions. This will ensure a harmonious and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

In a world where wedding traditions are evolving, having a bridesman is a bold and beautiful choice that speaks volumes about your relationship and commitment to embracing change. So, when planning your dream wedding, think outside the box, and include your amazing bridesman in every step of the journey. And let love and friendship take center stage.

Now that you’re armed with the ultimate guide to having a bridesman, why stop here? Take your wedding celebrations to the next level with joint bachelor-bachelorette parties that bring everyone together for an unforgettable adventure. Explore exciting party destinations, unconventional themes, and ideas that’ll make your pre-wedding festivities exciting and unforgettable.

Image by Memorybox Photography. See more of this real wedding right here.

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