Kate Moss’ Garden Party Inspired This Sherwood Park Wedding

November 21, 2022 | justine

When an extrovert marries an introvert, it’s a unique situation with its own set of challenges. But for Catherine and Mandy, when the time came to tie the knot, they found beautiful ways to find a happy medium. Inspired by Kate Moss’ garden nuptials back in 2011, the pair echoed the style at their Sherwood Park wedding with stylish wedding fashion, eye-catching florals and decor, and a sophisticated, edgy vibe. And Chelsea Abram Photography was there to capture every unforgettable moment and detail.

Keeping things relaxed and stress-free, the couple started their day with rainy private vows at the parking lot. It was followed by an intimate park ceremony with only their nearest and dearest. An aisle lined with colorful potted greenery that led to a lush arch transformed the outdoor space into a romantic setting for their big day. They ended with a picnic complete with artisan charcuterie boards, gourmet sandwiches, and of course, lawn games!

In addition to the thoughtful details, the pair’s complementing ensembles were the standout features of their day. Catherine’s plunging blazer dress brought the modern glam, while Mandy looked fierce in a black plunging pantsuit. If you and your partner are in search of creative ways to add personality to your intimate celebration–whether at a park or backyard–then this wedding is the perfect place to start drawing inspiration from.

The Couple:

Catherine and Mandy

The Wedding:

Sherwood Park, United Kingdom

How Their Sherwood Park Wedding Came To Be

I had a lot of fun planning our wedding. Mandy wanted to elope because she’s very introverted. She hates big events, detests small talk, and would rather sit on a hot grill than be the center of attention. On the other hand, I’m an event planner. I love parties and my family, so I knew I needed to find a happy medium for us and ensure that Mandy would be comfortable. The only wedding that ever inspired me was Kate Moss’s English Countryside Garden Party in 2011. Sherwood Park in Toronto gives off that vibe, and it happens to be a park we frequented with our dog, who loves the off-leash hiking area. I used brighter colors and had a much more camp style, but that was my inspiration. I spray painted a badminton set lilac, had other grass games, and brought all of the quilts my mom had made me to make picnic areas that kids, dogs, and families could sit on. We made flower crowns and bright fans for people to use. I tried to make it as fun and whimsical as possible.

Exchanging Private Vows In The Car During The Rain

On the day, we were really late, and it had been pouring when we were going to do our private vows, so we ended up popping our trunk and doing it in the parking lot. It set the mood and helped us relax. 

Pulling Off Planning A Low-Cost Sherwood Park Wedding

We didn’t have a budget, but we wanted it to be as chic, cheap, and cheerful as possible. We were simultaneously buying a condo, and we love traveling, so we tried to keep costs at a minimum. All in all, we paid $17,000. That included our honeymoon and wedding bands.

Adjusting When Things Didn’t Go According To Planned

There were many surprises before our big day! And as it turns out, it was all of the things that became our favorites. When all the rentals were canceled the week before the wedding, I had to DIY everything. Luckily I found VintageBASH, and they were willing to work with me on the arch, which made the entire wedding. I spray-painted buckets, flower pots, and lawn games for hours. I gave myself five minutes to freak out, then called a friend and started brainstorming.  

Bringing Their Sherwood Park Wedding Vision To Life

Getting married can be stressful because of all of the expectations from other people. When I told people we were getting married in a park, they looked at me like I was crazy. I think big weddings are gorgeous, but that’s not our vibe. So I’m proud we stuck to what felt right and pulled off a sustainable micro wedding


The Wedding Team:

Photography – Chelsea Abram Photography
Ceremony + Reception Venue – Sherwood Park
Cake – Melt Cakes Co.


Congratulations to Catherine and Amanda on their Sherwood Park wedding. And many thanks to Chelsea Abram Photography for beautifully capturing all the special details and moments that made their celebration one for the books.

The “big day” doesn’t necessarily mean big in numbers. And when it comes to planning a wedding with a partner who prefers a more intimate and relaxed affair, a small wedding like this fits the bill. With some tweaks to old traditions and some customization to suit your needs, both of you can have the wedding of your dreams and enjoy every minute of it!

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