Junebug Love Story – Nicole and Fernando’s Save the Date Proposal

October 2, 2014 | carrie


How They Met: “Fernando was hired to do freelance graphic design work for one of my events. Much to my dismay, my boss had scheduled an after hours meeting on St. Patrick’s Day so that Fernando could come to the office for an in-person meeting. I was still planning to meet up with friends after the quick meeting so when Fernando came to the office I greeted him at door in my Leprechaun Tuxedo shirt and immediately felt under-dressed as Fernando waltzed into the office sporting his fancy European scarf, jacket and rings. I learned that while Fernando was quite the fashionista, he was also a gentleman as he offered to give me a ride home after our incredibly long meeting ended at 1AM. He was later hired as a full time employee at my company and we developed a great working relationship, and ended up becoming best friends. A couple years later, that friendship turned into something a little more and we began dating.”


How They Knew it Was Love: “One of the things that Fernando and I have in common is our love of traveling. We had taken a trip to South America and one night, as we were laying on the hammock in our Amazonian lodge, I reminisced of our day hiking through the rain-forest and all of the fun that we had despite the sweltering heat and hundreds of mosquito bites and realized that I was absolutely and totally in love with him. I shared my feelings with him and he felt the same way.”


The Proposal: “Fernando had planned a day trip to some local wineries and on the way out of the house that morning, he pointed out that I had received some mail. Not suspicious of anything, I opened the envelop and as I pulled out the contents, I noticed that it said “Save the date,” but did not list a date. I then looked down at the corner of the save the date, and read “Nicole and Fernando are getting married”. I looked over, and he was on his knee holding a ring. He asked me to marry him and I said yes! I later found out that Fernando had designed the save the date himself and even included our cat, Tatiana in the artwork.”

nicole-and-fernando-28-of-40 Photos by Sarah Culver Photography

Thank you so much Nicole and Fernando for sharing your beautiful story and save the date proposal with us! To see Nicole and Fernando tie the knot, head on over to their Stylish, Modern Wedding in Washington, D.C.!


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  1. Beautiful photographies, love the first one.

  2. The bride dress is very colorful and brightness.

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