10 Things To Do Right After You Get Engaged

November 18, 2023 | riley

If you’re reading this it means that you’ve recently said “yes” to the person of your dreams. First things first–congratulations on getting engaged! While you may still be floating on cloud nine, we know that you’ve got work to do and we’re here to help make the most of your engagement. Below, you’ll find ten things to do right after saying “yes”—from spreading the news to finding your wedding vendors. Follow these ten steps, and you’ll be set up for wedding planning success.

10 Things to Do After You Get Engaged

1. Take The Time To Soak Up Being Engaged 

Trust us, we know how tempting it may be to run right to social media after getting engaged. But before shouting it from the rooftops, take the time to soak it in, just the two of you. You’re going to want to remember this love-drunk high. Pop a bottle of champagne or enjoy a celebratory dinner and dessert–do whatever makes you happy and revel in your love.

2. Announce Your Engagement

Unless you’re planning on keeping your engagement under wraps for a while, call your family and friends to let them know about the exciting news! They’ll be so happy you took the time to let them know before updating your social media. It can be helpful to make a list of everyone who needs to know before the Internet does to avoid any hurt feelings. However, at the end of the day, it’s your engagement. Don’t stress out about who to/not to tell. It’s your news to share with whoever you want.

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3. You’re Engaged, Now Plan An Engagement Party 

After saying “Yes!” you’re probably ready to jump into planning your dream wedding. But first, celebrate being engaged. Think champagne, loved ones, and a whole lot of congratulations. That’s right– we’re talking about your engagement party. Being the first of many pre-wedding parties, it’s the perfect way to kick off your wedding planning season. Once you’ve got the deets for the party figured out, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to wear. Luckily, we’ve rounded up some gorgeous engagement party dresses that will help you feel like a soon-to-be newlywed.

4. Start Dreaming About Your Wedding

Before you start crossing things off of your wedding planning checklist, you’ve got some daydreaming to do. Maybe you’ve been planning your wedding your entire life, or maybe it has never crossed your mind. No matter which boat you are in, we recommend starting by creating a wedding mood board to help you nail down your style. You’ll get a better understanding of what color palettes you love, what floral arrangements pique your interest, what decor you lean toward, etc.

Don’t stress if you’re not sure what your wedding style should be. Hiring a great wedding planner can help you have the wedding of your dreams, even if you’re not sure what that looks like yet. These important questions to ask before you start wedding planning will be a big help too.

5. Set Your Wedding Budget

Setting a budget may not sound like a lot of fun, but it’s an important step to cross off your list early in the wedding planning process. We know how overwhelming it can feel. That’s why we’ve created a budget tool that will get your finances in order for your special day.

While working on your budget, remember that there are most likely going to be unexpected wedding expenses that might take you by surprise. Plan for them early, and you won’t have to worry about sacrificing your dream wedding reception or live music to make room in your budget for them.

Still unsure of how to tailor a budget that’s right for you? Check out our wedding budget guide for you and your partner. And if you’re curious about planning a destination wedding, here’s a budget breakdown of how much it costs to have a destination wedding.

6. Take Engagement Photos

Now that you’ve got those steps taken care of, it’s engagement photo time. Take your engagement photos as early as possible so you can include a photo or two on your save-the-date cards. Hiring a professional photographer will help capture this special chapter of your lives. It’s over before you know it, so trust us when we say you’re going to want to capture these memories.

Hate the idea of being in front of the camera? We get it. These tips for nailing your engagement photos will help you feel more comfortable and ready to strike a pose. Bonus: our first tip is to wear an outfit that makes you feel confident. We’ve got outfit ideas for every summer–spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Image by Rouse & Fable

7. Create A Guest List

After you set a wedding budget, it’s time to sit down and create your guest list. You will want this guest list prior to meeting with venues and caterers, as it will determine what you’ll be able to afford and what type of venue will work best for your guest count.

If, once you’ve created your initial guest list, you need to trim it down, we’ve got you covered. Check out our handy tips for trimming your guest list—and see what the benefits of hosting a smaller wedding are. No matter what, never feel guilty about your guest list. It’s your special day, and you want to surround yourself with the ones who matter most.

Once the list has been finalized, use our wedding guest list tool to keep track of everyone’s email address, home address, phone number, dietary restrictions, and more.

Image by MC Wedding

8. Choose A Venue And Set A Date

You know your guest count and budget, now it’s time to start the venue search. Start by considering questions like whether or not you want a local or destination wedding. Do you want to be indoors or outdoors? Are you going to host your ceremony and reception in the same space? These are things you’ll need to consider yourselves before you begin searching.

Once you start touring venues, it’s very important that you ask the venues questions to ensure that you know what to expect at your wedding. A few questions that we think you can’t forget are:

  • Is the date of choice available? If not, are there surrounding dates available?
  • What’s the cancellation fee?
  • How many weddings do they host in a day?
  • What are the rates for different days of the week? (ex. Thursday vs. Friday)
  • What is the deposit? What’s the structure for the payment schedule?
  • Do they require the use of their approved list of vendors? If not, are there limitations on the vendors you’ll bring in?
  • Are there noise restrictions?
  • Are there decor restrictions?
  • How many restrooms are there for the guests?
  • Is there a food and beverage minimum? What are the consequences if it’s not met?
  • Can you source beer, wine, and liquor elsewhere?

Want to see wedding venues in your area? We’ve got a list of wedding venues around the world. We also have a list of gorgeous Airbnb wedding venues that are perfect for micro weddings and elopements! Lastly, don’t forget to take photos while you’re on venue tours to help you recall what you saw later on and see how it looks in photos.

9. Build Your Vendor Team After Getting Engaged 

It’s important to select a dream team of wedding vendors as early as possible since many of the best professionals are booked out a year or two in advance. If you’re considering using a wedding planner, ask them for their vendor recommendations. Wedding planners work with other vendors all over and know which vendors will line up with your vision.

That being said, keep an eye out for any red flags that might come up while searching for or interviewing vendors. These range from poor communication, no reviews, and—of course—your gut instinct. The last thing you want is to get burned by a poor experience because you booked someone that was cheap.

10. Say Yes To The Dress

Even though you just got engaged, finding your dream dress early is a must. It can take anywhere from six to nine months to get your wedding dress–and that doesn’t include the time it took to find the dress or alterations. We know, we were shocked when we first learned too.

It’s best to get this step out of the way as soon as possible just in case there are any last-minute hiccups. Before making your way to a boutique, check out these things to do before your first bridal appointment to help you feel your best when you zip into the gowns. The most important thing to remember is that bridal appointments are meant to be fun, and your dream dress should make you feel like a thousand bucks.

If you’d rather skip the bridal boutiques and try on gowns in the comfort of your home, you’re in luck. These ready-to-ship wedding dresses are available now and they’re also drop-dead gorgeous. Don’t want to wear a dress at all? You’ll love one of these bridal jumpsuits and pantsuits, too.

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From wedding planning tasks that you can tackle at home to the best wedding planning books, we’re here to make wedding planning as easy as possible for you.  Remember, wedding planning is meant to be fun, not stressful. So break out the wine, order a pizza, and get to planning–you’ve got this! Junebug is here to help you every step of the way.

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This Phippsburg Maine Wedding Inspiration Was Complete With Lobster Hauling

November 18, 2023 | justine

Picture this: you’re standing against a rugged coastline, the salty sea breeze in the air, and the soothing sound of waves as backdrop for your vows. A talented team of vendors transformed this beautiful waterfront space into the ultimate Phippsburg Maine wedding inspiration with a unique twist—lobster hauling. From nautical decor to rustic romantic touches, this styled shoot captures the essence of coastal charm and elegance perfectly.

On the famous rocky coastline, a truly extraordinary ceremony took place. The couple said their “I dos” on the back of a lobster boat enveloped in florals. Their adventure continued with lobster banding, adding a personal touch to their special day. The festivities wrapped up with delicious cake and champagne, but the surprises didn’t end there. At the boathouse, an enchanting table setting awaited them, adorned with garden blooms, gauzy linen, and earthy accents, all beneath a stunning arch of dried greenery.

If you’re a couple seeking a romantic and salty air-filled celebration with a pop of personality, this could be your dream wedding destination. Keep scrolling to discover all the breathtaking details captured by Lexi Foster Photography.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Lexi Foster Photography
Ceremony + Reception Venue – Just Banded Elopement Lobster Boat
Floral Design – Eldebery Flowers
Catering – Iris Eats Maine
Cake – Stacie at Cake and Company ME
Invitation Design – Lindsay Debery
Makeup Artist – Skin by Skyler
Hair Styling – Aphrodite Salon
Bridal Accessories – James Allen + Rachel Zoe + G&B
Groom’s Accessories – Cartier
Rings – VRAI


Thanks to the talented team of vendors who created this Phippsburg Maine wedding inspiration, all beautifully captured by Lexi Foster Photography. And a special shout out to Junebug member Aphrodite Salon for sharing!

Whether it’s a beautiful waterfront spot like the one you’ve seen, a quiet beach, or a charming city view, the right location can create the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable celebration. When it’s just the two of you, you can design an experience completely customized to your love and commitment to each other. If you’re unsure about where to begin, our elopement planning and budget guides are excellent resources to help you on your path to saying “I do.”

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10 2024 Wedding Trends We Can’t Wait to See

November 17, 2023 | riley

Image by Eyeronic Love

And just like that, another year is over. As we prepare to enter a new year, you may be thinking about what’s going to be trending when you tie the knot in 2024. While many of these trends have already begun to make an appearance this year, we think they’re going to take the wedding world by storm next year. So if you’re someone who loves being in the know, take notes. From unique seating arrangements to bold color palettes, we’re rounding up some of our favorite 2024 wedding trends.

2024 Wedding Trends

Seated Wedding Parties

While we don’t foresee wedding parties standing next to the couple going anywhere anytime soon, we are seeing couples opt to seat their wedding parties in the front row. This allows the couple to be center stage during the ceremony and allows for the wedding party to get a better view of their loved ones exchanging their vows. It’s also the perfect way to break free from tradition and create an inclusive environment for bridesmen and groomswomen.  We call that a win for everyone involved.

Image by Nomad by NK

Wedding Content Creators

While nothing can replace the beautiful footage that your wedding photographer and videographer will capture on your big day, if you’re searching for those behind-the-scenes, candid moments, a wedding content creator may be right for you. They’re responsible for capturing photos and videos on a phone that you can use for your social media platforms or keep just to look back on when you’re feeling sentimental–or both.

Junebug Tip: Still not sure if a content creator is right for you? We’re breaking down everything you need to know about hiring a wedding content creator

Film Wedding Photos

Okay, we know what you’re probably thinking with this one. This isn’t exactly “new” in the industry at this point. But it’s a trend that’s here to stay, and we think it’s going to be even bigger than ever in 2024. There’s something about the nostalgia of film photos that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Plus, they’re going to look timeless 50 years down the line.

Not enough room in the budget for a film photographer or addition to your photography package? Don’t stress. We recommend leaving disposable cameras on every table so your guests can capture photos of your wedding from their point of view.

Wedding Weekends

Wedding planning is no easy feat. You spend months collaborating with vendors to create the day of your dreams, only for it to be over in just a few short hours. That’s why we’re seeing a big shift in couples extending their weddings into weekend-long celebrations. Wedding weekends allow you to spend more time with your guests–which can be extremely important if you have people flying in from all over the world–and allow you to explore your destination more if you’re having a destination wedding.

Image by Ana Hinojosa

Alcohol (Not Champagne) Towers

We’ll always be big fans of champagne towers. They’re a fun way to pour yourself a drink while getting a great photo opportunity. But we know not everyone is a big fan of champagne. If you and your significant other prefer a different drink of choice, why not create a tower with that instead? Take this mezcal tower, for example. While it may be smaller, it still makes for one great photo opp. And everyone gets a shot once the pictures are done.

Color, Color, and More Color

Classic pastel color palettes are gorgeous, but so are bright, bold color palettes. As more couples tying the knot embrace vibrant colors, we’re seeing fun, playful affairs that are the epitome of joyful. Of course, there is a way to strike a balance. So, if you want to add pops of color without feeling too over the top, consider adding it to subtle details like signage, table settings, and florals while keeping everything else more neutral.

Convertible Wedding Dresses

Who wouldn’t want to get two wedding dresses for the price of one? That’s just a smart spending decision if you ask us. As we see brides choosing to wear a second dress for their reception, it can be tempting to feel the need to buy a second option to fit in with the trend. However, this isn’t the most budget-friendly option. It can also be hard for those who truly just love their dress and want to wear it all night. For those who are looking for something a little more affordable but still want the 2-in-1 look, go for a convertible wedding dress. These typically include a removable skirt, detachable sleeves, or an optional cape.

Serpentine Tables

Your florals and attire aren’t the only way you can make a statement on your big day. Serpentine tables at your reception will not only “wow” your guests, but they’re a unique way to stand out amongst traditional weddings. Using curved tables pieced together, you create a slithering look that is stunning in pretty much every kind of venue. Don’t take our word for it. The pictures speak for themselves.

Parasol Umbrellas

What cuter way to beat the heat than to provide your guests with some shade using parasol umbrellas? They’ll keep your loved ones shaded while also acting as a wedding favor they’re sure to enjoy.

Vintage Wedding Cakes

Last but certainly not least is vintage wedding cakes. These retro-designed cakes are making a statement all over Instagram and Pinterest, and we are certainly eating it up. Think smaller, more simple cakes with lots of piping, fun colors, and quirky messages like “just married” or “we did the damn thing!”

We can’t get enough of these 2024 wedding trends, and we hope you love them as much as us. Ready to make your dream wedding a reality? Check out our ultimate wedding planning guide, where we give you countless tools to bring your vision to life.

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