What to Expect When You’re Wedding Planning in 2022

January 24, 2022 | morgan

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years you know the world looks a little different lately. Which means that wedding planning in 2022 has changed, in some good and some challenging ways. At Junebug, we’re here to help you navigate wedding planning like a pro. So no matter when you’re thinking about saying “I do,” here’s what to expect if you’re 2022 wedding planning.

The First Rule of 2022 Wedding Planning

The first rule of wedding planning this year is that there are no rules. Sure, wedding rules are all meant to be broken in other years. But this year it’s easier than ever to make your wedding look however you want it to.

Want to elope in a colorful dress? Do it. Considering hosting at a totally unique venue? This is your chance. Every wedding is different but they’re especially different when you can question every tradition you’ve ever seen and incorporate new ideas you’ve never heard of. It’s an exciting time to be planning your wedding! 

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Wedding Vendors Are Strained

Planning a wedding in 2022 does come with its own challenges though. The biggest challenge is that two year’s worth of lockdowns and restrictions on gatherings are being lifted. So, two year’s worth of weddings are happening now. The time of year typically considered “peak wedding season” didn’t ever end in 2021—your vendors are likely still in the throes of a very busy season.

This means they have less availability. Communicating with them is also going to be a little bit harder. It’s more important than ever to have an expert wedding planner that you trust with your vision and your budget. Wedding planners will help manage your budget to ensure you can splurge on your priorities and cut costs where it makes sense.

If you sincerely can’t afford a wedding planner, make the most of all of your vendor communications by creating a top notch mood board to ensure your team is all on the same page. Gather the inspiration you find online and create your mood board to share with your photographer, officiant, florist, and the team behind your wedding cake.

Junebug Tip:

Inflation and rising costs worldwide mean that pricing is going to increase everywhere. From your decor to your wedding vendors, keep your realistic budget nearby through every step of planning.

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Many Venues are Fully Booked

The first step in the wedding planning process is locking down your venue and wedding date. Depending on your priority, you can go about choosing your wedding venue in two different ways—based on your date or based on your location.

  • The wedding date matters most — If your wedding date is the most important aspect of your wedding, you’ll likely need to get creative with your venue and reach out to multiple locations. Your dream venue can be anywhere so if you initially strike out don’t panic. Add your favorite restaurants, Airbnbs, airport hangars, and other unique locations to your potential venue list
  • The location matters most — If you’ve been dreaming of tying the knot at a specific location and no other spot will do, reach out and ask for their availability. Date options for a specific location might be limited and you’ll need to get creative. For example, if they’re very booked for weekend dates, consider hosting a brunch wedding or exchanging vows on a weeknight

Enter The Dream Team

After your venue and date are confirmed it’s time to build out your wedding vendor dream team. Start with your planner, photographer, and videographer. Then work with your planner to find your florist, caterer, DJ or live band, and rentals. 

What If No Wedding Vendors Are Available in Your Area

There’s no need to panic if you can’t instantly find your dream vendor. Most wedding vendors love to travel! If you’re unable to find the right fit where you’re getting married, contact vendors in nearby areas and ask if they travel. For example, let’s say you’re getting married in a remote area and there isn’t a local wedding planner in our vendor directory. Instead of giving up, focus on finding vendors that fit your style then ask if they travel. 

Once you find your venue and confirm your date. Get your planner, photographer, and videographer in order. Then it’s time to announce your wedding to your guests.

We’ve done the hard work for you. Find expert wedding vendors here.

Send Your Save The Dates Earlier

Generally, couples should expect to send their Save the Dates six to eight months before their wedding. But the couples planning in 2022 should send them a bit earlier. Travel protocols are evolving constantly these days. Because of that, it’s best to let your guests know when and where your wedding will take place in time for them to budget their travel expenses, their wedding guest attire, and gifts as soon as possible. For couples planning their weddings right now, plan to send your Save the Dates eight months before your wedding.

The wedding planning process looks a little different in 2022 but we’re here to help every step of the way—along with your wedding vendor team. Learn more about the rest of your 2022 wedding planning timeline here and then start your vendor outreach in our carefully curated vendor directory.

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