This Newton Hall Wedding is the Perfect Blend of Fantasy and Rustic

December 19, 2023 | justine

Xai and Aaron’s decision to marry at Newton Hall was inspired by attending two weddings at the same venue. The place had left a lasting impression, and they were determined to create something equally incredible for their special day. Their goal was to make their big day iconic and unforgettable for their guests. The result was a Newton Hall wedding that perfectly blended fantasy, timeless elegance, and a touch of rustic charm. Their goal was to ensure that the wedding wouldn’t feel outdated when they looked back. And guess what? They totally nailed it!

Nestled on the picturesque Northumberland coastline, the pair chose a historic mansion and expansive estate as the backdrop for their special day. Opting for a garden ceremony, their venue provided the ideal setting for a romantic vow exchange. To complement the natural beauty of the surroundings, they adorned the aisle with delicate pastel florals paired and giant paper flowers at the altar. Carrying the same dreamy vibe into the reception, the celebration continued throughout the night with non-stop festivities.

Explore the magic woven into every aspect of this Newton Hall Wedding—from the vibrant blooms and stunning decor to the captivating outfit change and all the moments in between. Each meticulously planned detail is nothing short of spectacular and is an absolute must-see. Check out these beautiful photos by Natalie Pluck Photography to get inspired by all the creative ideas that will make your wedding day feel extra special and absolutely stunning.

The Couple:

Xai and Aaron

The Wedding:

Newton Hall, Alnwick, United Kingdom

Enchanting on a Budget: How The Couple Curated a £40,000 Newton Hall Wedding

With a budget of £40,000, we were committed to optimizing every aspect of our wedding without compromising on the enchantment. Drawing inspiration from our friend’s celebration, we carefully trimmed expenses, ensuring smart choices without sacrificing magic. We opted for handmade flower crochet bouquets at £20 each for bridesmaids, cost-effective giant paper flowers as visual centerpieces, and online-purchased fake buttonhole flowers at £2 each for groomsmen. Real flowers were reserved strategically, gracing only the aisle and altar before being repurposed for the wedding breakfast table. Bridesmaid dresses were a budget-friendly mix of diverse green shades from different websites, averaging £11 each. We minimized hair and makeup costs as our talented bridesmaids handled their own. Despite these savings, I allowed for one indulgence—splurging on three distinct wedding dresses for the main day, Chinese ceremony, and after party, ensuring a memorable celebration within our financial limits. As a savvy shopper, I seized an opportunity during the January sales, snagging a pair of £1250 crystal Louboutin shoes for a mere £360 at a 70% discount.

Ditching Name Tags for Handmade Origami Birds

To add a personalized touch to our wedding, I decided to forego traditional name tags and instead crafted 160 origami birds, where I carefully wrote each guest’s name. It served as a unique and creative way to guide everyone to their seats and added a unique and handmade element to the overall decor.



How the Saxophone Player Ignited the After-Party Vibe

I hired a saxophone player for the event, and to my surprise, he was exceptionally talented. His music had a magical effect, getting even the introverts on their feet and turning the entire after-party into a lively and energetic celebration.

From Canapés to Midnight Munchies: The Couple’s Casual Food Strategy for Their Newton Hall Wedding

Ensuring everyone was well-fed and content was my top priority for the day. To achieve this, we made a strategic shift in the food schedule by replacing the traditional post-ceremony canapés with substantial evening food, guaranteeing everyone was fueled for the busy day ahead. Additionally, we introduced a delightful twist with an ice cream van, offering a sweet treat to complement the festivities and keeping everyone happily satisfied throughout the celebration.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Natalie Pluck Photography
Venue – Newton Hall
Cake – Blackberries Patisserie
DJ – Andy Usher
Rings – Tiffany


Congratulations to Xai and Aaron on their Newton Hall wedding, which perfectly blends fantasy and rustic. A big thank you to Junebug member Natalie Pluck Photography for capturing every detail that tells their love story. Get inspired by checking out more of her work in our directory of the world’s best wedding photographers.

Your love story is unique and deserves to be shared on your big day, just like this couple did. If you envision a celebration that truly reflects your personalities, explore our guide for planning a unique wedding. It’s filled with ideas to help you make your big day look and feel more like you and your partner.

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