Sustainable Wedding Brands For Your Eco-Friendly Celebration

May 22, 2021 | riley

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While your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life, it’s also one of the most wasteful. Between the tossed paper, the leftover food, and the discarded florals thrown away at the end of the night, even the smallest mico wedding can create quite a CO2 footprint and trash, which can be harmful to the environment.

Luckily, more brands are making it their mission to be more eco-conscious. You can feel confident while you shop these brands for invites, a wedding dress, and more. Shop these sustainable wedding brands to have the green day of your dream–without sacrificing style.

Sustainable Wedding Invitation Brands We Love

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Paper Culture

Making the switch to eco-friendly paper is one of the easiest ways to make your special day more sustainable. Paper Culture plants a tree with every order they receive–in fact, they’ve already planted over 1,000,000 trees! On top of that, all of their products are made from materials like 100% post-consumer recycled paper, so no new trees are cut. And luckily, their invites are also adorable.

Botanical Paperworks

Botanical Paperworks is known worldwide for providing eco-friendly seed paper products that literally grow into wildflowers, herbs, or veggies. They collect waste from Canadian businesses and schools to use as the base of their invites. Once planted, the paper composts away, leaving no trace. 

Whole Weddings

Another plantable wedding invite company? We can’t seem to get enough. Whole Weddings started as a graphic design blog and quickly morphed into a wedding company specializing in green vow books, cards, bookmarks, and more. The paper used is manufactured in a solar-run factory and is made of 100% recycled materials.

Sustainable Wedding Flowers

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Petals For Hope

Have you ever thought about just how many flowers get thrown away at the end of every wedding? From backdrops to centerpieces to bouquets, there are endless amounts of florals included in a special day. They have to end up somewhere when the day ends. Petals for Hope is a non-profit organization that recycles donated flowers and turns them into gorgeous bouquets and arrangements. Donating your flowers to them post-wedding is such an easy way to reduce waste and help others–that’s what we can a win/win.

Something Borrowed Blooms

Faux flowers have gotten a bad rap for being cheap-looking, but Something Borrowed Blooms is here to prove that isn’t always the case. Their rent-and-return system consists of their stunning silk florals, which include hundreds of options from peonies to ranunculus to magnolias. Their arrangements are perfect for everything from bouquets to aisle markers, cake flowers, centerpieces, and even dog collars. 

Sustainable Wedding Dresses

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Wear Your Love

With an emphasis on organic and luxurious fabrics, Wear Your Love’s mission is to provide wedding fashion that is unique, easy to shop, and—most importantly—eco-conscious. Located in California, the company provides their employees a living wage and they don’t outsource their production to low-wage, environmentally unregulated factories. All gowns are made-to-order and use organic cotton, which produces less CO2, saves water, and is free from harsh chemicals.


Calling all boho couples, this one’s for you. Indiebride prides itself on creating stunning and sustainable gowns. All dresses are made to order, handcrafted in their London studio, and use the highest quality lace and silks. All fabric that is scrapped during production is used to embellish belts, sashes, and veils or donated to fashion students and other organizations.

Leanne Marshall

Much like every other company on this list, Leanne Marshall is a US-based bridal company that crafts made-to-order dresses made of only the finest textiles–all of which come from reputable mills that meet environmental and working standard regulations. Oh, and did we mention that all of their dresses look like they belong in a fairytale?


Thrifting has taken the world by storm and is one of the easiest ways to live sustainably. Reformation began as a small thrift store in LA in 2009 and rapidly expanded into an extremely well-known online clothing brand. All clothing is made in small batches to reduce waste and water. Bonus: you can find how much CO2, water, and waste you save on each product page!

Pure Magnolia

This Canadian-based bridal wear company doesn’t use synthetic dyes, produces locally in Vancouver, and reuses or recycles fabric scraps. The reason we love them? A lot of their pieces are separates, so you can mix, match, and re-wear them for years to come.

Rent The Runway

As weddings grow smaller and elopements become more popular, many couples are turning to rentals to help cut costs. Rent The Runway has everything from white dresses perfect for casual couples to bridesmaid options to wedding guest dresses. The cherry on top is that the company donates past-season outfits to organizations like Operation Prom.

Sustainable Wedding Brands For Wedding Rings

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You shouldn’t have to choose between high quality, affordability, and sustainability. That’s why AUrate was founded. They use 100% recycled gold, adhere to the Kimberley Process–an initiative created to increase transparency in the diamond industry–and track every single diamond from mine to shop. They also donate a book to US schools with every gold purchase. 

Luxury Diamonds

Luxury Diamonds is a custom jeweler and diamond wholesaler that specializes in the precise fabrication of diamond wedding and engagement rings in Vancouver, Canada. Designed by you and carefully crafted by their team, these rings will be as beautiful and unique as your love.


Catbird is a women-owned company based out of Brooklyn that has been hand-making jewelry for over 12 years. They source their gold, wire, findings, and castings from eco-friendly vendors, and their conflict-free diamonds are responsibly sourced. They also donate at least 1% of sales to non-profits. It helps that the rings look like they’re made for royalty too.

Bario Neal

When designers Anna Bario and Page Neal began working together, they knew that they wanted to create a jewelry company that didn’t turn a blind eye to the toll that mining precious metals and gemstones have on the environment. In 2008, Bario Neal was born, and they have since become an industry leader in ethical sourcing. They are also committed to equality which we love.

BaYou with Love

If you’ve ever seen the movie Twilight, then you’re probably familiar with the actress Nikki Reed. But did you know that she has a sustainable jewelry business as well? According to their site, “only around 12.5% of electronics are responsibly recycled globally, meaning Americans throw away more than $60 million in gold/silver every year.”

BaYou with Love uses recycled metal and diamonds sourced from the world’s first 100% carbon-neutral diamond producer to create timeless engagement rings and wedding bands.

Sustainable Wedding Decor Brands


Maaterra was founded because they value experiences. Woman-owned and family-run, they focus on achieving the best in design and sustainability. Their beautifully etched palm leaf plates are 100% compostable. In addition to their featured designs, they can customize their plates with your monograms. They’re a unique way to entertain and make a memorable gift for your guests.

Rent My Wedding

If you’ve started the wedding planning process, then you’re aware of how expensive it can be. Between the decor, the lights, and the catering, it adds up quickly. Save yourself money by renting decor on Rent My Wedding. You can find everything from lighting to backdrops to linens. The best part is that it gets delivered directly to your house prior to your wedding. Once you’re finished, you bring it back to FedEx within two days for free shipping back.

Local Thrift Stores And Goodwill

Save yourself even more by heading to a local Goodwill or other thrift stores and picking up decor items. From vases to linens to pillows to candlesticks, you never know what you can find. In fact, in many of the weddings that we feature here on Junebug, couples use thrifted finds for some stunning DIY wedding projects. You’ll need to get started early to make this strategy work, but it’s worth it.

Having your dream wedding doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the environment. These 18 sustainable wedding brands are just the beginning. Now that you’ve got your eye on your favorite brands,  check out these other small changes you can make to have a sustainable wedding

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