Grab Your Tissues for These 17 Amazingly Heartfelt First Looks

March 28, 2016 | nicole

amazingly heartfelt first looks image by Melissa Green Photography

You could say that we’re big on moments here at Junebug Weddings, and there’s no moment that gets us worked up like an emotional first look. The bride looks so insanely gorgeous, the groom is trying not to cry, and they are both overflowing with excitement that they’ll be saying “I do” in just a short time. In honor of our favorite part of a wedding day, here are 17 of the most amazingly heartfelt first looks from real weddings.

1. This groom burrowed his head in his bride’s shoulder to make sure she was real.

Blush-and-Beige-Oklahoma-Wedding-First-Look image by Melissa Green Photography; view the full wedding here

2. This groom nearly fell to his knees at the sight of his stunning bride!

Stunning-and-Timeless-Wilkes-Barre-Wedding-16-of-42-600x400 image by Douglas Polle; view the full wedding here

3. This series of photos gets us right in the heart!

most-beautiful-first-look image by Addison Jones Photgoraphy; see more here

4. Even Lake Louise wasn’t as pretty as this bride on her wedding day.

Breathtaking-Canadian-Elopement-at-Lake-Louise-First-Look image by The Toths; view the full wedding here

5. We love a groom who cries tears of excitement upon seeing his bride!

Passionate-Iceland-Destination-Wedding-Budir-Church-First-Look image by Gregory Woodman; view the full wedding here

6. This groom experienced love at first sight all over again when his bride came down the aisle.

Personal-and-Sweet-Texas-Wedding-at-Harmony-Chapel-First-Look image by Lauren Apel Photography; view the full wedding here

7. We hope this dad brought his new son some tissues at the end of the aisle!

Casual-Georgia-Wedding-at-Mistletoe-State-Park-First-Look image by The Allens Photography; view the full wedding here

8. “AHHHHHHH” – This groom.

Colorful-Handmade-Backyard-Surrey-Wedding-First-Look image by Anna Pumer Photography; view the full wedding here

9. This groom thought he could hold back the tears, but he couldn’t.

Southwestern-Inspired-Wedding-at-Mercury-Hall-First-Look image by Photo by Betsy; view the full wedding here

10. “AHHHHHHH” Part two.

Sentimental-New-York-Wedding-at-Sleepy-Hollow-Country-Club-The-Markows-7-600x480 image by The Markows Photography; view the full wedding here

11. She’s not crying, it’s just the rain. Seriously.

Rainy-Forest-Wedding-at-Stones-and-Flowers-Retreat-First-Look image by Andria Lindquist; view the full wedding here

12. These cool kids couldn’t wait to say “I do!”

Glam-Vintage-Wedding-at-The-Roundhouse-at-Beacon-Falls-First-Look image by Redfield Photography; view the full wedding here

13. A library was the perfect spot for this quiet first look.

Sentimental-Handmade-Orange-County-Wedding-First-Look image by Cami Jane Photography; view the full wedding here

14. Everyone got in on the action for this couple’s first look!

Quirky-Stylish-Dairyland-Wedding-Snohomish-Washington-First-Look image by Max and Sam Photography; view the full wedding here

15. This couple decided to relive their first encounter by sharing their first look on a school bus.

Greer-Austin-Henry-Mac-Photography-First-Look image by Henry + Mac; view the full wedding here

16. We would be smiling too if this was our bride!

Avant-Garde-Garden-Wedding-First-Look image by Bradford Martens; view the full wedding here

17. How sweet that these cuties exchanged letters before their first look?

Chic-Maryland-Wedding-at-Aspen-Wye-River-First-Look image by Vesic Photography; view the full wedding here

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We’re not crying, you’re crying! For more emotional wedding photos, check out Kaylee and Karlyn’s same-sex Fairy Glen wedding.


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