Where to Get Ready the Morning Of Your Wedding + Wedding Ready Tips

January 15, 2024 | Junebug Weddings
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You’ve got your wedding party picked out, checked off all your major vendors, and now it’s time to think about the timeline and all the little details that come with it. You may be wondering where to spend the morning of your big day. That’s why we’re here to help with a few creative getting wedding-ready location ideas and all the tips you need for a smooth wedding morning!

Getting Ready Location Ideas

If the getting ready experience is important to you, location can play a huge part in how you’re feeling on the day of your wedding. These are also some of the most candid and fun photos of the day, It’s important to think about lighting and room size when considering the space you’ll choose to spend time in leading up to the big “I do!” Involve your vendors who can help you choose the perfect spot to begin one of the most memorable days of your life.

Still on the vendor hunt? Be sure to check out our directory of the world’s best wedding vendors.

Wedding Venue – This seems like an obvious choice for where to get ready the morning of your wedding, right? If you love the decor and design of your venue, you probably want as many photos there as possible. It also makes things extremely easy, since you’ll be on site the entire day. This can be a lifesaver in keeping up with your wedding day timeline. Be sure to check with your venue to see what time they’ll allow you to arrive on the day of. You might need to start to get ready at an alternate location and arrive at the venue just for the “final touches.”

Airbnb or Private Residence – If you need a little extra space or another location in addition to your wedding venue or ceremony location,  an Airbnb or private home is a great option. Renting an Airbnb for your wedding party to stay in the night before the wedding can also be a fun way to add a little extra time with them into your wedding weekend schedule.

Hotel – As an alternative to an Airbnb, booking a hotel can also be a great option, especially if you’re having a destination wedding or a lot of guests in town for the big day. If you are getting ready at a hotel where many of your guests are also staying, just make sure you’ve coordinated a way to sneak out without anyone seeing you (if you care about that tradition, of course).

Salon – Many salons offer a bridal package that allows you and your crew to get all your pampering done right there at the salon. We love this idea because it gets you out of your element and into a fun environment with your friends. Plus, there’s no extra clean-up needed once you leave.

Getting Wedding Ready Tips

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Now that you should be feeling good about where to get ready the morning of your wedding, it’s time to talk about how to make the most of your getting ready experience with some helpful “wedding ready” tips.

1. Plan your outfits – There’s nothing we love more than when soon-to-be newlyweds wear matching outfits or robes with their wedding parties. Whether you opt for comfy robes, matching pajama sets, or just coordinating colors, matching looks super cute in photos.

2. Pack a bag the week before – We know this might seem like an obvious step, but on the week of your wedding you’re likely excited and probably spending lots of time with family and friends. Make sure you remember YOU. Carve out time to put together a wedding essentials kit that you can bring with you on the morning of your big day. This should include everything from your jewelry, invitation suite, and shoes to smaller items like safety pins, a stain remover, and hair spray.

Junebug tip: If “detail” photos are important to you, you can also pack along a few styling items. Make sure your photographer knows where to find these things when they arrive.

3. Choose who you want to be in the room when you get dressed – During the hustle and bustle of wedding day it’s easy to just start going through the motions and rushing around to stick to a timeline. On your wedding day, keep in mind that it’s OK to stop, breathe, and think about your needs. Before your wedding day, make sure your team (photographer, videographer, and planner) knows who you want to help get you dressed. They can kindly ask anyone else to exit the room for this special, private moment. If you’re looking to have a first look with your wedding party, this is an excellent way to keep your full wedding day look a secret until the full reveal, too.

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4. Keep the room tidy – With so many people getting ready in one space, clutter happens. However, it can be a huge distraction in photos and videos. Try asking your friends to limit their bags and keep their things in a location off to the side or just outside the room. If you have room in your budget for reusable water bottles or matching cups, this is a great way to keep things clutter-free while also providing your wedding party with a small gift.

5. Take alone time if you need it – Even if you haven’t decided where to get ready the morning of your wedding, making a decision to take some alone time on your special day can be a truly beautiful thing. Think about your intentions for the day, and don’t be afraid to speak up if you’re feeling overwhelmed and just need a few minutes to center yourself and breathe.

6. Make sure to hydrate (with more than just champagne) – We know this isn’t the most exciting piece of advice, but it’s an important one. While it may be tempting to enjoy all the bubbly with your best friends on the morning of your wedding, you can’t go wrong with hydrating. Plus, champagne is highly carbonated and all that fizz can cause bloating and other gut problems. Enjoy one glass if need a little help loosening up, but stick to water until after the ceremony. Trust us when we say you’ll thank yourself for it.

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7. Make time for all the reveals – Revealing your bridal look to your friends and family is one of the most exciting parts of the day. Make sure both your planner and photographer are aware of your wishes for these reveals. It’s best if they’re not hurried or rushed so that every emotion can be fully felt.

Now you’re ready to get wedding ready! You can’t get ready in silence though (unless you want to, that is)! That’s why we’ve put together what we think is the perfect wedding getting ready playlist that you’re going to want to dance to allll morning long!

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